Yankees Offseason Notes: Soriano opts out, Yankees donate to Red Cross

Good evening everyone. Hope everyone had/is having a nice Halloween. Here are some Yankees notes that circulated around today.

— Well, it looks as if the ‘untuck’ era is over for the Yankees. At around 2pm, Rafael Soriano opted out of his contract thus making him a free agent. The Yankees now have 14  free agents going into the market. So now the Yankees have no catcher, no closer, no backup closer and no right fielder. Yankees have work to do.

Casey McGehee elected for free agency after being out-righted off the Yankees 40-man roster.

— The New York Yankees are donating $500,000 to the American Red Cross to support the Tri-State Area in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Now, if only every other rich billionaire team/organization could do the same thing.

— Last but not least, the L.A Angels are looking to trade Ervin Santana and Dan Haren. Could either of them be a fit in New York?

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Yankees should go after Sandoval and Fielder.

    • Wouldn’t it be wonderful if some deranged GM offered Martin a good money three year deal and he left?
      Before anyone says noone is stupid enough to do that, keep in mind that Cashman did exactly that last spring!! The only guy who was even more stupid than Cashman was Martin, who rejected it as not being worth enough money!!

      I now give you one of the funniest Cashman quotes of all time, which he gave in November of 2011!!! Please clear your mouths and throats of all food and beverage before reading this, I don’t want to be responsible for anyone choking.

      “He came in here and we thought he was Thurman Munson-like,” Cashman said on a conference call yesterday. “I wasn’t here in the ’70s, but you know what Thurman Munson stood for and how he played the game and the leadership he provided in the clubhouse, and that’s what projected from Russell from L.A. when he was a Dodger and healthy. He came in here and lived up to everything we had heard and was an important acquisition.

      • Michael P…….That was Cashman’s way of taking a back-handed slap at Jorge Posada. Girardi and Cashman have always favored a defense-first Catcher in the Girardi mold. That’s why they were happy to push Posada out the door and why they never gave an opportunity to Montero, then traded him the first chance they could.

        I also like for a Catcher to be good defensively and to have a strong rapport with the pitching staff. These are Martin’s strengths but I don’t think he’s strong enough defensively to justify a 3 year deal when he’s putting up 89 hits in a full season! Like Te, Martin was once a .280-.290 hitter but has seen his BA drop 5 years in a row. This troubles me and I’d be hesitant to sign him long term. I’d love to see the Yanks bring in an offensive minded back-up or someone like John Jaso, Ryan Doumit or Victor Martinez who can catch 40 or so games and DH most of the rest of the time. That is precisely the role Montero would have played and the team could still use a player like that.

  2. Now guys, don’t get your a-s in front of your face by reading more than what I write!
    I keep reading about dropping this guy and that guy because of age or large contract but, one name never brought up is Jeters. Why? He will be coming back from an ankle injury at the age of 39. His defense will tank somewhat (how much we don’t know) if it dose, he will be a DH the rest of his days. He could play the outfield but, will his ego let him? Last word was, he wanted his 2014 money up from the $8m to more like the 2013 moneys and more years.
    Now, I like Jeters playing style and he has put a better face on the team than anyone could hope for (I don’t care for him, as a person) over these many years. Let me reiterate,I want him out of here before even those of you with rose-covered glass can see that he is not the Jeter you all loved in past years.
    And those that think having a big ego is bad, “You ain’t got no learnings a tall” Without the ego, one doesn’t get very far in big time sports (or life). Players Like Jeter and A-Rod have had to have big egos because they have to believe (Not think) they are the best, to be the best.
    Over the years we have seen too many stay, way over the time they should have walked away. The hell with the 4,000+ hit record, what good is it if he gets it but ends up with a BA of .298? His record would be a target for someone else to shoot for and pass someday, then what…no record and no over .300 BA. and will be forgotten as the greatest Yankee SS ever!
    For me the question is easy (I like being in the back ground) I’ll go out on top, and let others think I quit too soon rather than to late.

  3. I am becoming more and more disenchanted with long term deals,—less tieing up young studs beyond arb years, hence where does that leave Cano? 4/5 years top for me. He is worth far more than a pick after next year so perhaps a trade this off season if not willing to agree to 4/5. Just saying.

  4. I would trade Cano and Granderson this year if we could get equal or better talent in return. I am not one of those that seem to always come up with a trade where we give up two players for one. If White Sox had a very good player but, have some one 5 years younger they think can do the job at much less cost. So the Yanks offer to a trade for that person who has a 5 year $100m contract by giving them a player (almost as good) but has a 3 year contract for $30m. Why do we throw in another guy? Because all the the teams use to hold us up for each trade we made…now, not so much

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