Morning Bits: Ichiro, Torii Hunter, Blood Drive

Good morning everyone and a happy Friday to you all. Here are today’s morning links.

— ESPN New York explains how Ichiro Suzuki and Yankee Stadium are a mutual fit. So, will Ichiro come back to the Yankees in 2013?

— The Yankees are considering looking into Torii Hunter and according to Brian Cashman, age at this point doesn’t matter. So if age isn’t a factor right now, is Brian Cashman going to start signing 50-year old men to play for the Yankees?

— Today the Yankees are hosting a blood drive at Gotham Hall from 10:00 a.m to 4:oo p.m. The first 300 donors will get a voucher for two tickets to a 2013 New York Yankees home game.

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Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Age doesn’t matter Mr. Cashman? We’ll let’s get the gang back together! Roger’s only 50! Tino is only 44, believe it or not. Paulie O’ Neill is just 49. Jorge is 41. And Bernie’s a meer 44 as well!

    I’m telling you, signing so many old veterans with little left in the tank will be the downfall of this team.

    • Heck, maybe Yogi Berra wants to come back and play catcher!! 🙂

      • Not a chance, he would call high and inside pitches and kick the hell out of the pitcher if he didn’t do it.
        I can see one or two guys every game getting kocked down, because they did the famous dive into the ball…only once, because the next time up, it would be up and in.
        Can you see Joba shaking off Yogi? It would be fun to see a throw back player or two.

    • Brian…
      I have said before, it is cheaper to sign a guy on his last couple yaers ($1m to $5m) rather tan sign a guy that has 3-4 real good years left and wants a contract of 5- years with big $$$$.
      If you were trying to get under the cap by 2014 who would you sign for the next year or two? 🙂

  2. The old veterans he acquired last year Kuroda, Ibanez, and Ichiro were all great pickups. Just saying.

    • Definitely, but how did Freddy Garcia and Andruw Jones fair in 2012? You can’t bring the same 38, 39 year olds back and expect the same production. Both of those guys had great seasons for the Yanks, but this year they tanked.

      • Who said any were coming back? Im against Ichiro and Ibanez coming back and Kuroda will be fine next year They could do a lot worse than Hunter on a 1 yr deal, as he did hit over.300 last year and we want more average guys right?

        • Matthew B…
          I take it you and yours are fine this day?
          I don’t want Jones, Garcia or Ibanez back for 2013. I have good and bad thoughts, about bringing Itchy back. He could become the lead-off hitter for next year, if he can continue as he did this year. My concern is his age, we see he has dropped off a bit.
          As for Hunter, I haven’t made up my mind…if we don’t bring him in it could be good or a mistake. He is what…35/36 years old, having him play with Itchiy (l and R) as a platoon and also giving other guys a break plus hit over .300. I think it is worth a hard look anyhow.

          • thanks Ken I just got my power back today so Im very happy. I would go with Hunter over Ichiro personally.

            • Again, I have two ways to look at it, Hunter would hit as well with a bit more power and is a right hander.
              Itchy would be the lead-off hitter in place of Jeter or maybe they would give Brett a chance to lead-off, without pulling him after 5 or so games.
              With Jeters ankle injury (I had a bad one myself and 10 years later I still feel it), his hitting may well be hindered. I don’t want him anywhere near the top of the order, following Brett or Itchy, not with his foot.
              I can’t see Jeter being at full speed come ST of 2013. I could be wrong but, if it was a break like mine, (a bone displacement) I had a rod and nuts and bolts put in, I still have the rod in my leg…now I have matching rods one in each.
              Glad to hear you and yours are ok, hopefully everyone is.

        • You’re right, i thought you were implying you’d want them back, sorry. A lot of people do and it just doesn’t make sense to me. Hunter would be a solid pickup all things considered but I still prefer Swisher over anyone on the market.

          • Swisher is the best player out of them Brian but his price tag makes him not worth it. You can get similar production for less.

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