Yankees Offseason Notes: Yankees make qualifying offers, Yankees keep Cabral

Good evening Yankees fans. Today is one of those days where we ask ourselves–“Is it February yet?” Anyway, onto tonight’s notes that circle around Yankees baseball!

— The Yankees announced today that they have made qualifying offers to Nick Swisher, Hiroki Kuroda and Rafael Soriano. The bigger question here is–why didn’t the Yankees make an offer to Ichiro Suzuki or Russell Martin? Do they plan on letting them go? We’ll find out more as the “Off-Season Saga” continues. (BTW, the Yankees would get a draft compensation pick if either of the three sign elsewhere).

— Speaking of Russell Martin, the Yankees did not make him a qualifying offer. Martin can still sign with the Yankees but they won’t get compensation for him if he goes to another team.

— The Yankees also announced that they plan on keeping Rule 5 pitcher Cesar Cabral for the offseason. They want him to come back to Spring Training and compete for the job in the bullpen. Last season, Clay Rapada beat out Cabral for the job (mostly because Cabral fractured the tip of his elbow) but this season Cabral would have to make the team or he gets sent back. A loophole however is if Cabral makes the team, he doesn’t have to spend the whole year on the team. He can be optioned to the minor leagues at any point during the season.

— And finally, Michael Pineda–might miss the entire 2013 season. There’s no information as of yet but tune into MLB Tonight on MLBNetwork to find out why. (And for those who hate the Red Sox, David Ortiz might be out the entire season as well). MLB Tonight airs at 6pm. Check your cable provider for which channel.

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. They did the right thing by offering Swish, Sori & Hiroki the qualifying offer. Kuroda could accept it and take the cool $3.3M raise from last year. Swish & Sori are both likely to decline as they are after multi-year deals. That’s fine with me as the Yanks can get 2 ‘sandwich” picks out of them. Martin & Ichiro may be back but they aren’t woth nearly $13.3M per yr.

    Another interesting thing is Tori Hunter was not offered the qualifying offer by LA which means the Yanks could sign him and not have to give up their 1st round pick.

  2. Hunter is growing on me. He had a very good year with a career-high .313 BA & 132 OPS+. he also hit very well with RISP and has solid career numbers with RISP and in the post-season. There has to be some concern whether he can repeat his successful #s at age 37. I’d expect him to be closer to the .262 BA he put up in 2011 than to .313 but I’d be happy with a .280-.285 hitter with 15-20 HRs and good defense. Question is whether he’d take a 1-yr deal. If so, I think they could possibly sign Hunter & Ichiro. However, before that is done I’d explore every trade possibilty for a young OF as this team needs to add some youthful energy to the team badly.

  3. I believe you cannot offer any player who was not on team for entire year –that leaves Ichiro out and it appears they dont want to risk paying Martin 13.3 simple as that.

    • John – What would be your OF in 2013?

      • Fish–I am constantly changing my WISH LIST, truthfully the outfielf is just a part of team for me and so becomes fluid. Cano is the key in my mind. Want that extension done 4/5 years max. So if Cano done that is 1 thing if need trade then have to replace both Cano and Swisher’s offense. If that is the case would need bigger trade/trades. Perhaps Hamilton comes into play, again 4/5 years max.

  4. The Angels are agressively shopping Dan Haren so they can go hard after Greinke. It appears they had a trade for Carlos Marmol lined up but it fell through. haren has a $15.5M option with LA supposedly willing to pick up $3.5M. Would anyone go after Haren?

    Guy has been VERY consistent with 8 straight seasons of 30+ starts and 12+ Wins. He was awesome in 2011 (16-10, 3.17) but had back problems this yr which limited him to 12-13, 4.33 ERA. The red flags are the back problem and he saw a 2mph drop in his velocity.

    Would anyone trade for Haren? Say, LA wanted Joba straight up for Haren? Both will be FAs in 2013.

    • I really like Haren. Of course he had his worst season of his career last year but he has a lot of upside and as you said would create more opportunities to trade a surplus of pitching for other needs. I hope Granderson would go in a deal for Haren to kind of not add to the payroll but actually subtract from it (Curtis due 18M, Haren just 15.5M).

      Would be interesting to see him in pinstripes but I doubt it happens.

  5. Picking up Haren would open some possibilities. A rotation of CC, Kuroda, Pettitte, Haren, Nova & Phelps would be pretty good and perhaps allow them to deal Hughes for a Catcher or OF. Hughes is a FA after the season anyway.

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