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It’s Official: Soriano, Swisher & Kuroda decline qualifying offers

Hiroki Kuroda, Nick Swisher and Rafael Soriano have all declined their qualifying offer thus making them free agents. Should any of the three sign elsewhere, the Yankees will get draft picks in the 2013 MLB Draft. All nine players that were offered the deals declined but only 8 of them are free agents. David Ortiz signed a two year deal with the Red Sox last week. The following players also hit the free agent market: Josh Hamilton, Michael Bourn, B.J Upton, Kyle Lohse and Adam LaRoche.

Josh Hamilton might be too expensive for the Yankees (although he has power and the short porch in Yankee Stadium favors him) and he also has a history with problems off the field while Michael Bourn is equivalent to Yankees OF Brett Gardner although Gardner is injury prone, BUT Gardner is more affordable than Bourn. The Yankees have decisions to make this winter. Maybe B.J Upton? Kyle Lohse? Adam LaRoche?

Yankees expect Kuroda to decline qualifying offer

Yankees expect Kuroda to decline qualifying offer

By Delia E.

A week after giving Hiroki Kuroda a 1 year, $13.3 Million qualifying offer, Brian Cashman and the Yankees expect that Kuroda will decline the offer. Although nothing is official yet, Cashman did speak with Kuroda’s agent unofficially. The other two players that were offered a contract (Nick Swisher, Rafael Soriano) will decline. Soriano is most likely gone from the team since the Yankees refuse to spend $26 Million on the closer role that will now become Mariano Rivera’s in the 2013 season.

Baseball & Poker

Over the last century, two games that are enjoyed by a large number of Americans are baseball and poker.  Many learn about both games at a young age and regularly play one or the other through their lifetime.  As we look at how these two games have influenced American culture.

First, if you want to see how both games have evolved over the years, just look at American cinema.  Over the decades we have watched both games evolved not only in how they are played but also how they are portrayed.

Poker was the thing of western lore and backroom gunfights and baseball was basically a way for guys to make a living that had nothing else going for them.   Now poker is seen as the true contest that it has always been and many baseball films have shown how the game really is viewed by American, as a nostalgic pastime.

Both games have even influenced every day life down to our vernacular.  For example, the term “strike out” does not just apply to baseball, but in other areas of life such as trying to pick up a mate, trying your hand at a new endeavor, etc.  When someone says that they are all-in, that does not necessarily mean that all their money is in the middle.  It could mean that they are totally committed to a task or they are interested in a particular idea.

Finally, both games are now huge business in America.  The game of baseball has always been a lucrative endeavor, especially for teams like the New York Yankees.  However, in the past decade the game of poker has experienced a boom and casinos throughout the United States have taken advantage of the growth in popularity.  Include the numerous poker books, merchandise, and other business that have cropped up and poker has become big business.

The main reason that both baseball and poker have had such a huge impact on American culture is that both games are easy games to learn and both are games that can be enjoyed at any age.  They are also games that have stars that are bigger than life and are games that represent achievement.  Both games are as American as apple pie and will continue to influence American culture for a long time.

Morning Bits: Joba, What the Yankees can learn from the Bay move….

Thank god the weekend is here.  Whatever you do this weekend I hope you enjoy it.   Let’s get to some Yankee news….

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