Yankees Offseason Notes: Yankees plan to offer Kuroda 1 year, but is that enough?

The Yankees are offering Kuroda a one-year deal, but could that be enough to keep him in pinstripes?

The Yankees continue to have a slow offseason while every other team around them is spending some type of  money on certain players. With the Winter Meetings occurring in 2 weeks, there are bound to be Yankees rumors, but until then–

— The Yankees reportedly want to offer Hiroki Kuroda a one year deal and Japan might be the reason that Kuroda could ultimately rejoin the Yankees in 2013. See, Kuroda wants to be able to pitch in Japan before he decides to hang up his cleats and ideally the best idea for him would be for him to join a team that is offering him a one year contract. the Los Angeles Dodgers and the LA Angels are offering Hiroki Kuroda a two year deal, which might be too much on Kuroda’s arm if he still wants to be effective to pitch in the States and in Japan in the near future.

The Yankees are in dire need of a top end starter in their rotation since the rotation after CC Sabathia is a bit hazy. Andy Pettitte is still debating whether he will return in 2013 (I believe he will), Ivan Nova was horrible and Phil Hughes is coming back from a bounce back year after a horrendous 2011 season. Kuroda who is 16-11 with a 3.32 ERA in 2012 for the Yankees, just might be worth more than the $13.3 Million the Yankees offered before he turned down. If Kuroda signs with the Yankees, it will solve their rotation woes to an extent. If not, then the Yankees could look forward to add more depth to their minor leagues should a different team sign him. If the Dodgers or the Angels sign Kuroda, they lose their first round pick while the Yankees would get another draft pick between the first and the second round.

Kuroda could possibly choose the Dodgers since he has two young daughters in Elementary School in California and has expressed desire that he would like to be near them. If Kuroda does sign elsewhere, then the Yankees might want to start thinking of a backup plan because right now, it seems like they don’t have one.

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Nice work as usual Delia…
    I look at things on this team that worry me a bit, in no special order, they are;

    1–Kuroda…will he come back for one more year or not?
    2–Cano…he is 30 years old and may want a 7-10 year contract for big $$$$$s.
    3–Jeter…he may want a 3+ year contract, more so if 2013 is an other fine year.
    4–Arod…defencively he is fine but, will he come out of this funk he is in for 2013?
    5–Who (how) replaces Swisher, many fans (and management) say dump him…ok, now what?
    6–I don’t really expect Andy back again, his stuff is ok IF he had a fast ball above 88 it would be better!
    7–Nova, is he going to be the 2011 or the 2012 Nova, forget the SO’s and keep the ball down w/movement!
    8–The coaching staff is ok, maybe a Billy Martin/Buck Showalter type mgr would be the answer.
    9–One of the more important aspects to really think about is, Randy Lavine, if he sticks his nose into the mix this year as he has done in the past, it could end up a real big FUBAR.

    These are a few questions I would like to have answered, I have been speculating but maybe some other fans have an idea or two floating around in someones fertile mind.

    • FUBAR….nice language! Kenny………all good points. Must hold issue, with only one…#8, the coaching staff. Girardi is not Martin, but better than Showalter. The players like him, He can be a hard ass, when he has to…..and the team responds to him. Others at this site, blame everything on Girardi, but……………they’ll get over it. FUBAR?…..Sal Hepatica?

      • Patrick…
        I disagree, Showalter is one of the people who helped Stick and Watson put the them of 1995-6 together. If you want a manager that knows talent Show is the guy you want to help build a winning team. Joe is like the coaches and everyone else around the Yankees except Cashman. They are afrade of saying the wrong thing about or around Jeter. There is no way in hell Joe would let any other player play with the bad ankle, specially at SS or 2nd base.
        This is in no way Jeters fault, it is the others around him.

        FUBAR…Fu-ked Up Beyond All repair/resemblance

    • Good morning my old friend,how are you doing?
      I share most of your thoughts,as this will be a trying year for the YANKS to win a division or make the playoffs.
      Some Ballpark ideas.
      Staring pitching is always the key to success.
      CC will lead the staff and from what is out there Andy will be back.Kuroda is gone but I would add Haren to replace him with a 2 year plus a 3 rd year option.That would give us a strong 1-3.
      I like Phelps as a 5.

      That leaves us looking to fill the 4 hole.
      Hughes ,Nova are internal canidates but I would do something different.Trade Hughes as a part in a trade to get Alex Gordon .
      Nova needs to stay in extended spring training to re-vamp his approach,learn to throw the CU and get away from the slider that has hurt his arm 2 years in a row and will eventually ruin his arm.
      Dempster on a 1 year deal would round out the rotation.

      • Thank you Ballpark…
        Now that is what I am after, some real do-able (I know, not a word) ideas.
        The normal trade of, these five guys for that one guy who is 34 and wants a 7 year contract are over…for the next two years.
        Alex Gordon 28 yr old, another lefty bat OF. He would be a good option for the loss of Swishers bat. I have no problem with trading Phil if we can get something good in return…I have a problem with putting him in a 3-4 man deal for someONE!
        I have said many times get rid of that slider (unless it is very good) and get a good CU, sliders go a long way if they hang up in the zone, more so than a bad CU.
        Nothing wrong with your thinking this Monday AM at all Ballpark…I like it, as usual.

      • ballpark, I like everything except Haren and Gordon, they don’t seem feasible. I would trade Hughes for Choo and sign Dempster and Floyd.

      • BALLPARK – Whats up dude….you stole my thunder on Gordon. After searching around, he’s the 1 guy who not only makes a lot of sense, but it is very feasible that a trade could be made. Justin Upton is younger and has more upside BUT the Yanks don’t have the pieces to get him. Arizona’s #1 target in an Upton deal is a young MLB-ready SS or 3B coupled with a young MLB-ready pitcher. The Yanks have no young MLB-ready player to headline the deal. The best of the Yankee prospects are in A-ball so they don’t appeal to a team like Arizona who wants players they can play right away. Yanks have some decent players but don’t have a big-time player to headline such a deal. KC on the other hand needs MLB starting pitching and the yanks have that in Hughes, Nova and Phelps.

  2. Mr. Yankee07

    MVPs for the Yankees this season were

    1. Cano
    2. Soriano
    3. Jeter

    • Fatboy…..have a donut. Why not ask your father [ in jail, i hope]…. to post? Along, with his Gravitar. For that matter…………how about your mother? Save a donut for Ballpark!

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