Yankees Offseason Notes: For Kuroda its the Yankees

Earlier this week, it was looking as if Hiroki Kuroda‘s chances of coming back to the Yankees were slim. The LA Dodgers were in the race as well as the LA Angels. Well, on Tuesday evening, a source claimed that the Dodgers were no longer in the mix for Kuroda. The Angels soon followed the Dodgers lead and weren’t interested in Kuroda. Now Kuroda has one of two choices–the Yankees or Japan. If Kuroda wants to pitch in the states, he could choose the Yankees. If he wants to go to Japan, he can sign there. This is relatively good news for the Yankees–and bad news for the Dodgers and the Angels. Now all Brian Cashman has to do is make Kuroda an offer he can’t refuse.

BREAKING NEWS: The New York Yankees have signed Hiroki Kuroda to a 1 year, $15 Million contract for the 2013 season. The Yankees prevented one of their worst fears from happening. Now, Yankees need Pettitte.

In Other News:

— The New York Yankees claimed RHP Mickey Storey off waivers from the Houston Astros.

— The Yankees added LHP Manny Banuelos, OF Ramon Flores, RHP Brett Marshall, RHP Jose Ramirez, LHP Francisco Rondon and LHP Nik Turley to the 40 man roster.

— RHP Dave Herndon elected for free agency instead of being outrighted to Triple-A Scranton thus making the 40-man roster a 39-man roster.

— There’s still no word about if Andy Pettitte will return next year. Although Pettitte could most likely return, it’s not guaranteed.

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. DELIA E…..the charming, mysterious,… Delia. No porcupines tonight, from me. The new name that stands out in your post…Mickey Storey. Nice numbers, and ERA. Why do you think Houston cut him from their 40 man? Don’t take any donuts from Fatboy….some expired months ago. Along with some of the people, he gave them to!

  2. Nice things come to those who wait…
    The signing of kuroda give us; CC, Kuroda, Phil, Phelps, Nova and Andy(?). If Nova can forget his so-so slider and go with a good change-up, we could be seeing the 2011 Nova again.
    In 2011 he was being told he had to SO more hitters, mostly by the media and so-called experts, those on this site also!
    Nova started to go with the slider and he gave up to many hits at the wrong time, some over the walls, SO more hitters, more innings pretty much every thing was up more. He is not a power pitcher, as some would have you believe…keep the ball down and mix’um up is his style, which is what he did in 2011.
    I look for him to have a break out year, whether it is for us or some other team, with no arm problems…I hope!
    What say you guys and gal?

    • Kenny…..you are right on, my home boy. In an interview, in the NY Times, Nova said your exact words…”In 2011, I was being told I had to SO more hitters, mostly by the media and so-called experts, those on the YFU site also!”…………..Ken, as always, I think there is a big trade ready to happen.

      • I’ll be damned, well at least it ain’t a lie is it!
        I don’t see one coming at all. However, to cover my ass a bit, ok! LOL 🙂

        • Ken….my Irish bones, don’t lie. Something big is down the road. Most likely, two bomb shells. I almost always get this………………..Brian, and Levine are putting up a smoke screen. The Irish bones clang when this happens,

          • patrick, how about Nova or Hughes for Choo? Grandy to the Braves for either Teheran,Minor, or Delgado. Yanks sign Johnson.

            • Doug – I’d sign up for some action like that. Which Johnson are you talking about signing? I really like Choo but he’s only signed for 1 year. I’d like to see them trade Hughes or Nova for Alex Gordon who has 4 years left on his contract.

              • fishjam, why would the Royals trade Gordon, he’s one of their best hitters.

                • KC has been fielding offers for some of their hitters because they are desperate for Pitching and they have an absolute stud OF coming up in Wil Myers who could replace Gordon. Gordon is their oldest regular and will make $44 Million over the next 4 years. If KC could get 1 of Hughes/Nova and 1 of Warren, Marshall or Phelps,plus more they would add 2 young starting pitchers to step right into their rotation.

                  KC’s rotation was 26th in MLB with a 5.01 ERA while their offense was 6th in BA and 15th in OPS in MLB. They have a lot of good young hitters and also have one of the game’s best offensive prospects in Bubba Starling.

            • I meant Hamilton not Johnson.

    • old yankee, I see Nova as a much better pitcher this year, similar to Hughes last year. Sometimes pitchers have to learn by negative experinces.

    • I agree Ken….solid signing. Bringing back Kuroda & Pettitte on 1 year deals were musts this season. As it stands now, if Andy re-ups, they have the same groupd they have this year. But is it time to look beyond 2013?

      Andy & Kuroda will both likely be gone in 2014 and Hughes will be a Free Agent. If Hughes has a year similar to 2012, he’ll be looking at a 4 yr deal worth $10M + per season. Would anyone want to pay him that much with the budget crunch coming? That willlveave the team with CC and a lot of question marks and young pitchers…..Nova, Phelps, Pineda, Warren, Marshall, etc. Should the Yanks be looking at guys like McCarthy, Haren, Edwin Jackson, Marcum, Saunders or Anibal for 2 or more years?

      • Your last bit is great but, as we have bantered back and forth on the fact; I always want our own to get the first chance. Without Phil, Andy and Kuroda for 2014, we could still come up with….CC, Nova, Philps, Pineda that is 4 we need one or two more.
        We may have to go after someone as you pointed out. 🙂

      • fishjam, I only like Sanchez and Jackson of that group. If I could get either of them then I would trade Hughes for an outfielder.

        • Haren would be a good buy low guy coming off a down year. He’s been one of baseball’s most consistent pitchers. McCarthy just realized his potential and was pitching brilliantly when he got drilled in the head.

          • fishjam, both might be worth the gamble, if they return to form the Yanks are in the money. Another pitcher and an outfielder are defintely in Cashman’a sights.

  3. at this moment in time,,.. as many moments in the past,…… ALL I KNOW IS, gil hodges should be in the hall of fame

    i painstankenly today,….. did the styats of the top 23first basemen in mlb history,…… and showed, i believe, without a shread of douy in my mind,.. that gil hodges derservesw to be in the hal,l of fame

    • and as long as people like me ae alive,… we will never stop talking about, and showing why, gil hodges should be in thne hof

    • NOT YOU AGAIN!….Jim7654. Why don’t you look up YFS 1950, or what ever he is called. The only one that talks about Gil Hodges, is his wife. “My Gil, was such a nice man. Why did he take these photos, in the shower room?.. I found them in his sock drawer…My Gil, my Bill?…oh, my”

  4. you can read my analyslis against the top 11 hof first naseman, and the top best 9 not in,… and see the average stats to everyones best 10 cobnsecutive seasons

    you can read what i wrote and painstakingly did the math on today,.. or do it youyrself,…..

    \but to me,.. gil hodges should be a no brainer hall of famer

    • Jim2244
      I agree Gil may have numbers to get him in but, life is not fair (if it was I would have been 6’2″, now that is a scary thought) I would venture to say, at a minimum there are 1/3 of the HoF players that like Jim Rice, got in by being well liked by some of those that are in already and the media.
      Players like Jeter, Mo, Andy(?), Cano(?) and Tex are in just on being a very good player and well liked but, players with numbers like A-Rod may not get in for some time.

  5. not only mrs robinson,.. but 1000’sof books

  6. COW GIRLS OF YFU……………..Good night.


  8. l,ook azt the numbers i put out today,…… forget thgids notion of life not being fsair,….. GIL HODGES SHOILD BE IN THE HOF, period, point blank,….. he was the best first baseman or hid era, 1949, -1958,…… he cranked the 2nd most homers in the 1950’s,.. nexct to hids teramate duke,… he was a 8 time all star, played in 7 world sreries,…….. and of the11 beast topo hall of fame first basemem, mccovey, gehrig, perez, foxx, murray, greenberg, kilebrew, sissler, carew, mize, brouthers,….. averaging their best 10 secutive seasons,…. vs hodges best 10 consecutive seasons,…… he is in the mis, … right in the kiddle of them,…… wioth more homers,….. his ops was on par,….. im telling yoiu,…… GIL HODGES SHOULD BE IN THE HOF,




    • Jimmy What good is to write constantly about something you can do nothing about?

      Just because you think he should be in the HoF is no reason he should be, whether you want to believe it or not; Life isn’t fair, I am glad you haven’t found it out yet but, it is a fact!
      He has good numbers and I saw him play many times back a few years!

  9. Good moves in adding Marshall, Turley, Banuelos & Flores to the 40-man roster. Ramirez was a tough choice but with his arm they felt they had to protect him. I’m a bit surprised on Rondon but guess they feel he could make someone’s team as a lefty in the pen. they kept him over 2 other lefties in Jeremy Bleich and Vidal.

    Bleich is a former Sandwich pick who is finally getting healthy and Nuno is a personal favorite of mine. He’s not very highly rated but all he does is get outs and lots of them. They signed him out of an independent league in 2011 and he keeps jumping levels. He had a great season in AA this yr and I’d expect some team to take him in the Rule V draft and give him a shot. He reminds me of Jose Quintana. Quintana pitched great in AA last yr for Trenton but the Yanks let him walk. The White Sox picked him up and he pitched in their rotation all yr making 22 starts with a 3.76 ERA. a 23-yr-old lefty starter they just gave away.

    Not sure I understand wasting a roster spot on Eli Whiteside.

    • Yup, fishjam…
      Some times, a bad choose is made when trying to pick 4-5 players for 3 sports or less. But one thing I would never do is, let a lefty with talent go if I had a righty of the same talent. That is why I like the idea of keeping Turly. I have no knowledge of Eli at all, so I really can’t say one way or another.
      I still like Gordon for Phil, I just don’t trust Phils’ mechanics at all…I see arm trouble in his future.

  10. The Yanks might make a run at Denard Span for Hughes and Warren, he is signed for the next 2 years with a club option for a third at a low price. I think he will make 4.5 this year, 6.5 next, and the option for 9 million. This fits the Yanks plan.

  11. I would also like to see the Yanks make a run at David DeJesus, he’s solid veteran outfielder who went to Rutgers. He was one of the best hitters in our area in HS at Manalapan.

  12. I see that Kubel may be available? Signed for 13 with a team option for 14. Decent price looks like a good fit to me.

  13. 黒田スタイル…THAT SAYS….. ‘KORODA STYLE’…and that’s good. Nice signing. My favorite time of year. I expect a significant signing, and more than one trade. At least one trade, of good proportion. Look for a younger, new look line-up, and surprises in the pitching depth. Start with Hamilton, all else falls into place after that.

    • NOT SINCE…8:59am?…And, that was john. no one has posted since then? Just me?..I need to get a life. Found out today, that my most beloved beach, on Fire Island…..has vanished. I’ll get over it, but for others down there, life will never be the same. Very sad.

  14. BECAUSE…I spent a long time at iYankees, posting by myself….I am able to put up posts indefinitely. I used to call it vamping, an old term. And, I got good at it. It actually comes easy…….but not tonight. I offer a wish of great happiness, to all of you…..at Thanksgiving……………..patrick.

  15. Patrick……….I assume this thanksgiving weekend will be slow for everyone. I will check back a few times until my family plans kick in.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of the YFU family.

  16. To all at YFU, Have a great day ,enjoy your families and take time to give thanks for all you have .

    Yanks are starting to pick up ,with Kuroda back Andy’s sure to follow.Sign Haren and the pitching is looking real strong.Once the starting staff is together the Yanks can focus on filling their positional needs.
    Do the Yanks bring back Martin ? go to the market,Napoli, AJ? or stay in house ,Romine Cervelli,Stewart?
    I would like to see young inhouse Yanks to fill out the roster,Adams needs to play 3rd .

    • Ballpark…
      I take it you are of the opinion A-Rod is washed up as a hitter? You could be right, I do know he will not be the younger man he once was. If he can be at about: avg. .285/.290 with 20/25 HR, I can’t see a reason for Adams except for times A-Rod is DHing.
      IF (I still dislike that word) Alex can hit with those numbers or better he would be considered one of the top 3rd basemen in the AL. If he can’t seem to hold good numbers bench him, I don’t mean to have him on a short neck-ty but, string him up by said ty, if he goes into June at avg .249 and 1 HR.

      • Good morning Ken,
        I still think the best situation for Arod and the Yanks is a trade to Miami,that said it probably ain’t gonna happen.
        Arod’s regression is a fact and the next 5 years if he doesn’t pack it in or the Yanks buy him out don’t look good.
        We need to develop Adams now so he’s ready later.
        Arod will never play a full season so having a partner to play 3rd when he’s hurt,resting, dhing,or just bad makes sense.
        This is arod’s last year to potentially be productive imo.

        • Ballpark…
          I have no reason to doubt your logic but, I don’t know if it can be done without eating 1/2 his contract. Doing that, I am not sure how much would be charged to the Yankees against the cap? Trading him for a good player and eating less moneys would be a bit better, as to the Cap, would it not? I don’t know, what about it, maybe you know better as to the rules of the cap? If this be truth, please in lighten us, either way?

          • old yankee, I agree with you, I don’t see where it benifits the Yanks by trading A-Rod at this point. I would see what you can get out of him this year.

  17. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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