Yankees Offseason Notes: Yankees close in re-signing Andy Pettitte

Looks like the Yankees are beginning to get the ball rolling in this offseason game, and this time Andy Pettitte has control. According to Buster Olney, Andy Pettitte had decided to pitch for the Yankees in the 2013 season. According to Joel Sherman, the contract is rumored to be between $10-$11 Million for one year. Pettitte had confirmed when the season ended that he was going to take about a month before he decided what he planned on doing and that it would happen definitely after Thanksgiving. Pettitte started working out a couple of days after Thanksgiving, leading the Yankees fanbase to believe that Pettitte wanted to return.

In Other News:

Mariano Rivera revealed that he also wanted to pitch in 2013, but the Yankees haven’t officially signed him as of yet. The deal should happen sometime this week before Winter Meetings next week.

— Despite rumors last night, the Yankees have not re-signed Ichiro Suzuki to a contract. As a matter of fact, the Yankees and Ichiro haven’t even come close to an agreement! If the Yankees end up signing Ichiro then that will close the chapter on the Nick Swisher saga.

Russell Martin is reportedly looking for a 4 year deal for $9-$10 Million PER year. I seriously doubt that the Yankees will succumb to Martin’s demands. Then again, is it Martin that wants the contract or his agent?

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. 4 YEARS FOR 9 MILLION FOR MARTIN ISNT BAD,….. in fact, thats a great deal for the yankees,.. even if martin becomes a backup,m.. that contract would even be tradable

    • I hope that’s right, and it’s not four years for $9-10 million EACH year. The interest from other clubs could drive Martin’s price up, even if he’ll bat at the Mendoza line each year. Not bashing him, I want him back and he’s a great defensive catcher, but that would be way too much. 9 million for a whole 4-year contract would be a genius move.

      • It’s 4 years, $9-$10 Million PER year.

        • Thanks for clearing that up Delia. That is too much for Martin IMO, but the Yankees probably have no other better options on the table. They’ll need a steady catcher for the next two to three years before Romine or Sanchez is ready, so I guess Martin will be alright as long as his catching abilities don’t decline like his hitting abilities has.

          Happy Holidays by the way, I know I haven’t been on the blog much recently but I’ve read every post.

          • I agree. $9-$10 Million is a lot of money for a catcher whose bat isn’t as good as his defensive skills. If Martin doesn’t sign with the Yanks, Yanks have plan B with A.J Pierzynski. And if Pierzynski signs elsewhere–then the Yankees are screwed.

            Happy Holidays to you as well. 🙂

  2. yeah, delia e has been known to mistype things, the other day she typed the new york yankees got like 115,000 for the playoffs,.. that can not be right either,…. they played in 9 post season games,… how can the yankees cut only be 115,000,..????

    • Jim, you act like I’m never allowed to make a simple mistake. If you want to know about the postseason the Yankees get 58 shares of that money,

      • is still isnt clear,.. do you meanm the players, or the yankees– meaning the company?
        are you saying the 115,000 is split 58 ways amonth the payers? i still do not understand,…
        i am not a mind rwader
        the yankees azre a company owned primarily by the stienbrenners,….. so, i am comfused,.. cause 156,000 dollars wouldnt even cover their cost

      • the yankees get 58 shares out of how many shares total??? .. anyway,, it was not me that thought it was a mistake,,.. i assumed that martin wanted 4 years for 8-09 million, as you wrote it,.. IT was brain D that seemed to sugesst it was wrong by saying he hopews it is right,.. whereas i assumed it was right ,….

  3. oh,.. well,… not like i need to know,.. just thought i could get information ,…….so when i form opinioklns and write about things, i have more knowledge,…. but it doesnt matter i guess,……

    • JIM222444….I don’t want to set you off again, but (here we go)..You remind me of a personality, a character? an actor in a movie?……….I’ll figure it out.

      • patrick, are you setting me up? trying to get me to a suggest a nickname,, that you will use on me everyday. lol?
        If that is the case,. i have really been identfying with George Carlin latley,….

        • A Strained Relationship…at best. That is you, and I, Mr. Jimmy. I just wanted to reach out, and ask a question….what is wrong with you? Don’t start with that idiot, George Carlin, stuff.
          Anytime someone asks you a challenging question…..you act nuts. Maybe, you are.

          • i really did not see a question asked to me. what question, il try to answer ir

            • What difference? A question, a statement?…You turn everything into manure.
              “Who does not like George Carlin?”….my guess?…. most clear thinking people..

              • you mean people names todd?

                • Jim24….do yourself a favor, be checked out. I can not deal with you, I am a journalist.
                  Here try this…..reach out to Boliboy. Or, are you he. Both dumb.

                  • lol,… a jouralist?,, what does that have to do with anything? Im an analytical chemist with 25 years experience in pharma. i never mentioned what i did on here. it is not important. but come on man, george carlin ios the best stand up comedian to ever live

  4. john….sometimes the word, ‘leadership’, can be a bit precipitous…….my error, in asking you.
    Stay as you are…you will know when it is time, to reach a new level.

  5. “Russell shows muscle, Monsieur Martin est la!” ..from the great John Sterling’s, home run call.
    Asking for 10 million dollars, we will never hear that call again.

  6. The Charming….Delia E.
    A wonderful, good evening to you. Your question…”Then again, is it Martin that wants the contract or his agent?”…if I may answer, it is Monsieur Marin.

  7. who doesnt like george carlin?

  8. HEYMAN: “Yankees believed to have interest in Shane Victorino”…The Flyin’ Hawaiian?.I, rather think not. Nice player, but lets stick to really improving the squad. Start with Hamilton, and figure out a way to move Alex…..after that, the smoke will clear.

  9. COW GIRLS…lets try this…MLB Winter Meetings, Nashville, Tenn….Dec. 3-6th!…Next week.
    Yes, this is the off season…….but, it is a great, fun time of year.
    Were is this staunch, high water mark, of Yankee fanatics, at YFU?…the team is being recreated!

    • i hope at the meeting that baseball decides to vote for a lifetime suspension for first offense for use of steroids/hgh/testosterone, or any other ped banned susbstance,… i hope baseball gets serious , otherwise, the players will keep doing it,.. and mlb will become like wwwf,.. where you can not believe the result of the match

  10. James…Chemist?…in your dreams. What will you be tomorrow…a surgeon? Not to be rude with you, but, I must move on. And yes, journalist…”internet journalist”…fits me fine.

  11. i wish it was all just a dream,….. but thats what i did for 25 years,… but noiw i am am internet jouranalist that writes in blogs

  12. Slow man..Jim22567….WWWF?…ever read the words of Skull Murphy?…I doubt it.
    The table has been run, again,,,,,,amazing!

  13. slow hand , thats eric clapton’s nickname. yeah the wwwf,.. pro wrestling,…. they used so many steroids and hgh and stuff,, the sports was made comical,, and mlb is going down that road

  14. The problems with ped’ use among mlb players are from every angle, But here is one.

    I do not see Barry Bonds as an all time great,…. but I should. As a fan, I should have the right, the enjoyment, the luxury, to think of barry bonds and what he did in terms of great hitters like babe ruth, lou gehrig, ted williams, willia mays, and hank arron —-with bonds being arguably better than all of them.

    But hgh/steroids took that away from me.

    I do not think of barry bonds with those players.

    Barry Bond’s career was a waste of time in my eyes,…… and a black eye on baseball.

    and there is zero way to go back back in time and fix it.

    Bonds won 7 mvps, and was 2nd in voting twice. He is the home run king, 6th in obp, 6th in slugging, 4th in ops, 4th in total bases, 4th in rbis, 3rd in runs scored, 1st in walks with 2558, 2nd in extra base hits, 1st in runs created, 2nd in times on base, ,,,,,,,,,,

    However, I find it literaly imposasible to include him among the greats of the game.

    The scars run too deep for me, and I suspect many fans of baseball feel the same way.

    So using steroids or hgh, or now terstosterone is being used in mlb,….. not only affects the outcome of games, the final standings, championships, the ever higher salaries syndrome, players stats, not just the user, but the era of the pitcher he hits against, prevents minor leaguers that dont use from getting their fair chance, ……….causes injuries and medical problems among users while playing and afterwards,……..


    and if arod thinks he is not in the same boat as bonds,…… he is living in fantasy land.


    • Jim….

      The use or not of PED’s and the taint that comes with them are nothing but opinions and you are certainly allowed yours.

      As for me I could care less.

      Every generation has had their own version of PED, from a coffee urn chocked full of sugar to greenies to todays exotics.

      If I am not mistaken SOME of our beloved GREATS have at one time or another had their finest days “hung” over from the previous night.

      I have seen clips of relievers “slamming” Red Bulls before entering the game (thats ok and legal)
      and more and more of others.

      I am hooked on the Yankees and the game to be entertained PERIOD.

      As for unjust advantages, if anyone stupid enough to “hurt” themselves by any drug use that is their problem.

      I was a first responder for many years and got really pissed when I had to go out and “rescue” some dumbass overdosed and waking me in the middle of the night. however it was my job and i got over it. lol

      So what say we play ball.

      Go Yankees

      • welll,, the wwwf is entertainment, and in the day, they all took steroids and hgh, right?,…. you want to view baseball as pro wrestling?

        yoiu are in the minority

        • you missed all the points,.. the hurt to them is their legacy,, the hurt to us as fans is that we can not accept the stats produced,. or even the outcome of the final standings,.. it is not real,, it is phony,, as phony as the wwwf,….

          if you really do not care that the outcome of games are not real,…. I hope you are in th eminority,.. or players are gonna keep using and mlbis going to become viewed as the wwwf as its’ legacy ongoing,

          right now we have a chance to correct this,.. but if their are a lot of people like you,.. it will ponbly get worse

          • Jim2244…
            This is still (for a year or two) a free country, if one takes drugs and they kill him…así sea!
            When one is playing with and against 3/4 of major league players that do use drugs, one is tempted to join in to keep up with the others.
            In my mind, any drug is unacceptable but, as I am not in their shoes, they may have gotten frustrated by having to face other players that were using. Stats say about 3/4 of the players were taking.

            • You guys are …..nuts!
              THE MIAMI HERALD now reports, that Kevin Long said today…”Derek will begin spring training, using 22oz. bats. All, in preparation for learning to switch hit.” No, mention of the St. Petersburg dust up, that happened this morning.

              • patrick…
                There are many storys that could be written of Jeter but, like Obama, he gets a pass, while others get half-truths and innuendos printed as if they were fact.
                But no worry, the media says they are not biased at all……!?!

                • Mr Fish …please do not allow racist comments on your wonderful site. Mr. Yankee hates Jeter because he’s like Obama…….hmmm mmmmmmm.

                  I am a target for prejudice also because I’m a little husky. Kids laugh and say I should float, not walk, in the thanksgiving day parade.

                  That’s not fair maybe my body is as big as one of those balloons but my head is regular sized.

                  • Fatboy…
                    Just for the hell of it I will comment on your stupid remarks. But, for the last time!
                    What you just said makes you the racist, you are a typical Liberal always trying to change history and can’t come up with a rebuttal to others comments, you yell racist!
                    You and others like you are the racist because, people such as I, don’t think of a persons other than as a person, not joe the black man or xang the vietnamese. You people do a good job of trying that crap, try to destroy a person because you have no way of answering the question or statement.
                    Little minds are the only people who hang with your type of thinking, read your history books, you may find out who the racist really are…and they are not the Tea Party/Conservatives of this country!

                    • Mr. Yankee07,…… You ridicule my fatness …..and I have to take it. You think it’s fun being the object of prejudice? I haven’t tied my shoes in 8 years.


  15. Jeter as DH in career

    54 games ( 1/3 a season)
    254 plate appearances
    226 at bats
    74 hits
    327 avg
    10 doubles
    1 tripple
    6 home runs
    37 runs
    21 rbi

    prorating Jeter’s DH stats to 162 games, he would have
    222 hits
    30 doubles
    3 tripples
    18 home runs
    111 runs
    63 rbi
    327 batting average

    So, Jeter’s DH numbers have no fall off against his career numbers overall.

  16. “Miami Herold reporter…thrown to the ground!”…the Herold is reporting now, that their reporter was pushed to the sidewalk this morning, by Derek Jeter. Mr. Jeter, and his house keeper, Sylvia Montoya…had just left Joeph’s Sporting Goods Store, in St. Petersburg. The reporter had just asked, Mr. Jeter, why Ms. Montoya was wearing his World Series ring…..that prompted the pushing match.
    No charges will be placed. Update to follow…………

  17. NO…jim2321…….just because you can not find it, it means it is made up? All you had to do is ask me, and I would of posted it up. So….go find it yourself.

  18. i went to the miami herald website as soon as you posted that, wasnt there,….and you call yourself a journalist, lol

    • DIM-JIM…..it is there. Even more so….Derrick Brooks, of radio 620..’WDAE’ in Tampa…just had the reporter on his show. The guy has a broken elbow, and now may press charges. There is an old saying for people like you……’dumb as stone’.

  19. jeter can sue you for slander

    • Jim2244…
      Sorry Jim, Jeter can’t sue anyone nor can A-Rod sue Joe T. for the slander in his book of mostly fiction, same with Roger C.! If you are a public figure, it is almost impossible to sue a public individual.

  20. jeter can sue patrick for slander,.. the story is not true,, and patrick does not believe it is,m,,,

  21. patricks not a public individual though

  22. patrick…IS A JOURNALIST.
    Why should anyone sue me? If anyone is to be sued, it is Dim-Jim. For his vile, untrue, damming remarks directed at Alex Rodriquez….and his girl friends.

  23. Old iYankees7…Ken, and his service to our country. It is still ours?
    My Thanksgiving. Just Anne, and I. Cooked N.Y. Strip Steaks over coals, with great music. Wonderful.
    Hope yours was just as good. Enjoy your words, and humor………….as always.
    Winter Meetings next week, and this place is a morgue?……what gives?
    The Yankees are reforming the squad, and everyone goes dormant? Not meaning you.

    • My 1/2 cent worth is…
      half the fans are for things like trading Granderson and Cano for very good players and/or AAA can’t misses! The other half wants to buy everyone from Hamilton on down to Itchy, never mind what Hal has reiterated time and again “cut Cash, Cut payroll or your head will roll!”, now a lot of fans here would like to see Cashs’ head rolling down the street along with Joe’s but, this ain’t da time, folks!
      One draw back to that deal would be, were the hell do we get the RBIs from, Brett–65+/-, Itchy–75+/- and maybe Gordon– 120+/- (if batting #3). On the flip side, we would have more consistant hitting when we need it but, then how do we replace Cano, and then the lower hits from Jeter and bad defense, along with A-rods loses, if he can’t get his numbers up but, I think he can do well enough not to hurt the team but, to help the team!

      • Personally, I haven’t really made up my mind on what I think should be done with Cano. On one hand, he’s clearly the team’s best hitter and would be missed extremely sorely if he were no longer in the lineup – but at the same time, the Yankees really, really can’t get locked into another gigantic contract.

        Hamilton – I would absolutely love to see him in the lineup, but logistically, the contract would be a big issue in the long-term. Very valid reasons for wanting to sign him but also valid reasons for wanting to avoid him.

        Granderson – I think he should be traded, but then again, you’ll somehow have to make up for the production lost from him and Swisher – so I’d be hesistant on trading him. It would depend greatly on the deal.

        Gordon – Definitely would be a trade I’d like to see happen. You’d be getting a high BA, good OBP, SLG guy, with a very respectable amount of speed. He’s like Swisher in that he can play several positions, except Gordon throws righty so he can also play 3B, which would be a plus.

        • Cano is the best secondbasmen in the game, the Yanks will resign him to a big contract.

        • I’ve changed my mind on Hamilton, I was watching MLB Network yesterday and they showed that Hamilton doesn’t hit that well agains’t top pitching. That would not bode well for a playoff bound team. As for Gordon, the word is that he is not being dangled in a trade, and Grandy will not be resigned by the Yanks next year.

        • Mike D – Good to see you around. Sorry I didn’t answer your e-mail from a while back. It got lost in my cluttered mind at the time.

          Cano is an interesting case. He’s easily the best player on the team and I want him for the long haul. Would have loved to see the team sign him to an extension earlier but it didn’t happen. if Cashman thinks he can sign him for 6 or 7 years you have to keep him. if he think it will take 8 years or more, i think you HAVE to entertain trade offers. i just wonder what teams would be willing to give up for 1 year of Cano since he’ll definitely go through FA now that he’s so close. If the Yanks could get back a decent haul I’d trade him. However, can anyone imagine this team without Cano? He’s been sooooo durable and plays all the time, we haven’t had to endure any extended period without him in the lineup……I think it would be ugly. That said, if they could get a young player for him that is capable of being a middle of the order hitter it wouldn’t be the worst thing considering I think an Adams/Joseph platoon at 2B would be above average.

          Hamilton is a great hitter but no way the Yanks would pay him UNLESS they trade Cano. Who would you rather give a long-term deal to? I think Cano is much more durable/safe.

          Granderson would be on my list to trade. Seeing what BJ Upton just got, there’s no way Grandy re-signs with the Yanks. Let’s see what he could bring back in a trade.

          • fishjam, I was just watching Clubhouse Confidenial and they showed that Price pitched to a much tougher schedule than Verlander last year. This should be factored in by GMs when looking to sign a pitcher. Price was #1 while Verlander only 150. Hamilton was not very good agains’t top pitchers compared to a player like Jeter. The Nats made the best deal of the day by getting Span. I agree Upton was way over payed and Grandy should be traded. The Yanks might sign Ichiro and Hairston if they can’t make a deal at the winter meetings or soon after.

            • doug…
              It is almost an impossibility to compaire a singles hitter to a HR hitter, even though he hits with a good avg. Just my opinion!

            • Can jeter improve his range by eating free range chicken by the bucket? He looks a little chubbier………..so what?

              • fatboy, it’s tough stayin in shape with a broken ankle, I broke my foot 10 years ago and it took 4 months before I was working out. Jeter has the best medical attention so he will start working out sooner. Let’s save the chicken for the Sox.

                • Wow Doug, 4 weeks out of commission with a broken foot? Did you eat a lot while you were rehabilitating? How much weight did you gain? Looks like Jeter put on 20 lbs….

                  • Fatboy, I was a terrible patient, I was on crutches and most of the day had to keep my foot elevated. After a week I was walking on it, and when I went back to the doctor he said the bone had separated more. He said I was a bad patient. My foot looked like a peice of meat always swollen. I was 53 at the time, Jeter will heal much better.

                    • doug…
                      As I posted after Jeter had his trouble…I had broken my ankle bad, they put a rod from the knee down to the ankle area and used some screws and stuff to hold it all together. I didn’t have much choice as to walking or in my wheel chair…my regular Doctor told me later, he had asked them to put a cast half way up my thigh. He wanted to make sure I didn’t walk much.
                      Funny thing is they made my foot point out, while the other one is pointing in, I had always been pidgin toed…now, not so much, one in and one out! I now walk like a little John Wayne. lol 🙂

                    • Doug ….. That must have hurt……..I never broke a bone. My dad says its because I dont have any bones….just fat tissue. Oh well…..I guess he’s joking……I know he loves me …..

                      John – did you ever break a bone?

        • Mike…
          You must comment more, we always need reasonable people and their opinions.
          Agree with me or not, give us another thought process to think and comment on!
          As there is not one expert or insider on this blog, in truth, we are all giving our own opinion. Go for it!

  24. THE MYSTERIOUS ANDY….. Now there is a guy, with testicular fortitude (sorry, Delia).
    Some months back, he stood up to a skunk, who shall remain nameless…..and gave it to him!
    ANDY, your presence is needed. Give old YFU, a shot in the arm!

    • My mom bought me a sports bra from Sports Authority yesterday. Will try wearing it under my uniform in Babe Ruth League this summer. So what? No one will see it.

  25. It’s best to bow out, when the guys from another time…run the table again. Still amazing, to me.

  26. I got picked last for Dodgeball every game this year. I never catch the ball. Kids call me turtle arms. Not funny…….

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