Cashman goes into Winter Meetings with a lot on his plate

With Russell Martin going to the Pirates, Brian Cashman's winter list got a little bit longer

With Russell Martin going to the Pirates, Brian Cashman’s winter list got a little bit longer

When the Yankees ended their 2012 season with an ALCS loss to the Tigers, the pieces that the Yankees have to pick up again seemed legitimately small. They knew they were going to have to sign Hiroki Kuroda and Mariano Rivera to contracts. They knew they had to wait for Andy Pettitte’s decision on whether or not he would return in 2013–which came quickly this year. They knew they were going to have to replace the right fielder since Nick Swisher most likely won’t come back next season. They also knew that they were going to have to re-sign Russell Martin to another contract to play behind the plate in the Bronx. Well, as of last night Brian Cashman’s list got a little bit longer.

Although he was able to re-sign closer Mariano Rivera to a 1 year, $10 Million contract, he let another player get away–Russell Martin. The offseason plan has always been to take care of starting pitching first before going off and extending contracts to other players. Apparently, Russell Martin couldn’t wait for that, signing a contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates for 2 years and $17 Million, rejoining ex-Yankee A.J Burnett in the process. This leaves Brian Cashman heading into the Winter Meetings on Monday with no catcher and no right fielder, two moves that he has to fill up before Spring Training.

With Martin gone from the Yankees, heading to Pittsburgh there are two legitimate catchers on the free agent market that are still available: A.J Pierzynski and Mike Napoli. Although the Yankees aren’t reportedly targeting either catchers, at this point they don’t have much of a choice.

Last season if Martin had ever gotten hurt, Francisco Cervelli would have been the starting catcher. Now that Martin is gone, that looks to be the case with Chris Stewart at backup and Austin Romine as an emergency choice. As much as I like Cervelli (he’s a big fan favorite), he’s not a power hitter. The same goes for Chris Stewart. Although Stewart is an amazing defensive catcher, he doesn’t have the pop in his bat.

Brian Cashman believes that the answer to the catcher situation could possibly already be on the team, but with players like Cervelli, Stewart, Romine and new Yankee (who is currently in the process of clearing waivers) Eli Whiteside, I don’t see a legitimate starting catcher in the Yankees organization. 2014 is a year away Cashman. Time to take out your wallet and make a deal for someone for this year, no matter what it takes.

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Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. I got no larnings either…I am curious, I know most of you guys are better informed than me.

    Question: Players who are arb eligible and don’t get offered, perhaps would be willing to play for less? Are they locked in to the process by P.A. or MLB agreements or what, seems like a lesser contract would be appealing rather than no contract to at least some.

    • John…
      I may be a bit off here…they keep changing the rules.
      In a nut shell, I think the PA and MLB has the final say on contracts yet. If one has no contract by a certain time of the year I think the MLB and PA lighten up on the contract process.
      I know there are one or two guys that have a better handle on this than I do.

    • John – Players are eligible for arbitration after 3 years of MLB service time or 2 years and change in some cases (Super 2) The team can Non-tender a player () if they feel he’ll make more in Arb than they are willing to pay. This essentially makes him a Free Agent and can be signed by anyone. This is how the Yanks got Russell Martin from the Dodgers. LA non-tendered him rather than offer arbitration because they didn’t think he was worth what an arbiter would say he’s worth.

  2. Getting chatty this morning

    Here is some fun nostalgia from a Yankee fan from Michigan

    Not being a New Yorker and not able to go to the stadium, my first games were in front of a 12″ black and white , with nose glued to the screen, once or twice during the season to watch the saturday game of the week. Next best thing was at the local lunch counter sipping a coke and reading the daily box scores.

    I did jump the fence at University of Michigan football games the (Big House) even then, rather than pay the $1 admission—-what fun.

    • john…
      You live in MI? I also lived there for a few years on the North/West side of the state. I like the boon-docks, that’s why I am in the western part of NY. Raised many years in The Kitchen of NY, nice place to be from…back in the day! They say it has changed but, I try, never to go where I have lived before.
      Detroit had a good player and traded him away for Colaveto(Sp), by the name of Harvey Edward Kuenn.

      • Yankee7 —oh yea was traded for rocky Colavito, he also later managed the Wallbangers in Milwaukee I believe

        • That one trade was one of the worse trades they ever made…and it pis-ed me off. Other than the fact they also let Jim Bunning (I think it was he) go, they had area pick and let him walk.
          Harvey was one of the best lead-off hitters of his time, whereas, Colavito was a HR hitter when they were ahead or way behind in a game…not clutch at all!

  3. John….good stuff …black and white cookies….. 12 inch.

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