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Winter Meetings Day 1: Yankees now need a third baseman

It’s the end of Day 1 of the 2012 Winter Meetings and the big news today is none other than Alex Rodriguez needing hip surgery which questions his 2013 season.  As if the job of Brian Cashman was hard enough, needing to replace a right fielder and a catcher–now we have to add third base to our list as well. The Yankees don’t have many options on the free agent market, which is where a trade would have to come in. Jon Morosi believes that Chase Headley of the Padres could be the Yankees best bet at this point, but if the Yankees want him then they would have to trade high.

Now, not sure if this would be a valid reason to get off A-Rod’s back during the postseason but A-Rod had the hip issues during the playoffs and even stayed in the hospital after one of the ALDS games vs. the Orioles. Again, not trying to give A-Rod an excuse as to why he performed poorly but–just saying.

In Other News:

Derek Jeter spoke on the Michael Kay show this afternoon to address how far along he is with his recovery. Jeter needs to wear the boot for another 6-7 weeks but he says he will be ready for Opening Day. When asked what Jeter wanted for Christmas, his answer was simple.

“I want this boot off my ankle.”

Oh also, Jeter has seen the pictures of himself in the New York Post looking out of shape. His answer about his workout regimen this offseason?

 “Evidently I haven’t been staying in shape.”

Well played Captain. Well played.

— Brian Cashman had a press conference earlier this afternoon during the Winter Meetings to address the Alex Rodriguez issue. He did give a firm no when asked if the Yankees would use Eduardo Nunez at 3B to replace A-Rod in the meantime. A-Rod will be the 3B once he returns but in the meantime, the Yankees are going to have to look high and low for a deal. Just–if you’re going to trade for a 3B, RF, C or something Cashman, don’t touch Brett Gardner. You’d be crazy to do so.

— Oh and one more note, Freddy Garcia won’t be back with the Yankees for the 2013 season. You can silently boo (or fist-pump depending on your views on Freddy now).

Alex Rodriguez needs surgery on hip–again

Day one of the Winter Meetings started off with a bang when the Yankees revealed that Alex Rodriguez had been playing with a tear in his hip last season and might now need more surgery. Rodriguez could miss the beginning of the 2013 season which leaves uncertainty for the Yankees. Entering the Winter Meetings, the Yankees needed to replace a right fielder and a catcher after it’s almost certain that Nick Swisher won’t return for the ’13 season (and Martin signed with the Pittsburgh Pirates last week). Now the Yankees have to focus on finding an infielder since by the time the regular season begins both A-Rod and Derek Jeter will be coming back from major surgeries. Jeter needed surgery on his ankle last season after fracturing it during Game 1 of the ALCS.

Rodriguez will have surgery in Colorado in January by Dr. Marc Philippon who did the surgery on Rodriguez in 2009.

Morning Bits: Offense, Cashman, Winter Meetings

mug3Good Morning all!!!!   Let’s get right to some links….

Zach Schonbrun of the New York Times writes that Cashman’s next challenge is being patient with fixing the Yankees offense.

Bryan Hoch of MLB.com writes that the Yankees have plenty of work to get done at the winter meetings.

Joel Sherman of The New York Post writes that the New Frugality is no friend to the Yanks offense.