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Yankees Offseason Notes: Gardner returns to OF for 2013 season

The Yankees didn’t add anyone new today but they did lock up someone for the 2013 season–their prized outfielder. The New York Yankees and Brett Gardner both agreed to a one year contract, avoiding arbitration. According to sources, Gardner is expected to make $2.8 Million in 2013 since he was sidelined for most of the 2012 season with an elbow injury. Now that Gardner has been officially signed to the club for the ’13 season, the speculation can begin on whether or not the Yankees plan to move Gardner to CF and Granderson to LF (should Granderson be with the team for the ’13 season). I personally believe that the Yankees should move Gardner to CF since you would want your best defensive outfielder in center, but that’s up to the Yankees to decide.

In Other News:

— The Yankees have conducted a background check on FA Josh Hamilton, which speculates that the Yankees have interest in the outfielder. However, the Yankees have to understand that signing Hamilton could be risky with his injury history. Signing Hamilton could also be quite expensive unless the Yankees plan on trading Granderson to free up some cash. It’s honestly been a dream of mine to see Hamilton in pinstripes. Heck, it was a dream of mine to see Cliff Lee in pinstripes when Lee was a free agent. But that’s all what those scenarios are–dreams.

— The Yankees haven’t heard back from Kevin Youkilis as of yet since placing a one year, $12 Million contract offer on the table. Youkilis was at a charity event last night in Boston so Youkilis’s decision might not be for another couple of days. Even if Youkilis signed with the Yankees–there will always be a bit of Boston in his blood. He’s married to the sister of New England Patriots QB Tom Brady. Thought I’d share that piece of information.

Yankees Quietly In on Hamilton?

Are the Yankees finally waking up? According to Bob Nightendale of USA Today, the Yankees without GM Brian Cashman, are quietly running background checks on Josh Hamilton.

Does this story have any legs? It’s not impossible. Hamilton’s market has not developed close to what he had hoped for. Nobody is close to offering him an eight-year deal for over $200 million liked he wanted. It appears like the Texas Rangers are the front-runners for Zack Grienke, which would probably put them out of the Hamilton sweepstakes. This would leave the Seattle Mariners as the only serious suitor at the moment.

If Hamilton is really only going to get a three or four-year deal the Yankees should be all over it. It would really be a good value and  it would fill a big need, as the only big time hitter the Yankees have right now is Robinson Cano. Speaking of Cano, if the Yankees were going to get Hamilton he might have to be sacrificed. The Yankees would have them both for next season, but it would probably be unlikely that both could fit under the $189 million budget when Cano is a free agent next offseason. The question is would Hamilton on a three or four-year deal be a better value than Cano on a six or seven-year deal?

If the Yankees were to sign Hamilton it would allow them to trade Curtis Granderson for some younger players. Right now it is tough for the Yankees to trade him since they have lost Russell Martin, Nick Swisher and Alex Rodriguez for part of the year, and they have yet to replace them adequately. They would have a great shot at a championship this year with Hamilton and Cano forming the best duo in baseball and behind a solid starting pitching staff.

The other interesting part of this report is that the Yankees are supposedly doing this without Cashman. There were also reports that Cashman did not have the authority to even make offers at the Winter Meetings in Nashville. This is something to continue to watch. Maybe ownership is responding to criticism about the budget?

All of this is still probably unlikely, but it is interesting to talk about. However, there are reasons to think it is possible, so you never know. I think the Yankees should be all over Hamilton at this price, even if it might mean sacrificing Cano. What do you guys think? Is Hamilton on a shorter deal better than Cano on a long-term deal?

Morning Bits: Tight Budget, Youkilis offer, Will the Yankees spend…

mug3Good morning all.  Happy Friday.   Let’s get right to the links….

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