Yankees Offseason Notes: Who else needs to avoid arbitration?

It’s December 8th and the Yankees have done little to none since the season ended. The Yankees signed Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera and Hiroki Kuroda (all of which were expected from the get-go. What would have been shocking was Kuroda going to a different team). The Yankees have only just started taking care of their arbitration players and only have completed a contract with one player out of the six players that were on the list: Brett Gardner.

Gardner will get $2.85 Million for the 2013 season along with performance bonuses, $25,000 for each plate appearance milestone (375, 400, 425, 450, 475, 500).  So in other words, if Gardner played all 162 games (or at least 150) games with that many plate appearances  he could make up to $3 Million. Let’s see if the extra money can entice our lovely injury prone left fielder to try to not injure himself again. We need him.

The Yankees have four other players on the arbitration list after dealing a contract to Gardner and letting Casey McGehee walk. Here are the four players and their projections based off MLB Trade Rumors:

Phil Hughes: projected to make 5.7 Million in 2013
Boone Loganprojected to make $2.8 Million in 2013
David Robertsonprojected to make $2.7 Million in 2013
Joba Chamberlainprojected to make $1.8 Million in 2013.

If I were to guess why Gardner’s contract was the only one that was able to get completed so quickly, it’s probably because Gardner can’t really argue that he should get more money since he only played 12 games in the 2012 season due to an elbow injury. Now if you were to ask me if these players deserve the money that they’re asking for, here’s what I think.

Phil Hughes: Hughes looked better in 2012 than in 2011 but I don’t know if I would give him almost $6 Million dollars. Maybe if he continued winning 16+ games but lowered how many games he actually lost then I would say why not.

Boone Logan: Heck, for the great job he did in 2012, let’s give him $3 Million. Logan did a great job when the Yankees needed him, so maybe a small raise wouldn’t hurt.

David Robertson: Give the man more than what he’s asking for. He’s simply amazing and really should consider changing his middle name to “Houdini”. I wouldn’t be surprised if this man was the future closer of the New York Yankees. Money wise for 2013, I’d say give him $3 Million.

Joba Chamberlain: Yep, $1.8 Million sounds about right, especially since he just came back from Tommy John Surgery (and an ankle injury but that’s another story). Chamberlain seemed to have gotten it together towards the end of the season so that’s a sign of hope that he’ll be effective come Spring Training.

So if you were the Yankees (or an arbiter), what would you do with Chamberlain, Robertson, Hughes and Logan? Would you give them less money or more money depending on what they’re asking?

In Other News:

Eli Whiteside who was DFA’d by the Yankees has been picked up by the Toronto Blue Jays. No worries, the Blue Jays have to pay the contract that the Yankees signed Whiteside to prior to designating him for assignment.

Alex Rodriguez had a charity event in Miami today and answered questions to the press about certain subjects.

On  Kevin Youkilis: “Youk has always been a tough out. He’s a tough player…a winning player…I think that would be a good move for us.”

On why he didn’t disclose his injuries during the playoffs: “When I struggle,it’s on me. It’s a team sport. I have to do my part. There’s no excuses here”

— Also one more tidbit: If you’re following an account that says @realhankaaron on Twitter, you might want to unfollow it. Sweeny Murti (@YankeesWFAN)  confirmed the account was a fake.

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. It appears that even if things were “normal” we will be the Dodgers lil brother now.

  2. I see a shift in power to the Dodgers, Nationals, Rangers, Angels and maybe St. Louis.

    • Great point John.

      Dodgers – Huge TV deal and willing ownership will make them the #1 Payroll for the next 5+ yrs…can they manage it right as they already have taken on some bad contracts. How is their TV deal worth so much more than the YES deal?

      Nationals – Best young core, emerging market and more prospects on the way

      Rangers – Innovative management team of Ryan/Daniels aren’t afraid to take risks. Have spent heavily on international market and it’s paying off

      Angels – Trout & Pujols, Weaver & Wilson are great core, they have $ to spend with big Fox TV deal.

      St.Louis – They’ll never have a huge payroll but they consistently make wise choices on personel and have a stocked minor lg system to go with a strong Major Lg roster. This is perhaps the consistently best run organization when you consider their mid-market size and medium payroll.

      • The best teams rarely win the world series, the idea is to make it to the playoffs; the rest is outlier.

        • Doug, the best teams still tend to win. Its just that there has been a lot more parity in recent yrs and there are 5-6 teams that are pretty evenly matched that could conceivably win it all. There’s no team like the 90’s Yankees. They had an absolute dynasty from 95-2001, and won 4 rings and lost a 5th ring on a heartbreaking Game 7?

          Then great all-around players such as O’Neill, Tino & Bernie began to age and were replaced by high-priced power-hitting FAs. The incredible veteran pitching staffs of Clemens, Cone, El Duque, Wells, etc were replaced by guys like Javy Vazquez, kevin Brown, Shawn Chacon, Jaret Wright, Jose Contreras & Randy Johnson. It’s not an outlier that they have made the playoffs 10 times since 2001 and won just 1 ring once those dynasty teams were broken up. The Core 4 and the highest payroll in MLB ensure playoff trips but the Yankee teams of the past decade were no where near as strong as the 90’s teams – and that is the reason why they aren’t winning Championships. Its not because of randomness, it’s because they are just 1 of 5-8 good teams every yr and they haven’t been able to out-play these teams.

          The Dynasty went a dominating 56-22 (72% winning pct) in the Postseason from 96 to 2001. They played better baseball in the playoffs vs the better teams. Since then, they are 41-42 in the Postseason. It is rare to see a team as good as the late 90’s Yankees. They were by far the best team in baseball and they won the Flags to prove it because they were the best team, not due to luck, randomness or outliers. To call it anything else cheapens it. They went out on the field and kicked ass. They set the bar very high and the teams of the past 11 years haven’t stacked up. The 2009 team was special as they had a lot of the old traits….good pitching and a diverse offense that never quit. The 18 walk-off wins were incredible and it wasn’t a surprise thaey won the WS. Just like it wasn’t a surprise that they’ve gone 10-13 in the playoffs since then because they’ve made a series of bad personell decisions since the Winter of 2009. Once again, not random or luck.

          Most years there are generally 4-6 teams in MLB every year that are fairly evenly matched and all have the ability to win it all. That is why the yanks are just 41-42 in the playoffs the past decade. They make the playoffs every yr but they aren’t the best team anymore and have no better chance to win it all

          • fishjam, I totally dissagree, the Yanks won more playoff games than any other team in the last 10 years. The Rays and the Rangers have never won the series. The Sox were on top with the Phillies a few years ago and neither won. In 96 the Yanks weren’t considered the best team it was the Braves.

            • Doug, of course the yanks have won more playoff games than any other team in the last 10 yrs. It’s because they’ve been in the playoffs twice as much as any other team. Fact remains they are 42-43 in the post-season since 2002 and have just 1 WS in 10 playoff appearances.

              Why were the Braves considered the best team in 96? Because they had made the playoffs for yrs while the Yanks were just getting started? Because the Braves won 4 more regular season games in a totally different league with zero common opponents? That is meaningless. The way you determine the best team is on the field….between the lines. If you beat a team in a 7-game series, you’ve earned it. The losing team can’t say they didn’t have their chances…..it’s put up or shut up. THAT is how you determine who is better…..go toe to toe with the best teams and the team left standing is the Champion. That’s how it’s done in Baseball and ALL sports. You can’t say you had a better record in the regular season in a different league that you are better than another team especially if that team whips you in a head to head 7-game series with everything on the line.

              • fishjam, only 4 teams who were considered the best team at the beginning of the season since 96 have won the series, that’s outlier.

              • fishjam, you spin it your way, I’ll spin it mine. Today’s playoff systems in all sports are all about making money, not about determining the best team.

                • doug…The No Spin Zone: You, john, and patrick say, trade them all on a Tuesday, and move forward. Imagine what Cano, Hughes, Granderson…and the non-lethal bees could net us.

  3. Last years favorites were the Phillies, Rangers, Rays, and Angels.

    • doug……..evening. What do you think the Yankees can get back, in a Cano trade? Throw in a non-killer bee…………for King Felix?

  4. The best an organization can do is build a team that makes the playoffs, after that it’s a krapshoot ™.

    • MR. SLIM…how are you? Your name came up this week, in a post. The writer says you are
      another commenter. Are you? Are you Boliboy?…you are, right?
      King Kullen Supermarket, was giving out free cookies to shoppers on Saturday…I thought of you, and your father……….funny.

      • Hi Patrick….I am not a Boliboy. I am Slim. Fatboy Slim. A big Yankee Fan…………….literally.

      • Hi Patrick……my local ShopRite stopped offering samples to the public……people think it’s my fault. Why? Because I’m weight challenged?

        I did eat the whole platter of Hebrew Nationals Franks in a Blanket offered in the frozen food section by a nice little old lady. And the Gold Medal Liver Pate was delicious , I didn’t know there was a max on samples.

        It’s easy to be tempted …….by free food. Right?

  5. THE MIAMI HERALD reports today that…”Coco Crisp has told Derek Jeter, to contact local Jersey boy, Ballpark, to acquire the basics of switch hitting. Locals say, Ballpark is thrilled, and honored, to have the captain, spend time in the batting cage with him. Others say, Ballpark fainted when Mr. Jeter called him.”

  6. Michael P……YOUR COMPARISON, has stayed with me all day….”To trade Cano would be like dumping an incredibly gorgeous and nice girlfriend because you’ve dated her for years and how she wants you to marry her.”….This girl friend, wants your bank book!….Cano, is a ballplayer, with agent Boris, who wants CC money. Life will go on. If need be, trade him on Monday……and go forward. Why aggravate ourselves. The return on a trade, may amaze us.

  7. SWEET HEARTS OF THE RODEO…if this is the best you have to put forward, I must move along. I would call you Cowgirls, but some of you are still not adjusted to that. “patrick called us a Cowgirl!..I am so insulted…etc”….get over it!

  8. Indians sign Reynolds for $6M, looks like the Yankees will be the winner for Youk at $12M. I am thrilled, NOT.

    • I HOPE that means the yanks get Youkilis. But if Youk wanted to come to the Yankees why is he dragging his feet so long? The Yanks have offered $12M which is likely a lot more per year than anyone else has. Maybe he was hoping Cleveland would sweeten their offer? With Reynolds signed, the popular belief is they are out on Youkilis because of top prospect Lonnie Chisenhall at 3B.

      • Fish it is a little troublesome that Youkilis is taking so long to accept the offer from the Yankees. Sounds to me like he’d rather play anywhere but here and will only choose the Yankees if noone else matches the money.

  9. I really want to be positive, very hard at the moment.

  10. It some times amazes me the way many fans look at our pitchers and are so quick to trade them for a pitcher 6-7 years older but about the same numbers. The same with our other players, everyone (almost) says they want to give the young guys a chance! Yet want to trade good (Not Super) AA or AAA players for one older and about the same projected numbers.
    How many times have we seen a player in AA/AAA hitting .289 etc., come to the Show and done much better than they should have? How come we have to trade two or three of our players, for one from another team?

    Oh well, just something ti think about!

    • Ken I agree. Everyone can’t wait to trade Hughes? LOL!! The guy is young and just finished his first full season as a starter. He was durable(never missed a start) and at times great while leading the team in wins. Ok, so he won’t ever be an ace. Does that mean we don’t need a guy who could be a 3 man for another 5 years?!!! We’re counting on two antiques to complete full seasons next year and then pitch in the playoffs as it is! Then we have a lot of people who want to trade Nova! The guy had a bad season, but his stuff was good. His velocity was way up and yes, he tried to just fire the ball by too many hitters. He’s YOUNG and could develop into a two man at some point!
      The trend in this organization is to give up on young players WAY too early and continuing it will lead to the search for one year contract players forever. When you are constantly looking for one year deal players to fill in holes you can’t ever make additions or trades to really strengthen and improve the team.
      If Matt Moore was a Yankee, people would be screaming “trade him!!” after a rookie year that was below expectations. The Rays know better, which is why they’ve won as many games as we have since 2008 with about 25% of our payroll. The Rays just traded two veteran pitchers for another monster prospect to strengthen their team while cutting payroll. Thats what you can do when you have a good system and don’t trade away young players because they weren’t all-stars in their first or second season.

      • I agree that most of the casual Yankees fans have no patience in youth. I’ve been calling for the Yanks to get younger for years but IMO, I’d prefer to have a younger lineup full of guys in their prime and go a bit older with my pitchers. Pitchers often take a long time to develop because there is so much to learn and fine tune. Unfortunately, the Cashman plan for 2014 is young pitching and an older lineup – the opposite of what I’d like to see.

        I’m all for trading Hughes because I know he’s gone after this season. If it weren’t for the 189 budget next yr, I’d keep him, but the yankees are living in a new reality and us fans have to accept it. If he doesn’t get hurt this yr, he’ll likely command 4+ years at over $10M per and there is no way this management team will pay that. The Yanks could have signed a guy like Dan Haren or Brandon McCarthy for 1 or 2 yrs this season to do what Hughes can do (be a 3 or 4 starter). Hughes is a nice mid-rotation guy but he won’t be worth the contract he’ll get on the open market next yr as a 27-yr-old FA. I would look to deal Granderson, Hughes or Joba for a young/in his prime OF, C, 3B or even Starting Pitcher. All are FA’s next yr and I have no confidence this management team will pay to keep them so let’s get something for them now.

        Nova and Phelps must be kept as they are cheap, controllable starters who will be needed. So perhaps the casual fan has no patience for young players but my motivations for trading Hughes are far different. I’m just being real about the ridiculous budget crunch this team is under and would rather get something for Hughes now. Although, the 2 guys I wanted to replace him – Haren and McCarthy – are gone so that changes things a bit.

    • This was a great trade for the Rays. I just wish we’d have one of those trades once every decade or so.

      • also a good move for K.C. as they want a win now approach. Good to see them try and go for it.

        • I agree, and they become the 2nd choice in the AL Central with that move in my mind. it just makes me so mad when I see what look like good trades by so many teams in the last 5 years and we can’t win a SINGLE deal.
          I think we should have done the deal Toronto did, and the Marlins offered us that deal first.

          • Says who? Not saying u are wrong Mike I just never heard that anywhere.

            • Matt they now have a great young lineup and two good starters. That’s a weak division and in my opinion they are likely to finish second in that division.
              I read someplace that the Marlins offered the Yankees the Toronto deal. I’ll try and find the link.

        • Matt, this is the kind of trade the Yanks need to make with players like Cano, Grandy, Hughes, and Nunez. They need to trade them while they can get something good for them.

        • I don’t like it for KC. You give up that package for an ace and not a #2 like I think Shields is.

  11. Michael, there are many possibilities left out there, Cano to the Nats for Espinosa,Rendon, and Solis or Giolito, St.Louis Craig,Rosenthal, and Wong, Pirates for Allies and Taillon or Marte.

    • Cano won’t get traded. Granderson is a possibility but the Yankees would never trade their star in his prime. They need to go for it this yr while Mo, Andy, Jeter & Kuroda are still viable. Add Youk & Ichiro for 1 yr. Next yr, all but Jeter will be gone and they’ll have little cash to replace them. Gotta go for it this yr with Cano.

      Grandy, Hughes & Joba are expendable because I think they can be replaced. No matter what you get for Cano, the team will be worse in 2013, even if it helps them in the future.

      • By trading Cano and Grandy the Yanks could go for it this year and get younger for the future with a lower budget. By trading those two the Yanks could have a line-up of Jeter,Ichiro,McCann,Tex,A-Rod,Craig,Youk,Wong,Gardner. Trade Cano to St.Louis and Grandy to the Braves. The rotation would be CC,Kuroda,Pettite,2 of either Hughes,Nova,Phelps, Rosenthal,or Teheran. This is a better team than what they have now and in the future.

        • I’d be open to trading anyone in the right deal but I don’t think they’d get the players you think. Remember both Cano and Grandy are just 1 year rentals then both will look to cash in so the Cards would be buying just 1 yr of Cano.

          Allen Craig is about as good a hitter as Cano now. He’s St.Louis’ best player and has 4 more yrs of team control. 4 yrs of Craig is more valuable than 1 of Cano straight up. They wouldn’t trade Craig plus 2 Top 50 Prospects for 1 yr of Cano. Maybe a Matt Carpenter, Oscar Taveras or John Jay plus a pitcher like Rosenthal and a prospect.

          For Granderson they might get McCann or Teheran but not both.

          • fishjam, I would take Taveras,Wong, and Rosenthal for Cano in a minute, knowing the money he is going to get next year.

            • I agree, for Grandy I would take Teheran, that would give the Yanks and upgraded rotation next year with CC, Nova, Rosenthal, Pineda, and Phelps. They also would have cap room to get another pitcher. They also could package Hughes and Nunez for a player.

            • If you tell me there is a small chance of Cano re-signing, I’d take Taveras, Rosenthal & Wong for him. However, I don’t know if St.Louis would give that much. That’s 3 MLB Top 50 Prospects. If I were the Yanks I’d ask for Matt Carpenter instead of Wong. I believe a platoon of Joseph & Adams would be as good or better at 2B than Wong. If they could get Carpenter (3B of the future), Taveras (RF of the future) and Rosenthal (SP of the future), I’d trade Cano. However, I’m not sure they’d get near that type of package from a well-run organization like St.Louis. The rumored trade of Shin Choo to Cincy has them getting a rather underwhelming return since Choo is a FA after the season. But its just a rumor so let’s see what Choo brings back and that will give us some idea of what the Yanks could expect for Granderson and Cano.

              • Yes, fishjam25…yes, there is a small chance of Cano resigning. He walks after the 2013 season. All bets will be off. St. Louis, three top 50 prospects for Cano…in a walk year? Who else is in your mix?…Nunez? the non-deadly bees?

  12. Cashman, may be thinking if he can land Youk and Ichiro he would have enough verterans to trade Grady and Cano for some young prospects.

  13. ANYONE, SEEN….”john”?…his last words..”I really want to be positive, very hard at the moment.”
    NYPD reports a despondent person sailing out of Sheepshead Bay, on a raft.

    • why is that even needed. as well as the fake newspaper reports.

      • Hello Matthew..how are you?
        john’s words..were his sign off words at 9:15pm, Sunday. I was addressing, john.(see follow-up posts)
        My fake newspaper reports are real, if one believes them. And, who would? They are designed to entertain, nothing more.

    • Man overboard!!!!

      • NYPD Harbor Master…James Kilkenny, reports today, that..”john”..has washed up on Staten Island, and looks none the worse for wear…. “not in bad shape, for a crazed ball fan”, was Mr. Kilkenny’ comment.

  14. Good thing i have mastered the breaststroke over the years.

  15. john….when you signed off last night, I thought I was losing you. Hang in there. Water cold?

  16. SO. Who is the fourth outfielder? SO. Who is the RH DH? So. Who is the #1 catcher? SO. Who Is third base? So. Who is the back-up infielder? Even, who is the third OF?
    Who is leaving next year? Hughes, Cano, Granderson? Want a blockbuster? Trade all them on tuesday. It wont be the end of the world, and you will get back terrific pcs. Joba? I like him, but do you want him in that mix also?

    • I like that plan Patrick………trade em all on Tuesday, I could warm up to Youk, with some new pieces along side. Dream my friend dream BIG.

      • john…I have to bail out, but…………..All those open positions could be filled by Tuesday evening. Youkilis will be fine. As was Boggs…they hated him also. Big Popi, could of fit in here fine…a few years back, also. Must run, take care.

  17. Patrick….It is after 3PM tuesday \, no deals lets go go go…………….

  18. IF THE GLOVE DON”T FIT…etc. Try this Cowgirls…Nick Swisher, 24HR, 93RBI, 272 AVG, 624 PA.
    Now…22HR, 81RBI, 267AVG, 528PA (almost 100 PA less)……Cody Ross, RH, Corner Outfielder.

  19. ברוכים באים לינקי האימפריה … קווין Youkilis .. אלוהים של טיולים.
    In Hebrew, it says…”welcome to the Yankee Empire…Kevin Edmond Youkilis..the God of walks.”

  20. How about Granderson to the reds for gregorious and then use him to headline for Upton….that tuesdsay trade would make me happy

    • I didn’t think Gregorious was that highly regarded. He could be a piece in an Upton deal but he’s not a headliner for a player like Upton. it’s well known that Arizona wants a SS for Upton. i wonder if they like Eduardo Nunez? Several teams in MLB have tried to get Nunez over the last few yrs since he has all the toold to be a fine player. The SS position is so bad in MLB, if Nunez could keep his errors down, he’d be a huge commosity.

      I think this is a crossroads yr for Nunez and the yanks. They need someone who can play 50+ games at SS going forward since Jeter can’t continue to play 140-150 games at SS.

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