Morning Bits: Ichiro, A-Rod, Youkillis

mug3Weekend is over back to the grind.  Here are some links to get you going….

Fox Sports reports that the Yankees are all over Ichiro.

— From the AP A-Rod is committed to the hard road back after surgery.

— Here is a video from the Hot Stove about bringing Youk to the Yanks.

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. I read a story on Bleacher Report a day or so ago, about a player on our team. Then I went back and tried to dig up other things I and (very) few media types had written of this player. The more I dig up, the more I have a change of heart for this player.
    Alex Rodriguez is the name…the guy everyone loves to HATE.
    When I had written about him being from the other side of the tracks, I should have written…MY side of the tracks. He was raised in the (dirt) poor section of Florida etc., never knew the finer things of life and as for being PC he probably thought PC was a band or singing group.
    His style of playing baseball was one I understand very well…Play as hard as you can, use every trick not outlawed by the baseball rule book. If it isn’t written in the book, it isn’t a rule!
    Yet, there is one line never to be crossed…Never ever cheat!
    He crossed that line back in 2003-4 and part of 05. I can never forget that fact.
    There can be NO excuse for what he did but there are reasons. For example, I will pick a name Fisherman, that ok, good!
    Fisherman is a great baseball player, considered one of the bast of all time. He gets traded to Texas and after seeing the other players shooting-up, he feels all the pressure of having that huge contract. “Hay, everyone is doing it, pitchers and batters, I better get with the program”!
    (If anyone out there can’t understand the pressure, you have not lived a very exciting life, although it may have been just what you wanted)
    I reported on how when he came to the Yankees, Joe T and the click did not accept him into the Yankee family, because of what he said about one of the players. Joe was a very good Instigator and let out things (to his buddys in the media) about A-Rod that were not true…the storys always were: “it has been said”, “I heard it said”, “I heard it whispered” etc,. we all know how it works.
    Think about it;
    He comes to the Yankees, rated as the best SS in baseball right!? Does he even ask to be the SS like others would have done? No, he says, “I’ll play 3rd base”!
    When he was hurt, did he have his buddys make sure every fan knew it? NO, he didn’t say anything, he man’d-up and tried the best he could.
    When Melkey and Cano were partying too much, who stepped in and took control of them, had them try to keep up with him and his work-outs? A-Rod.
    When Latinos come to the club, who steps up and helps them? A-Rod
    When the Yankees have events like make a wish and others, who were the guys most likely to do more than have a photo shoot only, then leave? Not, A-Rod, he D-Rob, Swisher, Mo and Cano among a few, were there to the end and more!
    Don’t missunderstand…this is not to forgive what A-Rod did, just a little bit of light on a dismal mistake of a guy that made a wrong choice in life, but…no matter what anyone says about him…He is a STAND-UP GUY!

    • Alex, the stand up guy? Kenny, 12,000 words, to finish with that?..a stand up guy? Alex is a nice guy. Should play with Greinke, in Los Angeles. What happens when Irish come to the club? Does he help them? Does he hire them as day laborers? Your rant is a maze. Keep-on, brother.

  2. Patrick…sense when have the Irish needed help? The Irish need; a good women, a good fight, a good drink and room to roam…I have had all but the drink! I guess I am truly blessed. lol 🙂

  3. WANT TO SEE…Youkilis, in pinstripes? Sort of? …….over at River Ave(now), they have a photo of Youkilis in Whites Sox pinstripes. Use your imagination. Also!…no beard thing.

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