Morning Bits: C.C. & Tex believe Yanks will contend in 2013 and more…

mug3Thank god for Friday’s.   Let’s get right to the links…

Anthony McCarron of The Daily News writes that C.C. and Teixeira believe Yankees have enough talent to contend next season.

USA Today mentions that the Dodgers are on track to pass the Yankees in 2013 payroll.

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. thats not bad of a deal, rather it be one year personally but they already have so many free agents next year. i mean someone had to get 2 yrs.

    • YANKA….does everyone remember the great Yanksfan? Special guy, enjoy him.
      Yanka, how is your Dad? Talk later.

      • hey a pat, thanks for the kind words, paps is doing good. he’s actually in the best shape i have ever seen him in honestly. oh! and he remarried!! btw pat, what do you think of the offseason so far? pretty interesting if u ask me. i still think that healthy, the yanks have the deepest lineup in the game. hopefully romine is given 400 at bats this year, i really wanna see what the kid can do since it seems the front office once again knows something we don’t. last time something like this happened with a position player it was gardner, and we all know how that turned out :]

        • Welcome Yankafan. Good to see an old. but familiar, name. Great job by Patrick steering you back. As for this offseason……not a very exciting one so far for us fans but Cash could still have one big trade in him. Its hard to believe he’ll have so many expiring contracts this yr. Would like to see one of the 2014 FAs traded for at least 1 prime-aged or younger player under extended team control.

  2. yankee OF all left handed bats??? Really? lets make a move and get an everyday RH bat

    • Personally I don’t want the yanks giving anyone away via trade this off season who has a low base salary, we need our cost controlled guys for the 2014 budget. Because of this, i really hope Cashman considers Lance Berkman as a DH at least until when ARod gets back. Even with his bad knees he is a prime candidate for a bounce back season just like Ichiro and Youkilis, plus i bet he won’t go for over 8m 1yr. That is great considering he is a switch hitter [balances the lineup out] and one year removed from .301/.412/.547 year. As far as the outfield goes, I’m just excited to see the best [arguably] defensive outfield in baseball, well so long as Gardner moves to center. But overall I do think that the Yanks need to find righty bat to be the 4th OF and earlier this off season the white sox said they were willing to trade Dayan Viciedo. depending on who we would have to give up, this would be a great signing as a right handed bat. he is also cost controlled for multiple years. Viciedo over his career is a .356/.390/.624 hitter against lefties.

  3. Ichiro 2 for $13 mil or Martin 2 for $17 mil ? I’d take Martin rather easily.

  4. doug & john & patrick….we now are known as DBBB.
    As in…’Drop the Bomb Brian Brotherhood.’
    I hope you don’t mind that I took the liberty, to sign you guys up. Take care.

  5. YANKA….with your outstanding personality, you might give some thought
    into a Gravatar, with punch…….The ultimate pizazz! …….I’m off to work.

  6. ok I’m really hoping it worked, not too sure tho. we’ll see in a second

  7. let me try again, probably won’t work cuz i suck at computers

    • yayyyyyyyyy it worked!!!

      • YANKA…yeeeeeeeeeeeeesss!..You’ve done it! See what college can do!
        Nice Gravatar….pizazz!
        Stick with this site, it is a bit dormant now(tonight)…holidays, and no trades.
        When the posting engines are running right, it has it’s moments.
        Are you in Florida? home?….bring us up to date.
        For those of you, that do not know YANKA…he was rookie poster of the year at iYankees,
        before heading off to college. Welcome back.

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