Yankees Offseason Notes: Kevin Youkilis deal becomes official and ‘El Nino’ signs elsewhere

As of early this morning–Kevin Youkilis is officially a New York Yankee. The Yankees agreed to a one year contract for the former Boston Red Sox infielder, who said that family influenced his decision to come play in New York.

“The first thing was family.” Youkilis said during a conference call. “I wanted to make sure with all these options what was best for the family.” Youkilis’s family believed that being in New York City for a year would have been unbelievable and the fact that the Yankees could of had a chance to win the World Series in 2013.

During the conference call, Youkilis said that he had received a voice mail from Joba Chamberlain–the both of them have had a rough history together. Youkilis said that he hasn’t worked out on trying to reach out to Chamberlain as of yet due to multiple voice mails and calls to return. “For me personally, it’s a new teammate.” Youkilis said of Chamberlain. “We’re going to go out there and take the field together. He goes out there to pitch and hopefully I can play great defense behind him. And if he gets in a jam, we can stop it.”

Before you ask, no Youkilis will not play in the outfield as a Yankee. He will be used as a third baseman, a first baseman and a DH. When Alex Rodriguez returns from surgery, both Youkilis and A-Rod will be in the lineup somehow. Just don’t ask him to play shortstop. “If they put me at short, we’re going to be in a lot of trouble there.”

In Other News

— The Yankees will have to deal with one more familiar face joining another team. Ramiro Pena (or as known in New York as ‘El Nino’) has signed a major league contract with the Atlanta Braves. It’s not surprising that Pena is going to a different team since he barely had time to play for the Yankees, but the fact that’s surprising is that he signed a major league contract. Pena’s fielding is tremendous–but his hitting makes you want to cringe every time there’s an RBI situation and he’s up to bat. We’re going to miss you Pena.

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Sad that this is the big offseason signing by the Yankees. The rest of the signings are players they already had.

    • I know it’s completely different, but I’m sure the Giants have no ill-will retaining all of their guys, and not signing any new ones. The Yankees after winning it all let Damon and Matsui walk, while trading away Melky and Arodys Vizcaino for Javier Vazquez, and dealing Austin Jackson and Ian Kennedy for Curtis Granderson.

      That 09-2010 offseason ould be the kiss of death for the team in the next couple of years. There’s nothing wrong with keeping your guys, and had the Yankees done so they’d already have fresh solid young talent at catcher, right field, and the back-end of the rotation.

      It’s a tough thing to realize, but #27 may have cost us #28, #29, and so on from happening any time soon.

      • BRIAN D….you poor lost soul. There is hope.
        Join…doug, john, patrick & maybe Michael P….at DBBB.
        [ Drop the Bomb, Brian..Brotherhood ]
        Together, there is peace of mind. We will talk to you, and guide you.

        • I agree to join this wonderful, logical group. Originally I thought it was about me, but there’s a bigger Brian who’s screwing the Yankees over even further, haha.

          • A baseball TSUNAMI, is upon us…..BBNY [ Blockbuster Brother hood of New York ]…
            is proud to announce it’s newest grassroots member…the flamboyant, Brian D.
            Welcome, and stand shoulder, to shoulder with us…as we move forward.
            No blockbuster, no peace.
            BBNY….Four fine baseball bloggers….for change.
            YANKA…we call on you……..next.

            • YANKAFAN…BBNY is calling. What say you?
              You can be building block #5, in our foundation. Girls will chase you!
              Join the greats of blogging…..john, doug, Brian D, and patrick.
              No ‘Justin Biebers’…are we.
              No blockbuster, no peace.

              • I humbly agree to join this prestigious group

                • It’s ok … I was not asked to be on the BBNY team. I know it not because I’m husky. No one ever picked me for Dodgeball either. They said I had turtle arms…..whatever that means?

                  • Fatboy Slim…you are more than welcome to join BBNY.
                    We don’t play Dodgeball, and we don’t have all you can eat buffets.
                    Need time to think?

                • BBNY..is pleased to embrace YANKAFAN, into it’s ranks.
                  Yanka was ‘Rookie Poster of the Year’…at the great iYankees site, and is a good guy.
                  Are ranks have reached five. No blockbuster, no peace.

            • Very proud and honored, Pat.

      • Brian…
        IPK would never have gotten into the rotation ever. I had him pegged as a long man (one time through the line-up) at best. Of the three kids back aways, I had Joba with the most over powering stuff, Phil with nasty stuff but had to keep his off speed down and his FB Way up (For SO) or down for getting a swing by the guys at 92+. IPK had the best control and command of the three but, had nothing to keep the hitters honest, his FB was-less than 90. He has had ONE good year in the NL, other than that he was a mid-line starter. The AL Beast had shown him they would eat him alive. 🙂

        • KENNY…I agree, on Ian P Kennedy…….Do you remember Yanka?
          I don’t have words, for what happened in that school, in Conn….today.
          Hurt, anger..I guess…in that order.

        • Right, sure. Kuroda came from the NL West didn’t he? This whole “he wouldn’t have done this here” on every single guy we trade who does well elsewhere is as insane as anything I ever heard. It is nothing but a rationalization created by Cashman and his buddy media folks to cover his ass on his moronic moves.
          Sorry, but baseball is baseball. If you can hit, pitch, run, or throw someplace then you can do it someplace else.
          If the AL East is so great then how come it has only won one of the last five titles?

          • Michael P….
            The onlt player I have ever said wouldn’t have made it in New York is IPK. Look how bad he was hit when they let him start. Try looking at his stats, I have, and other than one year, he was another Don Larson except, instead of one game, IPK had one great season.
            How many have you heard say; “Kuroda is not going to make it in New York”? As you said, more or less, “talent is talent” but, you forgot one other thing, environments….OF walls, Size of stadium, fly ball pitcher, ground ball pitcher, size of foul ball area…we could go on forever! IPK, hasn’t got the the one pitch he needs (Fastball), it is not his talent.
            This is all my own opinion, which means…you may disagree as much as you wish

      • Brian, back when those dreadful moves happened after the championship season I was crying like a kid who just had his candy taken away on the site I was writing on.
        That is why I get so angry when people accuse me or others of Monday Morning Quarterbacking in regards to those moves. It isn’t Monday Morning Quarterbacking when you screamed like a banshee at the time.
        Cashman’s whole life as a GM revolves around left handed power. It is one thing to see value in left handed power, it is quite another to become so obsessed with obtaining it that you let it destroy the team.
        Guys like Jackson are hard to come by.
        It isn’t just that he dealt away an entire lineup the last 3 years, its that he got nothing back for it.
        Last winter when I was screaming about the Montero trade and others were saying how wonderful it was, I wondered what they were smoking.
        I was of the opinion before the last two seasons that we needed a bat(s). The fact that at the time Montero didn’t seem to fit into LONG TERM plans didn’t mean that we HAD to trade him last offseason. I don’t care if Pineda had stayed healthy and gone 25-0, it wouldn’t have helped us in the postseason.
        If we had Montero now we could either trade him for something worth having or use him as a full time catcher this coming season at no money.
        He’d still have trade value down the line.
        In any line of work, some people just have the knack for making all the wrong moves, even if they are quite knowledgable about their profession and its nuts and bolts. Cashman is one of those people.
        Yes, we are all furious at management for not spending money this offseason because they want to reach a certain payroll but the bottom line is that Cashman put the Yankees in this predicament by losing trade after trade. I agree with your summation about catcher(Montero), right field(Jackson would have an outfield spot), and back end of the rotation(Kennedy) and the Yankees would have an extra 30 million to spend.
        I’m still projectile vomiting that Hamilton only cost 125 million on a 5 year deal and we didn’t get him.
        This is like a nightmare you can’t wake up from.
        Brian you are too young to remember the 80’s, but this is what this feels like. In the 80’s we got to watch players we traded young go on to star on other teams while we got nothing back for them.
        Fred McGriff for an old washed up Dale Murray comes to mind as does Jay Buhner for Ken Phelps, Willie McGee for Bob Sykes, Jerry Mumphrey for Omar Moreno, Doug Drabek for Rick Rhoden.
        The theme is the same. You can’t trade talented young players for garbage and not pay for it at some point.
        Cashman has been riding those “titles he won” for over a decade now.
        Anyone who truly gives Cashman credit for those dynasty wins lives in an alternate reality. Gene Michael built those teams and Cashman just happened to be sitting there when they won. It would be like giving Apple’s CEO credit for this year’s sales because Jobs passed away and he now has the job.
        The only title he truly won was still a lot of Michael’s work and due to management allowing him to spend a zillion dollars on CC, AJ, and Teixeira.
        So here we sit, fans of the richest and most lucrative professional sports team in all of existence clapping our little hands at signing or resigning a collection of antique players to one year deals.
        We look like fools.

        • I can’t believe I was in favor of every trade that I mentioned, originally. This team the way it was in 09, with the young studs on the farm, was built to last for many more years after 2012. Now who knows how long it will take for the Yankees to find the next A-Jax, or Montero, and so on.

          You’re right, I definitely don’t remember the 80s. But a similar situation seems to be brewing here in the 2010s for the Yankees…..

        • 1964 thru 1994…30 years in the waste land of MLB, yes…there were 5 ok years mixed in there but, for much different reasons.
          The Biggest reason was…”King George”, making all those trades.
          Watson, Stick and Showalter with the understudy Cashman made the 1996 team what it became. Both Cashman and Joe T were in the right place at the right time but Cashman has shown he can make good and bad decisions. Joe T fell asleep in the playoffs in Clev, remember that? It is amazing to me how fans overlook things because of the media build-up…again I say, check the stats on Joe T before NY and after NY. He was a looser as a manager.
          As for the signings or lack thereof, Cashman is not the Boss…Hal is the Boss and unlike Joe T, he does what his Boss tells him to do.

          Michael, you hit it, on all those trades the King made back when! Good show, say what!

          • No matter what, it takes some deal of managerial skill and talent to win four World Series titles. Most players liked, no, LOVED Joe Torre when he was managing the Yankees. I do think the manager’s role is less important and vital for a team with the talent the late-90’s teams did, but Joe still managed well and players played for him.

            • Brian…

              The players never play for a manager. They will play without team unity (every man for him self) against a manager. The style of a team can be the teachings of a good message given by a good manage! Joe T arrived with two great assets others didn’t have; right place at the right time. I think it was Joe saying one time words like; “I could make out my line-up coming out of ST and copy it 162 times. In the play-off game at Cleveland he had fallen asleep when the nats attacked Joba, he didn’t know if he had made an official trip or not!

            • Sorry Brian…
              You are very knowledgeable in sports and according to the media and the Yankee click, you are right about Joe T!
              Joe T had his click among the players, if you have never gone up against a click, let me layout the, non click players roll!
              1–Never ever speak bad of one of the members!
              2–Never ever deviate from the story put forth by the click!
              3–If one is on the sh-t list of said click, do nothing to help him!
              4–When one of the members has to defend themselves against bad media coverage, or spoken words, or wants the media to spread the news about something. Make sure if asked to do it, you do it right.

              Bad rules…
              1–Do not out shine the main player of said click!
              2–When asked a question, do not tell the truth be PC!
              3–Suck up to the click!
              4–There are many more one never knows about until you break one of them.
              Break any of the rules and you will find your reputation not worth a 1/2 penny. whispering attacks from people you have never met, and may end up being traded away. 🙂

        • Xactly Mike P. ….good rant…..CashMan is incompetent. The stick built the 90s championship teams. Not CashMan. Torre was the right mgr at the right time.

    • Under the circumstances, I think the Youkilis signing is very good.

  2. Michael P. …we feel your pain. But you don’t have to suffer alone. Not any more.
    Would you care to join..doug, john & patrick…at DBBB?
    [ Drop the Bomb, Brian..Brotherhood ]
    It will get better, join our tent show.

  3. 20 CHILDREN did not come home today.
    Rest their souls, young lambs.
    Good night.

  4. The mind that would do this to anyone, children or adults, has to be twisted and wasted. Yet, the coverage will be politicized for some idiots to use for their own agenda.
    The (so-called) experts will have all sorts of things that should have been done to prevent this from happening. Yet, they know, it is impossible to stop anything like this from happening in a free country such as ours or even other country’s for that matter.
    You may criticize things I say about baseball and the players but, on this…take my word for it!
    May God take care of those that met with him yesterday!

  5. Gun control NOW!

    • No, no, no, you must be kidding!
      The politician have been told over and over again, by the real experts;
      Give hand guns and the training to use said guns to some of the school employees! There is one old truth that comes back to show one learns from history…the bad guns go where there is gun free zones! Take the guns away from the people, the gangs will win and run the streets!
      Towns and states that have right to carry laws, have much, much less gun crimes by far! Look at Chicago, hard to buy a gun right? Yet they have more gun crimes than the whole state of Arz/Tex!
      Do you get the connection yet?

  6. NAME CHANGE…alright, already!! I’ve heard your voices, and feel your pain. Stop, already!
    As of this moment…DBBB [ Drop the Bomb, Brian…Brotherhood] is no more.
    It has spun itself into the more powerful..BBNY [ Blockbuster Brotherhood of New York ]
    BBNY, has in it’s ranks..john, doug, patrick, maybe Brian, and hopefully Michael P.
    Strength in numbers, no blockbuster, no peace………………………..patrick.

  7. Michael P….another lost soul, in the wilderness. But, that can be over now!
    No reason for you to put up an 1100 word post, and not even get a response. We hear your pain.
    To continue as you have, will cause you to be institutionalized. The solution…easy!
    Join the swelling ranks of BBNY [ Blockbuster Brotherhood of New York.]
    We are not Occupy Wall St. ….We are not an Arab Spring.
    We are blue collar bloggers, calling for a Blockbuster. No trade, no peace..BBNY.

  8. Fatboy Slim…guess what? Keebler cookies were on sale at King Kullen this morning.
    I bought Fudge Bars also….Want some? One, or two bags?
    Not to worry, that’s not dust in the wind you are hearing…..It’s BBNY!

  9. Back on target…
    Youk and Joba will get along fine, in fact it wouldn’t surprise me to see them become friends. Both of them are the same type of players

  10. DBBB says do it soon

  11. Ok…..so Joba reaches out to Youklis and leaves a voice message to mend fences. And that dunce Youklis doesn’t have time to return the call?

    Strike one Youk!

  12. Hey Yanka……you still da man!

  13. Another aging and high priced free agent pick up by Cashman…what is he thinking?! Youkillis appeared in only 80 games last year and struck out twice as much as he walked. With only 15 HR’s, clearly he is a player in decline. Yanks should have voided Arod’s contract when he was found doing steroids but Cashman didn’t have the guts to do what’s right. Now we are stuck with a $25M DH and a declining third baseman to the tune of $38M next season!!

    • John Pino…
      Who cares if you or I like what Cashman is doing, have you ever heard of following orders? Why is everyone bad mouthing Cashman, he was told to do things and he is doing it?
      You or any of us that don’t like it should take it out on Hal and Randy, they have passed the job to Cashman.
      As far as A-Rods contract goes, how can one void a contract for something done years ago? Remember, he opted out of the 1st contract and Hank signed him to another. I know, some want to say he was using as a Yankee but, why have they never shown any proof?

  14. Yes John , you are correct. CashMan continues to confound the fans with his choices. Is this the same GM that said in 2010 we have to get younger? He then put together the oldest team in baseball.

    Explain that youngyankee07?

    • In my book Cashman has made all the right moves to keep the team on track for next year. The youth has come in the bullpen with Phelps, Rapada, and Eppley last year. This year we could see Romine at C. There would have been more youth if the B’s and others would have progressed instead of getting injured. Look for Heathcott and Williams to advance quickly, Oppenhiemer loves them. One of them will take over for Grandy next year. Pineda and Campos are also some big time prospects to watch

      • doug…
        Very good, I like your thinking. Next year (2014), I look for the stop-gap players that Cashman has signed to be replaced by some of our own farm hands. Plus, we will have Mo, Andy, Granderson, Korda, (Youk/Itchy have 2 year deals, not good) off the payroll after the 2013 season (about $52m ) or more off the books. I think there are more but the names escape me for now.
        I think 2013 is a big year for the Yankees, it is a retooling start. We have 2013 to have A so-so year but, 2014 must show improvement and 2015 WS…well, I can hope! 🙂

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