Yankees Offseason Notes: Yanks slapped with $18.9 Million Luxury Tax

For the 10th consecutive year, the Yankees will have to pay a luxury tax for once again overspending. The amount? $18.9 Million. The Yankees finished with $222.5 Million on their payroll according to the Associated Press. The numbers were calculated by including the average annual values of contracts on the 40-man rosters, the earned bonuses, adjustments for cash and trade and  $10.8 Million per team in benefits. Over the last 10 years, the Yankees total for luxury tax has been $224.2 Million and the Yankees finished as the top spending team for the 14th year in a row. The LA Dodgers can take the top spot next year as they have already have $207.9 Million in signed contracts–for 21 players. Most of it has to do with the trade from the Boston Red Sox that happened in July that sent Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez to LA. The Yankees are only at $182 Million for 14 players (that includes Ichiro’s not yet completed deal).

Checks to the commissioner office  must be sent in by January 21.

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Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Looks like the great Hal/Randy plain is having some effect, $18.9 Million in cap taxes.

    • I don’t understand why this is even discussed. Logic dictates that the most valuable team in all of professional sports that has more yearly revenue than any other team in professional sports would be able to spend more money.
      You know what 18.9 million is to a franchise worth 2 billion dollars? .189 of one percent of their net worth!!!
      The Yankees generated 427 MILLION dollars of revenue in 2011. I doubt 2012 was much different.
      Wow are fans of this team being suckered by management and the media who carry water for them.
      They want you to think that the Yankees can’t afford to go after players to make this team competitive at the highest level every year because of what amounts to a penny ante luxury tax for a team with the revenue the Yankees have.
      It makes me nauseous.

      • Michael P….You have two choices. Drink Maalox, or team up with BBNY.
        You can be building block #6, and stand tall with fine bloggers like you, or you can drink nauseous preventers.
        “No trade, no peace. …We are no Justin Biebers.”

      • Michael P….
        That is nice to hear from a true Yankee fan but, Why pay into a fund for other teams to use for a high-priced player we may want…but, with our tax money, they over pay to get him.
        Just think of the Gov., Taxes they pay.
        Think of this way, they get under the Cap then open the check book for players as needed but continue to bring in their own farm hands.
        Heck we have some good talent down there, why not use it?

        • So what is the new slogan of the Yankees? “Just wait until 2016!”?

          Josh Hamilton not only would have filled a need, but his stroke and power in Yankee Stadium would have been devine. Because of his issues, he could only command a 5 year deal. The Yankees are “so broke” that they couldn’t have offered him 5 years at the same price? Then Granderson could have been moved!!
          The Yankees will have a TON of money dropping off after this season. You have to assume that this is it for Mo, Ichiro,Youkilis, and Granderson as well as AJ’s salary off the books after this season. How much is that? 70 million?
          Look, the Hamilton deal made all the sense in the world for the Yankees and they didn’t even give it a shot. Sickening.
          Looks the same over the fence or strikeout team for 2013 is on deck with everyone crossing their fingers that all the old guys can stay healthy.

          • Michael P..
            Good god I hope not!
            I have no argument with the Yankees dumping Granderson and bringing in Hambone but, evidently the upper management said no! What can we do? Nothing at what so ever, am I going to become an ex-Yankee fan? Not this century or any other, so what to do….just live through it, as I had to back in the bad days of the 1960s to the 1996 years.
            Hope is eternal…so they say! Is that true? Nice to hear from you Michael! 🙂

      • Michael….I don’t think any fan is delusional enough to think the Yankees NEED to get under the Luxury tax to survive. It’s no secret the yankee organization prints money. However, most fans are just dealing with reality. Ever since the new CBA was signed, Hal, Levine & Cashman have ALL stated numerous times that it is the goal of ownership to get under the Luxury tax in 2014. I, myself don’t agree with it but I understand it’s going to happen whether I like it or not.

        I’ve said several times in the past that i think ownership/management are making big mistakes. Attendance is trending downward, apathy among the fans it at it’s highest level since the early 90’s, the team is old and (IMO) boring, the potential young core was traded away, management won’t give young players a chance and there are no impact players in the pipeline until likely 2015. If I were in charge and getting under the Tax was so important, I would have coincided the salary reduction with the arrival of my young players. The Yanks have promising prospects but none will be impact players in 2014. They should have lowered payroll in 2015/2016 when they could field a solid young core.

        • Fish I agree totally with what you are saying. By 2015 at the latest we should have enough young prospects who are MLB ready to be able to cut payroll and perhaps even deal Tex and Arod out and eat most of what is left on their deals.
          This apparent strategy of “taking a step back” for two whole seasons is insane. Attendance IS trending down and the team is old and boring. There hasn’t been this little excitement in over 20 years. Even before 2008 they looked like they’d be a tough team but the neverending string of injuries just wouldn’t quit and even with a skeleton crew, the Yankees actually had the 4th best record in the AL and played dead even with the Rays and Sox after the all star break.
          It’s not this year’s team will necessarily take a big step back, or even a step back at all talentwise, its that the Angels and Jays made huge strides and with the Rangers still looking like at least a wildcard team(especially with all those Astros games they will now play) and the Tigers looking a virtual cinch to win their division, I see the Yankees fighting for their lives for a wildcard with Baltimore, Oakland, and Tampa Bay.
          I would love to get younger and would love to have payroll lower eventually so that when there are players on the market worth having, that the Yankees can get them.
          I just don’t understand why it has to be NOW that they lower the payroll. What a sad way to waste the end of Mo’s career, Pettite’s career and Jeter’s last few years. 18.9 millon?!! LOL!! who the hell cares? I mean, could you imagine the Yankee jacket’s hats, etc that would be sold after the upcoming season if Pettite, MO and Jeter could win another ring? What Yankee fan wouldn’t buy that stuff?
          I see a situation here whey the feel they can be “competitive” for a WC spot(who isn’t these days?) and milk the “come see Mo, Pettite and Jeter” angle reminding fans of the old dynasty.
          We all know Cashman refuses to do real deadline deals of any impact, so what you see by the end of January is what you are going to get.
          I also REALLY hate playing chicken with Cano and his agent. Philly has Utley off the books at the end of 2013 and Texas will have plenty of money to spend. The Yankees need to resign Cano during this season and put that issue to rest. We don’t need a pouting or “cautious” Cano this year if we are going to have any chance at all of competing.
          I just don’t see anything positive going on with the Yankees right now and as Cashman loses every trade he makes, I fear another disaster looming on that horizon.
          I honestly wonder if management doesn’t WANT this team to fail so that they have an excuse to trade Granderson, Cano, Nova and Hughes before the deadline this year for prospects. It sures looks like it to me.

          • Micheal, that’s the beauty of it, Cashman has his team set and has the option to make a good deal for Grandy if he can now, or wait until mid season. If they are in first he just rides it out.

  2. Nice picture..”..you are not heavy like I am. Very slim and handsome.

  3. old Yankee7….Why are you posting a photo of Merle Haggard?

    • I like change and this is from somewhere in the 1980’s, other than the Gray bearded one I have used before…that’s it…I think!
      Yankafan, Brian, Matt S. and you have all changed so, why not?

      Just a thought but, wouldn’t it be nice to have everyone post with ONE name? I like to know to whom I am addressing when I answer a comment, change the avatar all one wants but, the names should stay the same.

      • KENNY, the oldest Yankee….good morning.
        Yes, one name is a good thing. But when you know who is posting, then two is ok.
        Seriously……..you mentioned… jim222/444?. Is he ok? Was he banned? Shame.
        Do you have any pull, with mgmt. to get him back. I don’t.

        • True Patrick…
          The thing is half the time I have no idea who I am commenting with!
          The Bug and Fat boy are the same, right? The rest….????????
          Are you seriously thinking I have any in-put with Matt S? You have the wrong guy, the ones he will listing to are fishjam, Matt B and maybe the bug.
          Those guys are not my biggest fans, so it is up to you, not me
          I still come here because most here, think alike (mostly) so I have fun. If one can’t have fun, what is there? Hell half the stuff I say about players and things, is me being the devils advocate! And corrections, as I find them, some storys of old time players have been told so many times, the truth behind the story has been lost over time. Being as I am older than time, some storys have been heard by me 1st or 2nd hand!

          • Merle Haggard..yankee7…you are really..”terco(a) como una mula” …stubborn, as a mule.
            After the Bug & Fatboy, there are no others..you know his real name!
            I’m a changed man, I found Jesus…and changed beers.
            And, the other guy still scribbles by himself…at iYankees. Yes, even to this day.
            You should speak to fishjam, and get jim 222/4444 back.

            • Patrick….
              Are you delusional? Me talk to fishjam about anything is a waste of his and my time. When was the last time he and I interacted?
              Patrick, you and I know the way things are done, pick at one (not fishjam) and you have done it to all.

              You have more sway with the fans here than I do, go for it…I don’t want to get involved in the politics of any group around here. It is fun, but childs play and I will not play!

              • Ken, I don’t understand your comment. Why is talking to me a waste of time? Have I ever done anything to you? I always thought we had a good rapport and I’ve enjoyed talking baseball with you the last few years. I talk baseball and if everyone ELSE stuck to baseball there would never be any problems here.

                • fishjam…
                  Maybe I didn’t make myself clear, (which I admit I have a habit of doing) what I ment to say is exactly what you wrote down! It has nothing to do with baseball, therefore no comment. As for anything you have done TO ME, nothing at all…that I know of! I hold no ill will for you. If you think I do, there is nothing I can do about it, it is your call!

                  “When was the last time he and I interacted?”……………………..Was that, not the truth?

                  I would have like to go to 2015-16 (also) for the cap but, I don’t run the company and I play in the real world, therefore we have to live with the Dumb and Dumber cap!

                  • Can’t we all get along? This team doesn’t want to spend. As shown. They don’t want to make big moves as many could have been made.

                    Are the big guys upstairs in a wait and see mode with the prospects coming in two years from now?

                    The Ichiro signing blows.

                    Nothing seems right.

                    Toronto is better.

                    The Rays are still solid

                    Boston can’t be worse than last year

                    And B’more will still fight.

                    I see a long season ahead with this current team.

                    • Matt S…
                      You must have a light day, sorry about the misunderstanding. It is over with on my part!
                      No, we will never all get along, you know that!
                      Dumb and Dumber have set in stone, Lower the cap money!
                      Itchy for one year, only.
                      Everyone is better than the Yankees in the AL East.
                      The season better not be too long, if it is more than 3 years long, I may have to mail my comments in by the devil express!

      • old yankee, it’s me I don’t know about the other posers.

  4. By the way, I’m starting to think Toronto has a better team than the Yankees now. The offseason isn’t over so I’ll wait to make final judgement.

    But this looks terrible for Cashman…..
    The Yankees had a bonafide Top 10 in MLB prospect who was Major Lg Ready in Montero. They traded him for Michael Pineda.

    The Royals traded their Top 10 prospect for legit #2 workhorse James Shields
    The Blue Jays traded their Top 10 prospect for Cy Young winner R.A. Dickey

    The Yanks have been searching for a legit #2 to match with CC for YEARS. Yet they used their #1 trade chip for Michael Pineda who they admitted at the time of the trade that he had major work to do to become a #2 starter. I don’t want to beat a dead horse but when you see the return teams are getting for prospects at the same level as Montero it’s frustrating.

    • Fish you are just starting to think that NOW?? LOL!! Toronto’s team is FAR better than the Yankees every place except the bullpen. That lineup will be deadly. You know have Bautista, Encarcion, Melky, Lawrie, and Reyes in that lineup.
      Agree on Montero, even before he was injured Pineda was NOT the best they could have gotten for Montero.
      That was an abortion of a trade even before the injury. All they got for Montero was a “maybe” where as you point out, other teams have gotten far better players in return for equal or lesser talents than Montero.
      Toronto has the best team in the AL PERIOD!! In my opinion they have a better rotation and lineup top to bottom than the Angels. I don’t like the Angels infield outside of Pujols or there catcher and other Weaver noone in their rotation is much.
      The Blue Jays have the best team in baseball on paper now.
      The Yankees are playing for second place in the AL East with the team they have now.
      For anyone who wants to argue, just go position by position and compare the Blue jays with the Yankees and then go starter vs starter 1-5 on both teams and compare them. It’s not even close in my opinion. Blue Jays now have power, average, speed, and a good rotation. They are blended perfectly to dominate the AL.

      • There is no doubt in my mind that Toronto has a better offense than the Yanks. I felt NY had the better pitching but now that they picked up DIckey, I have to say the Jays look like a better team right now.

        The one signing for the Yanks that has me puzzled is Ichiro. They were so deadset against giving a 2-yr deal to anyone. Yet they sign 39-yr old Ichiro for 2 yrs-$13m? Meanwhile Toronto signed 28-yr-old Melky for 2 yrs-$16m.

    • fishjam, I still like the Pineda trade, with him and Campos the Yanks have 2 prospects that have upper end rotation potential. Montero is a DH right now. I will always take pitching prospects over hitting. I think Cashman has done a great job adding to the team, it gives them another shot at winning it all. I am not sure that Dickey,Beurhle, and Johnson are going to do that well in the AL east. I will be surprised if Reyes lasts the whole season playing on turf. The big improvements have come in the west with the Dodgers and the Angels, the power has changed to the west

  5. Yankees vs Blue Jays
    1st base Texeira vs Encarcion Despite Tex’s glove, I’d much rather have Encarcion as would most rational and objective people.
    2nd base Cano vs Itzuris Obvious big edge to Cano
    SS Jeter vs Reyes Reyes will probably be better than Jeter going forward
    3B Youk vs Lawrie I’d rather have Lawrie
    C who knows vs Arencibia we don’t even have a catcher, lol
    CF Granderson vs Rasmus edge to Granderson
    LF Cabrera vs Gardner obvious edge to Melky
    RF Bautista vs ichiro obvious edge to Bautista

    rotations: CC, Kuroda, Pettitte, Hughes and Nova vs Dickey, Josh Johnson, Buerhle, and Romero
    Obvious huge edge to Toronto.

    Putting your hearts and emotions aside, I’d be challenged to find anyone who thinks the Blue Jays don’t have a better team now, and by a pretty good margin,

  6. Michael P………BBNY, will no longer solicit, nor attempt to recruit you.
    Therefore, this Maalox & Sal Hepatica mix, is for you. Bottoms-up!..enjoy.

  7. BBNY Team: What do you guys think of the Michael Bourn scuttlebutt, that surfaced
    today? Another lefty bat, devoid of power, CF………I would pass.
    No blockbuster, no peace.

    • My only thoughts with this possibility is that it breaks the logjam and forces a move or 2. Most assuredly moving Gardner if signing Bourn and most likely then Grandy as well?

      Anyone looking for 2 OF, a slasher with leadoff ability and a power guy? both have speed and defense. A real deal to be had, who;ll give me a pitcher and a RH bat for the OF, going once, twice, SOLD to the highest bidder and the winner IS??????

      • Sorry John, hate to burst your bubble but the Yankees aren’t going to move Brett Gardner. If they could, they’d move Curtis Granderson who only has one year on his contract versus a guy whose under team control for about 2 more years.

        • The lovely Delia…the power of BBNY, is running rampant.
          The brotherhood/sisterhood wants trades.
          Join us now, and march forward. Even if your Brett, is sent to Kansas City.
          No blockbuster, no peace.
          Be building block #6. A step forward, for women!

  8. WHY..WHY..? Would the Yankees talk to the Angels about…this part
    is hard…Vernon Wells? My wife is calling a priest, for me. Jesus.

  9. KENNY-older7….I’m sorry, but I keep going back to your new Gravatar pix.
    You look like you’re ready for another bottle of Sal Hepatica.

  10. What kind of deal on Bourn? I don’t think he helps much. Biggest problem is Texeira currently projected to hit 3rd in the order. God help us.

  11. Yankeemichael…..welcome to YFU. Are you, a ship passing in the night?
    Re: Bourn. Do your homework…’Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe.’
    God can not help you,……….only BBNY. No trades, no peace.
    Go easy, my brother man.

  12. Merle Haggard-7…YOU CAN BRING BACK …jim2222/4444, from the dead!
    You never left anyone behind….except poor, sad, roughed-up, trashed, bullied, water boarded..jim.
    Kenny…give it your best shot. FUBAR!

    • FUBAR is right on! No matter what I say someone has to take exception to it. I tell everyone, I am more use to writing action reports not a story. Back in the day, my major was Journalism, minor was History but, that was like 50+ years ago.
      Yes, you are right, in all those years, none (of my guys) were left behind but, we didn’t have much of a problem with that….the first thing they learned was how to run, run fast, run faster and then run backwards just as fast.
      I can’t help Jimm2244, if in fact, he was banished to the wood shed. One thing to take into consideration is Matt S. tried to warn him, too many times. I tried to warn him a time or two but????!!!???
      It is in the hands of Matt S., he de bossman!

      Time to call it quits, I ain’t a gona play! Between your, mine and fishjams comments, I think Matt got the message loud and clear. Call it off!

  13. No worries Ken. My time is short lately with holiday, work etc, I hate to come on and go through comments and read non related baseball stuff. It just irks me.

    My thoughts on this team are all negative.

    My hope is for the future. If a season of tanking is what it takes I’m ok with that. You can’t win every year. Which many Yankee fans have become use to.

    I am looking forward to see Gardner back healthy. I’m looking forward to see what Jeter can do after the injury. Can he keep it up? Father time is a bitch. But i never bet against Jeter.

    Even though I hate the two year deal I’d like to see what ichiro can do in a full season with the Yankees.

    I’d like to see who is the DH? You think maybe they just let Nunez become the DH?

    Can Mo be Mo?

    Will Alex come back? If he does which Alex will be back? he has alot of doubters

    The Off-season is still not over maybe Cash has a card up his sleeve and is working on something? if so I just hope it doesn’t include some of the guys I have been watching.

    • Hay, join the club but, I am optimistically pessimistic with the days of “Hope springing eternal”, anything can happen.
      I have been reading a lot about A-Rod, as much as I will never forgive him for crossing the line, one time in his career, I have found so many good stand-up things he has done, mostly in New York and Florida.
      The way it seems to me is; he is unstoppable, he zeros in on something and it is done…IF at all possible. So I think If he can come back as near as the older A-Rod as he can, he will.
      As for Jeter, who knows, I wrote of my broken ankle, it was almost 1-1/2 years before I could pitch or play 2nd well enough for me.
      Jeter has been in a boot, which makes me believe it was above the Ankle itself. If so, he should be fully recovered enough to play a bit…how much, and at what level of play…who knows!
      Have a good one.

      • Ken…..TWASP cannot let you get away with the words “Arod is unstoppable”. In 2009 playoffs , yes, every other post season he’s wet the bed . Look it up, youngyankee07.

        • Give it a rest bug.
          Where did I say anything about his playing in the play-offs or WS?
          Try taking some reading classes, you continue to take things out of context (like a good Democrat) and twist them into something other than what I said. Try it with someone who really cares what you think or say. Your idea of marginalizing me is working but, I am having a lot of fun.
          The last time under the knife (April, I think) I died twice. That let me know, I am not as indestructible as I an others always thought. So, do your best bug, I am having a lot of fun and you are not in my jocks league let alone some of these real fans around here, they are not here for you and I to go head to head. They are Yankee fans, give them the respect of keeping your dislikes to yourself…you are the only one who really cares who you like or don’t like.

          Matt S., do your worse!

          • KENNY…aka… MERLE HAGGARD: …What you posted below, is not good. It’s FUBAR,
            and you know it! ….are you looking for a banning? If so, I walk away from your words.
            ” you (Twasp) are the only one who really cares who you like or don’t like.
            Matt S., do your worse!”……those last words, disturbs me. I expected that from Dan, not you.

            • Patrick…
              No disrespect meant but get on with your life, walk away, as you said.
              I have no more to say to the Bug any how, it was time. His lies are unacceptable so it is done. I knew it would end this way…so be it. Your choice, just keep it in e-mails if you must. don’t let it carry over to the blog.
              I must apologize to all on the blog and Matt S. who, I must say had given me a lot of room. Bringing the others into my abhorrence, of an individual is also unacceptable therefore, to make things easy on Matt S., I will take a week off…unless I am band, if I am band…dat be difent…so be it. 😦

          • Ha ha Youngyankee07, little sensitive today, aren’t we? All I said was Arod is NOT unstoppable as proven by his poor playoff record. Why you want to make that into something more is not right. This is not personal just debating baseball.

            Sorry to hear about your health problems…..hang on…life is worth living.

  14. I think that if the Yanks sign Bourn [hopefully 3 yrs at most, more likely 4] Granderson should next us some great prospects. Maybe we could get a deal like Olt, Sardinas, and Martin. I would love that deal and we would probably have to throw Marshall in as well. Another player I think the Yanks could look into again is Jose Tabata [24]. We could probably swing a Betances, Warren, and Logan for him. He doesn’t really currently have a place on the Pirates. What do you guys think?

    • Yankafan, welcome home for you and your dad,
      My only question is; why must we give more than we get? That was the old school, Cashman has said; No more of that holding the Yankees up in trades. Tabata is not worth that much in our talent. In fact I wouldn’t do that trade at all.

      • Personally I think bullpen arms are the easiest to replace and Logan also had a huge number of appearances and may very well be a candidate for the Pedro Feliciano effect. Warren is either a middling bullpen arm or a number 5 starter on a playoff team, and we have a bunch of 3-4s so why would we need that. Betances isn’t a starter anymore and with his control problems he might not be a reliever either. As a former top prospect he still has name value. Tabata has had 2 eh/ok years BEFORE his 24th birthday. Using advanced graphs he has been hitting a lot of line drives and squaring up but either hitting them at people or just foul. At his age many things could happen. Olt is one of the 3 best 3B prospects in the game, he could replace ARod. Sardinas is a shortstop prospect in the mold of Jurickson Profar [you guys know him right?] but still at A-Ball, in a few years he could replace Jeter. Martin is an MLB ready CF from Cuba. He was brought up through the Rangers system over the last 2 years [i think?] and he does everything above average except hit for power. He does have triples and doubles power and ++speed with a very very strong arm and great range. All we would be giving up is 1 year of Granderson. And its good to be back :]

        • Great to have you back, we have missed you. But again why give up more than we need to?
          We have 1 or 2 Tabatas’ in our system now, why trade for that which we already have? The same with CF and SS.
          Do you think those players are better than what we have on the farm? I am not sure, I haven’t been able to make the rounds of the farm system the last two years, so i’m going by reports and not ever seeing our guys you may be right. What is your opinion of our guys in comparison?
          Come back and I put you to work again, that is good!!! Have fun! 🙂

          • We may have guys who are similar but I would rather have a lot of guys like that. Better chances of at least one of them panning out :] Cost controlled players are what we need, not vets being over payed. I would rather us spend our money in the offseason on what we aren’t good at developing, pitching. Now this years pitchers aren’t very promising, over the next few years some big names are hitting the market. Felix Hernandez is one. Also Sardinas is about as far away as Gumbs, or Ravel Santana so its not like we need him immediately. I personally am really excited about the wave of talent coming from the lower levels and I think its smart to add to that so everyone comes up within years of each other.

            • I like the staggered approach of our Farm Hands, it is better to bring them up 1/2 at a time rather than having to play with 3/4 rookies at a time. For some reason the Yankees very, very seldom bring up players until they are in their med to late 20’s. I understand the idea behind it…get them more experience and stronger, but when a player is ready, he is ready! Why bring in a 38 year old @ $13m a year when you have a guy that can be there for the next 5+ at little cost.

      • old yankee, I agree, Tabata will not be a Yankee, he isn’t good enough

    • Have you seen how much Bourn strikes out? It’s Granderson 2.0

      • Matt, it’s no coensidence that Bourn is the odd man out at this point along with Swisher, their stats don’t add up. Both will be getting less than was projected, for less years, similar to E Jackson last year. I see them taking a shorter deal this year, they are running out of market.

      • ahh but Bourn is a much better defender and makes more contact. Either way, I want to get as much value out of Grandy as we can. I would not be happy paying him 15m+ for the next 5 years. But now that I think of it, Bourn is gonna want 4+ years and I wouldn’t be so happy giving him THAT either. Might as well swing that trade with the Rangers and stick Leonys Martin in there.

    • Yankafan, yes the market for Grandy right now looks to be a contender who needs a power outfielder to put them over the top. The Braves and Rangers fit into that catagory. I like Teheran or McCann from the Braves, or Scheppers, Olt, and Andrus. The Yanks need to replace pitching and SS in the future, so either would be good to get.

  15. SLADE HEATHCOTT…along with Granderson, and over hyped bees….what would that haul in?
    Involve the Yanks, and two other teams. Throw in Corbin Joseph, also.
    But bait the trap with Heathcott.

    • I would rather keep him, especially after this year. Banuelos I would like to keep as well. Betances eh, Joseph eh. Joseph might have some sort of MLB future but it is very uncertain with Betances.

      • Yankafan, if the Yanks plan on signing Cano they could trade Joseph and Adams. I agree I would trade Betances, Warren, and Hughes. I would also look to trade Grandy and Cano if they think they can’t be resign. Banuelos,Campos,Heathcott,Austin,and Williams should be kept.

        • It would be great if they could give Cano the Hamilton contract. I would definitely be on board for anything less then 7 years but if Cano wants length over salary. I would have Joseph or Adams take over definitely. Hughes might get better but the chances are that he won’t get significantly better. I also don’t think he is the kind of pitcher for Yankee Stadium with his HR issues. Maybe we could send him to the Mariners with Nunez and Phelps for Montero back. Sounds like a good idea to me. And in the case we suck next year [hey, anything could happen after this winter] maybe we can convince Tex to wave his no trade clause and put Montero at first. Tex could definitely land us something big if he has a usual Tex season [aka healthy season].

          • Yankafan, I’m not a high on Montero as you, I still think trading Montero for Pineda and Campos was a good move. I agree with you on Hughes he is a fly ball pitcher that had his best years already, I would see what I could get for him.

            • I love Montero but I think he needs motivation. He had none in Seattle. I agree with you about the Montero trade though. I love it long term. Pineda even topping out at 96 instead of the 100 he did last year will still be a very very good pitcher and Campos could be better! I just really see a lot in Montero’s bat. Last year despite having such a down season, he still only K’d 90 times. Next year he could be much much better.

  16. Another player I hope the Yankees look into is Devin Mesoraco.

  17. I think the Yanks should look to the future and sing E Jackson to a 3 year deal, then trade Hughes and a prospect for an outfielder, then trade Grandy for either McCann, Mesoraco, or another young arm.

  18. Timming is important here, the Nats sign La Roche and the Yanks sign Morse to a 2 year deal. This guy is the RH bat the Yanks need in the outfield.

    • I should have said trade for Morse since he’s under contract.

      • Morse is very good but I fear his cost in players. Jackson could be very good but we already have a bunch of #3 types. Depending on his annual salary, I would still give him a three year deal like you said. McCann will probably be available after the season but with the addition of Upton, I don’t think they would be willing to trade him. Although it COULD happen. Bethancourt down in the minors is quite talented, the question is, is he ready? Mesoraco looks like he doesn’t have a place yet with the Reds and there is a window for how long that assessment will last. I suggest we take advantage of that. He is a rare kind of player.

        • Yankafan, a pitcher like Jackson can give the Yanks a good innings eater for 3 years, he would sign because he is always getting a one year contract. Next year the Yanks will be losing Kuroda,Pettite, and Hughes from the rotation, signing Jackson this year would help in solving their rotation problems next year.

          • I agree. It would be a safety net for everything.

          • When I hear about how a guy is an “innings eater” it always means he’s a mediocre pitcher who doesn’t get hurt much and nothing else. That’s what Jackson is and always will be.
            How the hell do you make a team better by adding a guy like that?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Noone is as underappreciated as Hughes and he does have upside. Why anyone would be in a hurry to get rid of him is beyond me. He’s a great guy to have in my opinion.

        • How about Hughes for Morse straight up, and sign Jackson.

  19. Regardless of who—-how many of Williams, Heathcott, Sanchez, Austin, Banuelos, Campos, etc. etc. will make it? How many or to what degree of Hughes, Kennedy, Chamberlain, Brackman, Betances? Who have I missed of the highly regarded?

    If you can package SOME for an established 23-26 year old I say DO it. thank you very much.

    • john, have to pass on that one, Fangraphs had the Yanks as the best organization last year.

    • Depending on the 23-26 year old and the players lost. I would agree. Like a trade for Stanton? heck yes. But we have to start developing talent. Last time the Yanks just let their talent play [position player wise] they went to the WS 6 times in 8 years.

  20. SLADE & MELKY MESA…should be on the block
    Slade Heathcott, because he would be a tempting trade centerpiece.
    Melky Mesa, really?..to scouts..”his only problem is, he struggles to make contact”. No big deal?
    Try this.. K rate 27.2%, yeah, everyone strikes out?
    Or,…vs. left handers….216 avg…K rate 29%…..enough!
    Every year, you guys go nuts over players like this…….package him now, with Heathcott.

  21. 80% of BBNY is posting tonight. Outstanding.
    If a team wants change, an upgrade, keep up with other teams….they have to be real!
    Stop thinking all your guys are blue chip. Most are not. So trick the other team, and trade them.
    The ingredients are there, so many. Hughes, Granderson, Cervelli, the dumb killer bees.
    Gardner, he can’t hit in situations, but he runs fast,…duh? Throw him in, also.
    Now the spices…Melky Mesa, the tempting Heathcott, Corbin, Adams.
    Any, or all. What difference? You want change, send them packing.
    No blockbusters, no peace.

  22. I CAN”T LET THIS GO…it disappoints me so.
    Spell it right, first…”Matt, do your worse” ( sic: worst )
    That to me, it is you asking for a banning. What else could it mean?
    You are so out of line. We don’t do that. And, you know what I mean.

  23. Kenny-7….a big boy, who can take care of himself.
    With all the fanfare, and your self imposed exile, the phrase….”Matt S., do your worst”…
    remains unexplained?
    I would expect you to challenge me. If I put that comment up.
    The page is now turned.

  24. YES, BASEBALL CHATTER……I can do that.
    Has everyone gone into a trance? Almost no posts in 21 hours. No trade winds, right?
    I can find nothing………and I’ve done my homework.
    Ken-Yankee7, and I, are in a Irish thing. It happens.

  25. WHY THERE IS HOPE!…it is far removed from reality, to think that the Yankees are not
    watching what is going on, this off-season. Brian, and the management, has seen what Toronto,
    Boston, the west coast teams, etc……have done.
    We have doubts almost every winter, and what happens? They correct things.
    That is all I have to go on………..least, my Irish dreams. ( although, some dreams are bizarre. )
    Hang tough…..no blockbusters, no peace.

  26. Exceptional post however , I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on
    this topic? I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit
    more. Thank you!

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