Morning Bits: Blue Jays, no spending for the Yanks & more…

mug3Good Mornings.  Away we go….

Andrew Marchand asks with R.A. Dickey are the Blue Jays the best of the East.

Jeff Passan has his take on the Yankees, Red Sox, and Mets all slouch.

ESPN Stats shows how the AL East may struggle against the Knuckle ball.

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. ESPN is such a PC outfit…they even eat their own.
    Every once in a while one of their staff writers will write a great post but, in this case, it matters little how great the writing was…the story was a non story! Every fan that knows anything about baseball knows and has seen the trouble the AL Beast has had against the KB for over 50 years.
    The old bit about how to get to the Big Show is; Hit the Heck out of the Fastball….the bit about staying in the big show is; learn to hit the breaking ball to stay. That right there will tell one, the hitters hit fastballs but, the two hardest pitches to hit…in my humble opinion…are the Change-up and the knuckleball!
    I guess, dat dar is dat, ain’t no more ta be sayin! 🙂

    • old yankee, I totally argree with you, the knuckleball is hard to hit becuase it is hard to track, and hitters eyes aren’t conditioned to hitting it since their are so few pitchers that throw it, the change is all about deception one of the most important parts of pitching. When I taught pitching I always started with location of pitches,then deception, movement of pitches, reading the hitter, and then velocity.

      • Doug….
        You stated the elements for good pitching very well.
        I never taught pitching per say. But I did try to correct things, you know a tweak or so here or there makes a difference. I only dealt with sand lot and military teams, these guy had no coaches helping them everyday, so I did the job, as…Manager, 2nd baseman, closer, hitting, and pitching coach, with the help of some other ex-players, we did good.
        Ex-players like You, fishjam and hitting instructors like Ballpark, have a lot of knowledge to impart to the fans here. Announcers at a game will say things like this…joe ?, has the hitter set up for this or that pitch. Do they not know, hitters will set-up pitchers also?
        I had a sign in my office, it read….

        “Knowing the weakness of an opponent is mandatory for success but, depending on it is death.”

        Thanks for all the input you give in the future.

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