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mug3Good Morning all….

— Curtis Granderson is prepared for the 2013 free agency writes the New York Post.

The Daily News has an article how R.A. Dickey on the Jays will make Girardi’s job tougher.

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  1. The Granderson optimism for free agency is no surprise. Great player – amazing character. Hopefully we enjoy a productive 2013 campaign before the Grandy man’s time is up. He’s got a perfect swing for the stadium- cash needs to find a way to keep him in pinstripes. It might be the right time for the Yankees brass to consider “changing its standard practice”. Do you believe this approach of having players finish contracts is old fashion thinking or good business in the media frenzy capital?

    • goods, Seattle might be looking for an outfielder like Grandy, I would trade him now for 2 prospects- Paxton and Franklin. If they can pull that off they would then sign another outfielder like Ross.

    • His character doesn’t mean anything to me as far as his value on the field. His defense is that of a player who should be playing a corner outfield spot and his swing was comical/tragic the last 2 1/2 months of last year and the postseason. I have little use for low average, all or nothing guys, especially when we already have Teixeira in that role.
      Granderson is a nice guy, yes, but I’d love to see a proper trade executed to send him packing.

      • Mike P, I’ll disagree here. Grandy is a 5 tool player. We don’t maximize his speed on the basepath because of the consistent big swingers behind him. He’s a solid defensive option (either in CF or LF).

        For his slump? Awful. Do I think it is something materially wrong with the guy? No. All players have ups and downs. Sadly the semptember slumps compounded together and made for an early playoff exit. We squeezed by bmore but couldn’t stop the bleeding. I wouldn’t rest the blame on Grandys shoulders, nor look to trade him.

        Doug, I’m not sure on Pax or Franklin, but that would be a surprising turn. They owe us a solid for the damaged goods on Pineda. (Let’s hope he has a solid year)

        The best course of action would have Grandy work with KLong and earn a new contract in NY.

        • Gameday. Welcome to the comments part of the blog. A great site you guys are and always nice to our blog and reader. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

          Odds of Grandy getting a new contract after the season are slim to none. yankees need to get under 189mil for 2014.

          • thanks Matt, always love talking yankee baseball. we’ve got some great things lined up at Gameday for 2013.

            back to grandy- do you think it’s a cano vs. grandy scenario? My call would be cano all day. no question. But we didnt lock anyone up anyone with significant salary commitments this offseason. is there a way we can keep both?

            • No really way to keep both. To much money. I love Cano he is my favorite. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Yankees don’t resign him as well.

              This isn’t George’s team anymore. The “Son’s” don’t run it the same way he did.

              • Matt, Texas will have oodles of money to spend for the 2014 season and Utley is done with his deal in Philly at the end of 2013 as well and Philly spends aggressively.
                I don’t think Cano cares if he goes elsewhere and if the Yankees actually let him become a free agent I think he goes to one of those two places.
                They’re making a huge mistake not just extending him this year.

                • agreed. But would you extend him if he asking for a 10 year contract?

                  • It depends Matt. If it is the same amount of money they decide they can afford to spend and the deal is frontloaded then who cares?
                    A REAL ten year deal? No way, no way in hell.
                    I will say this, if the Yankees are going to be a disgrace and spend no money and not resign Cano? The best thing to do is trade him. A single draft pick is nowhere near enough compensation for letting a player like Cano walk. You have to get real bang back for him if you decide you aren’t resigning him. Fans will be angry if they trade him, but nowhere near as mad as they will be if they just let him walk and get nothing but the draft pick.

                    • Cano may leave but Texas is all talk and does not get anything done when it comes to big free agents and trade targets. They have lost out on Hamilton, Wilson, Grienke, Lee, and Upton. All talk.

        • Granderson is not a five tool player. His arm is average at best, his fielding average at the very best, and he does not hit for average. His basestealing is woeful, have you seen his stats on the paths?
          He has one tool right now, and that is that he hits for power.
          Also, a “slump” lasts maybe a month. When a player just flat out falls to his knees for what amounts to three months straight, that is a half of a season.
          Granderson was comical/tragic after the all star break.

          • interesting, didnt see granderson that way. I’ll agree the batting average needs to climb, but on the field he’s solid. he’s got a great hop and knows how to judge ball. rarely do we see him misjudge a play. he might not be throwing lasers like the milkman but i feel very comfortable with him out there.

            for cano, it’d be a shame to see him in philly or texas. philly is meant for washed up papelbons and fat john kruks, not robbie cano. i think back to when melky left and the impact on cano. I’m sure that was an awaking. this is professional ball and all business. If he were to leave, what bats would we rely on??

            10 year deal? no way. There is a very short list of players that can command that type of deal right now.

            • Granderson’s nauseating postseason aside, he went 41-200(.205) from August 1st to the end of the season with an OBP in that stretch of .255.
              He drew 20 walks from August 1st onwards, hahahahahahahahahahahaha! That’s not a “slump”, that was just disgusting.
              As far as “his speed” on the basepaths goes?
              Granderson is only 47-62 in stolen base attempts as a Yankee.
              This is who Granderson is. In his last four seasons he has done the following in Batting Average/OBP:
              2009: .249/.327
              2010: .247/.324
              2011: .262/.364
              2012: .232/.319

              His home runs have increased under Long’s tutelage but that is what Long does, he teaches everyone that uppercut that drives up their power numbers and kills their average and OBP.

              Granderson’s HR totals the last four years are 30,24,41,43
              His strikeout totals the last four years are 141,116,169, and 195

              Obviously, the increased power the last two years have also brought along a dramatic increase in strikeouts.

              You simply can’t have a guy that is supposed to be a guy near the top of the order with a batting average/OBP that low and who strikes out more often than anyone not named Adam Dunn.

              Granderson would be best suited as a lower order guy but the problem we have now is that other than Jeter, we don’t have ANYONE who is a legitimate 1-2-3 man ahead of Cano.
              Ichiro has NO power and Teixeira is a joke now.

              We have a legit leadoff/2 man in Jeter, a legitimate cleanup man in Cano, and then a whole collection of players who should be batting 5-9.
              Well look, SOMEONE has to be 2 and 3 man!!!

              I said it before last year and I’ll say it again, this team is constructed wrong. Too many all or nothing guys and only two guys who can be counted on to hit for average.

              If Granderson can be traded for anything worth having, it would be fantastic.

        • goods, no way the Yanks resign Grandy next year, I still like the Pineda deal hopefully he and Campos come back heathy this year.

          • lol, the last high profile young pitcher the Yanks had who tore a labrum was named Brian Taylor, and we all know how that worked out.
            Pineda won’t be back until July at the very, very earliest and it has already been stated by Cashman that he will go to Triple A and stay there next year.
            That was the worst trade I ever saw and said so beforehand. Pineda came to camp at 300 pounds and since then got into more trouble. He’s probably a Buffalo Wild Wings right now with 50 boneless wings, some fries, and on his 4th pitcher of Sam Adams.
            That bum will NEVER contribute anything meaningful to the Yankees, mark my words.

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