Seedlings 2 Stars Article on Romine

Our friends over at Seedling 2 Stars have a nice article out about Romine.  Here it is.  Click the link to read the rest.  Enjoy.

Left without a solution to their open catching position and with few appealing options remaining on the free agent market, it would appear as though there are some within the New York Yankees organization who are growing comfortable with the idea of Austin Romine taking over as the team’s full time catcher.’s Jon Heyman suggested that this is the team’s current plan as they’ve expressed zero interest in A.J. Pierzynski, the most seasoned option available on the open market.

The 24 year old Romine comes with his fair share of question marks, though most can be chalked up to inexperience. Taken originally in the 2nd Round of the 2007 Draft, Romine’s progress through the Yankees’ minor league system has long been a steady climb as he’s had to share each step along the way up until this past season. Romine and Jesus Montero were progressing through the ranks together in many cases, often either sharing time in a quasi-platoon role or essentially following one another (i.e. upon Montero’s first promotion to Triple-A, Romine received his first bump to Double-A). Their fates were often intertwined as well, as many speculated that one would end up being the team’s “catcher of the future” while the other would ultimately serve as trade bait. A year ago Montero was shipped to Seattle, expediting the end of such discussions.

Part of the organization’s comfort in dealing Montero one year ago was based on the season Romine had just completed in 2011. He started the year off repeating Double-A (since Montero was getting the bulk of the playing time at Triple-A) and would end up playing in 85 games for Trenton. Over 373 plate appearances he’d hit .286/.351/.378 with 32 BB and just 60 SO. He’d shown enough to warrant a promotion to Triple-A before season’s end, would appear in four more games there, and then joined the Yankees in mid-September in Los Angeles. Romine’s older brother, Andrew Romine, is a shortstop for the Angels, the opposing team during Austin’s MLB Debut. Austin would collect just three hits over 20 plate appearances before the season ended, playing in 9 games.

To read the rest of the article click here.

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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. Off topic———but Wishing a very Merry Christmas to all of YFU………


  3. I will fall in behind john, Matthew S, and Yankafan….in echoing their wishes.

  4. What do you know, a white Christmas, ain’t saw non of dem dar befur i done kicked dat dar dust a da bayou.
    Maybe, it was the mountains of Colorado Springs…anyhow….

    Marry Christmas to all you guys and gals!

    • A welcome sight!..the human stocking stuffer…oldyankee7….Merry Christmas!
      Your spelling is atrocious…you misspelled “Merry Ch…..”….nothing changes.
      Have a great day, talk dem bayou dust devils.

      • So, I mispelled a word or five who cares. I ain’t never say I were the best spellar in dis here world!
        Did we get any Christmas players worth anything other than the wrappings? 🙂

  5. patrick and ole yankee, you both showed your human side like Tebow did by outing out of the Jets game. Christmas is a time for reflection.

  6. BASEBALL CHATTER !!!…hooray.
    IF the Yankees are thinking of paying 10 mil/2yrs. for Scott Hairston…as reported.
    Then why not pay Alfonso Soriano 10 mil/2yrs, with the Cubs paying the balance of his contract,
    26 mil/2yrs…as reported.
    Hairston, or Soriano?…Soriano, can play second, when Cano goes signs with the Dodgers.

    • Sorry Patrick. the old saying; “Absence makes the heart grow stronger”, has been disproved many times over and over again.
      Alfonso was a bad deal and a worse 2nd baseman. His first and only thought was, himself.
      Hows that for baseball?
      Hope you had a good Christmas?! 🙂

  7. are you ready for…SMALL BALL?
    Of the 245 HRS. the Yankees hit last year, 112 HRS. were hit by those, who will not play/start
    the 2013 season.
    Swisher..24, Martin..21, Ibanez..19, Alex..18, Chavez..16, and Jones..14. Almost 50%

  8. dateline…Yankees sign Matt Diaz !! Take the dagger out of my neck !
    Who? ..and he is healthy? Says who?…2 HRS. last year. Jesus, Pena, even had one !
    Let’s scare Boston…the ninth inning, Yanks trailing Boston by one..”now batting for
    Ichiro Suzuki….Matt Diaz.”….Stadium reaction: People fall to the floor. More noise, at a wake.

  9. I’m almost ready…to FALL ON MY SWORD. [sorry, Dan, I said almost]
    Free agent additions: Shane Victorino, Mike Napoli, Ryan Dempster, Stephen Drew, Jonny Gomes,
    David Ross, Koji Uehara
    Trade additions: Joel Hanrahan, manager John Farrell
    Matt Diaz …but, he is healthy.

  10. john…still laughing…… You obviously mean the sword, I am getting ready to fall on?
    As soon as I’m done with it, I’ll have someone run it over to you.
    Like your dramatic flair, my brother man.

  11. INCLEMENT WEATHER…has cancelled this evenings meeting of BBNY.
    We… john, jim, Brian, Yanka, doug, patrick….must stay vigil. (Ken, you are welcome to join)
    Keep our powder dry, and alert each other, if and when a blockbuster may rise up.
    You guys are the best. We will get this ship steered in the right direction….good night.

    • Thank you for the invitation Patrick but, I like not belonging. It’s more fun than being tied up in a group as I was for more years than you have been alive…I think! lol 🙂

  12. oldyankee7…morning.
    BBNY stands for ‘Blockbuster Brotherhood of New York’, and the invitation remains there, for you.
    We hope to accomplish our goal in short order. Therefore BBNY, may be short lived…..that would be good.

  13. SUN TZU:…”confuse your adversaries, at a time when few are in the village. The line at the
    delicatessen will be shorter, and your wing man will then become hungry.”

    • Patrick….
      I have one word for that……”Wwwwwwwwhhhhhhhaaaaaatttttt! 🙂

      • oldyankee7-Ken….I’m only reciting verses from the honorable…Sun Tzu.
        Where is everyone? I’m trained for winter isolated posting. Perhaps others
        are not..Maybe you look like?….Bobby Rydell !

        • Patrick…
          I haven’t opened my book in many, many years; ”confuse your adversaries,” I remember but not the rest…must stop playing with the Military Scriptures, one could be vanquished to hell for that!

          I look like a guy having nothing to worry about…that means I was in school, thinking about college! That last part is a Lie…I was thinking about College and all the girls.

          I think I’ll take a nap now, I was up at 0320. Have a good AM all of you fans and hope something good happens this weekend! 🙂

          • oldyankee7-Ken….sleep lightly young prince.
            The new Sun Tzu…this being his urban chronicles, prior to hip-hop Cantonese.
            Yes, now that I look at your photo, I see what you are thinking about….hmmmmm?

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