A Week In Review: Swisher, Ibanez, Diaz, Jones

Good evening everyone. Since I was on vacation for the past week, instead of doing an offseason note article, this article is the week in review. In other words, it’s all the stuff I didn’t report that happened during the week that I am reporting now. Let’s get to it.

Nick Swisher becomes a Cleveland Indian

Yep, Nick Swisher traded in his pinstripes in New York for a cream colored uniform in Cleveland, Ohio. According to MLB Network, Swisher signed a 4 year, $56 Million deal to play RF for the Cleveland Indians next season. We all knew it was coming since the Yankees weren’t going to re-sign him and the Indians front office showed their interest by having breakfast and lunch meetings with him. Looks like all those meetings paid off, because while they have a right fielder–we have Ichiro.

Raul Ibanez going to Seattle

Raul Ibanez who was our hero in the postseason has decided to also trade in his pinstripes…this time to head to Seattle where he played earlier in his career. According to Bleacher Report, the Yankees reportedly never made an offer to Ibanez which probably added into his decision to take a contract with the Seattle Mariners. Looks like the Yankees are going to have to look for a new DH…along with a catcher…and maybe a new bench…oh boy.

Yankees sign Matt Diaz to minor league deal

The Yankees made a deal the day after Christmas with Matt Diaz, whose season was cut short in 2012 due to a thumb injury. Diaz signed a minor league contract with an invitation to Spring Training. If he makes the team, he’ll get a guarenteed $1.2 Million deal. Yankees mainly signed him because he can do something that the Yankees struggle with–hitting against left handed pitchers.

Former Yankee Andruw Jones arrested

Congratulations to Andruw Jones. He’s joined the exclusive “Former/Current Yankees Players to get arrested” club. All jokes aside, Jones was arrested yesterday morning (on Christmas) after an altercation with his wife. We all know Jones decided to join a Japanese team for the 2013 season–an indication that he knows that it’s going downhill from here career wise. No word if the arrest effects his current contract.

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Delia…
    I take it you are not happy with Itchy?
    I am trying to figure out why the Yankees gave him a 2 year contract. I get the signing but, just because someone offered him 2 years? They don’t need him that bad!
    Have a good New Year! 🙂

  2. I bet he bounces back and proves to be a shrewd move by the Yankees. 6.5mm per year for 2 years with his lefthanded bat in Yankee stadium can put up 15 hrs(which I know is high for him) Not thrilled about the 2nd year but obviously he wanted it and honestly he’s worthy as of right now unless he falls off a cliff.

    • The thought of hoping three guys over the age of 37 can bounce back and give the yankees much needed help in 2013 is very scary. Two of them are injured, how will they do when reactivated?
      And don’t even say; “Jeter will be Jeter again”, because we don’t know yet. Hopefully, he will be ok.
      Itchy for one year….ok! Two years…not so much!

  3. SUN TZU said…” know your enemy, but you better know dam sure where your wing man is.”
    I don’t know where my wing man is! Time for you to resurface.
    Just, push the throttle forward, and lean on me.

  4. AGGGGGH ! What happened to old Ranger Ken’s Gravatar!
    Am I looking at… ‘The Big Bopper’? Fabian? or Lester Flatt, of Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs?
    Oh!..it’s the young heart breaker, Ken. So handsome. Probably taken before color photography.

    • Hay, don’t knock it, that was from the mid 1950’s. The best of times, Whitey, Mickey, Yogi, Eli Howard, Billy, The Moose, The Scooter, Andy Cary, Noren, Bauer, Bob Turley, ED LOPAT, Kubek and Bobby Richardson. A few very good players in that group, don’t you think?

  5. I like the Matt Diaz signing, he looks ready for a bounce back season injury free. He had 8 seasons of .301/.350/.456. I also like giving Romine a chance to catch.

  6. Thanks to YFU bloggers AND commentors.or ers. Spell check doesn’t like either.

    Someone tell me why oh why do i continue to punish myself by reading comments on other blogs and listen to sports radio, and watch sports center ugh.

    I foolishly think i will see or hear something worthwhile.

    • john…in another time, a few years back…Ronald Reagan would of put his hand
      on your shoulder, and said…” john, we Americans have always been dreamers, and together
      with the help of the Lord, the shinning village on the hill, shall return to Yankee Stadium.”
      Stay strong, my brother.

      • Patrick your a breath of fresh air my friend.

        “With our eyes fixed on the future, but recognizing the realities of today… we will achieve our destiny to be as a shining city on a hill for all to see”—Ronald Reagan

        • John…
          You and Patrick should be more careful, don’t you know the Liberal police will be after you! Quoting a USA Icon is bad news, it reminds the opposition how things are done and it isn’t the way they are doing things now!
          Anyone have Baseball news? We need something to debate around here! You guys have a Happy New Years! 🙂

        • john…The feeling is mutual. Glad to ride by your side. Talk later.

  7. oldyankee7-Ken…The liberal police, and the politically correct mob…will have to move on, or
    get over it. Everything put up in these posts…is the truth, and worth fighting for.
    Look at the faces of the Occupy Wall St. mob, you want any one of them beside you,
    in a fox hole?…That is, if you could even find one.
    I can not do ‘baseball chatter’……..This season, is now a baseball limbo. Push on, lads.

    • How things have changed over the years! Back a few years ago there was a strike at a plant near where I lived…the streets ran red that day…the strike was over the next day.
      Up where you come from, Patrick, the days of the Ducks were not really nice days, were they?

      Some of the places I have been, these mobs would last about .00001 min. No, none of them would fit in a fox hole with me…I am the only one allowed to pee or defecate in their pants, around my fox hole. Anyhow I never saw fit to use a fox hole, I was the leader of the pack…going in the other direction! When things got going, so did I. They use to say; “There he goes again, must be time for supper”!

      Matt S…that is sports! I was trying out for track, again, again, and again, I was once timed at 2 1/2 min for a mile run, I hate violence!

      Glad to be your outrider, don’t look for me, I’ll be there, I always am! 🙂

  8. Ken,

    YFU Mgt has warned you to stay away from talking non-sports. Ronald Reagan, strikes, fox holes, is that sports? Don’t want to see you banned again.

    Root for a bold blockbuster by the Bronx bombers !

    • “Matt S…that is sports! I was trying out for track, again, again, and again, I was once timed at 2 1/2 min for a mile run, I hate violence”!

      That is sports, I know it isn’t baseball but….it is a sport!
      Maybe you have seen it, a bunch of people in pretty little short shorts run around and around this little track. The difference is, I run in a strate line!

      Never been banned. Until a deal or movement is made….we have fun, join in or not!

      See? Turning over a new stone.

  9. OK Ken….love to hear those war stories, and track tryout stories , and trips to the courthouse stories and trips to the hospital stories…….its what makes you the great oldyankee07 blogger.

  10. Well, I must say the war stores and track story are a bit tongue in cheek! The other stuff is true, give or take a lie here and there, but one can take it or leave it…me, I put it out there because I think some of it is funny.

    All of my stores are true but, changed a bit to try an make them lite, instead of depressing.

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