Are the Yankees in the process of (gulp) rebuilding?

With the Yankees not spending money this offseason, could Hal Steinbrenner be implying that the Yankees are trying to rebuild?

With the Yankees not spending money this offseason, could Hal Steinbrenner be implying that the Yankees are trying to rebuild?

When the 2012 offseason began, many Yankees fans were hoping that the Yankees would snag the big names off the free agent boards. Scenarios like possibly putting Josh Hamilton in pinstripes or maybe even re-signing Russell Martin were flying all across Twitter and Facebook. Of course, since the season ended in mid-October, all the Yankees have done were twiddle their fingers as the big names came off the board. Russell Martin? Signed a two-year contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates (and joined former Yankee A.J Burnett). Josh Hamilton? Signed a mega deal with the LA Angels and left the Texas Rangers hanging. Nick Swisher? Took his talents to Cleveland for the next four years. Raul Ibanez? He’s going back to Seattle to play for the Mariners. Eric Chavez? Taking his talents to Arizona to help the Diamondbacks get back into another postseason race. Even names like Mike Napoli and A.J Pierzynski came off the board although it made no sense as to why the Yankees didn’t offer either of them a contract with basically no catcher slotted for the 2013 season.

The only new signing the Yankees made so far was Kevin Youkillis who will play third base on Opening Day due to Alex Rodriguez needing hip surgery. The Yankees have made re-signings with some of their players such as Hiroki Kuroda, Brett Gardner, Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera and Ichiro Suzuki, all whose contracts were rather small and for the most part one-year deals (minus Ichiro).

Many would believe that the reason the Steinbrenner’s aren’t spending as much money is due to keeping the payroll at $189 Million in 2014 in order to avoid a luxury tax, but this is something that Yankees fans aren’t used to. Yankees fans are used to spending money on players; giving lucrative contracts for players who can bring their talents to the Bronx and help the Yankees bring home another World Series Championship. However, with an aging Ichiro playing right field, no catcher, no DH and a very light bench, it seems that the Yankees could be heading towards the dreaded “R” word that we all know and hate: rebuilding.

According to an article in the New York Times last March, Hal Steinbrenner was quoted by saying, “Budgets matter, and balance sheets matter. I just feel that if you do well on the player-development side and you have a good farm system, you don’t need a $220 million payroll. You don’t. You can field every bit as good a team with young talent.”

Yes, certain teams in baseball have had success with using young talent from the farm system in order to save on payroll. The Oakland Athletics, the Tampa Bay Rays are to name a few. However with the Yankees, this method won’t work. The Yankees farm system is bleak and some of their top prospects aren’t going to be ready to play for the big leagues in the near future. Their best prospect Jesus Montero was traded last offseason to the Seattle Mariners for Michael Pineda who hasn’t pitched an official inning for the Yankees. (Although, he has made headlines throughout the year). Manny Banuelos and Dellin Betances were both plagued with injuries last season, setting back their chances of making it to the Major League ball club in the near future as well.

In all honesty, pitching wise the best breakout Yankee prospect that we’ve seen in the last couple of years was David Phelps who has proven that he could play at a Major League level (and was a big help to the Yankees 2012 season after the injuries to Andy Pettitte and CC Sabathia). Austin Romine could be a possibility for the catchers’ role, but he has been plagued with back injuries and concussions in his playing career.

The Yankees could stay competitive in 2013 with the likes of Robinson Cano, Mark Teixeira, CC Sabathia, Derek Jeter and Curtis Granderson in their lineup but what’s to happen in 2014 when Cano and Granderson become free agents? Will the Yankees offer a contract to Cano and let Granderson go? Will the Yankees sign the both of them to return? Will the Yankees let both of them go in order to try to rebuild a farm system that doesn’t look promising for the next couple of years? We’ve heard the dreaded “R” word surround other teams, but as for the Yankees (gulp) rebuilding, it seems like the end of the spending era and the beginning of an era where the Yankees just sit and wait until they win a Championship.

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Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Very well done Delia, we expect a lot from you and….you never disappoint us!

    Thank you and a Happy New Year to you! 🙂

  2. In reality, if anyone had been paying attention for the last 10/15 years, none of this should have been a surprise at all. There had been many statements by Hal and others of the family, they were to be more watchful of the bottom line than was daddy! They made no secret of that fact so, we must get use to it or wait for them to follow through with selling the club…as some have said would happen.

    Anyone have a guess what is in store with the team? 🙂

  3. Marlins listening on Stanton—-Get him.

    • I agree 1000% John but if they truly make him available, there will be heavy interest by many teams that have better MLB-ready or close to MLB-ready prospects which I’d think Florida would want. The Yanks have some very good prospects and they are pretty deep too BUT most of their top 10 prospects have yet to play beyond A ball yet.

      What’s the best package the yanks could offer? As far as young MLB players there isn’t much beyond Nova and Phelps. Gary Sanchez and Mason Williams are their top 2 prospects so they’d go as well as maybe Corban Joseph but is that enough? Nova, Phelps, Sanchez, Mason & Joseph?

      • Fish —this is where i differ from many. These young studs under team control is THE way to go. Long term deals for over 30 players most often end badly and hamstring any team along the way.

        Hence I would include Cano in a deal for Stanton , keep the prospects to plug in with him or package for another like Stanton.Yankees will be even production wise for 2013 and 4 years of
        team control. Extend a 23 year old superstar, this guy more SURE than the 2 ROY boy wonders that popped up in 2012.

        Why would Miami want Cano? to flip for a package they can control. Lets do this

        • john….there is no fear in your eyes! Pistols in each hand, yes!
          See what at you can get for Cano, before he, and Boras cut ties.
          If no one wants our young players, why even talk about them?
          That’s me way down on your right, sharpening my cutlass.

        • Damn John, I am beginning to think you are for real! I too like thinking outside the box, what you have laid out is the same (more or less) as few (very few) of us have been saying all winter.
          Cano will have to move to 3rd in a couple years or so…he is beefing up! Either way, we don’t need another A-Rod contract.
          Cano for Stanton is good enough for me! Good job! 🙂

        • john, there are many teams that would give the Marlins a better package than the Yanks.

        • John – I agree with you in principle…Yanks MUST start going for younger & cheaper players. The trades of future All Stars Austin Jackson & Jesus Montero have set the organization back in terms of getting younger, cheaper & better.

          Where I disagree is Cano. First off, Florida would not have interest in Cano as he’s definitely going to explore FA meaning his value in a trade is limited to 1 year. Stanton is as good a player and has 4 years of cheap team control, hence he’s worth at least 4 times more than Cano in a trade. Could Miami flip Cano to a contender? Yes, but they’d get much more value just trading Stanton to any team in MLB as they would all be interested.

          When it comes to pure value in a trade, I would say Stanton is the 2nd most valuable player in MLB behind only Trout. Yanks missed the boat 4 years ago when Miami traded Cabrera yet the stupid yanks decided it would be better to give ARod a 10 year deal instead.

          • I think runs are going to be fewer this year. To many If’s with the bats. Will Jeter do what he did last year coming back from his injury. Will Gardner stay healthy. Will Granderson keep down the K’s. Will Tex be the Tex before the Yankees got him. Will A-Rod be healthy when he comes back. Who’s the DH?

  4. You seasoned posters….remember ” Dead Ted’s Frozen Head “?….yes, he lives.
    He e-mailed me this am. He sends his best to all, but one.
    He is doing fine…asked for Ernie, Ken, Chris O, and Twasp, and others. Good man.

    • Patrick…
      I was asking of Ernie all year, where oh where is he?
      Is Dead Head going to show up here? He is welcome to join! 🙂

      • oldyankees7-Ken……Ernie: Alive, and well, in Boston. New life, and an architect.
        Ted’s Dead Head: Still very angry, over what went down at iYankees. Not posting here.
        patrick: 3am wake-up, good night.

        • Patrick….
          Good for Ernie but, a waste of a good 2nd baseman…well, maybe not, his leg was banged up! Glad to hear he is doing well…I hope!
          Dead Head still angry? That was a long time ago, come on over to where the fun is Dead Head!
          By the way, Me thinks there be someone at the old site that doesn’t like me very much…so I have been told…such a waste of their time!
          We have some new fans and some of the old bunch. Nobody has been out of line here…well, I mean other than me…just a very little bit! But…..

          Tomorrow is a new day and a New Year…time for a new start.

  5. Happy New Year Ken. Keep on, keepin on……you cannot be stopped.

    • Same to you and everyone else.

      I’d be all in on Stanton for the Marlins I agree with Fish though other teams would probably have a better package than the Yankees though.

      I just can’t see this team next year “as is” making the playoffs though.

      • For me, I like next year’s team, the pitching is the key. CC and Kuroda are solid #1 and 2s. Hughes and Nova have been broken in and could be better than they have been, they are just moving towards their prime. Pettite could be on the downside, but he is a great competiter, and I like Phelps as the back-up. The relief looks to be better with healthy Mo,Joba, and possibly Ardsma.

          • Matt S….
            They are going to call me! My numbers are better than anyone on the team except for HRs…of course they span 45+ years in sandlot, college and high school.

            Pitching is a very important part of the game but, so is hitting and defense. The old teams that won so much had all three parts.

            Baltimore had the best pitching for years (1969 to 1982) but won One WS.
            Cleveland had one of the all-around best hitting teams for years but won two WS.
            I could go on and on with teams built around one of the three parts of a winning team that have failed.

            Granted, now days the hottest team wins not the best team anymore.
            The Pit and Yank game turned around on one pitch/hit…the Yanks were by far the better team but….lost anyhow! Back then that was an Outlier. Now days it happens every year or a lot of the time. 🙂

          • Let’s not get greedy the Yanks scored alot of runs last year, either 1 or 2 in the league without Gardner and some others.

  6. Doug – TWASP agrees with you.. No need to panic…our starting pitching is solid and our bullpen is excellent.

    We were second in the league in runs scored last year with a very one dimensional offense. This season we will rely more on speed to manufacture some runs and this will make us a tougher team to beat.

    Gardner and Ichy and Nunez will burn up the base paths. AND also catch the ball better than Ibanez, jones and Swisherlicious.

    Only missing piece for me is a stud right-handed hitting DH.

  7. Big key to the season is …can Pettite and Jeter still do their thing. Though when you think about it, is Phelps and Nunez that big a downgrade?

  8. Not going to like seeing Youklis in Yankee uniform. Few clutch hits may change my mind.

  9. Yeah, yeah, no more big contracts…I get it……but i want to watch Cano play ball EVERYDAY!

  10. Gotta get Nunez more grounballs this season. Only way to improve is to play.

  11. Guys lets get real here for a minute. First our farm system is terrible above A ball. All of you think Cashman is the greatest thing since sliced bread and are delusional. He hasn’t drafted one 20 game winner or stud pitcher in the organization, he has traded his top prospect for not one but two damaged goods pitchers. Here is his pitching line on either trades or FA signings and you let me know if they are good deals? Pavano, Weaver, Brown, Wright, Igawa, Feliciano, Javy Vasquez not once but twice and now Pineda the fat lazy slob who reported to his first Yankee camp out of shape. If you look at Pineda’s numbers last year before the trade you saw a dramatic drop off in MPH the second half of the year so the blame lies with Cashman and the doctors that signed off on that deal.

    Let’s examine what Cashman did to Joba with those asinine Joba rules. Gave him an innings limit and took him from the pen to the starting rotation and gave him one year to prove himself which I felt he did. Now Joba is done until he goes to another franchise that has a clue with pitchers and he will turn into a serviceable starter which is what we need after this year. Hughes is a number 4/5 at best and Nova was a fluke his first year that had high run support. Last year you got to see the real Nova and it wasn’t pretty. He is a long man out of the pen or a pitcher that can mop up and nothing more. MLB hitters make adjustments and they did and Nova pitched to over a 5 era. Face it this team needs to trade its chips now and restock the farm and get younger. Cano isn’t coming back and Granderson is a Yankee stadium hitter and thats all he is with the short porch. Ever since Tex got here after his first year his BA has dropped like a ton of bricks. He is a selfish player that could help alleviate the shift he he attempted to drop some bunts down third base instead of trying to jack everything out in right field. If Cashman could be like his counter part in Boston and get rid of the deadwood like Cherington did we could get this program back to where it needs to be. Lets face it Hal isn’t his father and he only cares about the money and he wants to save millions to risk billions in team value. Sell the team you Bean Counter to someone like Mark Cuban that has a passion for winning. Both Hal and Cashman are a disgrace to the Yankee Pinstripes

    • Ken Hans…welcome.
      I can understand the frustration with how things are being done to this date. Not many of us like it at all but, they still are the Yankees.
      Mark Cuban (Type of guy) as an owner would be very good for the franchise and winning.
      As to pitchers drafted, Cashman has nothing to do with drafting players Oppie is the guy!
      As for pitchers traded for; Pavano can’t be counted (injuries don’t count). Ok, we got it down to 7 bad pitchers but, how about the Ten good ones he signed; Wetteland, Cone, Clemens, (Compos and Pineda are unknown yet), Hitchcock, G. Lloyd, Proctor, Sturtze and Stanton plus Feliciano coming off surgery makes it five bad to eleven good pitchers, he did ok!
      The Joba rules were to try to protect him from the manager and his over use of his BP…thus, Procter was traded because the manager would not follow orders and got fired at the end of the year….But, in retrospect, it messed the kid up, TRUE!
      As for Phil and Nova I haven’t the time and space to go into why I think you may have miss judged them both.
      I agree about Granderson and Cano, trade them both and get someone very, very good for them…NOW.
      Do you think Cherington did that trade on his own? No way, the owner gave him the word to go ahead with it. Can you see Hal giving the word to Cashman?
      Sense Cashman took over full-time in 1998 and worked with Watson and Stick from 1964/65 til then, Cashman has helped or done the signing of 29 players that helped us win a WS.

      Do I wish we were not in the position we are now Heck yes!
      Do I think you have the bottom line right…Heck Yes!
      Do I hope you stay with this blog and give us your opinions…Heck Yes! It takes a Yankee fan to put everything you wrote in print…you did a very good job, hope to see more of you! 🙂

      As with anyone connected to the Yankees, I will come to their defense even if I don’t approve of their job!

      • Thanks for your reply. We agree on somethings, however we disagree greatly about Cashman. In your response to my blaming Cashman for the drafts you commented on its Oppie and my reply back would be Cashman is the GM and in charge of everyone from Oppie down to the scouts so in retrospect the buck stops with him and if he lets Oppie make the drafts then shame on Cashman for not firing him because the farm is in shambles from above A ball. I believe Wetland, Cone and a few others you mentioned were traded for by either Watson or Stick but I am not 100% sure as I would have to verify it. I look forward to more debates with you and fellow Yankee fans as I am a season ticket holder and have not renewed my tickets because of the direction Hal has taken this team in and until I see the commitment that GS did I am not going back to the stadium

        • lefftee…
          You are right on most of what you have said!
          I had a real nasty diatribe written here but, it disappeared because I hit a wrong button again.
          These new fangled things get me every time. 🙂
          Cash helped both Stick and Watson and they monitored him and let him run with many things so, we may never know who is right on that one.
          On the boss being responsible and accountable…I am with you a 1000%…there is no place for excuses in anything one does…although there are reasons. Reasons are why one did or didn’t do the right thing at the time…NOT excuses!
          Thank you and stick around, things will get hot shortly, they always do. We have some fans like you around here so, jump right in! Happy New Year! 🙂

    • Welcome Leftee. I agree with some of what you say. I do not like the way Yankee leadership has been operating the last few years. they have made a lot of contradicting moves recently and the team is not set up well for the next few years. Despite constantly stating he wanted to make the team younger, Cashman continues to sign old FAs and has traded away the club’s 2 best young impact position players.

      The 2012 team was bailed out by an MVP-caliber season from 37 yr-old Jeter and Rafael Soriano who Cashman wanted nothing to do with. Hal’s choice to cut salary now is ridiculous. The team is old and the impact players on the farm are years away. Money is flowing like water around MLB and it seems every team is expanding payroll while the Yankees are cutting back.

      If they really want to cut payroll and get younger then they should be doing it the right way. Don’t sign a bunch of old players to 1 or 2 yr deals and let all the talent in their prime walk away for nothing as FAs. This year they let Swisher, Soriano & Martin walk for nothing and next yr it will be Granderson, Hughes, Joba, Logan and quite possibly Cano. Why not trade some of these guys for some players under team control or some upper-level prospects that can steip in soon.

      • Fish I agree with everything you said. Randy Levine overruled Cashman on Soriano and we all know where we would have been with Soriano. I think he is a terrible judge of talent and lets not kid ourselves his early year wins were still hangover moves by Stick and Watson. Ever since GS died this guy has become a weird dude, repelling down buildings and cheating on his wife with skank’s.

        As a former season ticket holder I have know issues if he trades deadwood like Tex and gets rid of Cano and trades Granderson for youth and quality, my concern is that he is always getting fleeced on his trades, tell me how Randy Levine who has no player insight can overrule the GM and make a great pickup, yet our GM trades his best prospect for not one but two damaged goods pitchers? He has been somewhat successful in bottom feeding with a few players, however he goes to the well with them for another year and gets burnt i.e Garcia and Jones
        both terrible second year yankees.

        I have no faith in this guy and as a baseball junkie you learn to appreciate the GM’s like Billy Bean who have little budget yet year in and year out he makes deals to strengthen his team and farm system, imagine him in NY, hell Sandy Alderson is a better GM then Cashman

        • Lefftee What do you like and are looking forward to next year with this team and or with prospects that you like in the system?

          • Fish to be honest with you I really dislike the team and that is why I refused to do my tickets this year. We are the Geritol kids and with age comes injuries and you need to draw from the farm when injuries happen and we don’t have a farm above A ball. Case in point, the Genius Cashman gives Ichiro who is 39 a two year contract, yet won’t give his catcher a two year contract and if anyone feels comfortable with Stewart or Cervelli behind the dish they have no clue. I like Romine but he hasn’t had a full season at triple A and you know Cashman wants you to go through the entire farm system before you make the show.

            We can’t expect Jeter to reproduce what he did last year, especially coming off a broken ankle. I think Tex is a selfish player who could help himself with the shift if he dropped a few bunts down and took the cheap hit, same goes for Granderson. Cashman gave up Austin Jackson for Granderson and look who got the better part of that deal and it isn’t us. Gardner to me is a late inning D replacement and he is nothing more than that with his girlie swing. Cano is a lazy but talented player and Girardi lets him get away with that crap which is unacceptable. You would think playing opposite Jeter all these years that Cano would get it and hustle, yet he continues to be lazy. I blame that on Girardi for not sitting his ass down. Do you think for one minute that Billy Martin would have accepted that crap.

            The pitching staff is old and hughes is a 4/5 in my mind and Nova is a long relief man to me. He was a fluke his first year because he had high run support. Pineda seems to me to be lazy and the injury he has needs someone who will rehab like a wild man and lets face it this guy came to his first yankee camp out of shape and over weight so do we really expect him to comeback stronger from this? I don’t. I like the pen for the most part but thought Girardi killed the pen last year like Torre did and I am afraid Logan will be lit up from overuse last year.

            As I said before I would accept it if we traded away guys now instead of losing them for just a draft pick when we can get the farm some real prospects back in return. I also hate Cashman’s rule about not negotiating until the season is over because the game has changed now where we aren’t the only ones with money now. Heck we got out spent by Pittsburgh and Seattle for two of our players. Hal would rather save millions and risk billions in team value so he can say his college degree came in handy. GS knew as a business man that you needed to reinvest in your product to get the best return on your dollar, yet Hal wants to take every penny he can, look at what he just did in the sale of the YES network. Sell the team Hal and make us all happy

            • Mr. lefftee…
              With all do respect may I point out a thing or two using my opinion with some facts as you have done?
              It seems to me you don’t like the management of the Yankees! Ok, I understand that, join the club, most of us agree with that.
              But, I will draw the line when it comes to ripping a player for things that may be beyond their control and may be our personnel opinion rather than fact.

              1–Sometimes one has to play the cards given to them; Martin wanted two years…maybe the Yankees thought Romine would be ready in one year, why pay Martin big bucks to hold back what we already have? Would I rather have Martin…yes?
              2–Jeter will not reproduce last years numbers, fact!
              3–Both Tex and Curtis are right field hitters from that side of the plate. There have been and are many others just like them. It takes a while to teach your muscles to have the memory for that swing. The same goes for unlearning it, and some (like Tex) try but can’t redo it.
              4–Austin was a head case with the Yankees, someone didn’t like that, so he was gone. Brett is the best defensive CF in the AL, and you may want to check his #’s for the 1st half of 2012. As for Cano, the days of him hitting for a high BA are over, he found the right field fence. A few years ago Our 3rd baseman took Melky and Cano under his wing and had them work out with him and learn the game etc., it worked until he himself went down with injury. Now he is to big for his shoes. Jeter should have been the one to take Cano under his wing, he didn’t do that, Munson and Mattingly would have taken him to the wood shed, and Billy would have kick him in the ass.
              5–As for the pitching staff, I have a very different opinion of them and how they were used but, that is my opinion.
              6–The last PP is right on!

              You may think I disagreed with you on many things but, not really. I think we agreed on many more items. So, don’t quit posting, most around here don’t agree with me but, I still have fun as the devils advocate!
              So, Happy New Year and long life! 🙂

      • fishjam, it’s no that easy to stay on top, the Yanks have never been in a rebuilding mode. I think Cashman has made inquiries on trading players, but sometimes they aren’t the right fit. I like what Cashman has done to this point, he has signed key players to keep the Yanks in contention, while giving them a bridge until the younger players are ready. Signing players like Kuroda,Pettite, and Youk look to be good moves to me. Next year the team will be able to sign at least 2 pitchers and one position players as it stands now, which is all they really need.

        • doug…
          The Yankees got to 1995-6 and on because the rebuilding Stick, Watson and Showalter did in the years before the 1996 WS.
          If the Yankees want to replace the Manager, Showalter is the best (and Stick) talent evaluator sence Casey in the 40’s and 50’s. Or better yet, bring him in as Cashmans right hand man.
          I agree with everything else you wrote…good man doug. 🙂

          • old yankee, Stick did a good job, but the Yanks weren’t in the playoffs at that time and were drafing near the top. This team is drafting at the bottom.

            • doug…
              Are you Irish? If not, you pore guy!! Anyhow, you are right to some extent, the key is; we would have been at the top in the draft if King George would have quit trading away our top prospects every year and bringing in FA.
              You are right but, you forgot to add; “when we have a 1st round pick”!
              Come on doug, it is you that is in your 60’s right, or am I wrong again! If not, you lived through the bad old days of Yankee baseball didn’t you? Remember all the bad deals?

              • old yankee, yes I am in my 60’s and I remember the bad days, but Cashman has been a part of the good days, it wasn’t all Stick. There is a big difference in the number of great major league players that sign in the first ten in the draft compared to the last 4 in the first round. There are gems in all the rounds, but by far the most are in the first ten picks in the first round.

                • doug…
                  I agree with some of what you are saying but, I must also say fishjam (below) has put it all in perspective.
                  I hate it when I have to say yes and no at the same time, it is almost as bad as having to agree with fashjam! LOL 🙂

                  • oldyankee7-Ken…..It’s that time again!. Long Beach Polar Bears.
                    First Sunday in February. You up to it?
                    Our group will have… Father John D…. So in case you meet Jesus, he will grease
                    the skids for you. You must go all the way under.

                    • Patrick…
                      Is it in cold water, I mean, like frozen water? Down around Zero? Nay, nay, and I say again, nay…not a chance. If it is below 45 out side, I am not to be seen at all. And jump into water colder than 90 is totally out of the question.

                      Just because you are a crazy Irishman……..jumping into ice water!#@%$!? Now that is cold man!
                      I am not sure but, I think that was the long way of saying, ain’t no-way no-how, ever gona happen…NO WAY!
                      Have fun and if you die, call me, maybe we can compare notes. 🙂

            • Doug – That’s a common and often repeated misconception. Almost ALL of the Yankee homegrown players that became the Core were not high draft picks. The only one who was of course was Jeter. Pettitte was a 22nd round pick, Posada a 24th rd pick. Most of the rest were international Free Agents including Mariano, Bernie, El Duque, Contreras, Mendoza, etc. And later homegrown players like Soriano & Cano were also IFAs. Int’l Free Agency has always been the way for the yankees to acquire talent as these players are not subject to the draft and go to the highest bidder. This has always been an avenue where the Yankees can use their financial might to dominate. The loophole was finally closed this year with the new CBA which is why the Yanks should have been signing as many IFAs as possible prior to the new CBA which sadly they did not do.

              The reason the Yankee Core was built was Stick & Watson were wise enough not to trade away their young prospects in the late 80s, early 90s while George was suspended. Stick and Watson then supplemented the young Core with excellent trades for pros like O’Neill, Cone, Tino, Girardi, Nelson and low-level FAs like Key, Wells, Stanton, Boggs, etc.

              • fishjam, Most of the international free agents would have been drafted in the first round. Look at the best players in the game today and most of them were drafted in the first round. I’ve looked at the past drafts and know this to be true. Swisher, CC, A-Rod, Jeter,and Tex were all drafted in the first round. The difference lately is that many teams are signing there great players to long term contracts before they hit free agency. This is not the 90’s, it’s like comparing apples to oranges, you have to look at the way things are today.

                • Doug – Acquiring & developing young talent hasn’t changed at all. The same avenues to build a team were open to Cashman in the 2000’s as were available to Stick & Watson in the 80’s/early 90’s.

                  30% of MLB players are foreigners and thus not subject to the Amateur Draft. Up until this year there were no spending restrictions on IFAs and it was essentially who could scout and out-bid the best players. The team’s with the most money (NYY) had a huge advantage. So while Cashman hasn’t drafted at the top, he’s had access to plenty of elite young talent for years.

                  The difference back then is that with George suspended, they didn’t trade away their young talent and they gave them a chance to play. Lately, the Yanks seem scared shit to let young players play and have traded away many good young players like they used to in the early to mid 80s.

                  • fishjam, the diference is that in 1995 the Yanks had no exspectations, today they have to make the playoffs or they are failures.

        • Doug – Like Old yank said Cashman inherited a DYNASTY team in 1998 with a young core consisting of 4 likely hall of Famers. He was also handed budgets which were nearly twice that of 90% of MLB teams. Most GMs in MLB would find it easy to make the playoffs under those circumstances.

          Now that the Core is winding down and teams are catching up to the Yankees budget, we will truly see what Cashman is made of. I agree that Kuroda, Andy & Youkilis were good 1-yr signings that will keep them competitive in the East this yr. The team wil require more than 2 pitchers and 1 player next yr with 6 significant pitchers as FAs plus Cano, Granderson & Youkilis. They badly need some of their young players like Nova, Phelps, Pineda, Nunez, Joseph, Adams, Romine, etc to become reliable contributors.

          • It seems to me a lot of differences we fans have about some things is based on age along with knowledge of the game and if you had played above or at college level at a minimum. If one were to ask me to name my all time Yankee team, only three players (that played for 5 years or more) would be on my team, maybe four.
            If Brian D. were asked he would have most of the players from 1996 to now…but then, he is only 15+ (18?).
            I would have a lot of trouble picking between “The Scooter” and Jeter, Jeter is considered by many as the far better SS. Of course those MANY may never have watched Scooter play, in his day his role was much different from Jeters.
            Anyhow I would go with, Mo, Jeter and A-Rod Without a doubt at all…other than those it would be all the players of yester year!

            • I tend to agree OldYank. Its natural for fans to have favorites from their (for lack of a better term) Glory Years. I also think people who have played the game a lot tend to appreciate certain types of players more than others depending upon the type of player one was. For example, it sounds like you were an undersized middle infielder so it’s natural that you would gravitate towards Scooter. Does that make sense?

              • fishjam…
                I very much resent or resemble that description of me…how dare you! After all, 5′ 9-7/8″ was not undersized in the 50’s and 60’s. LOL! 🙂
                But I regress, you are right in that I was an infielder of great talent…not so much! In reality, I was Brett but played 2nd/3rd base among other things. I was a much better hitter then he is, if one goes by the numbers and not where they were put up.

                Joking aside, it has much to do with how I look at the players of today, I find myself comparing them to players I saw play a year or so back.
                And yes, it makes great sense!

                Have A Happy New Year! 🙂

          • Fish you are dead on with your comments. Cashman inherited the core from Stick and Watson and had an open checkbook to run wild because his owner wanted to win more than make money. Cashman was able to buy his way out of problems and now he can’t do it because he has no farm to help him make moves and he isn’t creative enough to make deals. George’s son the Bean Counter is the complete opposite, as I mentioned before he would rather make millions by saving luxury tax and risk billions in team value to show you he is smarter than the rest of us with his economics degree. Cashman now has a budget and this is when everyone will see he is a second rate gm at best. Big deal he signed Kuroda and Riveria and Andy to comeback along with Itch because they all wanted to comeback. We could have signed them as well. He also gave Itch a two year deal for a 39 year old which to me was a bad move.

            Now I believe someone pointed out in a previous post that Itch brings more than Swisher overall which I agree but father time is not a friendly guy and this is an old team and injuries happen and lets be honest here our farm system is not ready to deliver us players when injuries happen. I was told in an older post that Oppie is in charge of the draft and the farm and that may be his title on his business card but the GM is the boss and oversees everything from hiring to drafts to signings to coaching staffs so the bottom line is that inept Cashman aka the repelling elf has failed.

            I would rather see a direction here with this organization then lets retool with old players and pray no one gets injured so we can save face with the fans. Trade Cano and Granderson and Tex and lets get younger and more athletic because we all know that Lazy but talented Cano is going to the highest bidder which will probably be the Dodgers or the Angels and all we will receive is a first rd pick which our top notch GM will probably screw the pooch on again and draft another pitcher that he knows needs TJ surgery. Lastly this BS philosophy of waiting till your contract is over before we re-negotiate is terrible for a few reasons. First the playing field has changed dramatically and we are not the only ones who have money, second we are costing ourselves millions more when we can sign a player before their real value goes through the roof. This has got to stop because this isn’t George’s Yankees anymore unfortunately

            • lefftee…
              You are right, fishjam hit it squarely.
              Until 2007 (I think it was) Randy and the “Tampa Mafia” along with George ran the team as far as big trades and signings. Cashman was never given full power until then but, even now Randy interferes many more times than a bookkeeper should ever do.
              When Stick and Watson did their hard work and got out-of-town, it was up to Cashman to try to build a farm system like they showed him how to do. But, he couldn’t do it as fast as they traded away players. In actuality, Cashman has had five years to do (almost) what he had wanted to do and talked about many times…build the farm system. If anyone thinks it can be done faster with the draft position we have had…please contact Cashman.
              As fishjam pointed out we raided the other country’s for players and hit on a few good ones along with a few that dumped in their pants.Yes, the manager is the boss unless, he is over riden by his boss.

  12. For Those Who Will Miss…the Yankee power in 2013:
    Right now at River Ave Blues, they have a video up of every Yankee HR in 2012.
    Yes, 252 of them….including playoffs. Start to finish.
    Almost half that muscle is gone, or pending surgery.
    A time to reflect. Not intended to spoil ones New Year.
    Oh yeah, the best to all you guys.

  13. Well, I can see I am still the only one with a twisted enough mind to think beyond the obvious.

    This is my opinion on what is going down with the Yankees, most if not all of you, will say very bad things about this;

    We have A-Rod, Tex, and CC signed for more than 4 years right?
    We have a few older players that can be replaced at any time without costing the team a lot of cash!

    The way I see it, it is exactly (give or take) the way to go about changing over to younger players. Let’s face it they will not replace Tex with a young kid for many reasons, money, talent, experience. Itchy can be given his release anytime they want to replace him with someone younger and about as good.

    Everyone starting to get the drift now? It is really simple, as our kids push their way onto the team the player replaced can be cut with out their salary counting against the cap. Replacing $5-$13mm with majors min $$$ is good business and, this is a business! Oh, in case you haven’t got it yet…we are not dealing with King George, the guy who wanted to win at everything and had a passion for the Yankees…we have a bottom line bookkeeper, more interested in the money than winning. If the Yankees win, so be it. if they don’t, so be it, we made money.

    Like I said before in this thread, Hal told us for the last few years that he was not going to pay other teams Yankee money to get high draft picks and use Yankee money to pay for them.
    Most of the hard-line Yankees that are to young to remember the years of BAD teams are spoiled. Many of the older fans are thinking with their hearts not their minds.

    Most of us are pissed because we have seen the top players go to other teams, players (in the past would be ours) we could have bought in by gone days!

    Oh, bye the way, Most of the GM’s are not good judges of talent. A very few yes, but most of the time we give the credit to the wrong guy, most of the time it is the coordinator! In Cash, we have one that isn’t a good judge of talent at all!

    I understand most of you, will not accept this comment as gospel but in my egotistical way I think it is the answer for all the confusion! 🙂

  14. old yankee, it’s a team effort when your talking about evaluating talent. Cashman and his scouts along with his sabermatitians are making the dicisions.

    • doug…
      where have you been! I have been preaching the same things to some of these fans for years but, I am so use to some using Cashman as the all inclusive bad guy, I did word it wrong.
      Everything you wrote I have been trying to get through the heads of people around here that blame everything on Cashman…oh, he gets plenty of money for taking the heat, so that is nothing to him.
      “The first and only thing that should ever count is: The Team…in management and on the field. Without a strong trusting team, nothing real good ever comes of it”. Quot of “Ken Reed’s”

      • Your failing to see the big picture here OldYankee7. Cashman is the boss and everything starts and stops with him so if what you say is gospel and I don’t believe that for one second that Oppie is making the moves and not Cashman then shame on Cashman for keeping his ass around because this team has no talent above A ball. If you noticed that on Black Monday in the NFL numerous coaches were canned along with numerous GM’s because the GM is in charge of running the show, does the GM have a director of scouting..yes he does but do you think for one second when the draft comes that the GM doesn’t have the final say on who he picks? I am afraid you are misguided in your thoughts in the process.

        • lefftee…
          I was in charge of a well run organization for years, I had people who were given to me for one reason or another, I had to live with their incompetence for a very short while, until they asked for a transfer. If you think any GM can spend his days doing someone elses work along with his own…think again! It doesn’t work that way.

  15. Lefftee – While I share your disdain for Ownership/Management, I’m not as pessimistic on some of our players as you are. To address some of the players you mentioned I’ll go 1 by 1:

    1) Ichiro – Don’t like giving him 2 years. But, i think he has some value in ways Swisher didn’t. Ichiro hits for better BA, steals bases, plays better D and in a small sample, hit in the playoffs. However, i would have signed 28 yr old Melky to a 2 yr deal instead of another past his prime player.

    2) Martin – I’m not going to cry over losing him because he wasn’t great. BUT, I don’t like turning the pitching staff over to the weak trio we have. Romine should be given a year as a back-up as he’s not ready to start. Pierzynski on a 1-yr deal made a ton of sense here.

    3) Jeter is a consumate pro and I’ll never count him out but there is no way he will play as well as last yr at 29 coming off a snapped ankle. Joe/Cash better be prepared to play Nunez more at SS and Jeter at DH

    4) Tex – i agree he’s so frustrating to watch. His .290-.300 BA days are gone, I just hope he’ll get back to 30-100 with great D.

    5) The Granderson trade hurts because we gave up so much. I’d like to see him traded for some players under team control but I doubt it will happen. have to pray he plays like 2011 and not 2012.

    6) Totally disagree on Gardner. I like what he brings to the table as the best fielding OF in MLB. If he can get on base 36% of the time and steal 45-50 bases he has a lot of value

    7) Cano is a stud. He is lazy at times BUT he also plays more games and innings than any other player in MLB! I think Joe lets him get away with coasting to 1B because of this. Cano is the most indispensable player on the team and I hope he stays. i would have given him an extension in 2011 as it would have saved the team tens of millions in money and 1 or 2 yrs.Another ridiculous move by management to cling to the “we don’t negotiate until FA” bullshit. They offered Martin an extension in the Spring so obviously they’ll bend. But it’s too late now with Cano.

    8) We kind of agree on Hughes….he’s a mid rotation guy at best. I don’t agree on Nova. I think he has even more potential than Hughes and if the Yanks can develop him properly, he’ll be an excellent #3 for years. He has the pitches, the size and the mechanics, he now has to find himself as a pitcher. In 2011 he was a groundball pitcher and in 2012 he tried to be a Strikeout guy but that also came with a lot of elevated pitches and extra base hits. he needs to find the happy medium.

    9) I agree on Pineda and will be surprised if he ever makes a meaningful contribution

    10) I agree that Hal is a bottom line thinker. All signs point to him positioning the franchise to be sold in coming years. When he saw what the Dodgers went for his eyes LIT UP!

  16. Fish I agree with you on most comments but still feel Gardner is a late inning D replacement and base stealer. Is he a great defensive outfielder? Yes I believe he is but he also has a weak arm and no pop in his bat and outside of Curtis the K Granderson we have no pop in our outfield. I think the Martin issue will be a lot bigger than you think because even though his average sucked he did hit 21 HR’s this year and he more importantly is a wall back there. Stewart and Cazu Cervelli is not the answer. I would rather Romine get the job if hitting is not going to be an issue and yes the genius Cashman should have signed AJ to a one year deal because he is the masher he likes of hitting home runs instead of being a good hitter. I don’t agree with you on Cano and Girardi’s thought process. I think Girardi is just scared of upsetting the applecart which is wrong and more importantly Cano Sr should be on the phone with his son and say stop being lazy because you are not representing your name sake in Jackie Robinson properly and more importantly that is not how you play the game. Itch at 39 will still beat Cano down first base on a ball hit to the infield. Its not only disgusting but downright disrespectful to the game. Most of the other points you made I agree with you.

    • Saying Cano is lazy is just a lazy statement. Ask anybody on the team who takes the most extra BP and it’s Cano. Nobody jogged out more ground balls than Paul O’Neill. Did u get on him for being lazy? No because they won championships and he threw water coolers. Just dumb.

      • That’s crazy! Everyone but you knows he is lazy, its written about in the papers all the time, commentators talk about it all the time. Taking extra BP doesn’t mean your not lazy. What about the players that are in slumps that take extra BP does that make them not lazy?

        • Did you think Paul O’Neil was lazy?

        • lefty, this shows how things have changed in baseball, years ago the power hitters were in the outfield and the infielders were your punch and judy hitters who were good fielders. Today a player like Cano is the best hitter on the team with power. I will take his lack of effort on some plays to keep him healthy, besides all players have their faults. Players are not going to change the way they play today as much as in the old days.

        • No im sorry but ask anybody any player on the team and they will tell you that nobody else works harder than Cano. The newspaper guys have a narrative to sell you that you are obviously buying. If they were winning championships like they were with Paul O’neill nobody would say a word just like they didn’t with him.

          • He is lazy so I don’t want to hear about not going hard for balls up the middle so he doesn’t hurt himself. Pete Rose never took a play off and look what he accomplished and he was no where near the ability of Cano. Lazy is what he is and very talented.

  17. Certain times I did, but the difference is that in the field O’Neil never was lazy, Cano doesn’t go hard after balls and it was veery evident last season with balls hit to his right. You can talk to me about Cano till we are blue in the face and it isn’t going to change my mind or opinion on him. To me he is a very gifted player that is lazy

  18. doug..BBNY…the best second baseman in baseball, will walk away from this team
    next November. Put Cano, Gardner, and Hughes ( even the non-killer bees )…in the
    chum slick, and see what it brings to the surface.
    I think it’s being done, as we speak.

  19. He is the best 2nd baseman but he is the laziest as well. I am not comparing him to Kinsler ability wise but hustle wise I would take Kinsler everyday of the week and twice on Sunday. Again I am stating that hustle wise

  20. LAZY ? Dictionary Definition: laziness: inactivity resulting from a dislike of work [syn: indolence]
    For 8 yrs. Cano has played on this team, and all I hear the past 72 hrs. is how lazy he is.
    Where did this come from?
    For 8yrs, 3 as an all-star, he receives nothing but raves. But now he is lazy?
    This lazy talk, is subjective, and based on ones opinion. I think its nonsense, and dumb.
    He will walk in November’13…..but not from being lazy.

    • You’re right about one thing which he is leaving and it isn’t because he is lazy it’s because someone is going to pay him a great deal of money. You’re wrong because the lazy talk has been discussed for years so I am not sure why you’re not in tune. I told another poster that we can go back and forth and you will never convince me that Cano is not lazy. Just see how he runs out if the box and I don’t want to hear about player comparisons. I want all my players busting it out if the box and not taking sys off and Cano does both

      • leftee, I agree with you on Cano, if the Yanks can’t resign him they should trade him. Cano could bring in some good young players, the problem is the Yanks can’t contend without him.

      • lafftee…
        Again I must take issue with your assessment of Cano, he got that Lazy tag put on him by a reporter one time when he and Milky were spending time out late and not working hard at work-outs.
        A-Rod read about it and talked to them both like a Dutch Uncle, got them to work-out with him. Melky did a bit but, gave up. Cano stayed with it.
        There are many players (Joe “D” is one) that were so smooth with their fielding, it made them look like they were lazy also. Being an ex-second baseman, I can see what some others may not see. Cano is very smooth, and quick but, not fast. Just because he doesn’t run it out all the time you call him lazy. I don’t, I call him a guy I would have kicked in the butt.
        See, in the old days, his team-mates…lead by Joe DiMaggio, who use to tell new players, “Don’t mess with my WS money”…Meaning don’t mess-up or you had to answer to him.

        • Old I am not sure your level of play but I played ball in College and then a little after college so I do understand the game. I have some questions for you and I want you to answer the questions with a yes or a no and please don’t elaborate as to why you feel the way you do? A yes or no answer is all that I am looking for and we will see how truthful you are.

          1. Does Cano have more talent then Pete Rose?
          2. Did Pete Rose run everything out of the box hard?
          3. Does Robinson Cano run everything out of the box hard?
          4. Did Pete Rose every take a play off in the field?
          5. Did Cano ever take a play off in the field?
          6. Did Pete Rose ever sit on a lounge chair during the payoffs while in the dugout?
          7. Did Cano sit on a lounge chair during the playoffs in the dugout?

          lounge chair might be the wrong word usage but they showed a clip on TV so you know where I am coming from. Derek Jeter goes full bore into stands after foul balls, Cano no chance. I am surprised at you since you say your in your 60’s and you should be seeing the lack of hustle on Cano from the days of your youth seeing guys go full out. I don’t buy the graceful and he makes everything look easy crap and that my friend is what reporters say as well. I don’t listen to reporters as I am knowledgeable enough to see it for myself and I am a season ticket holder so I get to see it first hand. Again let me reiterate that no matter what anyone on this forum or in the yankee clubhouse tells me is going to change my opinion on Cano not being a player that hustles, however I look forward to getting your yes or no answers.


          • Ok lefftee, I’ll do my best, you seem like a stand-up guy, I always tell the truth but, I have been mistaken, going from my memory. Oh, I am 74 years old.

            1-Yes! 2-Yes! 3-Nay! 4-No? 5-Yes! 6-No? 7-??

            A couple of them I really couldn’t answer because, I don’t know for sure.
            I played in College, Army, Sandlot ball and the baseball leagues in the 40 and over league until a few years ago.

            Bye the bye, if you believe you are right about Cano, don’t even think of changing your mind! And I for one, wouldn’t want you to change it because we disagree. That is the fun of debates, besides, you are right, on many of you views. Have Fun! 🙂

          • Every player has his own way of getting the job done. Cano and Jeter take different paths to their success and are different personalities. It’s kind of like your kids, they are all different but you still love them for what they are.

  21. doug…BBNY…stay strong, my brother.
    Unless you know what the chum slick brings in, you can not be sure the
    Yankees will not contend. He walks…..and the teams return is?
    Stay strong. Like minds, will prevail.

  22. There Is Smoke….yes!….Starting to imerge on the wires.
    Giancarlo Stanton is the new name, in the winds.
    Yes, the Yankees can do this, if they want.
    BBNY…..shoulder to shoulder.

    • Pat you guys have a better chance of me saying Cano hustles then the Yankees making that trade and you know I will never say Cano hustles all the time if you get my drift. There also was supposedly smoke on Hamilton and I guess that Smokey the bear put that forrest fire out

  23. Here’s my take on Cano. I don’t think lazy is the right word. he is a hard worker who is in supreme condition. There is no way that he could be as durable as he is and play at such a high level if he didn’t work hard on his craft. He’s played 159+ games at a tough position for 6 years in a row. I’ve also seen the video and heard the reports of him working on a sandlot in the D.R. all Winter. After 162 games and playoffs the Yankees had to FORCE him not to play Winter Ball. So no, lazy isn’t the word.

    HOWEVER, he definitely doesn’t bust it to first all the time and is more of a reacher than a diver in the field. I think it’s fair to say he doesn’t always hustle. Unfortunately, this seems to be a trait a lot of Dominican players share. Do I wish he busted it like Jeter at all times….YES. Is it a deal breaker…NO. If he wasn’t the best & most durable player on the team he wouldn’t get away with it.

    My College coach was a nut job but the 1 thing that he always said that resonates with me to this day is……”Never Lose Your Hustle”. Whether in baseball or life, it’s a good motto. He also instituted the 5 step rule. It was you continue to SPRINT on the bases for 5 full steps even after the ball is caught by an OF or 1B. While that worked on college players, not many MLB Managers can demand that from players making Millions of Millions of $$. For every Jeter who ALWAYS busts it, there are 50 like Cano who pull up when they think they can’t get a hit.

    So while I don’t like that Cano doesn’t always hustle 100%, I want him on my team because of his durability and his amazing talent.

    • Fish that was a good post and I understand where you are coming from. He is the best second baseman around, however the way I was taught to play the game isn’t the way he plays the game and being a traditionalist as far as playing hard and leaving it all on the field isn’t the way he plays. Is he the most talented player at 2B…yes he is. Are there second baseman who I admire because they don’t take plays off and leave it on the field the answer is yes. Kinsler and the Smurf Pedroia play the game the right way

      • lefftee…
        You are right in that, if I were his manager….Cano with his talent…I would be out of work in a week! The big name guys get excused from the stuff I (you and even fishjam…a pitcher by the way) had to do.
        Some players (Not Cano) I played with in high school, college and Army were really, really good ball players and didn’t learn how to work HARD at their trade. They all were passed by because they thought their talent was enough, it was in high school but, when you play against others with like talent…it isn’t, and most never figure it out until, it is too late. Cano is not one of those guys, he works hard but, mainly with the things he likes to do.

        I am sure you guys have seen those guys in your days, I think we all have.
        There is an old saying I have lived by; “know your limitations”! Three words with many options included in them.
        Keep on keeping on, good minds are very welcome here…if you can put up with me, you got it made!

  24. Giancarlo Stanton: More than one top blogging site, is reporting now, that the Yankees
    do not have what it takes, to pull this off. Our chips are…no big deal.
    Beats me, I thought we had, what everyone wanted…young talent.

    • No Patrick, we don’t have young talent and all of these dreamers who think our prospects are so wonderful apparently don’t understand that because noone else thinks they are, they don’t have the kind of trade value we need to acquire a big name.
      What we have are a bunch of pitchers with surgically repaired elbows and shoulders and some outfielders and infielders who are best classified as “maybes”.
      Sanchez stands alone in the “can’t miss” category.
      I’ll be rooting this year, as I have since I was 4 years old, but I don’t expect much.
      Our farm system has noone ready to impact the team, our GM pissed away oodles of talent the last 4 years in horrific trades, and our billionaire owners decided now would be a good time to pretend that they are broke and have to cut corners.
      Here’s your opening day lineup as of now
      Jeter SS
      Gardner LF
      Teixeira 1B
      Cano 2B
      Granderson CF
      Youkilis 3B
      some scrapheap reclamation project to be named later DH
      Ichiro RF
      Cervelli C

      • Michael P…….evening.
        A couple of thoughts for you…….
        Can not argue the prospect situation. No one is banging down the door for them.
        What I don’t understand, is when you loose almost 50% of your home runs, and
        there is no rebellion. They will pitch around Teixeira, and Granderson all year.
        That line-up?….glad it’s cocktail hour.

  25. TO TURN THE TIDE of lazy-bones bards, launched at him…Robinson Cano has
    teamed up with Red Bull, and Coney Island Nathans…to market himself as an avid
    energy drink user, who likes to run fast to first base.
    He will be the opening act, at the Fourth of July hotdog eating contest.

  26. The BBNY..’ The Blockbuster Brotherhood of New York.’…Is not dead.
    At the moment, we resemble a cadaver. Can’t argue that.
    Stay strong my brothers.

  27. many different ways the name …”lefftee”, is spelled here.
    Must be 4-6.

  28. My Turn Again?…morning cowgirls.
    Almost 50% of last years Yankee home run power will not be there on opening day.
    I omitted, Ramiro Pena by accident, even he had one.
    Its January the 4th. Small ball will cause riots in the streets.

  29. I have candles in my windows, for brother Twasp.
    I have lit candles in our church, for my wing man, Twasp.
    The blog world, is a better place, when you perform.
    Bring your tent show back, soon.

  30. Giancarlo Stanton: The following from MLB Prospect….12/30/12
    “The Marlins could have interest in any combination of Gary Sanchez, Mason Williams, Slade Heathcott, or Tyler Austin, and could likely pry Manny Banuelos out of the Yankees hands as well.”
    Where there is smoke…………

  31. Arizona’s A.J. Pollock..RH/OF…available.
    From today’s River Ave Blues…Mile Alisa:
    “First and foremost, he’s a blue-collar player with great makeup and excellent instincts in all phases of the game. He’s a line-drive, gap-to-gap hitter who squares balls up consistently and produces lots of doubles. He could develop 15-homer power once he gets stronger. He makes contact so easily that it hampers his ability to draw walks. Though he has just average speed, Pollock is the system’s best baserunner … He’s solid defensively at all three outfield positions, making good reads in center field and displaying an average arm … Though some scouts see him as a fourth outfielder because he isn’t loaded with plus tools, the Diamondbacks envision him becoming a solid regular.”

    My point is, is that being creative will help solve this squads short comings.

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