What Are Some New Year’s Resolutions For Our Yankees?

A new year is upon us and with only 43 days until Pitchers and Catchers report, it would be a good time to list some New Year’s resolutions for some of our favorite Yankees. How could some of our players better themselves coming into the season? Let’s take a look.

gardner 3

Brett Gardner‘s New Year’s Resolution should be to have a healthy 2013 season

Brett Gardner: Have a healthy and productive 2013 season.

Brett Gardner had a frustrating 2012 season only playing in 9 games before becoming sidelined with an elbow injury for majority of the season. Gardner is in serious need of a bounce back season. After hitting  a career high .277 in 2010, Gardner dipped a bit in 2011 with a .259 average. Gardner started on his bounce back season in 2012 before an injury and surgery sidelined him until the ALCS series in October when he clearly wasn’t ready to play yet. 2013 is practically a do or die season for Gardner especially with the way the Yankees are heading. Gardner could be used to his full potential–if he can stay healthy.

Mariano Rivera: Go out in style.

2013 is most likely Mariano Rivera’s final year in Yankees pinstripes before he retires and one thing that the veteran closer could do before hanging it up is going out in style. It’s easier said than done since Rivera had surgery on his ACL that he tore last May. Of course, Mo is practically drinking from the fountain of youth. Him going out in style shouldn’t be too hard for him. 

Kevin YoukilisEarn the Yankees fans respect.

Kevin Youkilis is entering enemy territory after signing a one-year contract with the New York Yankees after being with the Boston Red Sox for most of his career. Of course, he’s not exactly welcomed with open arms since Yankees fans know where he came from. Youkilis could use 2013 in order to win the Yankees fans over by having hits with RISP. If he can do that on a consistent basis then I’ll be sold, but until then…he has some work to do.


David Robertson‘s New Years Resolution should be to outperform the bullpen in hopes of becoming the closer.

David Robertson: Emerge as a closer role figure.

The Yankees are going to need a new closer most likely after this season. One of the consistent figures in the bullpen is none other than David Robertson but of course earning the closer role is going to be tougher than he thought. Joba Chamberlain and David Aardsma are in the bullpen this season as well and we all know that they will try to fight for the closer spot. David Robertson has the stuff. He just has to put it into play and if he plays his cards right, he could be the future closer of the Yankees.

Curtis GrandersonMake contact on the ball!

Yes, we all know Curtis Granderson can hit HR’s and they are mighty impressive, but it would be helpful if he could hit for average and not strike out so much. Yankees fans are grateful for the Kevin Long tutorial that took place a couple years ago, but lately it seemed that Granderson is swinging at everything over the moon. Don’t believe me? Let’s look at Granderson’s strikeout numbers. In 2011, Granderson had 169 K’s. His 2012 numbers are worse. In 684 AB he had 195 K’s! That’s almost a third of his at-bats! Grandy, as much as we love your HR’s…you need to hit for average. And while you’re at it, just tell Mark Teixeira the same thing.

New York Yankees: HIT WITH RISP!!!!

I don’t know if I can emphasize this of it’s importance (do the caps help?). The Yankees need to hit with RISP. That’s what done them in during the playoffs for the past 3 years! If it weren’t for A-Rod and Hideki Matsui during the 2009 World Series run, then that playoff could have been a bust as well. I know the Yankees are called the Bronx Bombers for their home runs, but would it kill them to play small ball once in a while?!

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. I disagree with you on Gardner. I think he is a defensive replacement and pinch runner and occasional starter. I never was impressed with his ability. Is he a good defensive player…yes I agree with you there, but everything else on Gardner is nothing special, especially with that girlie swing no offense

    • lefftee…good evening.
      Allow me to welcome you to, YFU. A good bunch of guys/girls…smart. opinionated, and
      scrappy. Correct me if I am wrong….today is your first day? Last night?
      I’m not a greeter, just one who welcomes talented people. Take care.

    • I like to call his “girlie” swing the Garderian swing. I personally am a fan of it. I also like to call Gardner “McSlappy” since his base hits are slapped to either LF or RF.

      By the way, welcome to the blog lefftee. 🙂

    • lefftee….
      Ok, we disagree, if you think it is the last time…it won’t be!
      If we all agreed on everything, would there be a need for us to discuss baseball at all?
      I have respect for anyones opinions…even if they are WRONG. Like, I think Babe Ruth was the greatest baseball player ever to play…belive it or not, there are fans that think other wise.
      Matt S, fishjam, john, doug are very intelligent commenters on this site…enjoy them as I am sure they will you. 🙂

      • KEN…no disrespect, but why do you always have to obfuscate everything?
        Stay on point, drive it across.
        Who is the player here?

        • Patrick…
          Use your thick Irish head and put down that drink, it is clouding your mind….it must be scotch!
          You just want me to get myself in trouble again, that name is like the third rail. Come to think of it ,what the heck, some say; Jeter is the greatest player ever! I say; “cracker dust” not even close. A guy that has never ever been the best SS in his own league and has never set a major league record of any kind what so ever, is all of a sudden, better than the players in that small group of 100 players of all time? My honesty will not let me agree with such a ridiculous thing. If one were to say; Jeter is the most popular player since Mickey, ok, I’ll by that!
          That is my opinion, of which I still have the right to have.

          Now that I am in trouble again…Are we all having fun yet? I am! lol 🙂

    • leftee, check out his WAR!

  2. Baseball Chatter: Brett Gardner ( again )
    Prime trade chip….package him with Cano, Hughes…etc…the more chum, the bigger the catch.
    Why?..if he could not run fast, what is he?….AAA fodder.
    Proven to be unhealthy. No threat at the plate. The ship is sailing.

    • Patrick, you boston loving Irishman, don’t you dare take the name of Brett in vane ever again!

      Hay, did that sound big and bad? I’ve been practicing a lot, trying very hard to give it the right tone. lol 🙂

      • oldyankee7-Ken….I embrace you, my friend.
        Don’t waffle so much. You have earned your status. That is my point..

        • Patrick…
          I am a simple soldier, I don’t have the salient nicetys of some around here. I often write things that hurt some commenters, not that I mean to, it is just my way. One thing I believe in is everyone has the right to express their opinion…right or wrong…and it should be with respect of that right, we answer a comment. Sometimes I am too blunt, I am who I am…so be it!
          Yup, I am a regular Boy Scout, I am, I am, I think I am!

    • Patrick—-we stand as one!!!!!

  3. Tex: To raise his batting average.

    Yankee fans: to be a little louder in the ballpark. Almost sounds like a library at times.

    • A Library at times? Really? Raise his batting average?
      If Teixeria did what he was paid to do, the fans would do what they are supposed to do.

  4. Johnny Damon had a girlie swing and Itchy has one also…it doesn’t matter how you hit, it matters that you hit when it counts and two of the three have a proven record…now is the time for Brett to prove he belongs in CF for the Yankees. If he can stay healthy, I think he will prove Cash/Joe right for having faith in him.
    I know a guy that was a switch hitter and everything was the same from both sides, including his hitting with his hands about 6-7 inches apart. He was a very good hitter. Style points don’t count, hitting the ball where they ain’t is what counts!

    Kevin Youkilis, as far as I am concerned, is a Yankee the min he puts that uniform on. Heck if Sal “The Barber” Magglie can become a Yankee anyone (almost) can.

  5. I look at the moves this organization has made since winning in 2009 and I’m not impressed with the following:

    1) Traded away half-dozen young players that would be today’s young core for little in return
    2) Refused to spend on major young International FAs before new CBA rules were established – Darvish, Cespedes, Chapman, Soler, etc.
    3) Reluctance to play young talent like Nunez, Montero, etc.
    4) Have not added 1 significant player under team control beyond 2013
    5) Slashing payroll in 2014 without a young core ready to step in
    6) Giving 2 yr deal to 39 yr old instead of 29 yr old – Ichiro over Melky
    7) Not re-signing players before they hit FA

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