Yankees Offseason Notes: Yankees claim Russ Canzler off waivers, DFA Chris Dickerson

The New York Yankees have a new player on their team, although it’s not the way that everyone prefers. Instead of signing a free agent, the Yankees claimed Russ Canzler off waivers from the Cleveland Indians. He’s speculated to compete for the 4th OF spot with Matt Diaz. In the minors Canzler hit .289/.365/.508 with about 1,000 AB in the International league.

To make room for Canzler on the 40-man roster, the Yankees have designated OF Chris Dickerson for assignment. Honestly Yankees, everyone’s getting tired of the ‘Lets DFA Chris Dickerson‘ game. He’s a great RF and for a moment, I considered him a great bench/Swisher replacement–before you DFA’d him…today.

In Other News:

— There has been no date set for Alex Rodriguez‘s surgery. No one is sure if it’s a set-back but it could be a problem if Rodriguez’s return is postponed by a week or two. Brian Cashman already believes that the 2013 Yankees aren’t going to hit as many HR’s as the 2012 Yankees since the departure of Nick Swisher and Russell Martin along with the injury to A-Rod. Well, maybe if you went to the Winter Meetings and got some big pieces like you were supposed to, then hitting HR’s wouldn’t be a problem.

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. RobbinsDynasty

    I didnt understand sending Dickerson to the minors I didnt understand why they stuck it out with jonea so long when dickerson was in SWB and now it puzzles me why they keep sending him down. I said it opening day last year maxwell and dickerson should have made the team over jones. Dont get it I guess ill be rooting for chris to peove dumb cash wrong if they still dont put hom on roster ill be waiting dor him

    • To be honest I don’t understand why the Yankees continue to DFA Dickerson. He obviously can play better than what the Yankees have right now. Like you said, he’ll prove them wrong in Spring Training.

  2. Delia..stop, and take a look.
    Russ Canzler, from Cleveland, is a nice addition. Younger, and more versatile.
    Yes, Dickerson is DFA…but the Yankees have seven days to trade him.
    Mr.Dickerson would not of stopped the Yankees from circling the drain, as
    they are doing, as of this moment.

  3. With three lefty hitting OF in Granderson, Gardner and Ichiro, Dickerson had his way blocked. The Yanks preferred Canzler due to him being a righty bat (in case Matt Diaz doesn’t work out and in case Melky Mesa needs AAA time) and also four years younger than Dickerson. Canzler also has played 1B and 3B in the minors so he’s a 4-corner guy (Dickerson is strictly an OF who can play all 3 OF positions, but then Granderson, Gardner and Ichiro are probably versatile enough that each can do that) even though Canzler’s minor league defensive numbers don’t look all that impressive. So if Canzler makes the team, he not only can spell in the corner OF spots but may also give Youk and Teix a day of rest.

    Having said that, I would like to see some team give Dickerson some playing time. He may be a decent platoon/backup OF for someone. He has a bit of pop and his SB/CS ratio is good. Maybe he should see what kind of $$ and playing time he can get in Japan. After all, look what Japan is giving Andruw Jones.

    • Mike Sommer….nice piece of writing. Agree with all your points.
      I this your first time at YFU?…If so, welcome.
      You will find the crew here, to be very knowledgeable.
      Take care.

  4. Delia: Why don’t you start a pool entitled “Guess the date Canzler will be DFA’d?” Without George’s checkbook, Brian is truly exposed. Don’t worry, though, I hear Jim Thome is looking “Tan & Rested.”

  5. this 189 mil. is BS, they make billions and are worried about getting a 19 mil.. overage ? REALLY. you my loooose on this deal, because you are going to have alot of angery fans that my not spend on a coupon team? wheres the love of GEORGE from his kids? selling off YES? Is the team next? I hope they sell soon so we can have the team to win and not lose another player like Swish, or Cano next year. I bleed BLUE, but we are crying the blues over what you are doing to our Yankees.

  6. tony….
    You are upset because Hal has said he will run this team as a business not a hobby. If they do sell the team to someone it had better be a guy with a lot of money and love of the Yankees or; we could end-up with the team as it was when CBS ran it…in to the ground! Just as bad, when George ran the team in the middle years? Just think about it, it could be worse.

  7. MITCH MILLER-oldyankee78rpm:
    From MLB Trade Rumors today:
    …………………” The Yankees are also in search of some extra pieces but GM Brian Cashman hasn’t had any trouble finding gems in mid-to-late winter before.”……………………

    Maybe, there is hope.

  8. oldyankee7-Ken…………..MUCH BETTER!!
    That last Gravatar, looked like a women’s underwear salesman, from Union Blvd, Queens.

    • patrick…
      Be nice now, or else I will talk to MaGinity (that right?) about you and he’ll take you to the wood shed!
      Are we the only ones alive around here? 🙂

      • oldyankee7-Ken:……The Wood Shed!….. I’ve been there, a few times.
        I must be careful, re: characters. But this should be OK. You meant Father Jerome Ginty.
        We may be the only ones alive. I have a feeling life will begin to surface today.
        Whats with Ballpark? He gets all gung-ho, and then he fizzles out rapidly.
        You are right, the Yankees don’t know what they have in Michael Pineda.
        Take care.

  9. Baseball Chatter:..’ Want this guy?’…
    22 years old. RH pitcher. All-Star 2011. Fifth in Rookie of the year..2011.
    173 K in 171 innings. 9-10 in 28 starts, 3.74 ERA. Should have had the Joba Rules applied.
    Want him? Michael Pineda. Acquired Friday the 13th. 2012.
    Not bad?….now replace those missing 122 home runs.

    • Sometimes I wonder why fans would bad mouth a guy that hasn’t even stept on the mound yet? Not all but, many keep saying we gave up to much for what we got. We have know way of knowing what we have until they toe the rubber do we?
      Montero didn’t do anything outstanding at all but, we ok! Noesi was a big washout. So, until we really see what we have we don’t know do we?

  10. oldyankee7-Ken:……The Wood Shed!….. I’ve been there, a few times.
    I must be careful, re: characters. But this should be OK. You meant Father Jerome Ginty.
    We may be the only ones alive. I have a feeling life will begin to surface today.
    Whats with Ballpark? He gets all gung-ho, and then he fizzles out rapidly.
    You are right, the Yankees don’t know what they have in Michael Pineda.
    Take care.

    • Patrick, a torn labrum is MUCH different than a TJ repaired elbow.
      Brain Taylor lost his Yankee career due to a torn labrum suffered in a fight. Erik Bedard went from a flame thrower to a punch line with the same injury.
      How about this quote?
      In 2004, Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus studied labrum tears in major league pitchers and found that 36 had been diagnosed in the previous five years. Of those 36, only one had recovered to pitch at his previous level.
      “If pitchers with torn labrums were horses,” Carroll said, “they’d be destroyed.”

      You’re counting on a pure power pitcher with exactly one good half of a season of MLB to his name to return and be a good pitcher off an injury that’s almost always a career killer.

      If Pineda does this it will be a welcomed miracle but you’ll have to pardon me for being realistic and assuming he never does a single thing worth an impact as a Yankee, or for any other team.

      • Michael….Pineda will be back in June. Brian said so.
        He is throwing on flat ground, as we speak.
        Why can not he be the %, that comes back strong?
        My glass is almost always, half full. Take care.

        • Why? Because about 3% of those who have that surgery amount to squat afterwards and I don’t think he was worth a damn before that. “Back” in June? Back doing what?
          He’s a very young has-been who never was.

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