Daily Archives: January 5, 2013

Yankees Offseason Notes: Mariano to start throwing soon

The Yankees may have continued to be extremely quiet this offseason, but Mariano Rivera isn’t afraid to make news that has fans buzzing. While hosting a pitching clinic session with young children in Danbury, Connecticut, Rivera stated that he’ll start throwing again in about of week. He also gave more promising news that his knee feels at about “95 percent.”

“It’s not 100 percent.” Rivera told the media. “By the time Spring Training starts, it’ll feel 100 percent.”

Rivera will continue going through the motions, possibly also reporting a bit late to camp as he does every year but he believes that he will be ready to start closing and saving games by Opening Day.

“It needs more strengthening. The five percent will come quick.”

In Other News:

— If the Yankees were hoping for a Lance Berkman reunion–then they will be heavily disappointed. Berkman reportedly signed a deal with the Texas Rangers, possibly to be their DH. The Yankees are still having woes of their own–they don’t have a legitimate catcher (in the fans eyes) and a DH. What could possibly become of the Yankees.

— Also in other news, Yankees PR reported that Mark Teixeira had found a new way to connect with NY Yankees fans–hopping in the same taxi cabs as unsuspecting fans in New York City. I have to say–I’m kind of jealous. Was anyone lucky enough to get a ride with Mark Teixeira?