Yankees Offseason Notes: Yankees would trade for Michael Morse

So as we all know, the Washington Nationals finalized a two-year deal with Adam LaRoche. Why is this information important to the Yankees? Because Michael Morse no longer fits on the Nationals and now the Nationals are looking to deal him. According to ESPN, the Yankees are one of the teams that are willing to trade for the outfielder. Morse could be a great fit for the Yankees since he can hit both righties and lefties and his power could help the HR tally which will be severely depleted since the departure of Nick Swisher, Russell Martin, Raul Ibanez and Eric Chavez.

Morse will be 31 in March, so that means that he has some years left in him. He could be another answer to the Yankees since he’s a right-handed hitter in an outfield full of lefties (sorry Brett Gardner, Curtis Granderson and Ichiro Suzuki). Now, the question is if the Yankees were willing to trade, who would they give up for Morse. Morse is a valuable player so his trade value might mean the Yankees would have to give up some pitchers. If you were the Yankees GM, who would you give up for Michael Morse?

In Other News:

— The Yankees added another game to their Spring Training list: An exhibition game vs. the Washington Nationals. The game will be on March 29, 2013 @ 2:05pm. Tickets will be sold in the near future and a portion of the proceeds will go to the Washington Nationals Dream Foundation which is a charitable organization that is committed to improving lives of children throughout the Washington area. For more information on the organization go to www.nationals.com/dream

— Back to the Yankees, Alex Rodriguez has his hip surgery scheduled on January 16, 2013. Dr. Bryan Kelly (who will be doing the surgery) estimates that Rodriguez could be back by after the All-Star Break but since Rodriguez is older, he expects the recovery time to be longer.

— The Yankees still do not want Rafael Soriano. Looks like Soriano is in quite a pickle–no team is really interested in him, and that means the Yankees.

— Now, since the news above is so serious, here’s something that might make you (or your kids) smile: they now sell toys of our New York Yankees players in stores. Don’t believe me? This is what I found while shopping at Modell’s today.

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. jamesmoosescott

    Logan, Dickerson, Warren + or -. something like that

    • YANKAFAN….BBNY. That’s the spirit!
      Are you back at college?
      The Yanks should make this a priority, but don’t go nuts. Get it done.
      Do you have a cutlass? Gave mine out to doug & john.

      • As I wrote on the other thread, Granderson (they flip) and Logan. He has one year then Morse is off to FA. thus his value is less.

        • jamesmoosescott

          oh i know Morse is a one year guy but giving away a very good bat when you don’t have to doesn’t make much sense to me. Having Morse AND Granderson would be sick. The reason for all the players in the deal is cuz 6+ teams are after him and it would probably take more then that for one year of him, thats just my opinion tho

          • Yanka…
            What I was getting at was Two 1 year players + Logan offset each other. Every time there is a player the Yankees want, we hear about all these teams that also want in on the trade. In the past, the Yankees would over pay for the player big time. I don’t think you will see that happening anymore. Cashman said a few years ago that the days of holding up the team for a trade are over with and depending on ones view…the last few trades have not been as over the top as bygone years!

            Sense when, don’t we listen to your opinions? Just because you are still wet behind the ears, we don’t hold that against you at all. All joking aside, you and your dad are always welcome to have an opinion, they even allow me to have one.
            Really nice to have you back, even for a while! 🙂

            • jamesmoosescott

              I’m glad to be back :] I just won’t be able to post as much as before due to my day to day duties but yeah I really hope they stop trading away youth now that the system seems to be getting much much better.

              Austin Jackson, Jose Tabata [i think he can still be very good, he’s only 23-24], Jesus Montero, and Arodys Vizcaino hurt still. The good news is that Montero is a DH so that can be easily replaced until he really starts showing how good he is [im thinking more paul konerko then miggy kind of career]. Jackson and Tabata are both outfielders and the Yanks have Austin, Williams, and Heathcott so there would be zero room for them in the future.

              Those facts make it easier to swallow that we traded em’. The Montero trade still bothers me but if Pineda and/or Campos turn into what we think, I would be very happy. guess we’ll wait and see! :]

              P.S. Vizcaino could be very very good, keep tabs on him, he’s on the Cubs now [and healthy in AAA to start the year]

      • jamesmoosescott

        going back to college very very soon and i agree. cutlass? how do you mean? yanks are in a great position this year if they get Morse in my opinion. Before 09′ the Yanks were going into the season with one new player [Tex]. Everyone else was either very consistent or likely to have a bounce back season. Jeter and Cano are the consistent ones. Youkilis, Granderson, Gardner, and Tex are a safe bet to do better then last year, Suzuki is more unsure but he certainly did great for us last year. Morse would be a great bet to bounce back [plus he is a righty]. I am also intrigued with the idea of giving cervelli and romine significant big league time as regulars.

        • Yanka…..Cutlass? I am doing the naval marine thing tonight. Swords, and pistols.
          All meant in humor, when a BBNY trade could happen.
          This would be a great piece (Morse)….to correct things.

          • jamesmoosescott

            i agree. Morse is perfect.

            • Yanka…
              I would like to see; Morse in LF, Brett CF and Itchy RF. Moorse would give us Swishers like numbers.
              Granderson being gone…in my opinion…is a wash, 40+ HR’s are nice but, high SOs and low Avg. make it almost a wash. Brett and Itchy can give us about 20+ HRs together.
              You guys agree, disagree or have other thoughts about it? 🙂

              • I’d take it but what are you getting back in return for Granderson?

                • Sorry about that, I knew what I was thinking but my fingers aren’t that slow!
                  I ment that Grandy would go along with Boone for Morse then they could flip Granderson for another pitcher, maybe! I know I am being cheep…un-Irish also…but, I believe everyone knows I don’t trade young guys that have shown ability like Nova, Phelps,Turly and Warren…all of them are young and teachable plus they are learning every time they go into a game. If they were like IPK was then yes, you bet, I’d trade one of them but, these guys (unless they get hurt) are much better then IPK (one year doesn’t make one a good pitcher)!
                  Some of the old and GRAY goys have passed by, makes it feel more like home! 🙂

              • jamesmoosescott

                Why not have both and trade one when [if?] A-Rod comes back at the all-star break? I mean Granderson didn’t exactly have the best year last year but he was amazing the year before! what if he bounced back?

    • Probably will take more than that. as in bigger names.

      • jamesmoosescott

        yeah, ur right, probably Hughes for Morse would do it. Would give Phelps a chance and Warren could be the long man. If Hughes hits full free agency we could then resign him depending of his production/cost ect.

        • I don’t think I like that trade, unless it were made…LOL! The most time lost to injury is pitchers, Joba is a very good pitcher if he stays off the FAT diet. If they would go for Joba…then I would say Boone and Joba only but, I would give them Granderson and Boone before I would give up one of our better 7-8 inning pitchers…Joba. Phelps and Warren will be around this year. 🙂

  2. jamesmoosescott

    i remember wayyyy back in the day at i-yankees rooster used to LOVEEEE morse and headily……definately called it on that roost, despite the fact that their was that argument war that kinda zapped the life from the old site

    • Welcome to our blog buddy. good to have you aboard.

      • jamesmoosescott

        thanks! I am actually a surviver from the sunken ship that was i-yankees along with maybe like 5 others here! but yeah, glad to be here

        • We know and remember, although my memory may be faulty at times. But Twasp reminds me every so offten…we still fight, but thats also having fun! Other than that, everything is like it was ment to be…Fun and Arguments.
          Show up as much as you can, we missed you! 🙂

  3. jamesmoosescott

    if the yanks use granderson logan in a trade for morse, i want Goodwin from their system.

  4. What an embarassing day to be a baseball fan. BBWAA is a complete joke who really need to get off their high horses. This the best ballot I can remember in a long time and nobody gets in? We can go about Bonds and Clemens forever but steroids or not theyre two of the greatest players ever and MLB turned a blind eye to steroids so ca,n’t go back and punish the guys now when it wasn’t even against the rules. Then you have Piazza who is a no dubt HOF with a over .900 career OPS as a frekin catcher in 2 hitters parks and he doesnt get in for what? Suspiscion? BS Same for Bagwell. Biggio is the ultimate complier so i don really care that he didnt get in. Schilling is one of the greatest big game pitchers ever and turned around 2 franchises and he doesnt get in? Absurdity.

    • I think the writers missed the boat on this one, over 50% of the players in the Hall of Fame since 1950 took amphetatmines, effects decreasing reaction time, alertness, and a feeling of euphoria. Sounds like a PED to me. Let Bonds, Clemens, Piazza in the Hall. They are the only true Hall of Famers eligible this year. The others fall short in my book.

    • IMO the HoF has been a joke for years and this clinches it. They reward compilers & milestones over actual greatness and have let in too many players that were good but not great/elite. I really don’t pay much attention to it. I think Bonds, Clemens, Piazza and all of the greats from the PED generation will eventually get in once the writers prove their points for a couple of years. Bottom line is it was an era when baseball turned a blind eye to PEDs and a high % of guys were using them. And how do you punish guys for innuendos and rumors?

      Every era in baseball is different but you have to respect the greats from each era.

      – The game Babe Ruth played when starting pitchers finished almost every game is far different from today’s game with closers, loogys, specialists, etc.

      – Joe DiMaggio was great but when he came up, there were no Black, Hispanic or Asian players. Today they make up half of MLB. Can you see today’s players taking 3-4 prime years off to serve in the military? Ha!

      – Bob Gibson was downright nasty but he pitched off a mound that was more like a mountain, in cavernous ballparks with a massive strikezone and could hit a guy in the head without the umpire saying a word. Today, the mound is shorter, the strikezone shriveled, the stadiums are built for HRs, batters crowd the plate wearing body armor and Umpires will throw you out of the game just for brushing a guy off the plate.

      Different eras….different circumstances….so you can’t condemn an entire era of baseball because of steroids & HGH.

      • fishjam, I agree, almost everything in the last 50 years has been for the hitter and agains’t the pitcher. Lower mound, smaller parks, astro turf, and smaller strike zone. The only pitchers who got an expanded stike zone was Glavine and Maduxx.

  5. Votes should also be publicized so tools who vote for Aaron Sele, Shawn Green and Steve Finley can be held accountable.

  6. I myself think that anyone who thinks that Bonds and Clemens aren’t 2 of the best players of all time don’t know what they are talking about. My view is that greenies were just as much a performance enhancer as steriods. Add to that the number of players that took PEDs and I think they should just let players in the hall on their stats.

  7. Doug – are Yodels a PED? I eat them…..not that many….I’m slim….not fat.

  8. Hi Yanka……I’m a big Yankee fan too……..don’t make fun of me like the others…..it’s embarrassing ….my mom make me where the living room curtains sometimes as a robe. She thinks I’m overweight. Oh well….

  9. My opinion is that Clemens and Bonds and Piazza were overweight due to illegal drugs. No HOF for them.

    My dad should be in the HOF …he ate 99 hot dogs at Coney Island one time. Burped for a week. How embarrassing …….

  10. Doug….. Twinkles white filling? HGH ? I rubbed it on my breasts to give me more power in my little league games. But my breasts grew and the other kids made fun of me…..oh well……

  11. My mom would tell me to stop jigglin’…….I couldn’t help it…….so I started wearing a man bra under my baseball uniform…….how uncomfortable. It was too tight. I remember on my first date with Bertha it snapped …..almost knocked her eye out…..how embarrassing…..

  12. fatboyslim99….the 99 is new. That your inseam size?
    Two things for you.
    You can relate to this one….we used to drink Bosco straight from the jar.
    Lastly, hows your coach…Ballpark? Becomes gung-ho, and phsssst! Gone.

  13. A TRIFECTA of baseball chatter:
    A) Almost to a man, every blog site says Morse is a perfect fit. Hope it happens.
    B) Cano, should be dangled out there. Why not? He’s out of here… Nov. 2013.
    C) If you hit pay dirt, with Cano. Play the Curtis Granderson card next. Why not? Same as above.
    D) Everyone is asking…is the opening day catcher on the team yet? I say no.

  14. Boone Logan…( Delia’s birthday buddy. Imagine if I said that? )
    To the Washington Nationals, in exchange for Morse:
    @ Boone-Town Rats Logan
    @ Colored glass beads
    @ A few bottles of whiskey
    @ From your lips, to God’s ear.

  15. Matthew S….Editor….co/founder: Good evening. A request.
    When you get a chance, can you update the recent commenter’s tally?
    Last updated 12/01/12.
    Many of us, enjoy to see the totals of our efforts.
    Hope this finds you well.

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