Yankees Offseason Notes: Teixeira, Cano & Cervelli make WBC rosters

The World Baseball Classic rosters were released today, confirming that Mark Teixeira made the Team USA roster while Robinson Cano and Francisco Cervelli made different teams. Robinson Cano will play for Team Dominican Republic while Francisco Cervelli will play for Team Italy. One name that was noticeably not on the roster was Andy Pettitte despite reports swirling earlier this week about Pettitte being on the roster. Here are the rosters for Team USA, Team Italy and Team Dominican Republic.

Team Dominican Republic

IF Eric Aybar
IF Adrian Beltre
IF Robinson Cano
IF Edwin Encarnacion
IF Hanley Ramirez
IF Jose Reyes
IF Miguel Tejada
OF Melky Cabrera
OF Nelson Cruz
OF Carlos Gomez
C Miguel Olivo
C Carlos Santana
P Santiago Casilla
P Octavio Dotel
P Pedro Figueroa
P Kelvin Herrera
P Alexi Ogando
P Joel Peralta
P Fernando Rodney
P Wandy Rodriguez
P Esmil Rogers
P Pedro Strop
P Edinson Volquez

Team USA

IF Willie Bloomquist
IF Brandon Phillips
IF Jimmy Rollins
IF Mark Teixeira
IF David Wright
IF Ben Zobrist
OF Ryan Braun
OF Adam Jones
OF Giancarlo Stanton
OF Shane Victorino
C J.P Arencibia
C Jonathan Lucroy
C Joe Mauer
P Jeremy Affeldt
P Heath Bell
P Mitchell Boggs
P Steve Cishek
P Tim Collins
P R.A. Dickey
P Luke Gregerson
P Derek Holland
P Craig Kimbrel
P Kris Medlen
P Chris Perez
P Glen Perkins
P Vinnie Pestano
P Ryan Vogelsong

Team Italy

IF Jeff Bianchi
IF Chris Colabello
IF Anthony Granato
IF Alex Liddi
IF Nick Punto
IF Anthony Rizzo
IF Alessandro Vagilo
OF Lorenzo Avagnina
OF Mario Chiarini
OF Chris Denorfia
C Drew Butera
C Francisco Cervelli
C Tyler LaTorre
P Chris Cooper
P Yovany D’Amico
P Tiago Da Silva
P Jason Grilli
P Alex Maestri
P John Mariotti
P Luca Panerati
P Nick Pugilese
P Dan Serafini
P Brian Sweeney
P Matt Tora

The 2013 World Baseball Classic begins in March. Which team will be victorious? Tune into MLB Network to find out, all through March.

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. You would think that the Yankees would discount spring training tickets with Jeter, ARod and Mariano not competing. Plus Tex, Cano are Cervelli are playing in the WBC. Not the Yanks, they are too arrogant.

  2. Kevin there are lots of games they don’t play in anyways. Tell me one team who is doing that?

  3. I’ve been doing some research on players I think the Yankees should be interested in the next few years…..

    Jose Abreu
    Brian Goodwin
    Adam Eaton
    Dayan Viciedo
    Brandon Moss
    Afredo Despaigne
    Billy Hamilton
    Trevor Story
    Luis Sardinas
    Jan Hernandez
    Tyler O’Neill
    Yolieski Gourriel
    Jose Fernandez
    Victor Sanchez
    Archie Bradley
    Drew Pomeranz
    Mike Olt
    Delino DeShields

    [^anyone you are not familiar with, look em up, you won’t be disappointed 😀 ]

    and if you are interested, these are my favorite [non-yankee] other players

    Dustin Pedroia
    Alex Gordon
    Giancarlo Stanton
    Bryce Harper
    Mike Trout
    Adam Wainwright
    Roy Halladay
    Felix Hernandez

    with the exception of Trout and Pedroia, there is a chance of acquiring each of the above players, just depends on the cost……..

  4. YANKA-FAN…..you know, I have always liked you……….but..
    The list of players, the Yankees should be interested in the next 30 days, is
    the one that I would zero in on.

    • jamesmoosescott

      agreed but sadly there is not much to be had out on the FA market, and the only trades I would look for are ones where it would actually be a steal. Trading for Dayan Viciedo would be the perfect solution in my opinion. The White Sox had him on the market earlier this offseason.

      • jamesmoosescott

        Viciedo career [711at-bats] is a .356/.390/.624 vs. lefties with a 172wRC+. Provides the right handed power needed on the team if platooned right. Sign him for lefties and reexamine signing Thome to be platooned with him [.395OBP vs. lefties over last 3 years, 150wRC+]

      • True James but, the minute the WSox heard the Yankees were still looking for someone cost-effective, they pulled him back didn’t they? Yup, they will trade him for 10 of our best AAA-AA players.
        Some team’s haven’t caught on to the changes at the Yankees. Have a good day all you guys! 🙂

        • jamesmoosescott

          haha problem is we don’t have 10 in AAA-AA hahaha kidding, kidding. but yeah if we centered a package around Marshall, Warren, and Logan we could probably land him, Sox have one of the worst farm systems in the MLB. I would take advantage of that.

          • YANKA-FAN…ol’ Kenny is gone.
            My guess, he did not get all his work done today. Too much computer.
            His wife, has sent him to sleep with the dogs.
            Part of life.
            Where the hell, is everyone!

          • No, No on Marshall, go for the others but I still don’t like two or three for one trades.

            • jamesmoosescott

              me neither but Phelps is probably what Marshall could do at the big league level. But you gotta overpay with him because last year, he was his teams LF. So really its worth the trade off, plus he is only 24.

              • James…
                Isn’t Marshall a good projection for the rotation next year after he gets a call for the BP when one of the guys goes down? A sinker ball pitcher in New York is great!
                Next year both Phelps and Marshall could be our starting #4 and #5 with CC@#1, Nova @#2 and Phil@#3, we wouldn’t have to buy a stud pitcher for number #2 but, then again…I like to be a dreamer too! 🙂

                • jamesmoosescott

                  He is and it would be cool to see a rotation of Sabathia, Nova, Hughes, Marshall, Phelps but where would Pineda or Campos go? Turley as well, I say deal someone you have 5 of for someone you only have one of.

                  • I would do that but, do you have faith in the management to pick the best 2/3+or- pitchers for our staff?
                    I haven’t seen enough of Marshall, Phelps or Nova to hazard a guess as to whom to keep.
                    I say this because:
                    1–Phelps is back for the second year, has he learned he has to be ready to change-up things and adjust to the hitters?
                    2–Nova, has to get back to being a ground ball pitcher, other wise ship, him out with the mail.
                    3–Marshall I haven’t had a chance to see him in person, until I do I can’t tell you much about him.
                    4–Turley LH pitcher and good make-up and works hard. His stuff is good but, I haven’t seen him in a couple yearys or so.
                    5–These two guys could be the rotation changers…IF…they can comeback from injury and pitch well.

                    Yup, we do have a couple of pitchers we could sell but, without seeing them…who knows!. 🙂

  5. Kenny ..bought his wife a car…..and now he can’t find her.

  6. jamesmoosescott

    Just read that because of the presence of John Jay, Matt Holliday, and Oscar Taveras, Carlos Beltran might become a trade candidate.

    Will they make him available now?
    I’m my personal opinion, no.

    The Cards are a smart organization and I think they will want to see Taveras produce at a big league level before they trade him. He will probably be traded during the year.

    However, there is practically no room to play him without benching a big bat, so they could theoretically trade him before the year.
    But IF they were going to trade him before the season, why now in the winter?

    • Just for the heck of it James, I’ll hazard a guess.
      Sometimes, after working with a Farm hand they find a bad flaw, one they can’t fix or is not fixable. A flaw pitchers will catch up with. Like many betters I have this thing for Fastballs up in my eyes or maybe at the shoulders…I’ve known it sense way back in high school (about 60 years ago) and for all these years have never been able to stop myself from swinging at that pitch…for about 55 years…talk about someone set in their ways! Funny thing is, no one ever caught on to it! 🙂

      • jamesmoosescott

        Haha I have the same problem!! high fastballs always sneak by me, I’m more of a low ball hitter. Beltran would be a nice addition, switch hitter, power bat, can be the regular DH AND 4th outfielder, and he crushes the ball in the postseason

        • Yanks had their chance at Beltran last year. He would have been perfect.But, St.Louis could eventually make him available if Taveras forces his way up.

          The Cards are LOADED with corner bats and have perhaps the best farm System in baseball. Maybe they’d be interested in Eduardo Nunez as a SS or 2B as part of a package. Would love to get one of their young hitters like Carpenter, Craig or Taveras.

  7. Good morning…Metropolitan Bloggers!
    Does anyone know where the others went?
    Ken…I case you missed it…that post you put up last night, pregames at the stadium
    in your youth. Was your best ever.

    • Gee, thanks! I resemble dat dar!
      Truth be told I always thought my Eddie Lopat story (a while back) was but, I thank you anyhow!
      I have never gone back to any place I have lived in once I went to college. It is a lot like being in the army, one comes out and talks not at all or about some of the good/funny things that happened.
      You know anyone that has a good story about the Kitchen of the 40s? Come to think on it. I have one, seeing as the time limit is up.
      Save it for another day! I will. I shall. I maybe will or I maybe will not. I think I will, then again, maybe I won’t! 🙂

      • Ken from Hell’s Kitchen:
        “Save it for another day! I will. I shall. I maybe will or I maybe will not. I think I will, then again, maybe I won’t! ”

        Yes, Ken, a girl can change her mind.

  8. Yeah Ken, tell us about the time you met Mickey before a game. He was signing autographs for a few boys behind 1st base when the odor of beer from his glove made three kids pass out.

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