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As the 2013 season comes upon us, how will you secure your seat?

The New York Yankees are known as one of the most expensive teams in baseball. They have the money to put players on the field. They have money in order to create a brand new stadium experience for the fans. And last but not least, the Yankees have the money to have their own television Network (YES Network). The Yankees seemed to have it all…until the end of last season when the fans were scarce in Yankee Stadium. It could have been the Yankees poor play which earned them an early postseason exit, being swept by the Detroit Tigers int he ALCS. This year, the fans at Yankee Stadium could be scarce due to ticket prices.


During the offseason, StubHub renewed their ticket plan with Major League Baseball, allowing the fans to buy and sell authentic tickets for fans that can’t quite afford the full prices of games. However, the Yankees opted out of the contract, going to Ticketmaster instead, causing an uproar among fans. The Yankees had their own uproar last season when they discussed how the tickets for the games were being sold lower than the Yankees base price, in which in their eyes they were losing money. But when you think about this logically, if there are less fans in the stadium, then how will the Yankees make money inside the stadium? Who will buy their overpriced hot dogs and their overpriced merchandise from the Yankees Clubhouse Shop?

Ever since StubHub had their contract with Major League Baseball, it seemed to have been the favorite way to purchase tickets. And even though the Yankees opted out the StubHub contract, Ticketmaster won’t be the only way to get tickets according to fans. Last week, I asked around on Twitter if fans would continue to use StubHub (even though the tickets won’t be guaranteed authorized by the Yankees) and the response wasn’t shocking at all.

@mikeyoh21 Might be the only way to get in to see the game without winning the Lotton. Sad.

@ThatKidErick I got the best deals for quality seats from StubHub. I’m going to continue to use it as long as I find Yankee tickets on it. It’s really hard to get more fan friendly than StubHub when it comes to Yankees tickets.

@hawaiianjlo Yes I would. It has good deals on last minute games and/or concerts.

@rfig_25 I use StubHub to see the Yankees in Anaheim and probably will when they play in San Diego too. It’s the only way to get tickets because they sell out so fast.

I personally am a huge fan of using StubHub and used both StubHub and Ticketmaster last season to buy tickets for Yankees games. I found StubHub was more price friendly since Ticketmaster insists on charging a processing fee with your ticket purchase which takes more out of my wallet. To answer the question to my own article, how will I secure my seat this season? With the greediness of Ticketmaster and the uncertainty of StubHub tickets, I don’t know how I’ll secure my seat this season. How will you?

Image is owned by StubHub.