Morning Bits: Jeter’s range, Tension between Joba & Youk…..

mug3Good morning all.  Let’s get right to the links…..

Wallace Matthews has his countdown to spring training with 6 reasons why Yankee fans will love Kevin Youkilis.

Wallace Matthews looks into Jeter’s range.

Anthony McCarron of The Daily News writes that Cashman doesn’t envision tension between Joba and Youkilis.

About Matthew S.

Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. fishjam/Matt S
    what is going on with this site, I comment and it takes min’s to show up as posted.
    Are all my comments going to be scrutinized from now on?

    • Ken its nothing on our end must be something with the host WordPress.

    • ken, you disagreed with me so now your comments have to be scrutinized…LOL! Seriously, we don’t know why you had that trouble. I got a message yesterday after my comment that said the webhost was refreshing and to try refresh again after 5 minutes.

      Does it say anything after your comments or you just noticed a delay?

      • fishjam..
        Thanks for checking on it.
        It seems to be ok now….being the do all, fix all, brain I am, I fixed it myself…I threw it out the door into about 6 feet of snow. I guess I showed it didn’t I?
        The last few comments worked ok, oh, I just got the Mac in and washed it good…it still works fine. lol 🙂

  2. A HEADS-UP:
    Brian Cashman, was interviewed on the ‘Joe & Evan Show’…WFAN…today 1/25.
    You can hear that whole interview, by simply bring up WFAN, and clicking on
    to their show site.

  3. To YFU Mgt:

    We are delaying Mr. Reed’s comments so that we may review them for any controversial right wing propaganda.

    WordPress Executive Officer
    Ryan Seacrest

    • Beat you to it Sir Seacrest, I kicked his dead a… out a here! He is always writing lies about the socialist government we have, so I told him to get out. Very misinformed isn’t he?
      I will do my best to keep it to the orders of the day…Sports or Baseball!
      Thank you for your understanding master er…mister Seacrest sir!

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