Yankees Offseason Notes: Yankees sign Dan Johnson; And then there was one; Game times for season

The Signing of Dan Johnson

The Yankees are still being quiet in the Major League department, but the Yankees have another player that they signed for a minor league job. The Yankees signed 1B/3B/DH Dan Johnson to a minor league contract with an invitation to Spring Training. Now, those of you may know Johnson as the player who hit the game tying HR for the Tampa Bay Rays in Game 162 in 2011 against the Yankees (which allowed Tampa to make it to the playoffs and the Red Sox to go home). He played for the Chicago White Sox Triple-A affiliate last season batting .267 with 28 HR’s and 85 RBI’s. He also got a spot in the Triple-A All Star Game and placed second in the Home Run Derby.

Now, I know that Dan Johnson could be a good signing for the minor leagues, but the Yankees main focus should be the Major Leagues. They are basically without a catcher and they don’t have depth on their bench. Spring Training is in less than three weeks and this is the team that the Steinbrenner’s and Cashman want to put on the field?

Johnson has a slight chance to make the 25-man roster as the Yankees DH if he does well in Spring Training, but he could start the season in Triple-A which will once again, leave the Yankees with a thin roster.

Only One Left in Arbitration

I know I didn’t update about this since I was on vacation, but now I can officially report that almost all of the Yankees that were arbitration eligible have signed through the 2013 season–except for one. While Brett Gardner, Joba Chamberlain, Phil Hughes and Boone Logan don pinstripes for the season, David Robertson will go to an arbitrator with the Yankees if they don’t reach a deal before then. Robertson is the lone Yankee in arbitration and it’s puzzling why the Yankees haven’t worked out a deal with him as of yet. Just give Robertson what he’s asking for since he actually deserves it.

Yankees announce Game Times for 2013 season 

MLB announced today the times for the upcoming season for the Yankees. Now, while the Yankees calendar hasn’t been fully updated, here are some dates and times that have been updated.

April 5-7 (vs. Tigers): 1:05pm, 4:05pm, 1:05pm
April 8-11 (vs. Indians): 4:05pm, 7:05pm, 7:05pm, 7:05pm
May 10-12 (vs. Royals): 7:10pm, 6:10pm, 1:10pm
May 25 (vs. Rays): 4:10pm
June 16 (vs. Angels): 3:35pm
August 2-4 (vs. Padres): 7:10pm, 5:40pm, 1:10pm (All Eastern Time)
Final Series of Year (vs. Astros): 7:10pm, 6:10pm, 1:10pm

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Justin Upton and Martin Prado change teams, Scott Hairston signs with the Cubs and the Yankees sign……….drum roll please……Dan Johnson!!

    Even the Mets made a very shrewd move picking up Shawn Marcum. I wanted the Yanks to sign someone like Marcum, Brandon McCarthy or Dan Haren earlier this winter and trade Hughes who is most likely gone after this season for nothing.

    At this point I’m almost hoping Cashman doesn’t make any significant move this year. Just like last year, he’s missed out on several opportunities but hopefully he doesn’t compound the problem with a desperation move like he did last year with the Pineda trade.

  2. Fish – I told you CashMan is horrible.

    • Fellas it can be worse. We could be like the D’Backs and trade guys because they “lack energy”. Purely laughable. http://msn.foxsports.com/mlb/story/quiet-justin-upton-not-the-kind-of-intense-player-arizona-diamondbacks-want-trade-to-atlanta-braves-hot-stove-012413

    • TWASP – I know you have been on Cashman’s case since the winter of 2009 and right now you look correct. I’m not one to diss every move a guy makes because I don’t like them but Cashman is difficult to defend lately. He’s made good and bad moves like every GM but since 2009, his overall leadership has not been good. The 2009 off-season was bad, 2011 was not good and this one doesn’t seem good as he has not brought in 1 significant player (just re-signed guys).

      Cashman’s strategy to get under 189 revolved around a young, cheap pitching staff behind CC. But right now that looks like a bad idea and I think in 2014 Montero will be a true middle of the order hitter that we will all wish they had kept.

      The 2014 budget has impacted Cashman in many ways that people don’t even realize. the Montero for Pineda trade is a perfect example. Montero could have been the centerpiece of a trade for Gio Gonzalez but Cashman had to go for a pitcher that was cost-controlled in 2014/2015. Same reason why he couldn’t go after Justin Upton and many others.

  3. This is why I’m not mad at cashman, ownership won’t let him add contracts over 9m[ish] so he couldn’t even trade for upton. next yr upton is making $9.74m then year after? $14.2m


    • Yankafan don’t you say hello to TWASP?

      • jamesmoosescott

        hey, sorry old buddy, i just dove right into the article cuz i am tired of everyone blaming cashman.

        he has proven to be a very very good gm and when we don’t get the right guy we blame him. I’ve met the guy, hungout with him even.

        He knows his baseball, if we missed out on someone, its either for a reason, or the player takes less to go elsewhere at the last min [Cliff Lee].

        He has made 2 possible bad trades in the last 4 years; the Montero deal [still have time to figure out that deal, we might in the end winning by a land slide], and the Granderson deal [we didn’t really lose the deal, that was the diamondbacks, tigers won it by a lot. plus without trading Jackson, Gardner wouldn’t have been given a shot.].

        I personally think that this offseason, his hands were tied.

        • Hey Yankafan…good to see you here……did you ever hangout with CashMans stalker/mistress?

        • Yanka….. I’m not that down on this seasons team…..

          We’ll hit less home runs but we will run and steal many more bases and manufacture runs.

          We will also be way better defensively with Gardner and ichy instead of swisher and ibanez/jones.

          • jamesmoosescott

            I agree, i still think we will compete but I’m looking forward to the future now that the yankees can’t afford to trade away the farm.

          • Yes, this team is better than people are giving it credit for. I’m disapointted with how the front office/ownership’s decision making the past few years but this club will still compete. A lot depends on Girardi and how he manages – he has to take advantage of the team’s strengths and that isn’t waiting for the HR anymore.

            1) Tex, Youkilis & Granderson need to play better than they did in 2012
            2) Gardner needs to stay healthy and wreak havoc
            3) Nunez needs to step up his game and become a reliable SS so Jeter can DH more
            4) The Core 3 have to stay healthy – Mo, Andy & Jete all had significant injuries in 2012
            5) They have 4 pitchers in their walk years who are in their prime and need to have career years – Hughes, Joba, Logan & Aardsma
            6) Cano needs to hit with RISP and show he can carry a team
            7) Nova has to find his style as a pitcher

  4. Don’t believe it…….the brothers first and foremost know they have to put a winning team on the field ….and if that takes going over the 189 they will. They can afford it. The 189 is a smoke screen to keep all the fans off their back.

  5. Trading Montero for an unproven Pineda was. A stupid move.

    But CashMan makes more stupid moves than smart moves. He always has.

    The only thing I’ve seen him good at is getting good bargain basement players off the scrap heap.

    He’s worst at evaluating pitching talent.

    • jamesmoosescott

      Pineda wasn’t unproven when the trade happened, his rookie year he had a 97-100MPH fastball, whipeout slider, and rarely used but plus changeup. He pitched 171innings with 173 strikeouts and a 3.74 ERA as a 23 year old in his first year in the big leagues. He is also 6’7″.

      • Unproven meaning can he handle the pressures of big league baseball year in year out. Without getting DUIs and love handles. The talent is there.

      • James – Many pitchers have success their first time through the league but have trouble maintaining that the 2nd time around and in subsequent years. There are many hard-throwers that flame out. Pineda had a nice first half but started to fade in the 2nd half and there were many warning signs that he was having arm problems (dropped arm angle, decreased velocity, poor performance, fastball starting to cut, etc.)in the 2nd half.

        There was another rookie pitcher in 2011 who also threw 171 innings and had a 3.70 ERA as a 24 yr old, except he did his work in a hitters park while Pineda pitched in an extreme pitcher’s park.. He went 16-4 and finished ahead of Pineda in the Rookie of the Year voting. He’s 6’4, 225 pounds and throws 92-95. He was the #2 starter on the AL East champions but in his 2nd year he had trouble growing as a pitcher and making adjustments to the league. He pitched to a 5.08 ERA and eventually lost his spot in the rotation. Of course his name is Ivan Nova. My only point is you have to take a rookie pitcher’s first half/first turn around the league with a grain of salt.

        • fishjam…
          I very seldom take exception to your writings but…in this case I see things a bit different.

          I see a ground ball pitcher try to answer the fans and some others telling him he has to strike out more hitters to be a succesful pitcher.
          Remember CMW went through the same thing a few years ago. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Nova back to his winning ways this year…as a Ground Ball Pitcher! 16-4 is good enough for starters unless, he gets 30+ starts then I want to see 18 wins.
          I know…want in one hand and s— in the other, but it can happen with him, I think last year showed him and taught him a lot about pitching.
          I hope I am right, as we do need Nova to step-up! 🙂

          • Hi Ken…..Even when you disagree with me, we still agree! LOL. I’ve been saying the same things about Nova since May (see article below).

            He was effective in 2011 because he limited extra base hits/HRs by throwing his hard-sinking FB and got out of jams with groundballs and double-plays. But many pundits looked at his low strikeout rates and thought he had to strike people out to improve. So he threw more 4-seamers and breaking balls – and yes he got more Ks but also allowed more extra base hits than anyone in baseball.

            The only point in comparing him to Pineda is they both had very similar stats in their rookie year but you cannot assume a pitcher is going to improve on his rookie yr as most tend to struggle their 2nd yr (Sophomore Slump) and have to make adjustments to prosper on a long-term basis.

            Here’s my article on Nova in May:

  6. I think the brothers have lost confidence in CashMan and don’t trust him to make moves anymore. That’s why they are not pulling the trigger.

    • twasp….
      How’s it going to-day, having fun yet?

      Anyhow, I really don’t see it as a confidence problem at all, more like a power push. Maybe you remember the “Tampa Mafia”, lead by Randy but, made up of front office people (you know like us), that think they know more about baseball then everyone else in the world. I wouldn’t bet against that being part of the problem but, one can only do what the boss will let one do!
      Hal can give all the lip service he wants to the press, then turn to Cashman and tell him anyone over $5m has to be ok’ed by him.
      Everything looks like Cashmans fault but his hands are tied. Those above him never face the fans they can say one thing and do another, all the time using the GM for cover!
      It happens all the time! nothing new at all, SOP!

      • Hey Ken……you know I only have fun when I’m teasing you.

        I think it’s the other way around…I think CashMan uses the owners as an excuse.

        ” I can’t get anyone because the owners won’t let me”. Waaaaah

        ” I didn’t want Soriano ” Waaaaaaaaaah

        I didn’t make the Arod deal ” Waaaaaaah

  7. YFU………..
    Good to see the whole(almost) crew again!
    Where has everyone been?
    Some say that Dan Johnson signing today, was a good thing.

  8. The key to the season will be a healthy and speedy ichiro and gardner

  9. Ken …the key is speed taking the place of power.

    Swisher, jones, ibanez, chavez, Martin

    Being replaced by

    Ichy, Gardner, Nunez

    Remember what I always say SPEED KILLS ™.

  10. Ken Reed….Elston Howard, was the one the soaked Micky Mantles glove
    in the beer. Luis Arroyo, bet him that he would not do it.

  11. Ken ….. I just read that if you use modern day saber metrics Mickey Mantle was better than Willie Mays.

    • If true, that’s great! Back in the day (and on to this date) the press always were trying to promote Black players over the other players. The reason was good, there where a lot of fans and players that didn’t or couldn’t except anyone that wasn’t White. Just facts!
      Anyhow, both were very good players and HoF players, that’s what really counts!

  12. FARM REPORT: GCL (Rookies)
    The GCL Yankees finished 35-25. Good for third place. Just behind the GCL Pirates.
    Mgr. Tom Nieto says…”they will do better, or we will find new players”.
    Pitcher Victor Beriguete, wants more innings……he had eight last season.
    OF Justin James batted .138 last season. He has returned to trade school.

  13. T.Twasp/Ken Reed….don’t let this end badly. Good night.

  14. Yankees need to put your three draft picks you got for giving away our team and add one or two more and trade for Stanton, hes the only one who can save our season, and Marlins have extra catchers. Just thinking out LOUD. 63 yrs a Yankee FAN.

    • Tony, welcome to the site. We’d all love to trade for Stanton but I don’t think the yanks have the ammo needed to make that trade right now. Other teams could make better offers. Also, unfortunately, MLB doesn’t allow teams to trade draft picks.

      • Tony, Welcome……agreed with Fish it would be a hard get. The yankees can’t go out and get every all star to be on there team. They are going to have to start working from there system.

    • tony I too welcome you to this, one of the better, if not, the best site for Yankee Fans. 66 years a Yankee fan (so my sister tells me) so thanks for commenting here and hope to see more of you.
      Trades are easy to conjure up and discuss but, to have them come to fruition one needs the chips,
      “we don’t got them no ways rat nows”!
      Stick around the fun is about to start. 🙂

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