Yankees Offseason Notes: Yankees sign Juan Rivera; The Captain is back on the field!

Yankees sign Juan Rivera

So while I was at the doctor’s office earlier today, I was skimming through my Yankees twitter feed when I saw that the Yankees had signed none other than Juan Rivera to a minor league deal which includes an invitation to Spring Training. Rivera (no relation to Mariano Rivera), will compete with Russ Canzler, Matt Diaz, Thomas Neal, Ronnie Mustelier and other options to be the fourth outfielders. Rivera if he can stay healthy, is a good signing since he has a career .285/.332/.488 against left handed pitching and could be the bat that the Yankees were looking for this offseason.

Who do you think will ultimately win the fourth outfielder position?

Derek Jeter is back on the field!

Derek Jeter is one inch closer to getting on the field for Opening Day after taking drills at the Yankees minor league complex today. The captain of the Yankees fielded 55 grounders in front of the dirt at shortstop today and also hit in the batting cage.

Jeter was also joined by teammates David Robertson, Francisco Cervelli and Michael Pineda at the complex. Robertson recently signed a deal with the Yankees, Cervelli is competing for the catcher spot (oy vey), and Pineda is working on making his comeback by June of this season.

Mark Teixeira to join Rock of Ages cast for one night only!

It’s no secret Mark Teixeira loves Broadway Musicals and tomorrow he is going to see the Rock of Ages cast for tomorrow’s show. Hmm, I figured that he would have been asked to join the cast of Les Miserables since that is his favorite musical.

Want to sing the National Anthem for the Staten Island Yankees?

The Staten Island Yankees are looking for singers to perform the National Anthem or God Bless America for the upcoming 2013 season. Fill out the form here if you are interested. Tryouts are on February 23 from 12-3pm.

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Jeter is back . the Yankees will win another division title Ken!

    • Yup, I can just see a singles hitter making a big difference and leading the team to the WS Crown.
      What about 2010, 2011, 2012. or 2009…oh, no we can’t count 2009 because the 3rd baseman took the team to the playoffs that year.

      No one player, ever wins a WS, one player can make a game saving catch or hit but, that is one of many thing putting him in that position to be the hero for a day…I takes a team

      That being said, I hope he has another fine year and helps the team!

      • 2000 ws mvp Derek Sanderson Jeter

        • What good was that, he and the team didn’t win another one until A-Rod carried them to the championship. So, does that mean we won’t see another WS unless a singles hitter does it all by himself? As you keep saying, “Jeter won 5 WS” not very likely…THE TEAM wins!

          • Ken – only you could contradict yourself in the same comment. you say one man can’t win the WE but you say arid and mantle did?????

            • twasp…
              Read, or put your glass on. I sad A-Rod lead them to the Championship, I didn’t say he won anything, and I didn’t say the WS either. I said the Championship, not the WS, I also said the playoffs, not the WS.

              Everyone in baseball knows and said A-Rod put the team on his back and pulled them out of a slump and on to the playoffs.

              When did I say Mantle did?

              • why are you talking about Aroid ? Dan and I were talking about Mantle! and what a bad fielder he was.

                • Somewhere about the time you interjected Jeter as the one to lead the team to the WS this year!
                  And you say I am old, you can’t remember what you write 10 min after writing it.
                  Come on twasp, you are better than that, have a nice day…I’m out!

  2. Ken/Dan- did mickey mantle ever lead the league in errors in CF?

  3. Dan – mantle led the league 4 Times in errors and finished second twice.

  4. mantle was very fast but did not judge the ball well, had bad hands and a mediocre arm.

    • Twasp.. wrong again, he was like Granderson/Bernnie W, bad jumps and no baseball instincts. His arm was one of the strongest in baseball until he busted it up in a game, then it became a so, so arm…a bit between Granderson and Johnny D.

      • Dan . -he was a brutal fielder …..made way too many errors….and defense is a big part of the game….

      • grandly . Bernie and Johnny never made 20 errors——- disgraceful

        • You have never been in the old, old Yankee stadium have you? If you had you would understand a fielder like him making errors. It is almost inconcivable to understand the depth of CF in those days with the monuments on the field. It was so big it would have be easy to put Right and CF in it with room left over. The only one that didn’t make a lot of errors out in CF was Joe “D”, he had two of the better fielders in baseball playing on both sides of him…plus he had good instincts!
          I don’t think I ever saw Joe D dive or jump for a ball in all the games I saw him play.

  5. Dan believe it or not one season mantle had a whopping 20 errors. he was just brutal.

    • The most he ever had in the OF was 12 one year and 10 another year. Bobby had 14 in one year.
      We won’t get into Jeters errors will we? Oh hell let’s do it, Mickey had 107 errors in 18 years playing SS, 3rd, 1st, Rf and CF, let’s just say jeter had 14 out of 18 years with double figures in error.
      Actually, that is a bit unfair, SS is a little tougher to play than that big OF…
      Where did you come up with 20 errors for Mickey?
      Hell, even I couldn’t make that many errors, and I am the worlds worst OF, only played there once in high school…saying it was a disaster would be saying I was just a bit bad!

  6. lame excuse…bobby murcer played in a huge CFand never made more than 5 errors.AND WON A GG!
    mantle was brutal

  7. Tex was on Boomer and Carton this morning. He said he was only healthy for 2 months of the season last year.

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