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Spring Training Notes: Run, Jeter, Run!; Granderson speaks with the media

Although camp technically begins tomorrow, since there is a reasonable amount of players at the complex, we might as well start the Spring Training reports today. Here are today’s top stories from Tampa, Florida.

Jeter begins to run

Derek Jeter told reporters that he received the green light to do all activities that do with baseball–including running. Jeter ran for the first time since the surgery and said he felt pretty good.

 “I’m progressing like I told you. I’m right where I need to be. I’ve gotten the okay to do everything.”

Although Jeter is doing well in his recovery, don’t expect him to play Spring Training games right off the bat. Jeter’s goal is Opening Day, the day where everything begins to matter.

Granderson speaks out to the Media

Curtis Granderson reported to Spring Training a week before position players are slated to appear, and wasn’t shy in talking to the media about the topics that have been surrounding him all winter: the speculation that he will move to LF and his contract.

When talking about the speculation on whether Granderson could move to LF, Granderson said he was “open to it” and that he wouldn’t mind the move. Keep in mind fans, Granderson has barely played LF but of course, you want your best outfielder in CF and that’s not Granderson–no offense Grandy.

Granderson also talked about wanting to talk a contract extension with the Yankees. “I’d be a fool not to.”

“I’m so excited about this fourth season and hopefully this isn’t the last one.” Yeah…that’s what Nick Swisher said last season. Where is he now? Oh, right…CLEVELAND.

Granderson also seems serious about wanting to hit better this season, which is why he talked to Ichiro Suzuki about it. Granderson started working out and hitting earlier than usual, which could be useful since he is speedy and could help out the other speed demons on the team: Brett Gardner, Ichiro and Eduardo Nunez to name a few.

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