Morning Bits: Spring Training is here, Four free tickets to a Staten Island Yankees game & more…

mug3Good Morning Yankee fans.  Today is the day Pitchers and Catchers report.  Who’s as excited as me?   I can’t wait for Delia’s article later today with pictures and the report of today’s activity.

Now onto the links….

The Staten Island Yankees are offering 4 free tickets to a game just for entering a contest.   If you haven’t been to this ballpark it’s a must visit.

Andrew Marchand of ESPN NY writes Yankees baseball is back but will it be the usual Yankee baseball?

— Yogi Berra will not be attending spring training this year but will be at several regular season games writes Anthony McCarron of the Daily News.


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Avid Yankee fan since birth. I have been going to Yankee games with my father since i was young. I have many memories at YSII including many playoffs and world series games. I hope that you enjoy our blog. Comment often.

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  1. Said that Yogi can’t attend Spring Training. But it’s best for him with his health. Ken do you have any good Yogi stories that you remember from back in the day that you want to share?

    • Sorry to say, I don’t have any Yogi story’s off-hand but, twasp has a book I told him about and a few others he added to it.
      Maybe he can dig up something in one of the books.
      Oh! one fact I remember, he was the hardest guy to strike out of anyone playing at that time. He was also the best bad ball hitter I have ever seen, he said one time when asked….something like: “If I can see and reach it, I can hit it!”
      Another time in Cleveland, the Yankees were behind by one run (I think) and up came Yogi with a man on and (?) outs, Cleveland knew Yogi was the one guy they didn’t want to face (7th inning on, he was one of the best clutch hitters around) he almost never struck out! Anyhow he comes up to the plate, Cleveland decides to pitch to him but, nothing near the plate. Cleveland did a big NO, NO they forgot he hits anything he can reach, I think they had him down to 3 balls then it happened, the pitcher threw the pitch high but over the plate…so, Yogi proceeded to tomahawk it out for a two run HR and win the game, on a ball 4 pitch, over his head!
      And that’s a true story, give or take a lie, here or there! 🙂

      • Here’s another Yogi story from book Ken gave me :

        Joe Pepitone was highly regarded rookie when he came up with Yankees . In the first month Yogi invited him to dinner with the boys Mickey, Billy, Roger Maris.

        Pepi is all excited ..puts on his best clothes ..and drives to the address.

        No restaraunt….just burnt out store front.

  2. Also what is everyone most looking forward to with spring training? Mine is to see the outfield alignment towards the end of spring training.

    • I’m looking forward to seeing Joba and Aardsma to see what they look like. Also, looking forward seeing what Nova has done to get back to what he was. Also, lots more competitions for spots this spring, which will make things more interesting.

  3. Monica Bhattacharjee

    I’m excited to see some of the minor leaguers who get invites .. and a healthy Mariano and Brett Gardner

    • I’m with you Monica. The Yanks invited a ton of their top prospects to camp and they will get a lot of playing time early in camp. Good time to get a long look at the kids,

      • The pitchers are just trying to get in shape early and work on pitches. The veterans are just trying to get their stroke back, and the rookies are trying to impress. You can’t take too much out of spring training it means something different to each player, players and teams that look good in spring training don’t always do well in the season. Most rookies unless their niave know they have little chance of making the team. Most of the teams are set. I would look for prospects like Whitley and Montgomery to get a shot mid- season, as for the rest rest they need to develop quickly to get a legitimate shot next year. The best thing for me is just getting a chance to see some of the prospects in spring training. I remember last year when Zolio Almonte looked so good.

  4. I have a good feeling about Gardner’s year–if he can stay healthy. Also this could be the swan song for Mariano Rivera.

  5. I’m excited to return back to the home field. Packed park is going to be a little different then the empty free range when the Tampa Yankees play. Enjoy the field so much. Excited for my sons Zander 3 and Sebastian 2 get to see something they have been asking for since off season started and that’s more baseball. Interesting to see who gets reps at 1st & 2nd with tex and cano out with WBC . The minor league guys will get plenty of play time especially in beginning when starters don’t travel together

  6. Matt/Fish……I think many people are missing the talent Nunez has.

    He has plus plus speed
    Good hands
    Pop in hiis bat

    His throwing can be corrected.

    Im seeing an All Star within 2 -3 years.

    • Nunez is a good player I give you that. If we could have Nunez Ichiro Gardner and granderson all in the same game that’s alot of speed.

      • This could be a break out year for Nunez, I don’t see an All Star but he should be a solid player. He could start on some of the teams right now.

    • Tommy T…what are you doing posting so early?

    • twasp, nice to see you got the message, I brought up the book hoping you would look something up in it for those that may never have read anything or much about Yogi
      Thanks for coming through!
      More to the point about Nunez, you seem to have changed your mind somewhat, about him! Nothing wrong with changing ones mind about players we all do it once, some more often! lol

  7. Patrick….what ever happened to/////////Cody eppsley/ /was he on the post season roster last year? i thought he did well better than Lowe

  8. I agree I dont think he did either.


  10. Delia – which Yankee third baseman had an incredible vertical leap of 60 inches. (within last 5 years)

  11. Jose Canseco…….but Roger was defnetly souped up with Piazza.

  12. You’re right Kevin. so was Chuck K.

    • Tommy-T….good evening. The book I sent you…was it what you asked for?
      I may have others, in the back office. Don’t be shy.

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