Granderson breaks right forearm, to be out 10 weeks

Granderson breaks right forearm, to be out 10 weeks

by fishjam25

Terrible news for the Yankees.  Granderson was hit by a pitch in his first At Bat today and X-Rays revealed he has a fracture in his right forearm.  The Yanks could ill-afford to lose his power and will now have to scramble to replace Granderson.  In-house options include veterans in camp on Minor-lg deals such as Juan Rivera & Thomas Neal, veteran minor-leaguers like Cubans Ronnier Mustelier & Adonis Garcia as well as their 2 highest ranking OF prospects Zoilo Almonte & Melky Mesa.

If he’s out for 10 weeks, that would bring him back during the first week in May.  They could go out and look to bring in a veteran OF like Alfonso Soriano but if Granderson will only miss approximately 5 weeks, do they want to bring in a significant player?  I think they need to be patient and look at the in-house options before doing anything hasty.  A platoon of  Rivera or Mustelier from the Right Side and Zoilo from the left side might not be a bad idea.  Sure would be nice to have Chris Dickerson right about now!

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  1. Yanks could trade for Vernon Wells.

    The Yanks solved one problem and now have another. Gardner’s their CF…but now we have no one to play LF.

  2. Kevin aka RobbinsDynasty

    If we have no options to fill in for about a months worth of games thst lies in house then YANKEES meed to fire sll player developement staff and fire cashman. Remember we were sending andrew jones out thre last year

    • I agree Kevin. This won’t be the end of the world. Against LHP, one of the 3 LH OFs were going to sit so the RH OF (Diaz or Rivera) could play. They now need to figure out who will play vs RHP. It would be nice if Nunez could play LF but they likely won’t do that. They could have done it last year and chose not to.

      All of their present options to take Grandy’s spot are RH except for switch-hitting Zoilo:
      1 – The loser of the Diaz/Rivera 4th OF competition
      2 – Mustelier
      3 – Melky Mesa
      4 – Thomas Neal
      5 – Adonis Garcia

      Zoilo is much better vs RHP: Last yr in AA, he hit .308/.355/.550/.905 with 17 HRs in 313 PAs vs RHP. At this point I’d lean towards Mustelier & Zoilo although better options may present themselves towards the end of ST when people start getting cut. For instance, a guy like Chris Dickerson may get cut by Baltimore.

      • Mustelier is not on the 40 man which could work against him

        • Matt I agree with you, knowing Girardi he will go with Diaz and Rivera. He likes veteran players as starters.

        • That’s definitely a consideration but they will have to make some roster moves before the season anyway. At least one of Diaz and Rivera will need to be added to the roster and guys like Pineda & Banuelos can be shifted to the 60-day DL. I’d expect one of the RPs to get traded or put thru waivers too.

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