Teixeira, Ichiro, Murphy provide offense as Yanks fall to Phillies 4-3

Spring Training is Spring Training so the Yankees losing three in a row shouldn’t be that alarming, especially since the Yankees placed all their minor leaguers in during the 6th inning. However, if you’re a fan, you’d like to see more than one win come from the Yankees so the Yankees are going to have to try and go back to the drawing board to figure out what they have to do to win tomorrow. But instead of talking about how the Yankees lost, let’s take a look at some positives from today’s game.

Mark TeixeiraTeixeira provided the Yankees with an early lead in the ball game, hitting an RBI double that scored Ichiro Suzuki. Teixeira was 1-for-3 on the day, but we’ll take the RBI.

Ichiro SuzukiIt looks as if Ichiro and Brett Gardner are having their own little competition. After Gardner had a three-hit day yesterday, Ichiro answered back with a three-hit day of his own. He also showed hustle and was a thrill to watch as he ran around the bases. Typical Ichiro.

David RobertsonDavid Robertson made his Spring debut today and proved that he still had it, pitching a scoreless inning although he gave up a walk. I would say Robertson is in mid-season form if he can have constant 1-2-3 innings.

Joba ChamberlainJoba Chamberlain (along with his unpopular mustache) made his Spring debut as well, also working a scoreless inning although he gave up the first hit for the Phillies to Ryan Howard. Still, it was a good outing. He also made sure to ruffle some feathers when he said that he believes he could be a starter again.

J.R Murphy: J.R Murphy came into the game during the 7th inning, but he made a lasting impression during the end of the game when he hit a towering 2-run HR to give the Yankees at the time a 3-1 lead. He then doubled in the 9th while the Yankees were trailing 4-3 yet he just missed his second HR of the game.


Eduardo NunezNunez went 0-for-3 today, I know–but at first he gave some fans a warm and hearty laugh when his helmet fell off after showing some hustle to first base. The warm and hearty laughter soon turned into annoyance after his helmet fell off another two times, making us wonder if Nunez might want to consider getting a new helmet size.


— Tomorrow the Yankees will play the Baltimore Orioles at GMS Field at 1:05 p.m. only on YES Network.

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Did anyone get to watch this game today? I watched as much video of it as I could but didn’t get to see Jose Ramirez throw.

    I saw Murphy’s bomb and I saw Joba pitch. His mustache is ridiculous but it looks like he finally got into decent shape. Amazing what a contract year can do for one’s motivation. I’ve said it before but all of the potential Free Agents on the team may turn out to be a big plus for the team this year. Especially for a guy like Joba who’s dedication and conditioning have been questioned in the past.

    • Yeah, I saw the whole game. Ramirez actually looked really good. No runs, no hits, two innings. He had great stuff.

      Ichiro was ridiculous today (in a good way) and…they seriously need to get Nunez a new helmet.

    • fishjam, overall it was a good showing by the Yanks today, Tex also looks to be in good shape. Jose Rimirez, Roberston, and Joba looked good, I would say Ramirez looked better than the young pitchers that threw yesterday. He could help the team down the road.

    • fishjam…
      In Jobas case, I hope you are wrong about his reasoning for getting into baseball shape. I have seen him get in better shape every year, for him, that is a lot of work. He was in such bad shape in college that he had leg problems every year!
      I look for a very good year for him, Brett, Itchy, Cano and Nunez! I would like to add A-Rod to that list also, if he is healthy he will work hard to produce and make some people eat their words about him being all washed up at 37-8. Forget how one feels about him personally, but adding a bat of his talent to this team would be a big help to the team!

    • fishjam…
      I had a journalistic supper story in the place of this, junk! But, it disappeared into never never land. I think I am angry about that…it is about the 10th or so time in the last 50 years or so!?! 😦

      • ok, I give-up! where did that come from? twasp, are you still alive and doing this…lol 🙂

        • Ken? Where IS Twasp? I haven’t heard from him in a while…

          • Delia E….
            I have no idea, without him around, I have nobody to fight with! That’s no fun at all. lol
            Really, I haven’t heard a thing from or about him, I hope it has to do with work and not worse…like being….well I won’t go there but, I am so old. Never mind, let him know we miss his fighting words!
            Well, maybe not so much!
            Maybe one of his buds around here know! Nice of you to notice! 🙂

            • TWASP is well Ken, Delia and the rest of the gang……just busy at work.

              Go Yankees! Get Johnny Damon back……2 stolen bases on one play…priceless.

              • Twasp….Damon has his hat out and is begging to come back. You think Cashman is bitter that Johnny asked for too much money in past years or is he just done? I’d like to see what one of the guys in the system can do. Musty and Zoilo for me.

                • Fish/Matt….I watched Damon with Cleveland last season and he is toast. CashMan knows it. But even if Damon had something left CashMan wouldnt bring him back for spite…..he remembers Damon turmningdown a 2/$10m per offer in 2010 and has never forgiven him.

                  Damon of course was crazy for not taking it and now it looks like he wont get a shot at 3,000 hits or the HOF.

              • Good to see ya back tman deep down you know he isn’t the answer though I’m sure.

                • yeah,Matt, i’m loyal to Damon and would love to see him in pinstripes again …but there are many better options. Lets go young for once with Musty.

            • Ken, say something bad about Jeter….that will be a good test to see if the Wasp is around. Lol

        • Ken – TWASP has been hacking into your computer and erasing any stories that are tooooooo long.

          • Yes twasp, I know they are long winded and ramble along too much but, I don’t know how to really write this stuff. I have always been writing action reports and ops opinions. Everything is tight and to the point but, with no room for conjecture…fact baby, nothing but the facts.

            • Just kidding Ken… your ramblings are funny!

              • Truth is truth besides, it takes me an hour to type 3 lines.
                I too have been MIA on the site somewhat! I have been working hard to get my hand back the way it was…there seems to be a difference of opinion as to if It can be done…I say yes +/- a % or so. Who cares what they say!
                Don’t work to hard!

    • Hey Fish…. Ramirez looked real good today. Nice arm side run on his fastball and his changeup was filthy. Good slider as well. Didn’t see velocity. He gave up a walk to lead off the second but got it back on a double play on the next batter. Out of five balls in play four were grounders. If he can remain healthy this year and his breaking ball stays on track he’ll be a big plus for Trenton and a guy the big team eyes up in 2014.

      I took off afer seeing J-Ram so I didn’t see Murph but read he launched a bomb to left center and almost got another one out. Good stuff…. now that he’s on track behind the plate maybe he’ll focus a little more on the bat this summer and take another step forward.

  2. Ken – Do you think Jeter would ever sell his championship ring?

  3. Yuri just called ….besides Aroids ring hes also selling Melkys testosterone stained jerseys.

  4. Its too bad Yuri has to sell the ring…..he deserves to keep the ring…he traveled with the team in Aroids luggage. Must have gotten cramped in there.

  5. Story today says that the Yanks made Cano an offer. Here’s my take, offer Cano 7/180 right now if he doesn’t take it trade him for prospects. Next year sign Lincecum,Haren,McCann, and either Ellisbury or Zorbrist.

    • I am with ya Doug at least on the trading part—more thought required on the signings. No more long term deals on the wrong side of 30 please and thank you.

      Patrick where ya at buddy, help on this.

  6. Patrick…
    Get your lazy but over here, stay out of that trash bin you are at now!

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