Morning Bits: Pettitte, Cano, Prospects

mug3Good Morning all.   Can the Yanks do it again tonight?   Nova is on the mound and first pitch is for 7PM.    Enjoy the game.   let’s get to the links…..

Wallace Matthews of ESPN NY writes that Old Man Andy is still rolling along.

Dan Martin of the NY Post writes that the Red Hot Robbie hit one of the Yankees five blasts.

Bryan Hoch of has a nice article about how the Yankees are hoping to develop within.   He mentions Heathcott, Austin and Sanchez are players with really good potential.

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  1. The great Russel Martin who finally got his first hit of the season last night to raise his sparkling ba up to .048, so is anyone missing him?

    • Him and Montero have combined to 5-51 for a stellar .098 BA

    • Good riddance to Martin. He’s a solid defender and has some pop but the yanks don’t miss his terrible BA. Cashman offered him a big contract at the beginning of last season and we’re lucky he didn’t take it. I thought Pyrznski would have made a lot of sense on a 1-yr deal but Cervelli looks much improved this year both defensively and offensively. Hopefully he’ll stay away from a freak concussion or broken leg.

      • Sorry I’ve been gone guys, busy with work.
        Fish I couldn’t possibly agree with you more. Martin’s pathetic BA was a hindrance to the team and the money he was asking for was certainly lot in line with his talent or production. His defense wasn’t even very good last year and that is supposed to be his strong suit.
        I also wanted AJP but Cashman was saving his pennies to please Hal I suppose.
        Cervelli’s passion does push him along, I just hope he can stay healthy while being so overzealous.

        • To this point Cashman’s moves to go with Cervelli, Wells, Hafner, and Nunny looks pretty good to me. Ichiro is the only one that hasn’t panned out so far. Also Yanks are near the top in runs scored and are hitting better with RISP with 4 starters out, not too bad. The next big move might be to fix the Bullpen from the minors.

          • Good thing about the rainouts when those games are made up yanks will probably have Jeter……Granderson….Tex in the lineup.

          • And Doug I don’t think the Ichiro move was a Cashman one

            • that has Levine written all over it…. he sees the jersey sales, a hit milestone looming and foreign money rolling in and BOOM! there’s your contract.

              didn’t he learn the last time they paid some dolt to pursue milestones?

    • If Russell Martin owned a funeral parlor nobody would die. Good riddance!

  2. I’d like to think that Andy and Mo are drinking from the fountain of youth. They’re the very few who age and still pitch like their 25.

    • Or in Andy’s case, better! If he had the stuff he has now when he was younger, he would still be in AAA.
      Now, with age (thank you very much, youngsters) he would like to have the fast ball but alas, not to be! He is using the years of learning his trade, to help him out now and is doing very well, thank you! I just hope Joe keeps his innings and pitch count down somewhat. He is a bulldog and will go until he can’t go anymore, it is up to Joe to keep him under control and save him from himself.

      Nice to have the two old guys back and healthy!

    • Delia I think Andy may even pitch next year, I have a theory about that I’m going write an article about.

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