Game 14 Lineup: Diamondbacks vs. Yankees

Lineup vs. D-Backs:

Brett Gardner CF
Robinson Cano 2B
Kevin Youkilis 3B
Travis Hafner DH
Vernon Wells LF
Ichiro Suzuki RF
Eduardo Nunez SS
Lyle Overbay 1B
Chris Stewart C

RHP Ivan Nova (0-1, 7.71 ERA)

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Time to move Refsnyder to Tampa he is a fast tracker. This guy has leadership qualities similar to Youk and Jeter. I saw him in the college world series and I was really impressed with him.

    • Yes, Refsnyder should will definitely move fast. The problem with him is the yanks want him to get reps at 2B and they have one of their better prospects playing 2B at Tampa in Angelo Gumbs. Gumbs is currently struggling so I don’t think he’ll be promoted to AA any time soon. They both need reps at 2B so a possible option would be to jump Refsnyder straight to AA. He’s a year and a half older than Gumbs and has experience at a major D-1 college program.

      • fishjam, I totally agree Refsnyder should be fast tracked, he also can play the outfield. The former Uof A player should be able to make that jump to AA, other players like Ike Davis, and Pedroia were fast trackers.

        • DOUG – Refsnyder was called up to Tampa today. A lot of injuries to infielders in the system opened an opportunity. Gumbs & Anderson Feliz went on the DL and Ali Castillo got bumped to Trenton so Refsnyder will play everday at 2B in Tampa. If he continues to do the job, maybe they’ll bump him to AA when Gumbs is healthy.

          • fishjam, great move by the Yanks, this kid can play. We need for some of the farm top prospects to do well this year. Sanchez has had a good start of the season. Heathcott and Austin haven’t found their confort zone yet. I think it’s time for the Yanks to start looking for a replacement for Jeter, Nunny is a good stop gap player.

            • I can’t wrap my head around Jeter’s injury. Did his ankle not heal the first time? Did he re-break it in the exact same spot? Or is it a totally new break in a different area of the ankle?

              Guess it doesn’t really matter, important thing is he’s out til at least the All-Star break. Nunez will have the chance to prove if he is the future SS or just a stop gap as you said. His defense is much improved and many of us think he can hit well for a SS.

              Yanks will greatly miss Jeter’s bat vs LHP as he is one of the best in MLB against lefties. Cashman has to find someone who mashes lefties or teams will start pulling southpaws out of A ball to face them.

              • Brian Cashman said that it was a new injury. The break is new but it was close to where the break originally was. Where the originally injury was, it’s completely healed.

                You have to figure something was up since Jeter hasn’t run the bases since March 23.

              • fishjam, I agree but Cashman can only do so much, with all the injuries he has maxed out his options. It will be up to Cano, Youk, Wells, Nunny, and Tex to carry them again’st leftys.

                • Yeah it is what it is at this point. But if Adams keeps hitting in AAA (2 for 4 with a HR today, hitting .355), bring him up. The team has been fortunate to steal some Wins against LHP lately with good pitching performances and late inning comebacks. But as we saw again tonight, they are a weak lineup vs LHP. They came into today’s game with a .211 team BA and a pathetic .567 OPS vs lefties. With jeter not coming back soon the only possible help coming would be Tex.

  2. Wade Davis 7 shutout innings to beat the Braves today, trading Shields and Davis looks to be a bad move on the part of the Rays. Both are better than what they have after Price.

    • TB gave up 2 excellent arms and the trade looks bad now but it all depends on how good Wil Meyers is when he’s brought up in the next few weeks. TB has an absolutely anemic offense after Longoria & Zobrist with a MLB-worst .204 team BA!

      They were desperate for a young offensive player and paid a high price banking that Meyers turns out to be great. Even dealing Shields & Davis, they still have 4 very good starters. I like Matt Moore and Alex Cobb and they also have 2 of MLB’s top pitching prospects in AAA. They felt their pitching talent/depth far exceeded their offensive talent. and KC was the opposite so each team feels they helped themselves. I’ve been stashing Meyers on my fantasy teams so I’m anxious to see how he performs when he gets the call.

      • fishjam, all you said is true but the Rays have refused to spend any money to keep this team a contender. They seem to think they can win by losing players like Upton, Crawford, Shields, and Davis, I’m not convinced they have gone too far. Will Meyers is not the savior for this team, in my book they made a mistake!

  3. Boone Logan looked like a new man last night. his breaking ball was sharp and he threw it for strikes and his FB was 92-93 and topped at 95. Much improved than what he showed in ST and the first 2 weeks. He’s a very important piece of the pen as the only LHP at the moment.

    Rapada is working his way back and Vidal Nuno continues to throw gems in AAA. While I think Nuno would do a solid job in the pen and could take Kelley’s spot, he may be more valuable keeping as a starter. Right now, the Yankee starters in AAA besides Nuno have been struggling. Brett Marshall and Betances are off to poor starts and Chris Bootcheck is just filler. CM Wang is about to make his first so if he performs well they’d have more flexibility with Nuno.

    • fishjam, the Yanks have Phelps and Warren as good backups in the 4 and 5 spots. Nuno looks to be the next lefty up, no need to have him start in AAA.

      • i have more faith in phelps than i do warren as a starter… warren i think would thrive in a long relief role as opposed to trying to roll through lineups multiple times every five days. i’d want to see nuno prove that he can’t cut it starting in the majors before i cut his innings in the pen. what he’s done the last year plus is deserving of a shot at the rotation, even if it’s some spot starts here and there. he could be a valuable back end starter next year when hughes walks. all he does is throw strikes and get outs, and doing it with not so overpowering stuff to me shows he has excellent command, he hides the ball well, and pitches with brains, rather than just hucking the ball over the plate.

        • jimmy, I agree with you as long as the Yanks don’t need another lefty relief pitcher, but if they do he should be the first one brought up. Many good starters started out as relief pitchers. It would also give him confidence for next year. Moving him up at the end of the season might be the best choice unless Logan falters.

          • we have a couple of options for lefty relievers though…. cedeno has pitched very well thus far, rapada is back on the mound and could be ready shortly, rondon could always be pulled in a pinch, and cabral is also making his way back, although no one is sure how he’ll be after the year layoff. all in all, they have a few different directions they could go in without having to limit nuno’s innings by tossing him in the pen.

            i’m looking forward to seeing the guy pitch in the bigs for sure, but i’d rather it wasn’t in one inning/specialty type situations. if anything, how about replacing phelps as the long guy with phelps moving into a rotation spot…gets him decent usage while transitioning him to the big leagues.

            • jimmy, I understand what you are saying, but I just think Nuno is the best lefty available right now, and that might be enough to bring him up mid year in some capacilty.

  4. Pronk goes yard!

    • Last night was a great win. The team has been playing much better fundamental baseball and getting a lot of clutch hits. CC battled and gave 8 strong despite barely hitting 90. Huge basehit by Gardner to tie the game in the 7th then Pronk with the winner in the 8th.

      Francisco finally got a base hit but I still think they need to upgrade on him. The lineup is too weak vs LHP and its a shame Mustelier and David Adams got hurt in ST because they could be helping this team vs LHP right now. Both hit Lefties well and there is enough defensive versatility on this team that both could fit in the lineup. Youk can slide to 1B allowing Adams or Musty to play 3B. Musty could play OF over Ichiro and both could DH over Francisco.

      Adams is hitting well in AAA and in the last 3 yrs in the Minors, he has hit .331/.383/.538/.921 vs LHP. Musty hits lefties and righties equally well with a .317/.368/.515/.883 minor league career line vs LHP. Has anyone heard when he’ll be back from his injury?

  5. Kenny Singelton just made a great point, Cano made a tough play up the middle and he said, Cano makes plays that are hard look easy. This is so true.

    • He does it all the time…makes things look effortless.

      • fishjam, thanks for the link, I’ll watch it when I get back from the field house.

        If I were going to be jealous of any one playing to-day, it would have to be Cano. Just look what God-given talent and hard work gave him.
        I hate to bring this point up but, as this one person gets all the sh-t thrown at him time after time, it was A-Rod that helped turn him around, he took Cano and Milky and had them work with him. Cano stuck it out but not Milky. I remember Cano saying, some thing like; “Working out with A-Rod is the hardest thing he had ever done.
        Point being, Talent with hard work equals Cano…now!

  6. Wells hits another HR, continues to haunt the Jays.

    • Wells came into today 21 for 44 (.477) vs Buehrle.

      You have to give Billy Eppler’s Major league scouting team a lot of credit for identifying that Wells was a changed player this Spring. Wells has looked like garbage the last 2 years in LA but he’s in much better shape with the quick bat he had back in Toronto. He also has a much better approach at the plate and is hitting the ball hard to all fields.

  7. Nunez is doing the right thing with his throws, keeping the ball down or even bouncing the ball. It gives the first basemen a chance on every throw. He looks much improved in the field.

    • yes, his short-armed throws are working much better for him than his long throwing motion where he’d bring his hand all the way behind him like an OF or a pitcher. The only problem he’s having is with his longer throws where he needs more power. I’ve seen a couple of plays in the hole where he isn’t getting enough on his throws…..but he’ll have to adjust. It’s difficult to totally change the way in which one throws and not have some issues but the early results are a vast improvement.

      • doug/fishjam…
        You guys have it right with Nunez but, mayhap, you forgot to mention the huge improvement in his footwork around the bag. Footwork helps everything, get your feet down and the rest takes care of itself…almost!
        Anyhow, as with everything baseball, it starts at the base…Feet, Legs, Hips and Arm.
        I am surprised at you two ex-pitchers…I know you know this as well as I. Damn, that makes my day!
        Just kidding
        By the way, I finally hung up my spikes last night, I think, I am getting to old…the little power I had has seen MUCH better days and the speed is never coming back…nor is my left had. I feel good, it just isn’t there anymore for sand-lot, high school kids is still ok. I hate the words “I quit”, almost as much as the little word “IF”!

        • You retired Ken?!? Boooooo…..just kidding, you had a great run!
          It always seemed Nunez’ feet would get tangled and I think that had to do with his long throwing motion. He always seemed to release the ball too late which gave his feet time to get off balance….he seemed out of synch. Everything seems much more compact now and his entire body is moving together. Now, if he could start to hit like we’ve seen before, we’d have a solid SS.

          • Amen to that, the kid is still learning ONE position, he will grow into it or…just, have a cup of coffee, on the way out the door.
            Catcher, Pitching, 2nd, SS and CF are the heart and soul of a team…no room for a AAAA player!

            I knew my time was up anyhow, when the Sand-Lot Pres. said the insurance wouldn’t cover me anymore…after they found out I was so old…thank you very much Freddy Van der T====. Freddy always wanted the batting title!

            • Thats OK Ken….you can always Coach. Or go scout some of the Yankee minor leaguers.

              • fishjam…
                If one were to read the blogs, most of the bloggers are smart enough to replace the Manager of any major league team…not!

                I am back as manager (only) of the team I was player/manager of before, so everything is fine.

                fishjam, why not be a manager of a Sand-lot team? You would love it, there are so many different personalities, age groups, and talent/experience! You would never find such a degree of love of the game anywhere. Much different from that of kids, the kids still have dreams of playing for their home team, whereas, the SL players have tried and failed, had a cup of coffee or retired.

                • KEN, I messed around on some mens league teams after my “serious” playing days were over and it just wasn’t the same. We only played on weekends and with half the games getting rained out, we would go 2-3 weeks without playing sometimes. It’s not easy to keep your arm in pitching shape under those circumstances and it gets frustrating having fielders behind you that haven’t taken a ground ball in weeks. I wouldn’t mind making a comeback as a hitter but pitching under those circumstances was tough.

  8. By the way, Kuroda is nasty and seems to get better with age. Aside from no-brainers like CC and Mussina, Kuroda may be Cashman’s best starting pitcher acquisition ever.

    • fishjam, I totally agree, they should try and sign him next year.

      • Didn’t Cash sign Andy, Boomer and Cone? I don’t think they were bad.
        Kuroda, CC, and Andy, not a bad top 3 is it? Get to the play-offs, that is all we should need…when healthy. In the play-offs I think we stand a good chance — everyone is healthy!
        What say, you two guys, or anyone, that may wish to agree or not?

        • Ken, those were 3 great Yankees pitchers but all were on the team before Cashman became GM. He actually got rid of Andy and Wells then brought them back a few years later. That actually brings up a very pecuilar trade….the Wells for Clemens deal.

          Not only was it an Ace 35 yr old pitcher for another Ace 35 yr old pitcher, but it was between division rivals. Clemens had just won back to back Cy Youngs and Wells was the Ace who led the Yankees to an amazing 125-50 record and World Series win. George had wanted Clemens badly for years and I don’t think the Yanks cared for Wells’ image/lifestyle/work-ethic at the time. Toronto did the deal because Clemens made more than twice what Wells did and they were in no position to contend with the dynasty Yankees. As it turned out, Wells was just as good, if not better than Clemens the next 2 yrs but the Yanks won in 99 & 2000 so it didn’t matter. And Clemens got better (cough-cough) in 2001. Funny thing is, Wells has the better image now.

          • fishjam, my mistake…
            I should have said, “Brought back (re-signed); Wells…2002 & 2003, Andy 2007-2013. and signed Clemens 1999.
            Cone, you have right, I done, done been wrong! (I hate dat)
   have it right, “The King” wanted him but, Cash didn’t but, so what…that’s the way things are…not being the boss!
            Cash was Assistant GM from 1993-97 and made the GM 2/3/1998.

  9. Robertson blows gem by Kuroda!

    • Phelps has looked bad his last 2 outings, shows how hard it is to stay effective in the majors.

      • Phelps is really not that good. This is why I wanted the Yankees to sell high on him this offseaso. Jimmy T and Fish how early could we see Montgomery this season to upgrade from Phelps?

        • Matt, from what I have seen from Monty his slider is his main pitch. He doesn’t throw that hard, around 90-92 max. I’m not sure he is an upgrade over Phelps when he is pitching well. When teams lay off Monty slider and or he isn’t throwing it for strikes he is very hittable. Joba at 97 and Robertson with his deception are much tuffer to hit when they are on. Nuno to me is a better option down the road. I think Kelly is the first reliever to go. Both him and Monty reley totally on their slider.

  10. With the exception of Mo and Warren, everyone in the pen has been inconsistent so far. Phelps can do the job (as we saw last year) but his command has been horrible the last 2 outings. His pitches are sitting right in the middle of the plate.

    Montgomery has been striking out hitters in AAA just as easily as he did in A & AA and he’s about ready However, he’s more of a Joba/Robertson type of reliever who is a 1, maybe 2 inning guy. He’s also not on the 40-man roster. His time is coming but I don’t think they are ready to send Phelps down unless they are confident in Warren or Kelly to be that multi-inning guy. With Nova and Hughes as bad as they’ve been, I think they need longmen in the pen.

    Speaking of sending someone down, Nova is in jeopardy. He’s been brutal since the 2nd half of last yr. He was handed a 4-2 lead today in the 6th and reponded with a lead-off Walk then a Double. His command is so bad right now and he may need a few starts in Scranton to work on it. Nuno or Wang are options.

    • As for Nova and Hughes I see improvement, in the game yesterday Girardi should have taken him out earlier in the 6th. Both pitchers have the stuff to win, it’s all about location and deception which both pitchers need to find to be good again. It is a fine line in the majors, Nuno and Wang are good options for the Yanks, I would give these two a little more time, I think they are about ready to turn the corner as long as they don’t have any horrible starts. I was more concerned with Robby blowing Kuroda’s game than this one yesterday.

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