Game 45 Lineup: Yankees @ Orioles

Lineup vs. Orioles:

Brett Gardner CF
Robinson Cano 2B
Vernon Wells LF
Travis Hafner DH
Lyle Overbay 1B
Curtis Granderson RF
David Adams 3B
Jayson Nix SS
Austin Romine C

Phil Hughes RHP


— A reminder that tonight’s Yankees game is not on YES. The game is on My9 and MLB Network.

— The Yankees will wear Memorial Day caps on Monday to honor the military. The caps will be camouflage with the interlocking NY while the Yanks are in Queens, New York to take on the Mets.

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. A little puzzling why he has 3 lefties in a row in the middle followed by 3 righties at the end against a team like Baltimopre that has a Righty and a Lefty specialist in the pen. If he just flip-flopped Adams and Granderson it would break things up a bit. Can never totally figure Joe G’s line of thinking. But the team is winning.

  2. Doug…..Have you seen Kaminsky pitch in person at all? I’ve seen a few mock drafts that have the yanks taking him at the end of the 1st round. I’ve watched a lot of video on him but haven’r seen him play in person. He has an extremley good breaking ball and good change up. His FB isn’t overwhelming (sits around 88-91 from what’ve read) but he does an excellent job of hiding the ball from the hitter. He drops his throw hand down and behind his back leg then doesn’t show it to the hitter until late. Pretty smooth mechanics.

    Ken, what do you see?

    has anyone seen him pitch (pitches for St.Joe’s in Montvale) and would they be happy if the yanks drafted him?

    • fishjam, I am hoping to see Kaminsky in the State finals in June, I have seen him on utube and he looks to be a good pitcher for the Yanks. Here are the players that I like in the upcoming draft- pitchers Kaminsky, Hunter Harvey, Dustin Driver, Ryan Eades, Jonah Wesely, and Alex Gonalez. The Yanks could draft SS Hector Mercado, OF- Hunter Renfroe,Billy Mc Kinney, 3d- Eric Jagielo and DJ Peterson. I also like Hunter Green, Steven Gonzalves, Aaron Blair, Will Crowe, AJ Puk and Phil Bickford. The Yanks should draft three of these players.

    • fishjam..
      There is a lot to like with him! But most, if not all, Real good high school pitchers don’t know what they don’t know! They go on talent alone.
      There is no recoil, there is no drop and drive (which isn’t all bad) but, I would have him get over his front leg and throw down hill more. He doesn’t seem to use his lower half as much as he could, it wouldn’t hurt his control but, it would add1 or 2 mph to his fast ball.
      I guess what I am trying to say is, he needs a bit of a tweak here and there…nothing that should change his C & C but, would help him in the long run.
      He should end up with a bit more break to his pitches going down hill and finishing his motion more with his left leg out farther and ending up on balance, for anything coming back at him.
      Actually, the things he will pick-up in the farm system are some the things he will change anyhow. He will not get away with his stand-up delivery for very long.
      I know it may be hard to follow what I am getting at…I am a shower not a very good writer…sorry bout that! 🙂

      • fishjam, it is important for the Yanks to hit on a least one of these players. There really aren’t too many players drafted in the late first round that are sure things. Most of the great players are drafted in the first 10 picks in the first round, after that you could just as easily get a good player in rounds 2 thru 10.

        • doug…You have a lot of players on your list, which two position players stand out as the closest thing to a sure thing? I think we should go for anyone that is not a pitcher unless, a steal drops to us…what are your thoughts?
          What you said below, is why we don’t have players coming up in two or fewer years!

          “Most of the great players are drafted in the first 10 picks in the first round, after that you could just as easily get a good player in rounds 2 thru 10.”

          It is easy to sit on ones fat ass, as a fan and criticize our draft picks when we draft last or not until the 2nd or 3rd round! The Front office thinks they just have to have this or that 35+ year old ex-star, so they give-up a draft pick to get him….dumb, dumb and may I add, dumb!

          • old yankee, pitching always wins, I think there are some good outfielders in the system and catching is a strength. First and second are locked in for awhile if we resign Cano as expected. I would go after a 3rd basemen or SS. Oscar Mercado is the best SS in the draft, he would be my first choice at 26 if he is available. If we get him then I go for pitchers at 31 and 32. In my mind the reason we don’t have a replacement for SS and 3rd is because we had immortals at those positions. The Yanks didn’t expect to have to replace them so soon. You know the old saying, you snooze, you lose. Adams could be a find at third. The Yanks have been mentioned on some sites to take Eric Jagielo 3rd base, Ryan MCMahon , and DJ Peterson. As I said before there are no sure things after the first 10 picks. The Yanks need to do their homework, we can’t draft a top player and have him not sign like Cole. He could have been that top end pitcher we need right now.

      • old yankee and fish, at 6ft.- 190 Kaminsky is a little small, I would rather have them pick a pitcher that is around 6ft 4. After looking on utube I would take Brickford, Harvey, Driver, Eades, Wesley, and Gonzalez over Kaminsky.

        • doug…
          You are many times up on me, I have no idea who those guys are.
          Remember IPK, I always said he would make a good long man out of the pen, for many reasons. Yes, IPK had one good year as a starter but that is asking too much from a guy like him…he is good for one time through the order and that is it.
          Reason I bring it up is because, Kaminsky could be the same type of pitcher, remember Mo and D-Rob are all about the same size as K and none of the two fore mentioned pitchers ended up as starters. Maybe as a much later pick, what say you guys…fishjam and doug?

          • old yankee, yes but they are not top starters in the MLB, this is what the Yanks need the most. There will never be another Mo and I’m not sold on Roberston doing as well a closer. I not sure he has the mentality for it. He seems to be a little too high strung. Mo is too cool.

            • doug…
              Actually, I have always thought Joba should be the guy for closer. He has everything he needs, except staying health, to be the closer. Oh yes, one other thing…he is to damn bull-headed always going to the slider for the SO. He has 4 pitches, two very good, one good enough and one in progress yet!
              Where we draft there are no top end starting pitchers.
              We need everything except catcher, for now. When we come up to draft, I think there will be more and better position players than pitchers…what say you?

  3. All the top pitchers in the MLB are over 6ft 3, so I would draft pitcher at least at that height unless the pitcher was exceptional.

    • Doug – that has always been the thought among the baseball scouting community and it is not incorrect. Taller pitchers have the physical advantage without a doubt. Although for lefties, there is a little more “forgiveness” if a pitcher isn’t 6’2+. Kakinsky is a likely 1st rounder because of his advanced polish, smarts, utter dominance at HS level and his already plus MLB curve and change.

      That said, I’d rather see the Yanks take a bigger guy with a higher ceiling but it depends what is available. Two of my college teammates were 1st round picks and both had the classic size at 6’4/6’5″ and velocity at 92-95. One had a great MLB career as a starter and the other is now a closer and leads MLB in Saves.

      • fishjam, I was that 6ft lefty in 1967, believe me I always wished I was 6ft-4. I look at Wainwright, Verlander, Kershaw, Harvey, Felix, Darvish, Masterson, Burnett, Sale, and Corbin, need I go on.

        • I hear ya Doug….at least you were lefty….that counts for an extra 3-4 inches and 3-4 MPH! I was a 6′ righty who couldn’t hit 90….2 strikes right there.

          • I’ve always said the hardest thing to do in sports is to project talent. I feel I am a good judge of talent but picking HS kids to make it is a hard thing to do. If you are good at it you are worth your weight in gold.

            • Yeah, its very difficult. Not only do you have to project how a person/player will grow/mature/improve, you have to predict how that player will perform against much better competition as mch as 5-10 years down the road.

              Think about that…..when evaluating 17-18 yr old HS kids, you have to predict what type of men they will become when they are 22-28 yrs old when they finally become Major Leaguers (hopefully). It’s unlike any other major sport. The NBA and NFL drafts players directly to their roster and are playing that same year. Hockey is a little more like Baseball with the minor leagues but nothing is as hard to predict as baseball talent.

              • fishjam, it’s a lot better than it used to be, with programs like Perfect Game, there are showcases for the scouts to see players agains’t top talent.

                • No doubt…there is a wealth of information available to scouts nowadays. Internet/video info is easily obtainable on any top prospect and as you stated there are showcases and competitive summer & AAU teams featuring the best against the best. When I played in HS, you played American Legion ball in the summer which was basically an extension of the HS season. Now, if you are considered a College or Pro prospect, you begin playing AAU ball in the summer from the time you are in 8th grade. Then you have the showcases like SelectFest & Perfect Game where you have a Skills Day where everything is time and measured followed by a couple of days of live competition.

                  Yet still, even after ALL of that evaluation and info, you are still predicting how a kid will turn out 5-10 years later when he finally (ideally) reaches Major League age.So much can change in a person/player in all those years. In football, you look at a college Running Back and just have to figure out if his present-day skills will work in the NFL next season as he’ll be playing in NFL games just 4-5 months after being drafted. NFL scouts are making evaluations on close to finished products while baseball scouts are always trying to project years down the road.

  4. Between my years playing Football, Basketball and Baseball I always had to prove I was good enough, even after getting a full ride to college for Football.
    If I had been 6’…I could’a been da champ! Or not! 😦 or 🙂

    • See old yank…..everyone is always envious of something….you woulda been champ if you were 6’….Doug and i were 6′ and we woulda been champ if we were 6’4. But seriously, it’s a very difficult game and very few who play actually make it to the majors and fewer succeed.

      • fishjam…
        You have it a nutshell!
        Can you think of me being 6’4″ throwing all my junk with a fastball slower than batting practice pitching…even left handed, I wouldn’t have a chance! In the 1950’s I was doing ok but, now days, not a chance.
        I always have said; “know your limitations, and accent ones strengths”! I knew I could do ok as a closer in high school, college and Army but anything more than that was not in the cards for me at any size.
        My real game was football anyhow.
        I always used being my size, as reason to push myself, in sports and in the Army for all those years…I did ok, I’m still here at my age.
        I as well as many others have been envious of talented players like A-Rod, Jeter, Cano for many years and it will not change…ever!

  5. I like Adams!

  6. Nuno pitches another good game, the pitching keeps them close and Overbay wins it. Mo mows them down again. Rodney blows another save. The Rays are feeling the woes of not having a lights out pen, and missing those top draft picks the last few years. This team is fun to watch, they have come up big late in games.

    • Nuno is an easy guy to root for. 48th round draft pick who was cut by Cleveland….signed by the Yanks out of an Independent League and works his way up from A ball to the Majors in 2 years. Doesn’t throw 90+ but he has good command, moves in and out, up and down, attacks the hitter with strikes, changes speeds and throws any pitch in any count.

  7. Yankee Fans United bloggers…Memorial Day Weekend…the best to all of you.
    It has been a while. No hard feelings, never my intent.
    Stay well…..patrick.

    • patrick, my Irish pal…
      Why not come on over from the dark side?
      I have to deal with fishjam and doug most of the time, the bad part is…they dig up stuff and make me look bad…dua, nothing new there!
      The good part is, they among some (few) others are very good…thank goodness because, I can’t get to see the farm guys, like I did before.
      I sure have no say as to who gets, accepted or not and have not heard of you being baned, so come join the fun.
      The people here are ok, they even except (almost) my old (odd) way of looking at things…sometimes. We have many good knowledgeable fans here, come over and join them and I! 🙂

      • Kenny, born in Hell’s Kitchen…..thank you for the kind words.
        You have always been a special, and unique person to me. Hope you are well.
        I was not at the dark side, or purgatory, but it was a good place.
        Missed your western New York humor, and your cannibalization of the English language.
        Take care.

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