Rodriguez hits an all time low as he faces suspension


Alex Rodriguez isn’t the most popular choice for a Yankees fan. Heck, who could blame them? A-Rod’s career isn’t as glorious as half the women that he publicly has dated over the years. When the Yankees signed A-Rod, they knew what they were bargaining for. Rodriguez publicly revealed that he used steroids during his years with the Texas Rangers, causing Yankees fans to become uncertain with their newest 3B addition. Rodriguez has done some good for the Yankees; he helped win the World Series for the Yankees in 2009 (though most of the World Series heroics came from Hideki Matsui) but some good came with a price for the Yankees. A-Rod has struggled in the postseason every year aside from 2009, he’s been riddled with injuries and his antics on the field have caused uproars (going back to last postseason when A-Rod asked for a female fans phone number on a baseball). However, what could possibly come next for A-Rod overshadows the good and the upsetting things that he’s done in the past.

In Spring Training, there were reports that Alex Rodriguez was tied to the Biogensis reports, reports that said high profile ball players received illegal substances from a Miami clinic. Other names were mentioned such as Robinson Cano (who I’ve been told is not going to be suspended since his spokeswoman was the one tied, not him), Francisco Cervelli (who is in danger of being suspended 50-games), Ryan Braun (who on a technicality had his ruling overturned after he was suspected of using steroids during the offseason), Melky Cabrera (who already faced a suspension last season), Nelson Cruz and so many others. MLB agreed to look into the reports, leaving fans to wonder what could happen to some of these players.

Yesterday, MLB announced that they were planning on suspending players such as A-Rod, Ryan Braun and about 20 other players that were tied to the Biogensis reports. Rodriguez and Braun would face 100-game suspensions since they had used illegal substances in the past. With 20+ names on the Biogensis reports, why does A-Rod’s stick out like a sore thumb? Because of his 10-year contract with the New York Yankees that makes him one of the highest paid players in baseball.

If Rodriguez is proven guilty and MLB suspends him, this would be the ultimate all-time-low for A-R0d, tainting his career to the point of no return, and making him a disgrace to baseball. It’s easy for us to automatically assume that A-Rod is guilty given his past, but A-Rod’s fate could lie in the hands of the Biogensis reports and Major League Baseball.

I took to Twitter yesterday during the Yankees game, asking fans that if A-Rod was suspended if it would be the end to his career in Yankees pinstripes. Here’s what some tweeters had to say:

170px-Alex_Rodriguez_2008-05-28A-Rod is a player that has too much baggage, but the Yankees can’t easily get rid of him if he is guilty of using illegal substances once again. As some of the tweets mentioned, A-Rod is under contract and his contract is pretty ironclad to prevent him from losing everything if he decided on cheating again. The Yankees may be stuck with A-Rod’s contract for the next four years, but Major League Baseball can decide if A-Rod’s contract should be null and void. A-Rod’s fate is no longer in the hands of the Yankees, but in the hands of Major League Baseball, meaning that his future and possibly his career is on the line.

Major League Baseball will release more information in the coming days, elaborating on which players will be suspended and which players are off the hook. Looking from the business standpoint and the fan standpoint, both teams are feeling the exact same way when they look at A-Rod; disappointment. They can only hope that A-Rod doesn’t fall into a deeper hole.

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. A-Rod needs to take his suspension and RETIRE!! He has embarrassed himself and the Yankees!! Please A-Rod JUST LEAVE FOREVER!!

  2. Delia, this whole thing is a joke, fans need to realize that A-Rod going to get the rest of the money in his contract. Plus he will be retired before any action will be taken in the Biogenisis case. A-Rod is a Yankee who will return to play, he will be overpayed because the Yankees made a mistake thinking they could capitalize on his records which has backfired on them. He will get his money one way or another. They may have made the same mistake with Ichiro.

  3. Everyone has their own opinion of A-Rod but, one thing can never be taken away from him…his talent!
    I hate a cheater, A-Rod cheated…once! I along with almost every one of you fans have done something in your life…be it; Pot, telling a lie (another dislike of mine), drinking too much and driving, the list is endless but you get the idea! I believe in A Second Chance for almost everyone…A-Rod included!
    With all that being said, there is NO room for a 3rd chance in my book!
    I have played devils advocate for A-Rod, not only because of his great talent but because we come from the same sort of background. I understand a lot of his troubles over the years were because of his upbringing.
    Guys like Jeter, know all the rules because of his great family life. He never makes a mistake with the media and if he does, he is forgiven by one and all.
    Which of the two (Jeter or A-Rod) get the most press? A-Rod, by a huge margin! You ever ask why he gets so much more coverage? I’ll tell you; fans are much like the people watching a car race, all looking for something…anything to happen on the track! A-Rod is that something…he is great copy for a blogger or news media person when they have nothing else to fill their column. Much of the many things written about A-Rod are also done by other players but, they are not as good copy as he is. A headline starting with A-Rod is copy that will grab the attention of a reader…”what has he done now?”
    As one that has spent a few years in a closed unit…much like baseball…I had to put up with criticism, jealousy, innuendos, I heard/he said, and out right lies.
    A-Rod can’t handle things as Jeter can, he has never learned how. Both of them are…one could say; “like night and day”!
    I believe, A-Rod lives his life as is comfortable for him, others live their life with the same expectations but, they are not A-Rod.
    Each of us, handle things differently, as was pointed out in the post season just past…remember, there were other team members with A-Rod at the time he talked to a lady in the stands, but they pulled back and the picture showed him alone…there were other pictures before that one…no excuse for it but, s–t happens!
    Everyone is so sure A-Rod did something wrong again, with that Doctor…I know not if he is guilty or not this year but, if he is…in my game one gets 2 chances not three!
    Is there a player we have or could get as good as, if healthy A-Rod?
    Let’s see how things work out, then we can hang him! 🙂

    To long, say what?

  4. Unless new evidence comes out that we havent heard yet I highly doubt ARod gets suspended. All MLB has is the word of a criminal who kept his records in a notebook and took cash only. They have no witnesses, no failed tests, no medical records. ARod’s top defense lawyer would eat this guy alive. I don’t doubt that he is guilty but guilty people get off all the time.

    • Agreed well said. Just look at OJ

    • Matt, what you wrote makes a lot of sense. But in our strange version of law enforcement/judicial system in this country, all it takes sometimes is the testimony of criminals. That’s how the Mafia was brought down and that model is used by police and prosecutors for all cases nowadays. Its easier to offer a criminal a reduced sentence for him to rat then it is to find real evidence on someone. It all depends on who the jusge/jury wants to believe. Whatever happens, MLB will work hard to humiliate and discredit Braun & ARod….suspensions or not this won’t go away.

      • True Fish but now it appears that this guy is not only a criminal but a criminal who was open to going to the highest bidder for information. Also, said in an ESPN interview not long ago that he had nothing to do with PEDs. I just see now way how he will be seen as believable.

  5. This is as doug said; “this whole thing is a joke,”! Reminds me of how the Bsox denigrate players that leave them. A-Rod is again the headline and guilty as hell, why…because he is A-Rod, not because of evidence.
    He and Braun are named as guilty day after day…hello fans, what about all the others on the list?

    I am done with the whole thing, if guilty, I will still be as I have been with “Shoeless” Joe Jackson, a great fan of the unmatched talent but, very disappointed in the waist of said talent! Although Jackson never understood what was going on, A-Rod has no such excuse, he can read and write…Jackson…not so much!

    My biggest hope is as such;
    #1-A-Rod is found to have nothing to do with this at all.
    #2-He can come back as in 2009!
    #3-See #s 1 and 2!

    Until proven guilty or not, I am done!

    • Ken what’s the good word? Hope all is well. Any of the minor guys you have been following this year? Who do you like so far?

      • Not much of a chance this year Matthew, still recovering from my visit with the all those people running around in white coats. The good part is, I am still alive and cooking…the bad part is, my left hand can’t grip the ball well enough…! Besides, my sister says I will be 76 this year, I guess I missed another birthday!

        You had one heck of a vacation young fellow, those pictures were great! 🙂

        • Thanks Ken. It was an amazing trip. We had so much fun. Back to reality though 😦 I miss the Florida sun.

          Ken I will be at the Trenton game Tuesday. Hoping to have a good report about it later on that week.

    • Old yank….the word you are looking for is FUBAR! The whole thing is FUBAR.

      • fishjam…
        You have it in a nut shell, only a few even know what it means.

        By the way, do you remember when some so-called experts were saying Romine was a better all around player/hitter than Monty, without the power? Well they were right, monty is on the farm and Romine is catching for the Yanks. That trade is starting to look better and better every game…from what many said was the worse deal Cash ever did, etc! 🙂

        • Yes, Romine has always been a vastly better defensive Catcher than Montero. In Montero’s defense, I never really profiled as a full-time Catcher. I always saw him as a Victor Martinez-type who would play mostly 1B & DH and catch only occasionally. It looks like Seattle has finally realized that would be the best thing for him also since they have him playing 1B in AAA. I still like the bat and think he will hit in time. He’s only 23 and hit a respectable .260 with 15 HRs as a 22-yr old rookie Catcher playing in a cavernous park. It often takes young hitters 2-3 years before they gain their comfort in the Majors and Montero has had the added burden of trying to play a tremendously difficult position that he isn’t really suited for.

          Dominic Brown with the Phillies is a great example of a great minor lg prospect taking time to develop. He was rated as one of the top 5 hitters in the minors along with Montero but struggled in his first 3 stints in the Majors and was sent down several times but this year it all clicked for him and he’s leading the National League with 18 HRs with a .289 BA at 25 yrs old.

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