Off Day News and Notes

Yankees are off today but there has been some interesting news today:

– Alex Rodriguez is closer to playing rehab games, but Brian Cashman refuted a NY Post report that Rodriguez would start on July 1st.

“He has not been cleared by our doctors to play in rehab games yet,” Cashman told Wally Matthews of “He’s getting closer, there’s no doubt about it, but we don’t have a date for him to start playing games yet,” Cashman said. “It could be July 1. It could also be July 5, or maybe June 25.”

– Rodrgiuez also got his twitter account verified today, so he is officially on Twitter. You can follow him at @AROD. Pretty interesting timing for him

– Mark Teixeira’s wrist does not appear to be getting any better, as Teixeira is still experiencing soreness. Surgery might seem like a good bet at this point.

“He’s still sore, even after the shot,” Cashman told Andy McCullough of The Star-Ledger. “So our doctors are obviously working through it, trying to analyze the situation. It’s clearly not a good situation.”

– McCullough also tweeted that Cashman told him that the Yankees haven’t decided what to do with Ivan Nova yet, but said “I don’t view Nova as a threat right now to Hughes.”

About Matthew B

I am a student at William Paterson University and studying to become a sportswriter. I have a huge passion for the Yankees and love sharing my opinions on them. I can analyze every aspect of the Yankees very well. I am very active on Twitter so feel free to contact me there Twitter: @RAYROBERT9

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  1. I could care less about A-Roid at this point. I suspect him getting closer to rehab games will only accelerate Selig’s mass suspension timetable. I’m much more worried about Tex’s wrist. If he’s gone for the year (and right now, it looks like he is) then that leaves an eventual return of Granderson as the only power bat in the line-up. Pretty hard to win that way.

    • Ray, I would agree with you on that point, if Grandy is the only starter to return healthy the Yanks are done for this year, the only way they have a chance is if the regulars come back healty. That means they need Jeter, A-Rod, Tex, and Grandy to be healthy. Nobody wins in baseball with 4 or 5 starters out for any period of time.

      • Doug, I think he will be – or at least the only one who will be anything like what we’re used to. As much as I love the Captain, I doubt he’ll ever be able to play in the field again. As for A-Rod, he’s pretty much proven that without juice, he’s an over-the-hill has been.

        • Ray, I’m not quite ready to count Jeter or A-Rod as done, they both just have too much talent. Father time is creeping up on them. I myself think the lower batting averages the past few years is due to the lack of amphetamines in the game.

          • Jeter’s range was diminished before this, and he still can’t perform lateral drills. As for A-Rod, the numbers speak for themselves, plus his type of injury isn’t the kind that bodes well for power hitters. They simply can’t turn on the ball with enough torque. I think Tex will be fine after the surgery, but that means he won’t be back before next year. Right now, Cash needs to focus on moves that will bring the team back for next season.

            • Ray R……welcome. Enjoy your words, and thoughts. Other veterans at this site, also.
              Thank you for your service.

            • Yes Arod’s number do speak for themselves. Top top 10 among MLB 3B in wRC+ (114), wOBA (.342), and OPS (.783). Was still a very productive player. A lot of people can’t see that because of their hatred. Will he come back and perform like that this year? I don’t know, but to say he was done last year is not factually correct at all.

              • Productive, sure. But not his typical numbers – and now we know he was juicing last year. Take away the juice and throw in a degenerative hip problem for a 38 year old and it doesn’t look promising.

                • You don’t know when he was or wasn’t juicing all speculative.

                  • Please, don’t give me that “he’s never failed a test” nonsense. He was even juicing during the playoffs. Otherwise, why have Bosch following him around like a lost puppy?

                    • I don’t make accusations that I can’t prove. Obviously he has done them but you can’t tell me exactly when he was doing them or for how long because you or I have no idea.

                    • Neither does MLB. It’s not going to stop him from being suspended for 100 games, though, and I have to imagine having Biogenesis folks hanging around all last season doesn’t isn’t going to help his cause.

                    • Ray…
                      Welcome to the site, one should have something other than conjecture, supposition and vaguely ludicrous hate for a player that is much better then most, even with a bad hip.
                      We all have our own opinion of A-Rod but, the facts as of this day are; he used while in Texas, other than that, until proven one way or another, what you have said is your opinion ONLY!
                      You might ask yourself, where are all those players that were outed for using? I may be wrong but I think they have all gone away…except for A-Rod and Andy, the short time users.
                      So A-Rod had a bad hip the last 4 years…so have many other (non-juicer) players. That may have a lot to do with his bad (for him) hitting, don’t you think?
                      Thank you for joining the site, you have some good ideas it seems…stick around!

  2. Ray welcome to the blog, hope to see you comment more. However, your point about ARod is just not true at all. A-Rod was a top 10 3B last season in his worst season, so he was not close to over the hill. He was 8th among all MLB 3B in wRC+ and wOBA. He would be a big upgrade for the Yankees right now performing at the level that he did last year and they need him back badly.

  3. JOHN/john….I saw your post to me. I was not ignoring you….that’s not what I do.
    You, and I have always been of the same mind set. Hope all is well with you.
    Was actually in Hoboken, New Jersey…with an old poster friend..”Big City of Dreams”.
    Was fun, was even asked to sign autographs, and have pictures taken. Really!
    Take care.

  4. Ray/Raymond….why the chip on your shoulder?
    We all have opinions, as do you.
    Most new posters take a different tack then you. Reel it in a bit. You will find that most here, know more than you think.

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