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Morning Bits

Brian Cashman’s full “genius” was on display last night as the Yankees and their 230 million dollar payroll fell to the Red Sox by a score of 4-2.

After Brett Gardner was ejected for a display of anger following a laughable third strike called by home plate umpire Mike Everitt(whose mother had no children that lived) and Zoilo Almonte was injured, the Yankee lineup was the following: Alberto Gonzalez, Ichiro Suzuki, Robinson Cano, Vernon(The Disease) Wells, Luis Cruz, Lyle Overbay, Brent Lillibridge, Eduardo Nunez, and Chris Stewart.

Have the Yankees been impacted by injuries? Of course, but that doesn’t excuse Cashman’s complete and total failure as far as drafting and development goes since he took over that phase of the Yankees’ operation in 2006.  It also doesn’t excuse the fact that the last trade the GM of the world’s greatest franchise won was when he dealt for Nick Swisher in 2008.   It was obvious that the Yankees had an aging team a few years ago but Cashman did nothing to look to the future and even worse chose the wrong “old guys” to acquire this year.  Trading for Vernon(The Disease) Wells and agreeing to pay him 12 million dollars this year may be one of the all-time worst moves ever made by any GM and there he was batting cleanup last night.  Wells has an OBP of .279 this season to go along with his slugging percentage of  .370.

Cashman’s inability to make good trades is a serious issue. Rival GM’s know the position that Cashman is in right now and will be looking to pick his pocket as the trade deadline approaches.  The most serious issue is that by the time July 31st comes, the Yankees may be totally out of contention and at that point a fire sale might be in order.  At this point a total makeover might be the way to go and many fans would be in support of a management decision to do that, but not with Cashman at the helm.  Does anyone alive really trust Cashman to get the best value back for players like Gardner or even Cano if the Yankees choose to rebuild?

Andy Pettitte ran his streak of games where the opponent scored at least 4 runs off of him to 7 games in a row and 8 of his last 9.  It’s hard to watch him struggle like this.

The Yankees and Red Sox will do battle again at 4:05 PM ET with Hiroki Kuroda(8-6, 2.65 ERA) doing battle with John Lackey(7-6, 2.78 ERA).  The game will be televised by Fox.

Now on to today’s news links:

The USA Today has this article about Derek Jeter going back on the DL.

Roger Rubin and Anthony McCarron of the New York Daily News write about the Red Sox thanking NY for their support of the City of Boston during hard times.

Andrew Marchand of ESPNNY.com says the Yankees and Brett Gardner were sorry last night.

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