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Brian Cashman’s full “genius” was on display last night as the Yankees and their 230 million dollar payroll fell to the Red Sox by a score of 4-2.

After Brett Gardner was ejected for a display of anger following a laughable third strike called by home plate umpire Mike Everitt(whose mother had no children that lived) and Zoilo Almonte was injured, the Yankee lineup was the following: Alberto Gonzalez, Ichiro Suzuki, Robinson Cano, Vernon(The Disease) Wells, Luis Cruz, Lyle Overbay, Brent Lillibridge, Eduardo Nunez, and Chris Stewart.

Have the Yankees been impacted by injuries? Of course, but that doesn’t excuse Cashman’s complete and total failure as far as drafting and development goes since he took over that phase of the Yankees’ operation in 2006.  It also doesn’t excuse the fact that the last trade the GM of the world’s greatest franchise won was when he dealt for Nick Swisher in 2008.   It was obvious that the Yankees had an aging team a few years ago but Cashman did nothing to look to the future and even worse chose the wrong “old guys” to acquire this year.  Trading for Vernon(The Disease) Wells and agreeing to pay him 12 million dollars this year may be one of the all-time worst moves ever made by any GM and there he was batting cleanup last night.  Wells has an OBP of .279 this season to go along with his slugging percentage of  .370.

Cashman’s inability to make good trades is a serious issue. Rival GM’s know the position that Cashman is in right now and will be looking to pick his pocket as the trade deadline approaches.  The most serious issue is that by the time July 31st comes, the Yankees may be totally out of contention and at that point a fire sale might be in order.  At this point a total makeover might be the way to go and many fans would be in support of a management decision to do that, but not with Cashman at the helm.  Does anyone alive really trust Cashman to get the best value back for players like Gardner or even Cano if the Yankees choose to rebuild?

Andy Pettitte ran his streak of games where the opponent scored at least 4 runs off of him to 7 games in a row and 8 of his last 9.  It’s hard to watch him struggle like this.

The Yankees and Red Sox will do battle again at 4:05 PM ET with Hiroki Kuroda(8-6, 2.65 ERA) doing battle with John Lackey(7-6, 2.78 ERA).  The game will be televised by Fox.

Now on to today’s news links:

The USA Today has this article about Derek Jeter going back on the DL.

Roger Rubin and Anthony McCarron of the New York Daily News write about the Red Sox thanking NY for their support of the City of Boston during hard times.

Andrew Marchand of says the Yankees and Brett Gardner were sorry last night.

Have a great day everyone!

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I am a Saratoga Springs, Ny resident whose been sports obsessed since I was 5 years old.

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  1. Michael, great article that is 100% accurate. Cashman is the most over rated GM in baseball. He over rated all his prospects and there drafting has been dreadful. Hal needs to sell this team and Cashman needs to be fired. It’s a disgrace that Cashman let this team get to this point . And to think we didn’t get Cliff Lee because the clueless one wouldn’t trade Nunez. Cashman is a joke.

  2. Cashman has gotten a pass because the team has made it to the playoffs so often…. But his failure as the GM of the Yankees has been fully exposed this year. Forcing your fan base to rely on the return of 40 year old players with no youth waiting in the wings is embarrassing. He has made a mockery of the plight of the team this year… but what is truly perplexing is if this is the GM that Hal and Hank really want…. an impotent worm who lords over a sub par group of has beens that still churn the money mill…. I say this with a heavy heart as I adore this team, but fans must be honest about the product we are being sold….

    • Cashman hs made a career riding the amazing careers of the Core 4 he inherited and spending big on high-priced FAs and salary dumps. Now that the Core is essentially out of miracles and the Yankees financial advantages have been compromised, the team is in trouble. There aren’t many in-their-prime all-Stars reaching FA anymore and years of using veterans and re-treads for their fringe roster spots has left them with very little young talent. The team could be re-tooled in the offseason if they spend money but if they stick to the $189 plan, we are looking at some serious re-building years ala 1989-1992.

  3. Michael, you couldn’t have said it any better. I don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. As I wrote in an article a few weeks ago, letting Robbie walk and starting completely fresh in 2014 may be in the Yankees’ best interests. Let Jeet play out his final season (I personally think it will be next year), and just hope you can get some production out of CC, Teix, and A-Rod in the final years of their deals.

    I haven’t been around long enough to remember the last time there was this much instability in the franchise, but I can certainly sense it now. There is absolutely no shot of making the playoffs this year, and even if they re-tool enough to be a healthy, productive team in 2014, the Steinbrenner sons better stop with the “we’re trying to field a championship-caliber team” BS.

    • Michael and Brian, things change quickly in baseball now is not the time to panic. The Yanks could have a very young team by 2015 without making many moves. The Yanks have been in the playoffs for along time, if they miss this year it’s not the end of the world. They have had a lot of injuries. I like to look at the positive, players like Sanchez, Williams, Heathcott, Baneulos, Hensley, Jagielo, Judge, Pineda, Campos, De Paula, and Austin should prove to keep the Yanks in the mix.

      • Good for you doug!
        We only need a few of them to make the grade…we can win with good players if our pitching holds the other teams down under 5 runs a game. 🙂

      • Oh no, I totally agree with the prospects part. We have a bright future – in 2015 and beyond, that is. The age of the injured is too great to really say that, when healthy, A-Rod, Jeter, Granderson, and Teix can come back and be themselves again and really produce.

        And of course, if they miss the playoffs, I’m not gonna fret about it. I was surprisingly pretty chill when they missed out in 2008. It is just frustrating to see how this season has panned out, starting with mindlessly letting solid players walk via free agency, and then all the injuries and re-injuries, and then the current offense just not doing the pitching staff justice.

        It’s been a tough year to say the least, but we’re all gonna ride this thing the rest of the way through. It’s the return to glory that makes this part all the more tolerable.

        • Brian…
          The return to glory is fine for someone your age to look forward to!
          Those of us that have seen 17 with 5 in a row, WS wins get greedy…that’s the good part!
          We have also seen 13 and 10 years in a row where the team was about as good as a AAA team, that’s the bad part!
          I think I am a bit old to wait for the next 10+/- drought to end before we return to our rightful spot…as WS winners.

          Just showing a bit of envy Brian, that’s what old people do! 🙂

  4. I don’t understand much of the criticism with our draft picks from 2006 on!
    2006 we had the 21 and 41 picks or IPK and Joba…21st pick has been the highest we have had since then.
    How many game changers have been picked past the 21st pick? Not many!
    Has he made bad trades…yup! Is he the best we could have…Nope! Are there better GMs out there…sure! But, they would still have to deal with the Brothers dumb and dumber!
    What good is the best GM if they can’t do their job without getting an ok from Randy and Dumb?

  5. Try this on for size…gentleman.
    The Chicago Cubs pitchers have more home runs than this years Yankees 3rd basemen combined.
    File that one under…”The Yankees hit too many home runs”.
    God help us.

  6. I keep kicking this can down the road….it bugs me.
    Yankees, last 32 games……12 home runs.
    Terriable, awful….a shame.

  7. I’m holding cards that say….the party is over. It may be.
    Lets reload. Girls, do you really think it’s not over?
    We don’t do it often, if ever. But, lets trade guys, with the understanding, that the Yankees
    will talk to you again….Nov-Dec. Happens all the time.
    Get back 2-3 young impact players, other teams are doing it. Look at Boston after one year.
    This is a correctable situation. Braun is giving up 65 games, so can you.

    Exhale…….here goes.
    Trade Kuroda, look what Chicago just got for Garza!…then resign him.
    Trade Cano, now! Someone great, is out there for the taking…..then resign him.
    Trade Hughes, Chamberlain, Nunez….see what shakes out.
    Wells, Hafner, nice guys….but if someone wants them…….say la vie.

    Fianally….end the A-Rod saga. This team needs a clean slate. End it, move on.

    65 games, give or take…..Exhale, breathe deeply……it will be OK.

  8. ALFONZO SORIANO….for this year, and next, is a nice move.
    That could be the first of five plug-ins, that must be put in place…
    God will save us, only if the Yankees act creatively.
    Brian!……show time!

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