Game 104 Lineup: Rays vs. Yankees

Well, last night didn’t work out as well as we wanted it to. Anyway, here’s today’s lineup. 

Brett Gardner CF
Ichiro Suzuki RF
Robinson Cano 2B
Alfonso Soriano DH
Lyle Overbay 1B
Vernon Wells LF
Eduardo Nunez SS
Brent Lillibridge 3B
Chris Stewart C

RHP Ivan Nova

Some Notes:

Travis Hafner is going for an MRI on his shoulder. Maybe that explains his three month slump.

CC Sabathia and Hiroki Kuroda took batting practice to prepare for the upcoming west coast swing. CC hit a HR during BP. Now if someone could actually do that during a game, that would be sweet.

Derek Jeter will do a simulated game today and he could return to the lineup as soon as tomorrow.

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. The move of getting Soriano was desperate. Now we have 3 guys older than Ken in the mix for OF next year. 🙂 so annoying.

    • Thank you Matthew S…I wish I could claim to be 40 or less, just think I could play for the New York Yankees as an out fielder! No, come to think of it…I tried that, and found I couldn’t get the jump on the ball as I could in the infield! Disaster comes to mind, it wasn’t a good showing at all!

  2. Anyone think the major weight loss of CC has something to do with his pitching this year. Random thought but just watned to throw it out there.

    • Matt, I have to answer a random thought, CC has logged a lot of innining in his career, and it is hard to stay on top as a pitcher. Pitchers like Peavy, Halliday, Webb, Lincecum, Cain, and Hamels were once aces of their staffs. It seems inevitable that CC will struggle at some point. It’s a natural progression for a pitcher.

    • Don’t think so Matt. He came off arm surgery in the offseason and has logged a lot of innings in his career. I hope this is something he can rebound from because right now he is just brutal. I think he’ll come back next yr, maybe not to the level he was but as a solid starter they can count on. His velocity has gotten better but is still not where it was in 2011. He’s also had a much lower LOB% than usual as he seems to give up hits and HRs in the worst possible times.With both he and Andy struggling, its all the more reason to be sellers this yr. If they somehow made the playoffs, I wouldn’t count on our 2 lefties for much.

  3. The biggest problem the Yanks have is Cashman being overruled be the front office. Joel Sherman reported that Cashman wanted to sign Martin and Scheirholtz in the off season but the front office wanted Ichiro. The front office seems to be more concerned about money and the cap than fielding a quality team.

  4. Cashman was also agains’t trading for Soriano! Somehow I think this team would be much better off if Cashman was making all the decisions.

    • doug….
      Thank you for coming to the same conclusion as I had years ago. In King Georges day it was called the Tampa Cabal. Now it is Just Dumb, dumber and dumbest. Most GMs are able to do their job but, not in NY!

  5. ANEMIC OFFENSE + OVER MATCHED LINE-UP = ….let’s rethink our strategy.
    There are 58 games left. How quickly 104 went by.
    As of tonight…the Yankees are 8 games out.
    It could be 9 by Sunday night. The offense will permit that.
    There is no help coming. Only unknown injury riddled players.
    There are chips to trade, big ones.
    Cano, and others can reap treasures. Look what Boston did last year!
    Hold your nose, trade them…..and reload.
    I don’t care what others think, but I’m ready to fold’em

    • I step forward, to say I like the Soriano trade. Why not? It makes sense!
      We now enter gray. Buy, sell, trade?
      I say trade the lot, and resign the ones you want in the off season.
      Maybe get back a gem or two. Reload. It’s not the end of the world.
      I love these guys, but this is not their year.

  6. The lineup a week from now will be a lot different with Jeter, Arod and Granderson in it.


      Matt the Yankees are done…they suck…there is no help coming. How the Yankees try to play and build a baseball team is out of step with how the game is played today…until there is true fundamental change the team will not win unless they spend 300 million a year which doesn’t seem likely.

      • Dan…
        What changes? Everyone says changes have to be made but, nobody says what changes they are.
        I know you Dan, you are a smart baseball guy! Do you have any ideas? Anyone on the farm we could use or trade for a big need?
        I respect your ideas, as do others, we don’t always agree but…so what! 🙂

    • Matt, I don’t see A-Rod coming back, after Aug1 he will be suspended for the rest of this year and next from what I’m reading.

  7. Bring back the old days, Soriano and Jeter lead the Yanks to a victory!

  8. Latino day, Soriano and Puig hit walk offs!

  9. Patrick was right about Soriano. Give him some credit.

  10. We are at the 48 hour mark. Which way do they go?
    I have no clue. Maybe it depends on Tuesday nights game? Try this..
    Lets pretend they go for the ring. With Sabathia pitching awful, do they try to bolster
    the front five? River Ave mentioned the Cubs pitcher…Jeff Samardzija…at what price?

    The above makes sense, but they can not score runs. A catcher, that hits…yes.
    Everyone plays 3rd base here, but no one hits when it counts…you already know this.
    Etc, Etc.

    No one wants Hughes, or Chamberlain. Throw those chips aside.
    No more of this…its nuts.
    Will Aug 1st be a clearer day? God knows.

  11. For the Yanks and Cashman this is a big week, they might find out what is going to happen with A-Rod, I heard that if he fight the ruling Selig will give him a life time ban which he can’t fight under the new CBA agreement. If true, he will be off the books and the Yanks can go after players like Beltran, Garza, Lee, Ellibury, and Choo. If thery are still in limbo after this week and A-Rod fights the ruling, it will be a cloudy day for us Yankee fans.

    • Fight it A-Rod, if guilty! You can then join Pete Rose, Shoeless Joe Jackson and The other Black Sox players!

      If not, which I have little hope for, let him play…after all, he still would be an upgrade over what we now have!

  12. After all these yeas, clueless Ken thinks that Arod might be innocent! How ignorant is that?

    • How ignorant is that? Well……not very much, for two reasons!
      1) You must not have read what I posted or you have difficulty understanding what you read.
      2) We are still in the USA with laws unless…King (want to be) Obama, has change that part of the Bill of rights along with others he has ignored!

      Damn, this is getting to be like the old days, I don’t think I want to go back to them.


  13. Be a man Ken, admit you we’re wrong in defending Arod. Then you will not be seen as ignorant.

  14. NOT ONE TEAM made an offer for Hughes, or Chamberlain…
    Why should they.
    Are we now expected to believe that Granderson (who hasn’t played all year) ..will
    lead the team on some kind of a run?

    • Patrick…
      Are you sure no team asked about them? Could it have been; the team didn’t offer them in any of the trades?
      Just asking, I have no idea which way it was.

      • Kenneth….saw it in three places. The NY post, NY Daily news, and the River Ave Blues
        blog site. I stopped looking after that.
        I’m was just glad the team had a pulse when I got up today. Later.

  15. Old Ranger Ken:…you are on your own.
    I offered to help, but your silence tells me you do not need it.
    Be careful of what you are unaware of.

    • Patrick…
      I need not take advantage of your offer of help to say, thanks for said offer!

      As long as I am having fun playing devils advocate, I could care less about what others say! We live in a Free Country (it will be again in 3 years), which gives everyone the right to say about anything they want.
      Thank You very much!

  16. Be gone prevaricator. Leave Ken alone and stop messing with people behind all your masks.
    You copied Twasps amusing, funny and talented act and failed. Now go away or stop the nonsense and post baseball.

  17. Ken – say goodbye to Arod. Cheater, liar and bum.

  18. Mr. Slash dot ……. I will be happy to return to being just a reader and not a commenter. First, though Clueless Ken must swallow his pride and admit he was wrong about Arod and was wrong when he defended him in the past.

    If he-man’s up , I’ll cut him some slack and ill be gone.

    • I think I have proven myself over many years and fields. If one wishes to make stupid comments as you seem to like doing…I really feel sorry for you!

      I have said time and again the reasons behind my comments and will not address them again.

      Small people with small minds, think and act small. Carry on with your tirade as much as you wish, you have many on this and other site that will agree with you.
      But, life is short and I am having fun just being here today. Do your best, which isn’t much, I’ll be sure to read it and laugh.

      Thank You, for the entertainment!

  19. Oh no, Mr.BoxofRocks 1-12 you have misunderstood.Those comments were meant not for you but for another.
    Hint:It starts with a “P”.
    You are quite right and amusing in your own right.
    There is a scallawag amongst us.

  20. There is a lot of truth in your post. Ken should own up and get over it!
    Arod is a pariah!

  21. Funny how we latch onto a player. Mine, last year, and this year…Francisco Cervelli.
    The underdog thing? Perhaps, with the dark injury cloud following him around.
    Year, after year….always something.
    This year he come out of spring training, looking like an offense force. Only to have his season
    wrecked by a hand injury, followed by an elbow, and now a season ending banning.
    Can’t help but think, he would have helped. Next time, Francisco.

  22. YFU MGMT. …
    Rather surprising how you allow vindictive assaults to go on against “everyday posters, just
    following the rules”. By someone who has a history, of doing just this type of behavior.
    The same person, you have banned in the past, for doing just the same thing.
    Please don’t answer that…” we don’t know who it is”. You are smarter than that.

    Those that conform to your rules, are now being bashed.
    In the past, you had no room, for double standards.
    Double standards, that is what I see going on now.

    • Patrick, I totally agree, these parisites are worthless no matter what name they use, talk Baseball or go home! When I see there posts I just skip them usually, but you sparked my interest, the best thing we can do is not respond to them which unfortuneately I am doing now!

    • Still at your back!! Getting harder and harder to even be a reader.

    • Debating Arods character IS talking baseball.

      Patrick.. Mind your own business … You are always jumping in the middle of debates and exaggerating them. Ken can defend his own views.

      YFU is doing a great job.

      You are the troll and should be banned.

    • doug, and john…..I saw your words of solidarity today. Thank you.
      I knew you guys were there. It will work it’s way out.
      Thank you, again…… Stay well, take care.

  23. I for one, am not lowering myself to bother with these people! For some reason the thought of free opinion is only good if one follows the masses. That means one has to give up their own opinion in favor of someone we don’t know.
    That is how we ended up with this guy in that white house on the hill. And nameless uneducated people who can’t understand what they read or maybe they enjoy misunderstanding what they read.
    Actually, this is all about me disliking Jeter…not hating him,,,!

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