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Good morning everyone!

The Yankees broke a scoreless tie in the top of the 9th inning last night and then held on to defeat the Dodgers.

Clayton Kershaw and Hiroki Kuroda were both brilliant in a true pitchers duel.

Lyle Overbay once again came through in the clutch with an RBI  hit in the 9th inning to give the Yankees the first run of the game.  A throwing error by Mark Ellis gave the Yankees two more runs to make it 3-0.

Mariano Rivera earned his 34th save this year for the Yankees.

The Yankees are off today and will resume their quest for a wildcard when they start a three-game series with the Padres in San Diego tomorrow night.  The Padres series will be the last West Coast series that the Yankees play this season.

Friday night’s game will also be the last 10:10 PM ET start time game for the Yankees this year, something many fans will be pleased about as they read this with bleary eyes from staying up to watch the end of last night’s game.

The trade deadline came and went with Brian Cashman once again displaying no creativity, imagination, guts, or the ability to get a trade done to help the Yankees.

The “genius” who has spent over two BILLION dollars in payroll the last 12 years and only won one title has been outperformed by the Red Sox, Giants, and Cardinals in the same time frame.  The last trade Cashman won was with Nick Swisher and that trade took place in 2008.  When your GM is “o-fer” the Obama Administration in trades, chances are your team may start to struggle sooner than later.

Now on to today’s news links:

Billy Witz of the New York Times sums it up perfectly with this article about the Yankee management wasting a gallant effort by their aging core.

Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News has this piece about Cashman’s inability to get anything done and failure to acquire Michael Young, who was exactly what the Yankees needed.

Mark Feinsand also has this article about Curtis Granderson’s comeback, which is scheduled for Friday against the Padres.

Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Yanks will have at least 60 million to spend if A-Rod gets suspended, who should they go after in free agency? I would resign Cano, Kuroda and maybe Grandy, after that I would go after Morse, McCann, Morales, Reynolds, Morneau, Beltran, Choo, Hart, and Pence. If the Yanks can get 3 of these players they will be in the hunt next year.

  2. Just cleaning the slate. I will, it is my obligation.
    Today’s word by a “prevaricator”. Before that..”provocateur”, etc.
    Hardly nice things to say of anyone. I prefer…”a jester, with intelligence”, in regards to me.
    Stay thirsty, my friend.

  3. Patrick was right about Soriano and nobody gives him credit …. Not even clueless Ken. The team is much better with Jeter and Soriano. If CC was CC wed be in the thick of the wild card race.

  4. And while I’m ranting…..

    Seems like Girardi has done a good job considering the deep fall off in run production (detailed by Patrick).

    And my question to clueless Ken and all those others that keep saying play the young kids……haven’t you seen how awful they have been this season ?

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