Game 140: Yankees vs. Red Sox

The Yankees begin a crucial four-game set with the Boston Red Sox tonight at the Stadium. While the division may be out of reach, this is still a must-win series, as is practically each one for the remainder of the season. After this, they play the Orioles for three games in Baltimore and then the Bo-Sox again for three games at Fenway. These next 11 games likely will decide the Yankees’ fate, so here’s hoping they win every one! 

Anyway, here are the lineups for tonight…


#2 Jacoby Ellsbury CF
#18 Shane Victorino RF
#15 Dustin Pedroia 2B
#34 David Ortiz DH
#29 Daniel Nava LF
#12 Mike Napoli 1B
#7 Stephen Drew SS
#20 Ryan Lavarnway C
#16 Will Middlebrooks 3B

Pitching: #44 Jake Peavy


#11 Brett Gardner CF
#2 Derek Jeter SS
#24 Robinson Cano 2B
#12 Alfonso Soriano LF
#14 Curtis Granderson DH
#13 Alex Rodriguez 3B
#55 Lyle Overbay 1B
#31 Ichiro Suzuki RF
#19 Chris Stewart C

Pitching: #47 Ivan Nova

Game time: 7:05pm
TV: YES Network
Radio: WCBS 880

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  1. Man, that was a tough loss. Joe West should be hung from the facade.

  2. Somebody teach Romine how to throw to second and catch throws from the OF.

  3. What the hell was Soriano thinking on the base paths?

  4. Mo, say it isn’t so, ………6 blown saves!!!???

  5. ONE PITCH AWAY……say it isn’t so Mo.

  6. Exactly Brian, this isn’t the Cubs, he doesn’t have to win the games by himself.

  7. I want to throw my alarm clock right thought the TV screen.

  8. How can a guy with Joba’s stuff have such a horrible season?

  9. Damn I hate the way Ichiro double clutches when he makes a throw .

  10. I don’t understand these catchers that go out in front of the plate and then try to catch the ball and swipe back. Stayback with your foot guarding the plate and let the ball come to you. If its off line only then move from the plate.

  11. Unfortunately I put the whamy on Romine. I take full responsibility lol

  12. Yeah, Fish, West is a Grade A asshole. An egomaniac. Throwing Joba out of the game after he blew the call? What a d-bag. Hang him from the facade!

  13. Man, Soriano is amazing with the Yankees…. both stints. We should have never traded him for Aroid.

  14. Nunez has a very quick bat and can fly. He will have a very good career here.

  15. Ken Singleton tries to one up Coney occasionally but he falls short most of the time. Coney is the best ,,,,,locker room anecdotes, saber metrics…

  16. Hughes was fantastic out of the pen in 2009…. would rather see him than Joba at this point.

    • I know the pen is tired and Mo not available but how does Girardi let one of his only lefties face Napoli with the bases loaded and tying run at the plate?

      Logan did his job K-ing the lefty Ortiz but why not go to Claiborne, Kelly or shit, even Betances or Joba vs Napoli? Maybe I’m being over critical out of frustration….2 terrible defeats at the worst time.

  17. Michael Kaye has a huge head literally.

  18. What’s all these dumb beards the Red Sox are growing. Are they Amish?

  19. Gardner has had a very fine season with a lot of clutch hits. I just wish he would attempt to steal more often. He’s very fast but has terrible base stealing instincts.

  20. I hate this “new look” Red Sox team…..they should be selling cough drops.

  21. Larry Rothschild going to mound to talk to Hughes ….. what did he spill on his Yankee windbreaker…… vodka?

  22. Nice throw Aroid….

  23. Donnie Baseball would have made that scoop.

  24. Ok that’s 2 games in a row where Suzuki has done Sony funky maneuvers to blow games…..

    – last nights double clutching short throw to the plate
    – tonight’s ridiculous drift and jump move…. he made the wall 5 feet higher than it is.

  25. Say it isn’t so Jobaman…….

  26. When Girardi stayed with Logan vs Napoli I thought Girardi had gone brain dead but then Kaye started quoting Logan’s good numbers vs righties and I was ready to cut Joe G some slack …. until…

    • I hear that, numbers are past experiences…these guys are too hot to touch! Whoever was out there would have been eaten alive…need not even get the ball over the plate and they hit it out, amazing!

    • Twasp…
      I thought you knew about Kay, Fans love Jeter but, Mr. Kay can’t stand anything good happening around Jeter or a select few other players without blowing it all out of proportion!
      Face it, he is the typical HOMER…bad, but not the worse I have ever seen. As long as he is a Yankee he should be, even-handed should he NOT!?
      I have got to go to bed, worked out today and am “done worrrrrrre out”!

      • Yeah Ken , Kay is a homer, but I’ve heard him question a lot of Girardis moves and the players also. He hates when Yankees sacrifice bunt…he jumped on Soriano for his base running blunder….Considering he works for Yes and Yes is owned by The Yankees he does a relatively objective job though you can tell he loves the Yankees especially Jeter. But very few people don’t love the Great Jeter.

        PS …do you wear camouflage when you work out?

        • Don’t need to, nobody even looks at a broken down old guy working out at 2nd base. But they do watch me hit, I can still hit very well! My range is better at 2nd than Jeters at SS but, not as good as it should be.
          Jeters ankle is a big problem for him, I really feel for him but, may I say…”I told you so!”? Hopefully he will call it a career, there is nothing worse than a star player on the down side of a great career. I have seen too many of them, no need to see another one.
          He will need almost 700 hits to make 4,000, not a chance anymore at his age, why play part-time and drag it out when he has a good reason to call it…over!?
          One has to respect what he has done over the years, let it stand as is!

  27. Yeah…..give ZZ top some credit……and the Yankees too…..great games , great comebacks…….

  28. Yeah Ken …… I remember …. many times you questioned how Jeter was going to play coming off the broken ankle. You said it wasn’t going to be easy. And it hasn’t been.

    • You won’t belive it but, I am truly sorry for his mishap! He had an outside chance of doing something that would warrant the Hall of Fame…not that he won’t make it anyhow! But to have 4,000+ hits, that is something to put in the books.

  29. Give some kudos to the Irish Candleman….. he said getting Soriano was a good move….right handed power. Soriano already has 14 HRs as a Yankee.!

  30. Aroid DON’T CUT THE BALL OFF on a throw home when there are no runners going anywhere. Stewart had his hands in the air ….. saying… What’s wrong with this Boli-head???

    • Twasp…
      The ball was off-line even the catcher was moving to his right to get the ball if it came through.
      Key and his knowledge of baseball suck…the angle of the camera was from left to right so it looked like a better throw than it was. Even was told by the other guy (bad with names, sorry) that the ball may have been off line as A-Rod had to move to his right to cut it off. He was set up on a perfect line to the catcher, when he had to go after the ball that tells one it was a bad throw.

      • Ken Singleton, that’s the name

      • Yes the ball was up the first base line a bit ……but Stewart -who had the best view of the throw and the runner — thought he had a shot. The cut was not necessary as Stewart was right there and would have thrown out the runner at third if there was no shot at the runner running home.

  31. Michael Kay is such a dimwit sometimes. He was so adamant in questioning of Joe G’s move to bring in Mo for 4 outs. Oh he’s 43 years old he cried……how can Joe make such a risky move he asked? What an a-hole…..Mo mowed them down like t-ballers.

  32. A pet peeve…..a graphic shows Mo has the most saves against the Orioles….. 77.

    Ken and Kay say how this shows he has been successful against the Orioles.

    No it doesn’t.

    What if he got those 77 saves in110 opportunities. Not good. Unless you show opps saves alone is meaningless.

    Also the graphic showed he had a 3.1 era against the Orioles …considering his career ERA is 2.2 ….a 3.1 against the Orioles is not that good relatively.

  33. I’ve been saying the Yankees will make the playoffs……why?

    They have a more balanced offense…..they can beat you with speed……Grandy, Gardner, itchy and Nunez can fly.

    And they can beat you with power….Grandy, Aroid, Cano, Soriano, Reynolds.

  34. Big win last night…..Yankees can beat you by mfg runs or the long ball….Grandy, Aroid And Cano last night.

  35. Fish, Ken, Doug, BCD, Dan, Patrick, …….where we going to go now that YFU is RIP?

  36. Brian…..doesn’t seem like anyone post comments on that site. Just a lot of blogs from Daniel. I tried to comment and it wouldn’t take.

    Fish what are you doing?

    Ken…look for comments on IYankees maybe we’ll resurrect it and do it right this time.

    • Well I’ve been very busy with school starting up, I’m definitely going to be on there a lot in a few weeks, be it for the playoffs or a likely cold, harsh offseason. Matt B has posted a few articles on there already in the past week, but they have so many writers and so many posts each day it’s understandable how his got lost in the bunch.

    • I posted over there and it took ok!
      iYankees is dead and gone, sorry about that!

    • I really don’t know what I’m going to do. I put a lot of hard work into this site yet wasn’t even consulted or asked for my opinion. Just a generic email from Matt B. after it was already done to all the writers inviting us to write for Greedy Pinstripes.

      • Fish…. I know you really tried hard to make it work….. Strange how Matt S disappeared…… We need a place to continue to exchange our thoughts… I’m not familiar with the other Yankee sites. I’m willing to try anywhere that I has frequent commenters ….

      • Hey Fish…I don’t know the guy but I think you might fit in well with him… They don’t seem to get the traffic but I like his thinking at times. This is a site that needs to grow.

  37. Fish, ken and TWASP have been posting on both Greedy Pinstripes and Pinstripe Pundits……come check them out.

  38. Fish…..this guy Daniel at Greedy seems good….you should try it out.

  39. Hello all, this is Daniel from The Greedy Pinstripes.

    I can understand some of your discontent with the merger, not being consulted, etc and I do apologize for that. I was under the impression that it was a full merger and that everyone was on board and dutifully notified. Again I do apologize for that but I think the decision has ultimately been made and it is what it is.

    All I want is the all you can eat one stop shop for all things Yankees baseball. We dont have ads on the greedy pinstripes because we truly like doing what we do and want the best site there is without all the politics and bull shit. No one, including myself, is making a dime and we do it because we love doing it and love the Yankees.

    Once again I apologize if you feel slighted, blind sighted, etc by this merger. I personally invite everyone, Matt S, Twasp, Fishjam, Dan, Brian Danuff, etc to come over and join the site. I want you to join not because someone is telling you to or telling you that you should but because you want to. You will see pretty quickly that this is a fun site and a pretty relaxed site and I think you guys would enjoy it. I know we lack in the comment department right now but if that is your biggest gripe then I think we can definitely fix that with your help.

    If your interested in coming over please feel free to contact me at Daniel Burch 1102 at yahoo com. We want you guys to come over in any capacity, even if it is just to leave a comment or two. We are less than two years old and trying to tackle one thing at a time so things don’t get backlogged, people do not get discouraged, and things actually get done. Our latest goal was twitter and now we sit at around 1700 followers and our next goal is the comments section. Please join us by signing up or shooting me an email if you are interested in joining us in a writing position.

    Again I apologize and I ask that you come over and at least give us a shot. If you don’t like it after a couple weeks no hard feelings, I promise. Thank you guys for reading this book as I tend to get a little long winded sometimes and as always, go Yankees.

  40. and FYI if you guys decide to go elsewhere, again, no hard feelings. Contact me by my email address seen above or on twitter @GreedyStripes as I have no problems putting in a good word for you to any site you decide to try and join. Like I said I am not here to try to do anything but make an enjoyable, accountable, informative Yankees blog.

    Thank you guys.

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