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1.     Remember this: we are all Yankee fans (except for a Red Sox fan here and there). Therefore, any type of insults and personal attacks will be acted upon. There will be one warning, and if the attacking commenter does not stop, a ban will be put into effect.

2.     We will not act on profanity, unless it goes far beyond words of frustration. Then, your comment will have to be censored.

3.     Any comment that is regarded as completely, non-baseball related will be deleted. This is because we look for and expect high level discussion about baseball and the Yankees. To compensate, we have added a Non-Baseball-Related Thread for you to have any kind of other conversation, etc. with each other.

Yes, the list at this point is short. On an as-needed basis, we will add to it.

  1. Don Rhinehart

    What the heck did Brain cashman see in this pitcher from the Dogers send him back to Donny Baseball

  2. Everyone will be better off when Girardi is with the Cubs. Napoleonic complex, he must over-manage
    to show the world he’s on top of everything, when in fact he is on top of nothing!

  3. Roll the dice with Hughes, trade him for a “pheenom” from another club who hasn’t panned out. He’s
    already had ample opportunities to prove his worth and he doesn’t measure up!

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