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Game 129 Lineup: Yankees @ Rays

Ichiro Suzuki RF
Eduardo Nunez SS
Robinson Cano 2B
Alfonso Soriano LF
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Vernon Wells DH
Curtis Granderson CF
Mark Reynolds 1B
Austin Romine C

LHP CC Sabathia

Some Notes and Transactions:

Brett Gardner‘s X-Ray results came back earlier today and they were clean. Gardner is just having the day off vs. the left hander Price.

Lyle Overbay was still dizzy and nauseous when he entered the clubhouse today. Joe Girardi isn’t sure that he’s going to get in the game tonight.

Derek Jeter will have one more rehab start tonight and then will join the Yankees in Toronto. I’ll be covering Derek Jeter’s rehab start so follow me on Twitter @dfiregirl4 for Jeter updates.

Alex Rodriguez Rehab Update

Alex Rodriguez went five innings with a home run in his rehab start in Trenton on Friday night

Alex Rodriguez went five innings with a home run in his rehab start in Trenton on Friday night

With the Biogenesis Report suspensions looming, you would think Alex Rodriguez would be worried. Well if he was, it didn’t show. A-Rod played a rehab game today in Trenton earlier this evening with his future still uncertain on where he’ll be on Monday: with the Yankees or at home due to a suspension?

Back to the rehab game, Alex Rodriguez looked like a player that wasn’t bothered by his recent injuries, going 1-for-2 with a 2-run home run that left Arm & Hammer Stadium in Trenton. Alex Rodriguez also fielded two baseballs during the evening.

The first ball hit to him ricocheted off his glove, but he was able to recover it and throw to first for the out. The second ball hit to him was a ball in the hot corner that Rodriguez snagged and threw to first, looking as if the hip or his calf weren’t nagging him.

Rodriguez walked in the first inning on five pitches, he homered in the third on a fastball that was down the middle of the plate and struck out in the fifth inning on a 2-2 change-up. After A-Rod’s final AB, he went to the sidelines (while the game was still in the fifth inning) and started signing autographs, taking pictures and he even gave his bat to a fan. A-Rod made his way to the clubhouse which officially ended his night.

Rodriguez is supposed to play another game tomorrow night and then his fate will be in the hands of Major League Baseball on Sunday night, with MLB making the decisions on Monday morning. Will A-Rod be in Yankees pinstripes Monday or will he be suspended (or banned) from baseball?

Off-Day Notes: Chamberlain, Robertson, Rodriguez, Jeter, Teixeira, Pineda, Nelson, Granderson

Beauty comes with a price, doesn’t it? On a day where it’s 73 degrees in New York City…there had to be some news about the Yankees somewhere. Let’s get to them.

Joba Chamberlain

— Joba Chamberlain was placed on the 15-day disabled list due to a tight oblique. He said he felt something when he was warming up to pitch on Tuesday and complained of soreness when he arrived at the stadium yesterday. Brian Cashman said that the strain is “mild” and Joba should be back to pitch in two weeks. There wasn’t a move on the roster to replace Chamberlain but Cashman did say that he had three names in mind when it came to taking that roster spot: Mark Montgomery, Preston Claiborne and Sam Demel.

David Robertson

— David Robertson spent his off-day at the doctors office after feeling discomfort near his knee/hamstring. The doctors did an MRI and the diagnosis is a “cranky hamstring”. Robertson won’t have to go on the DL; instead he is day-to-day.

Alex Rodriguez

— Alex Rodriguez posted on Facebook that he had been cleared to do baseball activities and that he will head to Tampa on Monday in order to join Curtis Granderson rehabbing their way back to the team. Rodriguez is still expected to be back after the All-Star break, along with Derek Jeter.

Derek Jeter

— Derek Jeter is still in the walking boot, but he’s able to remove it to do exercises. He’s expected to be back after the All-Star Break.

Mark Teixeira

— After doing tee and toss, Teixeira will stay with the Yankees until the end of the homestand, then head off to Florida to rehab with A-Rod and Granderson. Teixeira is expected to be back in June.

Michael Pineda

— Michael Pineda is throwing to hitters down in Florida. He’s reached 93-95 MPH on his fastball.

Chris Nelson

— After being acquired by the Yankees late last night, he’s officially been put on the 25-man roster and is activated for tomorrow. Corban Joseph was optioned to Triple-AAA to complete the roster move.

Curtis Granderson

— Curtis Granderson is on the road back to the Yankees today. He took more at-bats in an extended Spring Training game. If all goes well, Granderson is slated to come back in about two weeks.

Injury Update: Cervelli, Nova, Youkilis

Despite having a 6-4 win, the Yankees had multiple injury issues. Let’s address them one by one as if it’s one big sandwich.

— Let’s start with Francisco Cervelli. Cervelli was hit in the knuckles by a pitch from Ivan Nova in the first inning. Cervelli was taken for x-rays and the results weren’t good. Cervelli has a broken hand that requires surgery, and he’s expected to be sidelined for a minimum of 6 weeks. Having surgery means that the fracture wasn’t a clean fracture and the doctors would have to open him up to see how bad the damage in his hand is. The surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. A huge blow for the Yankees and bad luck for Cervelli who was playing so well for the first couple of weeks.

— Let’s continue onto Ivan Nova. Two innings later, Ivan Nova was pulled out of the game by Joe Girardi and fans initially thought that he pulled a hamstring. It was revealed that he had pain in his elbow and was sent for an MRI. The results of the MRI weren’t back by the time the Yankees finished the game, so we’d have to wait until tomorrow to see the results.

— And Finally, we shall end it with Kevin Youkilis. Kevin Youkilis has been out of the lineup for almost a week (tomorrow makes seven days) and the Yankees were attempting to avoid the DL with him. However, if his back isn’t well by tomorrow then the Yankees could possibly place him on the 15-day DL. Now, he wouldn’t have to spend an extra fifteen days sidelined. The Yankees could retroactive his DL from the day he stopped playing.

The Yankees have been the walking wounded since the season began…and now they’re going to have to walk wounded some more.

With Teixeira out, who plays first?


If the Yankees weren’t in trouble when Curtis Granderson went down, then they were really in trouble when Mark Teixeira went down. With two-thirds of the Yankees power bats down due to injury, the Yankees have to scramble to figure out who is going to take the coveted honor of being the Opening Day first baseman. Out of curiosity yesterday, I asked my Twitter followers what they think the Yankees should do about the first base situation. Their answers actually made more sense and gave more insight than anything Brian Cashman has said so far. Here were some of their suggestions (and me adding commentary).

My thoughts: The Mark Reynolds idea, I actually liked but there was a small problem. If we sign Mark Reynolds he would basically be Curtis Granderson 2.0. He has the power but he also strikes out a lot. The second suggestion of moving Youkilis to first and Nix to third is a more realistic idea. Youkilis has played first in his career so him moving him there would be a good idea and for the meantime have Nix go to third. Defensively that would work out great. Offensively, Nix would have to step out (and so would Youkilis).

My Thoughts: Not well, but they can play. That would be a great way to describe the two suggestions, mostly Rivera. Johnson has actually been impressive at first when he’s played during the Spring. His defense this Spring has almost been Teixeira-like. Almost. But I think Dan Johnson could be a good defensive first baseman in the meantime while we wait for Teixeira to come back. It’s not like we’re really missing anything with Teixeira’s bat in April, anyway. It’s more about defense for the first month.

My Thoughts: Again, good idea to move Youkilis to first but the Yankees would never move Nunez to third. Yankees made it clear he was just the shortstop. Nothing else. Besides, moving around and committing errors was what got Nunez sent to the minors last season in the first place.

My Thoughts: Carlos Lee and Aubrey Huff as replacements for Teixeira. All right, that sounds like a good idea but what happens to them after Teixeira comes back? They’d have to go somewhere and I don’t think either of them have minor league options. Staying in house with Dan Johnson seems more realistic.

My Thoughts: I’m sold! I’m sold! I am sold! Johnny Damon did offer his services to the Yankees for the outfield position but Cashman said no. Maybe Johnny would like to come back at the first baseman. But, we can’t get our hopes up. Cashman would most likely say no again. And losing Raul Ibanez does hurt a lot more now. Ibanez had a great bat and wasn’t bad when you put him in the outfield. It now hurts a lot that the Yankees didn’t even bother making an offer for Ibanez. That could have helped.

My Thoughts: It hurts even more now that the Yankees don’t have Eric Chavez. Chavez had been one great bat and a good defender for the Yanks, so having him back would be a great idea. Only question would be, what would the Yankees have to give in order to get Chavez, and would the Arizona Diamondbacks want to actually give up Chavez. He’s there now, and the Yankees doing nothing to bring him back in the offseason is coming back to bite them.

It seemed the popular option when I asked was Dan Johnson to be the first baseman. I wouldn’t mind Dan Johnson taking over for Teixeira in April, and he can’t possibly hit any worse in April than Tex. Choosing a first baseman for the Yankees leads to fans thinking of a lot of possibilities for the team. So, who would you choose?

Alex Rodriguez needs surgery on hip–again

Day one of the Winter Meetings started off with a bang when the Yankees revealed that Alex Rodriguez had been playing with a tear in his hip last season and might now need more surgery. Rodriguez could miss the beginning of the 2013 season which leaves uncertainty for the Yankees. Entering the Winter Meetings, the Yankees needed to replace a right fielder and a catcher after it’s almost certain that Nick Swisher won’t return for the ’13 season (and Martin signed with the Pittsburgh Pirates last week). Now the Yankees have to focus on finding an infielder since by the time the regular season begins both A-Rod and Derek Jeter will be coming back from major surgeries. Jeter needed surgery on his ankle last season after fracturing it during Game 1 of the ALCS.

Rodriguez will have surgery in Colorado in January by Dr. Marc Philippon who did the surgery on Rodriguez in 2009.

Manny Banuelos to have Tommy John Surgery

Manny Banuelos to have Tommy John Surgery

By Delia E.

The Yankees have just announced that Manny Banuelos will have Tommy John Surgery on Thursday after missing most of the season with elbow injuries. The procedure will be done by Dr. James Andrews. Banuelos is scheduled to miss the 2013 season which was somewhat of a blow for the Yankees since he could have been an inexpensive rotation fixture come 2014.

Yankees Off-Day Notes: Teixeira

Good evening everyone. Tonight the Yankees are off but there has been some news regarding Mark Teixeira. Here’s the statement the Yankees released:

Yankees 1B Mark Teixeira was seen today by team physician Dr. Christopher Ahmad at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. He underwent an MRI which showed an irritation of his Grade 1 left calf strain. Teixeira will be evaluated on a weekly basis moving forward, and is expected to be unavailable to play for 10-14 days.

The Yankees also said they were planning to call-up Melky Mesa for speed on the base paths. I wouldn’t expect to see Teixeira for the rest of the regular season. Remember last season when Derek Jeter had almost the same injury? He was out for about 3 weeks. There are only for 3 weeks to the season. If Yankees make the play-offs, don’t expect to see Teixeira until then.

Slight setback for Pettitte; Tyler Austin removed from game in Tampa

Slight setback for Pettitte; Tyler Austin removed from game in Tampa

by Fishjam

Apparently Andy Pettitte over did it in Seattle with his throwing program and will have to back it off a bit.  He had been throwing up to 55 pitches on flat ground but experienced a good deal of swelling in the ankle so he has been trying to stay off his feet.  Per ESPNs Andrew Marchand:

“Doc said he was hoping it would be healed a little better than it was,” Pettitte said. “The first two weeks it healed really quick and I feel like we have slowed down a little bit. He said, ‘Let’s try to stay off it a little bit.’ That is where we are at.”

In Minor League News, Tyler Austin was removed from a game in Tampa today after suffering an unknown injury.  I was listening to the game on MILB Gameday Audio and Austin hurt himself jumping against the RF fence trying to rob a home run.  There was about a 5 minute delay while he was attended to but he remained in the game.  He then Doubled in the bottom of the inning (2nd inn) but was removed after that.  No official news on the injury yet.  Austin just returned to action on 7/25th after missing about 3 weeks and the Futures Game with a concussion.  He was 2 for 2 today to raise his Tampa average to .300 (6 for 20) and is now hitting .322 with 15 HRs, 17 SBs and a 1.003 OPS for the season.

Broken Hand for A-Rod

Broken Hand for ARod

by fishjam25

Alex Rodriguez got drilled by a Felix Rodriguez pitch tonight in the 8th inning and was in serious pain.  X-Rays revealed he has a non-displaced fracture of the fifth metacarpal in his left hand.  No timetable for his return will be known until he sees doctors in New York today.  However, Eric Chavez said he had the same injury and was out for 8 weeks.  If that is accurate, he’d be looking at a late September return which is obviously terrible news.  Minor league seasons would be over so there would be no rehab games to prepare and I highly doubt he would be 100% for the post-season.

Chavez is the immediate choice to replace Alex and the Yanks also have Laynce Nix who could platoon with Chavez. However, Chavez has been playing a lot more than planned already and has been very injury prone his whole career.  Thus, it would be risky to let the trade deadline pass without making a move to bolster the position.  The internal options are as follows:

  • Ramiro Pena  – a total zero offensively hitting .253/.304/.320/.624 in AAA
  • Brandon Laird – solid D with some pop but hitting .249/.310/.408/.718 in AAA with 10 HRs/25 doubles
  • Eduardo Nunez – erratic D but good offensively. Just came off DL, has 6 minor lg games under his belt so could return soon however they have been using him at SS only.  Has made 48 starts at 3B in MLB with 9 errors for a brutal .920 Fielding%
  • Kevin Russo – AAA OF/2B/3B hitting .302/.365/.365/.731 could provide depth as a utility player
  • Ronier Mustelier – Ripping the ball in AAA but he’s been on the Disabled List, not sure when he’ll return
  • Corban Joseph & David Adams can both hit but are mediocre defensive Second Baseman who played 3B sparingly in A ball

On the trade market, Hanley Ramirez was just dealt to the Dodgers so the biggest name is Chase Headley who has drawn a lot of interest and would cost several prospects.  I really like Headley and he could be the 3B for the future for the Yank with ARod moving to DH next yr.  Headley also plays OF so he could play some LF/RF is ARod does come back healthy soon.  But I don’t think Cashman will be that bold.  Placido Polanco may be available but his offensive numbers have really gone down the last 2 years.  Marco Scutaro makes some sense as he could be a Utility Infielder/backup SS also but he hasn’t played 3B since 2008.

Headley is the best 3B on the market with a 121 OPS+ this year and it jumps to 143 away from pitchers-paradise PetCo.  He’s a switch-hitting 28-yr old under team control through 2014 and is a career .300 hitter away from PetCo so would likely cost 1 premium prospect to headline a package.

Andy Pettitte fractures ankle; out 6 weeks, Warren & Garcia step in for C.C. & Pettitte

The Yankees suffered a big blow today during today’s game in the 5th inning when Andy Pettitte limped off the mound after a Casey Kotchman liner hit him in the ankle. The prognosis revealed Andy Pettitte has a fractured ankle and will be out for a minimum of 6 weeks. The Yankees injury woes continue after losing Brett Gardner in April, Mariano Rivera in May and CC Sabathia earlier today. Yep, this isn’t a slap into reality–this is a punch back to reality.


Here is something I wouldn’t have imagined for this year  Betances going to AA

Warren’s last 10 games (from MILB.COM)

CC Sabathia to DL

CC Sabathia to DL

By Delia E.

Well, CC Sabathia is the next Yankee who will join Mariano Rivera & Brett Gardner on the exclusive DL list. Sabathia has a Grade 1 adductor strain and didn’t tell anyone about it until after his bullpen session yesterday. Sabathia will be out until after the All-Star Break. But fear not (or fear a lot): The Yankees have summoned Freddy Garcia to come into the rotation to take CC’s place in the meantime. You know how things were too good to be true for the Yankees? Well–we were just slapped back into reality.

Gardner will be out 3-4 weeks; Phelps optioned to Triple-A

The New York Yankees can breathe a sigh of relief now knowing that their left fielder Brett Gardner will most likely be back by mid-late July. Brett went to visit Dr. Kremcheck today and received a PRP injection as well as a cortisone shot. The diagnosis was that Gardner’s elbow had a muscle strain, joint inflammation & a bone bruise in the right elbow. Gardner will be in an elbow brace for the next 3-4 weeks while his elbow heals and could possibly back as soon as after the All-Star break.

The Yankees also made a move to put David Robertson on the roster by optioning David Phelps to Single A Tampa in order to build arm strength where he will then join the Triple-A Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees in the rotation. The move was unfair since Phelps did deserve the big roster spot but  it was unfortunately the most obvious move since Cody Eppley adapted well to the Yankees bullpen, being the complementary pitcher to Yankees lefty Clay Rapada.

The Injury Report: Gardner, Rivera, Robertson, Pettitte, Kuroda

There was a lot of news that came from the New York Yankees clubhouse today about injuries so let’s hear the news in today’s Injury Report.

Brett Gardner: Brett Gardner went to see the doctor yesterday and from the information that he received, Gardner seemed optimistic about his return to the team. Gardner nor Joe Girardi would discuss what Dr. Andrews said to Gardner but Girardi and Gardner did say that it was a not a ligament issue which most likely means that Gardner will most likely not have surgery. However Gardner will meet with Dr. Kremcheck on Thursday to get a second opinion. I’m not a doctor but I am going to give my diagnosis on what I think is going on: Gardner just hasn’t had the time to heal. The Yankees rushed him back too fast.

David Robertson:  David Robertson did 2 rehab stints in Triple A and had 2 scoreless innings. Robertson is slated to be with the team tomorrow and will most likely be activated on Friday. Good news for a Yankees bullpen that has done well without Mariano Rivera. It gives them more depth.

Mariano Rivera: Speaking of Mariano Rivera, Rivera had surgery today and of course all went well. The doctor reportedly repaired the torn ACL and the meniscus didn’t need to be repaired. Rivera is now one step closer to returning to the mound. Mariano Rivera, coming to a mound near you in 2013.

Hiroki Kuroda:  Hiroki Kuroda did a light bullpen and was sprinting today and says that he is good to go for his next start tomorrow. Let’s hope that the foot is still not bothering Kuroda.

Andy Pettitte: Andy Pettitte also is on track to make his next start in Washington after bruising his hand on a comeback liner. Pettitte’s hand is still discolored, but he doesn’t feel the bruise.

Gardner experiences setback

Gardner experiences setback

by Fishjam25

Brett Gardner had another setback in his rehab from an elbow strain.  Per ESPN, Joe Girardi says he will now be out until after the All-Star Break.  This is terrible news for the Yanks as they badly need all of his elite skills – defense, speed, hitting with RISP and ability to work pitchers.  I can’t say I am surprised and I am questioning why the Yanks let him play in Charleston yesterday after he scratched Thursday with stiffness in the elbow.  I’m beginning to doubt whether he will return this season at all and think the Yanks need to find a solution that is not on the current MLB team.  That could mean a trade or it could mean finally giving a shot to Ronnie Mustelier or Eduardo Nunez in LF/DH.

The Injury Update

The last 4 weeks of the season have been very eventful. The Yankees have been on an up and down rollercoaster with their offense, their pitching isn’t up to par and the Yankees have caught the bug that no team wants; the injury bug. Star players that make an impact in the lineup or on the bench are either shut down or put on the disabled list. It’s only the beginning of May and the Yankees have lost key players to injuries. Let’s take a look at some key players and where they are coming along on their road back to the lineup/rotation/bullpen.

Brett Gardner
Injury: Bone bruise on elbow, muscle strain
Placed on DL: April 19, 2012

Yankees OF Brett Gardner

Let’s put it this way: Brett Gardner didn’t have a good April. Oh, there was nothing wrong with his numbers–the numbers were perfect. It was just the issue of bad luck. A couple of days before Gardner was placed on the DL, he had a stomach bug that was going around the clubhouse. Gardner was able to recover from that quickly, but the Yanks would lose him once again; this time a bit longer.

After making a spectacular catch the night before, Gardner felt soreness in his elbow just 20 minutes before the game was to begin. Gardner had an MRI and it revealed that he had a bone bruise in his elbow. He also had a slight muscle strain. Gardner was placed on the 15 day DL and was eligible to come back on Thursday. Unfortunately, that wouldn’t be so.

Gardner still felt a bit of pain from the bone bruise (the muscle strain has healed) and he was shut down once again by Girardi. Gardner will most likely not play through the Kansas City series but the Yankees are anticipating having him back by next week.

Nick Swisher
Injury: Low Grade A Hamstring strain
Placed on DL: N/A

Yankees OF Nick Swisher

Nick Swisher was hoping for another good start to the season. Unfortunately 3 weeks into the season, Swisher suffered a low grade A hamstring strain during a game. Swisher was given a time-able that he would return in 1 week, but Swisher was optimistic thinking that he could be back by the time the Royals series started.

Girardi put his foot down, saying that Swisher will not play until next week.  Swisher hadn’t done much work since the injury occurred which would make the Royals series impossible for Swisher to return to. The good news is that this isn’t a DL situation–yet.

Just noting: It’s been May and this is Swisher’s 3rd calf/hamstring injury. 2 of them happened in Spring Training. How many calf injuries do you think Nick will go through before the season is over?

Eric Chavez
Injury: Whiplash Concussion

Placed on DL: May 3, 2012

Yankees IF Eric Chavez

Somehow, this doesn’t surprise me. Eric Chavez was supposed to be one of the strong bench players that could have gave the Yankees the bat that they need. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case when he went down during the series finale between the Yankees & Orioles. After trying to dive for a ball to prevent it from being a base hit, Chavez suffered a whiplash concussion and was taken out during his at-bat.

Chavez has a streak of being placed on the DL. As a matter of fact, he was on the DL last season due to a broken pinky toe–in May. ‘May’be it’s not Chavez’s month.

Michael Pineda
Injury: Shoulder Soreness
Placed on DL: March 30, 2012

Yankees SP Michael Pineda

Yankees fans will not see Michael Pineda pitch in 2012. After a somewhat puzzling 2012 Spring Training where his velocity went down, Yankees put Pineda on the DL. Only a matter of time later, Pineda was diagnosed with having an anterior labral tear in his right shoulder. Pineda had shoulder surgery and that unfortunately ended his season.

There hasn’t been a word on when Michael Pineda will start rehabilitating but Pineda is scheduled to be back on a mound by May of 2013.

I wonder what Brian Cashman is thinking of the trade right at this very moment?

Joba Chamberlain
Injury: Tommy John Surgery/Trampoline Accident

Placed on DL: June 8, 2011

Yankees RP Joba Chamberlain

Joba Chamberlain was supposed to be on a mound by next month. Now Yankees fans are sure that they won’t see Chamberlain in June. Chamberlain was coming back from Tommy John Surgery when he injured his foot during a freak trampoline accident during Spring Training.

Yankees are now uncertain when they are going to get Chamberlain back, but there was some enlightening news. Just yesterday, Chris Dickerson tweeted that Joba was walking around and beginning to rehab, so maybe we will see Chamberlain when the year ends after all.

Mariano Rivera
Injury: ACL Tear, Meniscus Tear

Placed on DL: May 4, 2012

Yankees closer Mariano Rivera

Probably one of the most devastating injury in the history of Yankees baseball. While shagging fly balls yesterday, Rivera slipped on the warning track and fell but as soon as he fell, he gripped his right knee in pain. When the team saw Mariano go down, they knew that it was something very serious.

Mo was carted off the field and was on the way to the hospital to get an MRI. After the game, a teary eyed Mariano Rivera sat in the Yankees clubhouse explaining to reporters that it was a torn ACL and a meniscus tear, and that he was to see the New York doctors. Mariano’s teammates were shaken up, Girardi was somber and Mo was disappointed that his season had to end that way.

Mariano Rivera revealed that he will pitch in 2013 for the Yankees which was a sigh of relief for fans and for the team.  For now, David Robertson seems to be the new closer but for the next 5 months, the team will not be the same without Mariano Rivera.

Being plagued with the injury bug isn’t fun, but I like to think of it this way; it’s better to be injured now than in October. Of course, the players that are healthy have to hit their way into October baseball. Yep, like I said. Injuries are not fun.