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New York Yankees clinch American League East & Home Field

The 2012 New York Yankees looked down and almost out in the beginning of September. They weren’t able to hit with runners in scoring position, the pitching had been on and off and players had been injured. The Yankees had a tough year when they lost OF Brett Gardner and closer Mariano Rivera within the matter of weeks. It was even tougher when the Yankees lost pitcher Michael Pineda before he event threw a pitch for the 2012 season. Things were looking slim and some writers and fans were questioning whether the Yankees would make the play-offs. But then–everything started to come together. Brett Gardner returned, Mark Teixeira returned, Alex Rodriguez returned, Robinson Cano became the hottest hitter in the universe and the pitching started to come together. All of a sudden, the American League East looked as if it was coming down to the wire at first between 3 teams; the Yankees, the Orioles and the Rays. But then, the faded picture started to look clearer. Tampa Bay was knocked out of the Wild Card spot, the Red Sox and Blue Jays tried to play spoiler and the Orioles tried to keep up. The Blue Jays took half a series from the Yankees, the Rays took the series from the Orioles and the Red Sox couldn’t play spoiler vs. the Yankees. In the end, the Yankees became the American League East Champions after brutally beating the Boston Red Sox 14-2 in Bobby Valentine’s final game as manager.

In years past the American League would usually be decided in a couple of days before the season ended, but the American League came down to Game 162. The Yankees had champagne chilled in the clubhouse fridge sitting there until they were certain that they had the Division Series in their midst. The Yankees made it clear that they weren’t going to open the champagne if they won anything less than a division but now that there is another division title in the Bronx, you can expect the champagne to fly.

The Yankees still have a huge question that has been left unanswered. The question? Who do the Yankees play against? Since the Yankees are the number one seed in the play-offs, they will have the home field advantage but because of the new play-off format, they won’t be able to start a series at home. Until then they will be working out at the stadium or watching from the comfort of their homes who will be their opponent. But for now–clinching the AL East and home field is a great start for a team that is on a chase–for 28.

A-Rod Upcoming Milestones

A-Rod is a very intriguing player if you ask a Yankee fan their thoughts of A-Rod they either love him or hate him.  The same goes for any other fan of baseball it seems to be no in between with him.  A lot has to do with that he is an elite player, steroids, or that he is a New York Yankee.  A-Rod is a great player and if he comes back healthy this year which in the off-season it has been reported that he is training very hard and don’t forget his trip to Germany.   So we shall see if he can hold up for the whole season.  I am a full believer that he will return to form.

Alex has two lists that I want to mention that he can be moving up on this year.  The first is obvious which is the MLB All Time Home Run List.  Currently Alex is 6th on that list with 629 dingers and with one more he will tie Sammy Sosa and obviously with two he will sit by himself in 5th place on that list.

Alex only had 16 homeruns last year due to injuries he only played in 99 games.  The seasons before that he played in 137, 124, 138 games and hit 30, 30, and 35 dingers respectively.  If you believe he will get more rest with getting to DH a bit this year plus his off-season workout and his treatment in Germany you would think he can get back to 30 homeruns.  If Alex gets exactly 30 it will put him one behind Willie Mays who is 4th all time with 660.  If he is locked in all year he could pass him but no one else for the year as 3rd place is Babe Ruth with 714.

The next list I want to look at is the MLB All Time RBI List.  Currently Alex is 11th on this list with 1,893.  He will definitely crack the top ten this season.  Last year he only had 62 but the previous seasons he had 125, 100 and 103.  If Alex gets back to the 100 mark he will be passing: Willie Mays, Eddie Murray, Jimmie Foxx, Ty Cobb, and Stan Musial.  That was just being calculated if he gets 100 exact.

It’s fun to see superstars passing the all time greats and it will be fun to watch Alex this season as he looks to help the team and put his place in MLB history.

Jeter’s 2012 assault up the MLB All Time Hit List

In 2012 Derek Jeter is going to continue his assault up the ladder of the MLB All Time hits leader board.   Currently Jeter sits in the 20th spot with 3,088 hits.  When the season begins he will need just 23 hits to move up one more spot and pass former Yankee Dave Winfield.

If you take the last 3 seasons and average out Jeter’s hits you would come up with 184 hits.  Assuming Jeter is injury free this year and continues with his new approach that could be attainable.  Adding 184 to his current total of 3,088 you get 3,272.  If Jeter finishes the year with that he would be passing

#18 Tony Gwynn    3,141 (20)

#17 Robin Yount    3,142 (20)

#16 Paul Waner      3,152  (20)

# 15 George Brett   3,154  (21)

# 14 Cal Ripken      3,184  (21)

# 13 Nap Lajoie      3,242  (21)

# 12 Eddie Murray 3,255  (21)

Jeter could be in the twelfth spot by the end of the season sandwiched in between Eddie Murray and Willie Mays who has 3,283 hits.   If you are a Jeter lover or hater you have to agree that is pretty impressive.  Even more remarkable is that Jeter is this high up with only 17 seasons in the big leagues the numbers in parenthesis (above) after the hits shows how many season it took those other hall of famers to reach their total.   Jeter is signed to the 2013 season and has a player option for 2014.  If you would give Jeter 165 hits (lower for age) for  2013 and 2014 and total that up with this years projections you come up with 3,602 hits.  That would leave Jeter at 5th all time in hits just behind Stan Musial Hank Aaron, Ty Cobb, and the all time hits leader Pete Rose.

Stats could be a fun thing and watching a player pass all these greats is exciting especially when he plays for your favorite team the New York Yankees.

So where do you all see Jeter finishing his career at?  Do you think he could make it into the top 5?

Mariano Rivera Gets His 602 Save

Mariano Rivera notched his 602 save today in a Yankees 6-4 victory over the Minnesota Twins

The familiar sound of “Enter Sandman” made way through Yankee Stadium in the top of the 9th inning. Mariano Rivera was coming. When Yankees fans hear Mariano is coming, it’s a blessing to see him come in and notch the save for your team. Today was no different. The Yankees had a 6-4 lead going into the 9th and needed Mo’s services once again. But this save was a little different than any other save that Mariano needed to get. This save was the save that was going to mount him at the top, making him the best closer of all-time. This save…was save 602.

Mariano easily glided through the 9th inning and got a huge hand from Yankees fans everywhere. One of the first players out of the dugout was the man who caught Mariano for 15 years, Jorge Posada. Posada led the barrage of Yankees towards the mound, each of them giving him a hug. His family who was in the stands looked the most proud, seeing that Mo did something no one else might be able to do, which is get 602+  saves in his career. After the Yankees gave Mo their hugs Posada forced Rivera to stay on the mound while they went back to the dugout, leaving him to take in the sound of the crowds cheer. Mo then took off his cap and waved it to the fans who erupted in cheer.

Reporters talked to Joe Girardi after the game, who had nothing but nice words about his closer.

“He really burst into the scene in 1996, and were talking about a lot of seasons later and he’s still doing it at a high level.” Girardi beamed with pride.

This was win for the Yankees in the books, but for the record books this game was special and it was all because of a man named Mariano Rivera.

Congratulations Mariano Rivera. Let there be many more saves to come…please, because we really like to hear Enter Sandman at Yankee Stadium to give us closure that you’re coming in.

Career Hits & Saves Where do Jeter and Mo stand?

Jeter perfecting his swing

Derek was off to a slow start to begin the season but as of late his hitting has been on fire thanks to his DL stint and reworking on his swing.  Derek has had a lot of multiple hit games the last two weeks so his assault up the rankings has moved quickly. He is one hit away from getting into the top twenty and with a double header on Sunday it will most likely happen then.  Here is where he currently stands.

Rank Player (age) Hits Bats
1. Pete Rose 4256 B
2. Ty Cobb+ 4189 L
3. Hank Aaron+ 3771 R
4. Stan Musial+ 3630 L
5. Tris Speaker+ 3514 L
6. Cap Anson+ 3435 R
7. Honus Wagner+ 3420 R
8. Carl Yastrzemski+ 3419 L
9. Paul Molitor+ 3319 R
10. Eddie Collins+ 3315 L
11. Willie Mays+ 3283 R
12. Eddie Murray+ 3255 B
13. Nap Lajoie+ 3242 R
14. Cal Ripken+ 3184 R
15. George Brett+ 3154 L
16. Paul Waner+ 3152 L
17. Robin Yount+ 3142 R
18. Tony Gwynn+ 3141 L
19. Dave Winfield+ 3110 R
20. Craig Biggio 3060 R
21. Derek Jeter (37) 3059 R

Saving games it's what he does.

Mariano had a few slip ups a couple weeks ago with blown saves and my thoughts coming into this season was he would probably become the All time saves leader early next year.  I think now with all the chances he has got so far this year he could most likely do it this season.  Here is where he currently stands.

Rank Player (age) Saves Throws
1. Trevor Hoffman 601 R
2. Mariano Rivera (41) 592 R
3. Lee Smith 478 R
4. John Franco 424 L
5. Billy Wagner 422 L

Brett Gardner About To Make Stolen Base History


by Delia E.

The next time that Brett Gardner gets on base, he could make history with his next stolen base.  Gardner already has 21 consecutive stolen bases after he was caught stealing June 18th but he only needs 1 more stolen base to tie Derek Jeter for the All-Time consecutive steals record which is set at 22. Derek Jeter set that record in his 2001 & 2002 season with the Yankees, stealing 22 consecutive bases from 7/20/01 – 6/02/02.

Also worth mentioning, Gardner is tied with Alfonso Soriano for 21st in franchise history with 121 career stolen bases. Will tomorrow’s game be the game that Brett Gardner ties the record with Jeter? We’ll have to wait and see.