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Yankees Player of the Week

Zoilo Almonte 4

The Yankees had a very good week going 4-2 against the Angels, Dodgers and Rays. They salvaged their final game against the Angels after nearly blowing a 6-0 ninth inning lead and they hung on to win 6-5. They split a doubleheader against the Dodgers, but the night game was embarrassing as they got shutout by a bad pitcher in Chris Capuano.  Their offense futility continued the next night in an 8-3 loss to the Rays. However, they had two huge wins the last two days over Tampa Bay, as Zoilo Almonte gave them the spark they seemed to need. Yesterday’s win was one of the best of the year as Vernon Wells hit a bases clearing double to give the Yankees a 7-5 lead in the 7th inning after the Rays had gone up 5-3 on a Will Myers grand slam. This week’s nominees for Yankees player of the Weel are Mariano Rivera, Zoilo Almonte, Lyle Overbay and Ichiro Suzuki. 

Mariano Rivera- Mo had three saves on the week and he really started to use his two-seam fastball on righties a ton this week. He looks as nasty as ever. 

Zoilo Almonte- Almonte hit .625 on the week with a home run and 4 RBI. He has shown great discipline at the plate and has given the Yankees a much needed spark. He had three hits in Friday’s win and three RBI in yesterday’s win. 

Lyle Overbay- Overybay continues to get the job done in place of Mark Teixeira. He hit .318 with 4 RBI on the week. 

Ichiro Suzuki- Ichiro has hit better at the plate of late and hit .273 with 1 HR and 4 RBI on the week. Also, he made a few sparkling plays out in right field. 

Not much an argument can be made against Zoilo Almonte this week, so he is your Yankees Player of the Week. Vote for your player of the week and discuss the week that was in the comments. 

Week 20 Yankees Player of the Week

The Yankees had a stellar week this week by winning all six of their games. They needed each and every one of those wins as Baltimore kept pace with them and are still only a game out despite this streak by the Yankees.  There were a lot of amazing moments this week from Ichiro’s amazing double header, Russell Martin’s walk-off home run, CC Sabathia returning to form, and a game yesterday that will instantly be a Yankees classic.  Wednesday’s double header featured two nail biting games that required two Rafael Soriano saves, including a four out save in the first game, and Ichiro having his first big Yankee moment. Yesterday after allowing the A’s to score four runs in the top of the 13th the Yankees responded by tying the game on a two- run home run to tie it. Then in the bottom of the 14th Alex Rodriguez had the game winning hit, but Melky Mesa, making his first MLB appearance, missed third base. Eduardo Nunez reached on an error two batters later and the Yankees were victorious. That win, combined with Martin’s game winning home run, really showed great resiliency by the Yankees. It’s the type of resiliency and toughness that they will need to win in October. The Week 20 Yankees Player of the Week nominees are CC Sabathia, David Phelps, Nick Swisher, and Ichiro Suzuki.

The Case For Sabathia: CC Sabathis showed on Friday that he still has the ability to be the Yankees ace. Sabathia quieted the critics who thought he was hurt by throwing has fastball as fast as 95 MPH and by featuring a devastating slider. He pitched eight shutout innings, allowed only three hits, and he struck out 11. Sabathia did not get the win, but that is meaningless as he finally pitched like the Yankees need him to.

The Case For Phelps: The Yankees really needed David Phelps to give them a big performance in the backend of the double header and he delivered. Phelps pitched 6.2 innings, allowed one run on three hits and struck out six. Phelps helped conserve the bullpen after they used a lot of pitchers during the first game of the double header.

The Case For Swisher: Swisher has been struggling for awhile now but he finally produced a solid week. Swisher hit .333 on the week, with 1 HR and 5 RBI. The one home run was a big one, as it was a grand slam that propelled the Yankees to a sweep of Toronto. Swisher is now on a five game hitting streak.

The Case For Ichiro: Ichiro probably had the greatest week a Yankee has this year and maybe in a long time. Ichiro hit .583 on the week, with 2 HR’s, 5 SB’s and 5 RBI. He went an amazing 7-8 in the double header and was obviously the main reason they won both games, as the rest of the lineup did very little that day. The lowest number of hits he had in a game this week was two.

In a runaway, the Week 20 Yankees Player of the Week is Ichiro Suzuki.

Week 19 Yankees Player of the Week

The Yankees started to play some better baseball this week. They went 4-2 in an extremely important week of games. They started it off on Sunday with a blow out win to salvage a huge split in Baltimore. They then managed to take two out of three in Boston against a team there was no excuses for loosing a series against. CC Sabathia continued to struggle against Tampa, but Ivan Nova pitched a huge game to even the series going into today. The Yankees struggled hitting with RISP in Boston, but it seems like their offense has gotten better. Eduardo Nunez has provided a big spark, which he could have before if he was actually used. Curtis Granderson has gone on a home run tear. Alex Rodriguez is really getting into a nice grove and Derek Jeter continues to fight through his injury to produce. The nominees for Week 19 Yankees Player of the Week are Curtis Granderson, Derek Jeter, Phil Hughes, and Ivan Nova.

The Case For Granderson:  Granderson was .318, with 5 HR’s and 11 RBI on the week. He sparked the Yankees to the blow out win on Sunday with a HR and 5 RBI coming off the bench. His 2 HR’s were the key to Wednesday’s win in Boston.

The Case For Jeter: Jeter’s hurt ankle has not stopped him this week. He hit .333 with 1 HR and 7 RBI. His consistency this year continues to be amazing.

The Case For Hughes. Hughes dominated Boston on Thursday by pitching 7.1 shut out innings. He allowed only 5 hits on 7 strikeouts. The Yankees only scored two runs for him so it was imperative that Hughes cam through. He has pitched some big games lately.

The Case For Nova: In a very surprising development Nova looked as good yesterday as he has all season. He pitched 6 innings, allowed 2 runs on 4 hits and struck out 8. He pitched even better than those numbers would suggest. He looked dominating at times and left very few pitches in the middle of the plate as he had before.

Curtis Granderson is the Week 19 Yankees Player of the Week. If he can keep this play up it will be big for the Yankees. There were a lot of good candidates this week so vote for your pick in the poll and discuss in the comments.

Week 19 Yankees Players of the Week

The Yankees suffered yet another bad going 3-4 against Cleveland, Toronto, and Baltimore. They had an inexplicable series loss to Toronto after Rafael Soriano blew a save in the 1st game and a combination of bad defense, bad pitching by CC Sabathia and going 3-17 with RISP lost them the 3rd game. They could have made up for it against Baltimore but lost two out of three to them as well, which could very easily have been a sweep if not for an error by J.J. Hardy. This is the 2nd time I can remember this season where nobody is really worthy of player of the week. The Yankee with the highest average this week was Robinson Cano at .250 and there were not really any spectacular pitching performances. The only Yankee who shined this week was David Robertson. He pitched 4.1 innings of scoreless baseball and had holds in all 3 of the Yankees wins. He is your Week 19  Player of the Week. Hopefully next week we can actually have four legitimate candidates again.  They play huge games against Tampa Bay and Baltimore again so a lot of people need to step up more.

Week 18 Yankees Player of the Week

The Yankees had a rough week going 2-4 against Boston, Chicago, and Cleveland. Some nights it was bad pitching and other nights it was bad clutch hitting that failed them. The one constant performer this week was Derek Jeter. I normally leave this up to a vote and try to make the case for other players, but I think this week it should just be about Jeter.

So much gets said about Jeter from haters and lovers alike. They’re people out there who unfairly criticize him for being a Yankee who they think gets to much attention. Then they’re others who think they he is an MVP candidate, which is too much on the other end of the spectrum. People just need to take a step back and appreciate him for what he is. We are watching a legend put together a season at the age of 38 that we may not seen duplicated for a long time. There is no need to compare him to others in history at this point. Save that for when he retires. Right now people should really just enjoy what they’re seeing because what we’re seeing right now from him is pretty cool.  We have been blessed to watch Jeter for all these years and should enjoy it for as long as we can.

Jeter hit .481 on the week, with 3 HR’s and 3 RBI. Jeter’s .819 OPS this season is his highest since 2009 as is his .326 average.

Week 17 Yankees Player of the Week

The Yankees had yet another solid week going 4-3. They played very well against the two time defending AL champion Texas Rangers by winning the first three games of the series before dropping the 4th one. The Yankees followed that up by splitting the first two games with Boston. The Yankees managed to do this with a short handed lineup missing Robinson Cano and Mark Teixeira at times during the week. The Week 17 Yankees Player of the Week Nominations are David Phelps, Nick Swisher, Hiroki Kuroda, and Derek Jeter.

The Case For Phelps: Phelps did a very admirable job of filling in for CC Sabathia for this week. Against two very tough lineups and on a pitch count both starts Phelps flourished. Phleps pitched beautifully yesterday despite picking up the loss. He pitched 6.2 innings, allowed 3 runs on 7 hits and sturck out 7. Two of the three runs were on a well placed pitched pitch on the outside corner to Adrian Gonzalez. Phelps beat Texas by pitching 5 innings, allowing 2 runs on 6 hits, and striking out 3.

The Case For Swisher: Swisher probably had the best week at the plate that anyone on the Yankees have had this season. Swisher hit .414 on the week, with 4 HR’s and 12 RBI. Swisher started it off on Monday with a grand slam against Ryan Dempster to give the Yankees a lead that they would never relinquish. The next day, Swisher hit a 2 run home run against Alexi Ogando in the 7th inning to give break the 0-0 score. Then on Friday Swisher hit a home run from each side of the plate vs. Boston.

The Case for Kuroda: I was in attendance on Tuesday in the Bronx when Kuroda pitched the best game any Yankee has this season. Kuroda took a no-hitter into the 7th before Elvis Andrus broke it up with an infield single. He ended up pitching a complete game shutout and allowed only two hits. Kuroda only allowed 4 balls out of the infield and just one runner past 1st base. He did all this against what is perhaps the bets hitting team in baseball.

The Case for Jeter: Jeter continued his fantastic season by hitting .357, with 2 HR’s and 5 RBI on the week. Jeter’s two home runs this week gave him double digits for the season and he had three multi hit games on the week.

You have a hitter doing as well as he possibly could against a pitcher doing the best he possibly could. I will have to give it to Swisher because he was a huge part in three of the four wins this week. All 4 candidates are strong this week so vote in the poll and discuss in the comments.



Week 16 Yankees Player of the Week

The Yankees turned their week around after starting 1-2 by winning 4 straight to go a solid 5-2 on the week. However, there were some very tense moments in the Detriot series. One was when the Yankees nearly blew a 7-0 lead when the Tigers cut it to 8-7 after a bunch of lucky hits and Yankee errors. That was as close as they would get as the Yankees added 4 tack on runs to win 12-8. The next day the Yankees were down 3-2 in the 8th when Mark Teixeira and Eric Chavez hit back-to-back homers to give the Yankees the lead. Rafael Soriano then had to get out of a first-and-third jam in the bottom of the 9th to preserve the win. The Yankees then took advantage of a banged up Toronto team to easily win the 1st two games of that series. The nominees for Week 16 Yankees Player of the Week are Eric Chavez, Robinson Cano, Derek Jeter, and Freddy Garcia.

The Case For Chavez: Chavez had an amazing week hitting .474, with 2 HR’s, and 5 RBI. It’s unfortunate that Chavez had to sit in Toronto against the two lefties because he left Detroit scorching hot. He had at last 2 hits in every game and got himself moved up to the fifth spot in the lineup. He had two impressive opposite field home runs in spacious Comerica Park, one of which won the final game and got the Yankees a series split.

The Case For Cano: Cano just kept up his consistent year this week by hitting .367 on the week. Cano also stole 2 bases this week, which is something new for him. It will be interesting to see if he keeps that up at all.

The Case For Jeter: Jeter had another splendid week that much like Cano goes along with his season. Jeter hit .342 on the week, with 3 RBI and had multiple hits in five of the seven games this week.

The Case For Garcia: Garcia continues to get the job for the Yankees and gives them a chance to win nearly every time he takes the mound. He does not do it in a flashy way, but for a #5 starter he gives you a he gives you all you can expect. Garcia won 2 games for the Yankees this week against Seattle and at Toronto. He pitched 6 innings and allowed 2 runs on 5 hits at Toronto. He had a similar performance against Seattle going 5 innings and allowing 2 runs on 5 hits.

Eric Chavez is your Week 16 Yankees Player of the Week in a landslide. Perhaps you feel differently though and you can express your opinions by voting in the poll and talking about it in the comments.

Week 15 Yankees Player of the Week

The Yankees had a solid week going 3-2 vs. Seattle and Boston. The highlight of the week was the bases clearing double by Jayson Nix in the 8th inning on Wednesday that gave the Yankees the series win. It was a huge hit because it looked like the Yankees were about to go 1-6 on their west coast trip after another game of failed RBI chances. However, Nix changed all of that and the Yankees carried that momentum into a blowout win on Friday against Boston. The Yankees could have won yesterday after Mark Teixeira’s dramatic game tying home run off of rival Vincente Padilla, but Curtis Granderson misplayed Pedro Ciriaco’s fly ball and the Yankees lost 8-6. The nominations for Week 15 Yankees Player of the Week are Curtis Granderson, Jayson Nix, Hiroki Kuroda, and Mark Teixeira.

The Case For Granderson: While Granderson cost the Yankees yesterday’s game with his defense he did have a very nice week with the bat. Granderson hit .308, with 3 HR’s and 6 RBI on the week. Granderson hit a grand slam Friday vs. Boston to put that game to rest.

The Case For Nix: Nix only had 2 hits in 7 AB’s on the week but he made them count. The first hit, as I mentioned before, was a huge bases clearing double to give the Yankees the series win in Seattle. Nix also had a 2 run HR after Boston went up 6-1 to help get the Yankees back into the game.

The Case For Kuroda: Kuroda had a dominating start Monday in the Seattle when the Yankees really needed one following a sweep at the hands of the Oakland A’s. Kuroda pitched 7 innings, allowed 1 run on 3 hits, and struck out 9.

The Case For Teixeira: Mark Teixeira has made himself a fixture on the nomination list for this award the last few weeks. This week he did not disappoint again this week. He hit .348 on the week, with 1 HR, and 7 RBI. He could have hit even higher because he had many hard hits in Seattle that he got robbed on. Teixeira had an RBI in 4 out of the 5 games this week. Also, as I mentioned before, Teixeira hit a game tying HR yesterday off rival and noted head hunter Vincente Padilla.

The Week 15 Yankees Player of the Week is Mark Teixeira. Teixeira’s HR off Padilla was my favorite moment of the season so far even though the Yankees lost. To see a class act like Teixeira hit that HR off of a guy like Padilla was great. Teixeira has had an amazing July and the Yankees will need him to continue it into August with the loss of Alex Rodriguez.  As always vote for your choice in the poll and discuss in the comments.

Week 14 Yankees Player of the Week

The Yankees started off the week hot by dropping the final game of the series vs. the Angels but sweept Toronto. However, they ran into a hot Oakland team and have lost 3 straight to go 3-4 on the week. Oakland’s pitching has shut down the hot Yankees bats by throwing tons of strikes and by not walking anybody. The Yankees were due for a loosing streak so it is nothing really concerning. Mark Teixeira, Robinson Cano, Phil Hughes, and Alex Rodriguez are your Week 14 Yankees Player of the Week nominees.

The Case For Teixeira: Teixeira continued hit hot July by hitting .333 this week, with 2 HR’s, and 5 RBI.

The Case For Cano: Cano kept up his career high 23 game hit streak going until last night’s game in Oakland. Cano hit .360 on the week, with 1 HR, and 2 RBI. Cano hit a game tying HR on Friday at Oakland before the Yankees lost in the bottom of the 9th.

The Case For Hughes: Hughes had 2 great starts this week. He beat Toronto on Monday and pitched 7 innings, allowed 2 runs, 4 hits, and struck out 4. He pitched great yesterday, but lost due to a lack of support from the offense. Hughes pitched 7.2 innings, allowed 2 runs, 4 hits, and struck out 6 in the loss.

The Case For Rodriguez: A-Rod had a nice week hitting .321, with 1 HR, and 3 RBI. A-Rod had multiple hits in 4 games this week.

The Yankees Week 14 Player of the Week is Robinson Cano. As you may expect Cano now leads the Yankees in Player of the Week wins. As always vote for your pick in the poll and discuss in the comments.

Week 12 Yankees Player of the Week

This week in Yankees baseball was more about injuries than anything that happened on the field. The Yankees were rolling and really did not have a worry in the world. They had a 7 game lead in the loss column over the Red Sox and Rays. However, the Yankees world turned when CC Sabathia and Andy Pettitte got injured on Wednesday. Sabathia will only miss 1 more start but the Yankees are just hoping Pettitte can be healthy for October. On the field the Yankees had a good week going 5-2. They beat the Mets on Sunday, swept Cleveland, and lost the first 2 out of 3 against Chicago. The one that hurts is Thursday’s loss that the Yankees had in the bag going into the 9th.  Rafael Soriano was unavailable and the combination of Cody Eppley, Clay Rapada, and David Robertson blew the game. The nominations for Week 12 Yankees Player of the Week are Hiroki Kuroda, Dewayne Wise, Robinson Cano, and Nick Swisher.

The Case For Kuroda: Kuroda came up big in a big game Saturday vs.Chicago. The Yankees were desperate for length and production from Kuroda, as their bullpen was taxed. Kuroda got over throwing a bunch of pitches early to throw 7 shutout innings. Kuroda also had 11 strike outs. Kuroda also pitched a wonderful game on Monday vs.Cleveland. Kuroda pitched 7 innings, allowed 1 run, and struck out 7. He had the young Indians looking silly on his splitter all night long.

The Case For Wise: Well who would have thought Dewayne Wise would ever be a candidate for Player of the Week? It may be the only week, but Wise certainly earned it. Wise was 7-11 on the week, with 2 HR’s, and 5 RBI. He was 3-3 in the biggest win of the week Saturday vs.Chicago.

The Case For Cano: Cano has continued his assault on baseball this week. Cano hit .429 on the week, with 4 HR’s, and 9 RBI. Cano had a hit in all 7 games this week. Cano also had an RBI on 6 of the 7 games. The fact that Cano is a 2nd half hitter should have the rest of theAL scared out of their minds.

The Case For Swisher: Swisher’s big moment of the week came Sunday at Citi Field. His 3 run home run against R.A. Dickey got the Yankees out to a 4-0 lead. Swisher hit .292 on the week, with 2 HR’s, and 4 RBI.

The Week 12 Yankees Player of the Week goes to Hiroki Kuroda. Cano was deserving as well but Kuroda almost threw 2 shutouts this week and came up huge yesterday.  This is Kuroda’s 3rd Player of the Week award this year. As always you are encouraged to vote for your choice in the poll and discuss in the comments.

Week 11 Yankees Player of the Week

The Yankees finished 3-3 on the week coming off their undefeated week last week. The starting pitching dropped off a bit as Phil Hughes and Andy Pettitte both had their struggles. A little drop in starting pitching had to be expected because their prior pace was not going to be sustainable. They struggled with RISP yet again this week, but used the long ball for wins especially against the Nationals on Sunday and the Mets yesterday. They have proved that they can hit them anywhere as they have 5 in the first 2 games at big Citi Field. The nominees for Week 11 Yankees Player of the Week are Mark Teixeira, CC Sabathia, Robinson Cano, and Nick Swisher.

The Case For Teixeira: Texiera had a hit in every game this week prior to last night’s game. Texeira batted .400 on the week with 1 HR, 2 RBI, and 5 runs scored.

The Case For Sabathia: CC had perhaps his best start of the year on Monday against the Braves. He fired his first complete game of the year, allowed only 2 runs on 7 hits, and struck out 10. Sabathia had been coasting along fine this year, but wasn’t his dominant self until Monday. Hopefully he can carry that momentum into tonight’s start as he has the tough task of having to out pitch R.A. Dickey.

The Case For Cano: Cano had a monster power week this week as he belted 4 HR’s. His 2 run homer Friday could have been huge if the Yankees could have capitalized againsr Francisco Cordero. 3 out of the 4 homers were solo though as Cano continues to struggle big time with RISP. It would be scary to think what his numbers would be if he was hitting just decently with RISP because he has still managed to have an all-star caliber 1st half with a .908 OPS.  For the week Cano hit .286, with those 4 HR’s, and 5 RBI.

The Case For Swisher: Swisher hit .357 for the week, with 2 doubles, and 2 RBI. Swisher missed 2 games this week so his RBI and HR totals are low but his average is impressive. He had multi hit games in 2 of the 4 games he played in this week. Unfortunately he did knock over Ike Davis’ ball over the fence for a 3 run HR that gave the Mets a 5-0 1st inning lead on Friday.

The Week 11 Yankees Player of the Week is Robinson Cano. You are encouraged as always to vote in the poll and discuss your choice in the comments.

Week 10 Yankees Player of the Week

The Yankees continued their outstanding play by completing their first undefeated week of the season. The Yankees went 6-0 behind their pitching and hitting. Russell Martin started it off on Sunday with a GW HR.  Alex Rodriguez continued it with a huge grand slam on Wednesday that led the Yankees to a win that nobody saw coming. Also Curtis Granderson hit a HR in the 6th inning on Wednesday to put the Yankees ahead for good and Mark Texiera had a game winning double in the 14th inning yesterday. When you combine this clutch hitting with the pitching the Yankees have been getting from the rotation and the bullpen they are extremely tough to beat. The Yankees even won a game yesterday in which they didn’t hit a HR for the first time all year. It is also incredible that the Yankees have only not hit a HR in 13 games this season if you look at that stat the other way.  The nominees for Week 10 Yankees Player of the Week are Curtis Granderson, Ivan Nova, Nick Swisher, and Rafael Soriano.

The Case For Granderson: .308, 2 HR, 5 RBI, 4 runs scored

The Case For Nova: W, 7.0 inn, 0 runs, 5 hits, 6 Ks

The Case For Swisher: .350, 1 HR, 3 RBI, 2 runs scored

The Case For Soriano: 3.0 inn, 0 runs, 3 hits, 2 Ks, 3 saves

Sorry I was only able to give just the stats this week but I am running short on time. The Week 10 Yankees Player of the Week is Curtis Granderson. There was no real standout this week so vote in the poll and discuss in the comments as it is very close.

Week 9 Yankees Player of the Week

The Yankees had a stellar week that has led them towards the top of the AL East. Before today’s game against the Mets the Yankees were just a ½ game behind the Rays for the best record in the AL. The starting pitching led the charge during the 5-1 week. Phil Hughes started it off by out dueling Justin Verlander and the rest of the rotation followed. The offense also contributed by hitting top pitchers like Verlander, James Shields, and Johan Santana.  The Week 9 Yankees Player of the Week nominations are Hiroki Kuroda, Robinson Cano, Ivan Nova, and Phil Hughes.

The Case For Kuroda: For a little while it looked something magical might have been taking place Friday night. With Johan Santana making his first start after his no hitter Hiroki Kuroda tried to match him. He made it 5 2/3 innings before Omar Quintanilla broke it up with a double. Kuroda pitched 7 shutout innings before he had to come out of the game because he got hit on the foot on a line drive. If that had not occurred the chances Kuroda would have pitched a CG shutout were good, as he was that dominant.

The Case For Cano: Cano had a stellar week batting .364, with 3 HR’s, and 6 RBI.  Cano was very consistent as he got a hit in every game this week. His big game was Friday against the Mets when he hit 2 HR’s on 2 pitches.

The Case For Nova: Ivan Nova kept the line moving with an outstanding start on Wednesday againstTampaBay. Nova looked like the Nova of last year because he was getting ground ball outs instead of strike outs. His fastball command was much improved as Nova allowed 0 HR’s in his start, which had been a problem for him. Nova went 8 innings, allowed 4 hits, and 1 run.

The Case For Hughes: Phil Hughes pitched 2 very solid games this week. The first came in a huge spot Sunday againstDetroit. The Yankees needed to win the game to go 6-3 on the road trip instead of 5-4. Hughes had the tough task of out pitching Justin Verlander and he passed it with flying colors. Hughes pitched a complete game, allowed 1 run, 4 hits, and struck out 8. Hughes backed that up by allowing only 2 runs in 6.1 innings in a win over the Mets yesterday. Hughes kept the Yankees in the game until Mark Teixeira gave them the lead with a 2 run HR.

The Week 9 Yankees Player of the Week goes to Phil Hughes because he had 2 wins this week, including one in the biggest game of the week. As always vote in the poll and discuss your choice in the comments.

Week 8 Yankees Player of the Week

The Yankees had an average at best week going 3-3. What made it so bad was that 2 of their losses were games that were almost impossible to loose. Coming off a sweep of Oakland you would have like to have seen them play better. However, if they beat Verlander today and go 6-3 on the trip, that is very good. On Monday, The Yankees had a 3-0 lead after the top of the 1st and Angels ace Jered Weaver had to leave the game due to injury. Phil Hughes managed to give that all back and then some as quickly as possible as he led up 4 runs in the bottom of the 1st. The Yankees lost to the Angels bullpen 9-8. It is hard to blame the offense for that one when they scored 8 runs so most of the blame goes to Hughes and Joe Girardi for some questionable decisions. Girardi stuck with Hughes to long and out David Phelps in a bases loaded situation that he was not comfortable in. As a usual starter, Phelps should really never be brought in during the middle of an innings, especially when the bases are loaded.  Against Kendry Morales Boone Logan should have been brought in instead to turn Morales around to his much weaker right side. Then of course we have the abomination that was yesterday’s game. The Tigers and Jose Valverde desperately wanted to give that game to the Yankees but they refused to mention. It would take to long to go over all of the RISP fail’s but Robinson Cano’s was the worst. Valverde could not find the strike zone with a 10 foot pole and Cano bailed him out on a 1-0 pitch by popping up. Unfortunately, with Cano’s plate discipline I was not terribly surprised by this. The Week 8 Yankees Player of the Week nominees are Rafael Soriano, Mark Teixeira, Hiroki Kuroda, and Curtis Granderson.

The Case For Soriano- Rafael Soriano is a guy who does not get enough credit. For some reason he is a guy who is often criticized. He performed well last year when he wasn’t hurt and he has gotten the job done this year seemingly every time out. His contract is bad, but blame ownership for that not him. Right now without Soriano they would be in a world of trouble. For this week Soriano was 3-3 in his save chances. He got a really important one Wednesday in Anaheim to help the Yankees salvage the last game of the series. Soriano has not blown a save since Mo got hurt and he deserves a lot of credit.

The Case For Teixeira: Teixiera was not as dominant as last week, but still had a solid week. Teixeira hit .318 for the week, with 1 HR, and 3 RBI. On Monday, Teixeira got on base in all 5 of his AB’s, including a HR. Yesterday Teixeira had a good day going 1-3 with a key walk to tie the game. Unfortunately, that was better than most of the team with RISP. Teixiera was also robbed of a HR yesterday by Don Kelly that could have tilted the game in the Yankees favor.

The Case For Kuroda: Kuroda had two stellar starts this week. The first of which came Sunday atOaklandwhen Kuroda pitched 8 shutout innings, allowed only 4 hits, and struck out 3. Kuroda backed that up yesterday by having a good performance atDetroitdespite a 30 minute rain delay. Kuroda pitched 7 innings, allowed 2 runs on 7 hits, and struck out 4. His performance yesterday should have resulted in a win, but the Yankees offense did not do their part.

The Case For Granderson: Granderson had a solid week hitting .296 with 3 HR and 8 RBI. His grand slam Friday at Detroit essentially won the Yankees that game. Granderson was also big the game before that in Anaheim as he had a double, a HR, and 3 RBI.

The Week 8 Yankees Player of the Week goes to Hiroki Kuroda. This is the 2nd time Kuroda has won as he won the 1st week of the season as well. Kuroda has quietly been pretty good this year. In 8 out of his 11 starts he has allowed 3 runs or less. His main problems have been the long ball and the fact that the Yankees score no runs for him. Kuroda ranks 116th out of 120 pitchers in run support. He must feel like he is back in L.A. It is a close race this week so vote in the poll and discuss your choice in the comments.

Week 7 Yankees Player of the Week

The Yankees went from being in last place at the start of the week to being in 3rd place, only 3.5 games out of 1st, and feeling very good about themselves. The Yankees finished the week going 4-2. They went on a 4 game winning streak after a meeting with Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi. Hopefully it can have the same effect on the team that it did when Cashman visited the team in Atlanta in 2009. They preached that it was not a panic meeting and that they have confidence in them. This week has shown what the Yankees offense can be when the middle of the order hitters are hot at the same time. Mark Teixeira, Alex Rodriguez, and Robinson Cano carried the Yankees this week to 4 straight wins. It may not have been against good competition, but considering where this team was on Monday after the loss to Kansas City it was huge to turn it around quickly. This week’s nominations for Yankees Player of the Week are Mark Teixeira, Alex Rodriguez, Robinson Cano, and Andy Pettitte.

The Case For Teixeira: Teixeira raised his average by over 20 points and has gotten it up to almost .250 this week. Hopefully he has moved past his sickness and his customary cold start to have go onto have his usual power numbers. However, he teased us before this year after he got his average over .280 with an outstanding game in Boston, so he needs to keep it up this time. Teixeira has carried the Yankees to their past 2 wins at Oakland. He had 2 HR’s and 5 RBI yesterday, and his 2 run homer on Friday in the 3rd inning got the Yankees out to a lead they would never relinquish. He also had hits in 2 of the 3 games against Kansas City and 3 walks and an RBI in the game he did not have a hit in. Teixeira batted .400 on the week with 3 HR’s, and 8 RBI.

The Case For Rodriguez: Alex Rodriguez answered a lot of his critics on Wednesday against Kansas City. Starting Sunday against Cincinnati when he hit a ball that everybody thought was gone but it wasn’t the media started to wonder if A-Rod was loosing his power. I myself thought it was not a bad idea to bat him 2nd. However, he hit 2 HR’s on Wednesday to quiet everybody. He also had multi hit games on Monday vs. Kansas City and Friday at Oakland. A-Rod batted .292 on the week with 2 HR’s and 4 RBI.

The Case For Cano: Robinson Cano has become a regular nominee for Yankees Player of the Week lately. Cano played a big role in yesterday’s win in addition to Teixeira with 3 hits and a HR. Also, Cano has an RBI in the last 4 games. For the week Cano hit .304, with 3 HR, and 4 RBI.

The Case For Pettitte: Andy Pettitte continues to look like he has not missed any time and looks better than ever. Pettitte pitched 7 innings, allowed 2 runs on 7 hits, and struck out 8. Pettitte allowed 3 infield hits so he had a bit of bad luck and his runs were allowed on 2 solo HR’s. The strikeouts Pettitte has been recording since he returned have been very impressive.

The winner for Week 7 Yankees Player of the Week is Mark Teixeira. Stunningly, Teixeira is the first 2 time winner of the award this year. The problem is he has not even been nominated during any other week other than the 2 weeks he has won. This shows how bad Texeira has been this year other than his 2 very hot weeks. According to Wally Matthews, Teixeira has stopped listening to all the suggestions he has been getting and has gone back to his old style. Teixeira had been trying to hit the ball other way more to raise his batting average. It was not working, as he was just replacing some outs he would hit into the shift by hitting them the other way and getting outs. Worst of all he was not hitting for the same power that he did last year. At this point he is best off being what he is than what he was trying to be. He is never going to hit .300 again so is it really worth it to have him hit .270 with 25 HR’s and 95 RBI rather than what he did last year? I don’t think so. There are worse things in the world than having a guy hit almost 40 HR’s, 115 RBI, and play a gold glove 1B. Most teams would sign up for that.  If he were to ever hit in the postseason there would be no problem. Hopefully going back to Teixeira’s old approach will continue to have the success that it did this week. It is a close race this week so vote in the poll and discuss in the comments.

Week 6 Yankees Player of the Week

 After last week’s solid week the Yankees resorted back to their play of the previous two, which makes it that much harder to write this article. The Yankees went 2-5 this week and it was a lot tougher to watch then even that record indicates. They lost key division games to Torontoand Baltimore, which dropped them to 4th place. I went to my sister’s softball game yesterday and they got a string of 5 two out base hits in a row and I finally remembered what clutch hitting was supposed to look like. After Thursday’s abomination against Toronto I started to think about how I would choose a player of the week for this week. When not one single soul on the team could not get a hit with runners in scoring position to save their and the starting pitching was bad how could I choose a player? Would I have to just leave it blank for this week? Could I give it to the ball boy, laundry guy, or the clubhouse janitor? Thankfully Andy Pettitte made that decision easy after his dominating effort on Friday. Normally I have 4 players nominated, but I can only justify nominating two players this week. They are Andy Pettitte and Robinson Cano.

The Case For Pettitte: Andy Pettitte turned back the clock Friday against Cincinnatiand then some. In a bigger game than normal for the month of May Pettitte turned in one of his vintage big game performances. Pettitte threw 8 shutout innings, allowed 4 hits, and struck out 9. If the Yankees turn their season around and make the postseason can you really see somebody else starting Game 2? Even though it was against the Reds, who had Miguel Cairo as their DH, yes that Miguel Cairo, you still have to be impressed with what Pettitte did. As usual the Yankees gave him little run support so Pettitte had to be flawless to keep the lead until the Yankees broke out in the 8th. He had the over aggressive Reds completely off balance the whole night. His stuff from 2 years go has gone nowhere.

The Case For Cano: In a normal week Cano probably wouldn’t be nominated, but I had to at least nominate one other player. Cano hit .280 on the week, with 1 HR, and 3 RBI. Cano hit a bomb home run Friday against Cincinnati to help bust the game open. Unfortunately Cano did not do an better than the rest of the lineup getting hits with RISP.

The week 6 Yankees player of the week is Andy Pettitte in the biggest runaway so far this year. Pettitte is the 6th different winner for player of the week this year and there has been no 2 time winner yet. This exemplifies how inconstant most of the Yankees have been this year.  As always discuss your thoughts on the player of the week and the Yankees week that was in the comments. Also, please vote for the poll.