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Yankees First-Half Awards: Results

Will Brett Gardner take home BOTH the Defensive MVP and Offensive MVP award? Read to find out!

Will Brett Gardner take home BOTH the Defensive MVP and Offensive MVP award? Read to find out!

Welcome back Yankees fans! Now, on July 6th, I posted a poll about the Yankees First-Half awards. The poll had now closed and now it’s time to give the results.

DISCLAIMER: I was not allowed/couldn’t vote for anyone in any category in anyway. All of these votes are from you guys.  Now that we are perfectly clear, let’s start with the Pitching Category, shall we?

Who Is the Yankees Starting Pitcher MVP?

For this category, I listed the pitchers that have had either great or s0-so years. (Ivan Nova wasn’t added because he wasn’t in the rotation the entire half and Phil Hughes was plain terrible when I made the poll). So, here were your nominees for the Starting Pitcher MVP.

1) CC Sabathia

2) Hiroki Kuroda

3) Andy Pettitte

4) David Phelps

The Winner Is:

Hiroki Kuroda!

Hiroki Kuroda had a whopping 92% of the vote among Yankees fans. Andy Pettitte was second in the voting at 3% and CC Sabathia and David Phelps were tied with 2%. So pretty much Kuroda had this category in the bag.

Who is the Yankees Bullpen MVP?

Our next category takes us to the bullpen, where we have some of our top relievers that have outperformed above and beyond. (Shawn Kelley, Preston Claiborne and Adam Warren were not listed in this category because there was a specific category for them. We all know why Joba Chamberlain wasn’t nominated in any category, so that’s that.) Here were your nominees for Yankees Bullpen MVP.

1) Mariano Rivera

2) David Robertson

3) Boone Logan

The Winner Is:

Mariano Rivera!

Mariano Rivera had 85% of the vote, so it wasn’t shocking who won. It was shocking who came second. Boone Logan had 11% of the vote and David Robertson came in third with 4% of the vote. I would have figured more people would have voted for D-Rob. Interesting.

Who is the Yankees Bullpen Standout?

Here is the category where I listed some pitchers that weren’t in the other category. (Again, Joba is not in this category). These are some first time Yankees that have opened everyone’s eyes with what they could do. Here are your nominees for Yankees Bullpen Standout.

1) Shawn Kelley

2) Preston Claiborne

3) Adam Warren

The Winner Is:

Preston Claiborne!

Preston Claiborne had 63% of the vote among Yankees fans while Shawn Kelley had 34% of the vote. Adam Warren finished last in this category with 2%. I was surprised with Warren getting the least amount since he has helped out the bullpen so much as well

Now we move on to the Defense Category. 

Who Is The Yankees Defensive MVP?

This category involved multiple players that have opened our eyes with their defense. Luis Cruz wasn’t added to this category because he came after I already made the poll, but we could give him a pat on the back for the great defense he provided. Here are your nominees for Yankees Defensive MVP:

1) Robinson Cano

2) Brett Gardner

3) Ichiro Suzuki

4) Jayson Nix

5) Vernon Wells

The Winner Is:

Brett Gardner!

Brett Gardner quickly ran away (pun not intended) with this category with 69% of the vote. Robinson Cano came in second with 17% of the vote while Ichiro Suzuki came in third with 11% of the vote. Jayson Nix had 2% of the vote while Vernon Wells had 1%.

Onto the biggest award: The Yankees Offensive MVP

This is the final category of the awards. It also was the tightest race out of all the categories. I pulled up the Yankees best three offensive players throughout the first half and the winner…may shock you. Here are your nominees:

1) Robinson Cano

2) Brett Gardner

3) Ichiro Suzuki

The Winner Is:

Robinson Cano AND Brett Gardner!

I know what you’re thinking, how could BOTH of them win the Offensive Award? It was simple. The race was SO tight that by the time voting closed–they were tied. Both Gardner and Cano had 47% of the vote. Ichiro unfortunately was left in the dust with 7% of the vote.

And those are your winners for the Yankees First-Half Awards! Join me again in September after the regular season when we have 2013 Yankees Awards (awards that are for the entire year, instead of the first half).

Where will the Yankees end up in 2013?

In exactly one week, the Yankees ultimate battle begins: the road to the Chase For 28. However, the changes and deductions have the Yankees in uncertainty.

I believe that the Yankees will overcome all of their injuries and end up back on top in the AL East. Last season it was uncertain when Brett Gardner and Mariano Rivera went down, but players stepped up and the Yankees were back on top. The same instance could happen this season with the Yankees.

So, where do you believe the Yankees will end up by the end of the 2013 season?

2012 Yankees Keep Em’ Or Dump Em’ Results (So Far)

Last Saturday, I posted a Keep Em’ or Dump Em’ article where you voted who you wanted to keep or who you wanted to dump. The results…weren’t very surprising. Let’s break down who you’d strongly keep and who you’d strongly throw away.

Keep Em’

David Robertson (96.83%): David Robertson wasn’t as good as he was in 2011, but he was still very effective in 2012. Let the good pitching keep on going, D-Rob.

CC Sabathia (95.59%): CC Sabathia coming back in 2013? No brainer. He’s the ace. The workhorse. He’s CC. Enough said.

Derek Jeter (95.33%): It’s not a surprise that fans would want to keep Derek Jeter after a great 2012 season but after his ankle injury where he had surgery, going into the future you wonder if Jeter can continue to play SS or if he might have to go to the DH Spot.

Hiroki Kuroda (94.12%): For his first year in the American League East, Kuroda did a good job. If Ichiro re-signs with the Yankees, Kuroda would have to be a no-brainer to follow.

Brett Gardner (93.55%): So Brett Gardner proved that you don’t have to play in order to be extremely valuable to the Yankees. After seeing Cirque Du Left Field in 2012, Yankees fans can’t wait to get their speedy outfielder back into playing shape and defending LF like we know he can.

David Phelps (91.18%): In his first rookie year with the Yankees, Phelps was back and forth from the bullpen to the starting rotation. For a first year–he did good. Would be great to see him get a shot in the rotation in 2013.

Andy Pettitte (91.04%): Andy sure was dandy in 2012, so there’s no question why he’s on the Keep Em’ list. I’d bring back Andy too. Who cares if Andy’s 40 years old? He still pitches like he’s 25!

Boone Logan (90.63%): Boone Logan being in the category where players were to be strongly kept surprised me just a tad bit. But hey. Boone Logan was good in 2012. Can he do it all over again in 2013?

Ichiro Suzuki (90%): Ichiro was a mid season trade for the Yankees. A mid season trade that made Brian Cashman look like a pure genius after a plethora of failure trades (hint, hint: Javier Vasquez, Curtis Granderson, A.J Burnett). Ichiro might come back to the Yankees next season–if you guys were the GM and not Cashman. Honestly, I’d like Ichiro back to. No doubt about it.

Eduardo Nunez (89.93%): Eduardo Nunez is (almost) the perfect back up shortstop. He can run and he can hit. Why he’s not perfect? He can’t field. Hopefully Winter Ball will help him in 2013.

Dump Em’

Freddy Garcia (95.59%): Look at the number of people that don’t want Freddy Garcia. I can’t explain that any further.

Andruw Jones (91.94%): After the terrible 2012 season he had, I can see why Yankees fans wouldn’t want him back in 2013. He says he wants to keep playing. Unfortunately, it’s not with this team.

Nick Swisher (85%): Nick Swisher had a good 2012 regular season but consistent playoff failures according to Yankees fans could be what ultimately sends Nick Swisher and his smiling face–out the door.

Derek Lowe (80%): Derek Lowe could be a great starting pitcher (or bullpen) pitcher for any team–but according to fans, it won’t be with the Yankees.

Alex Rodriguez (70%): Let’s admit it. A-Rod’s contract could possibly be the worst contract in baseball history. He’s deteriorating…and the Yankees still have to give him $110 Million dollars in the next 5 years.  Does any team want A-Rod? Going once? Going twice?

* Not all players from the poll are listed. Just the ones that fans strongly wanted to keep and wanted to get rid of.

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I got it! I got it!!

If the Yankees turn to Matsui or Damon to come back to DH who would you prefer?

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2011 Yankees Awards

2011 Yankees Awards

Welcome to the first ever Yankees Awards which recognizes the Yankees players for their talents, charity and class off and on the field. You have cast your votes and only your votes determine the winner. Now, since it is 2011 (almost 2012), we added 11 categories. Let’s get to announcing the winners!

*  *  *

Sure the Yankees are a team that are full of superstars, but only one could rise to be Player of the Year. Your nominees for Player of the Year are:

1. Curtis Granderson

2. David Robertson

3. Robinson Cano

4. Ivan Nova

And the winner of the Player of the Year award is….

Curtis Granderson!

Here was how you voted for the Player of the Year Award:

*  *  *

The Yankees are jammed packed with superstars in their rotation as well. They all have done well this season, but only one could be Starting Pitcher of the Year. Your nominees for Starting Pitcher of the Year are:

1. CC Sabathia

2. Ivan Nova

3. A.J Burnett

4. Freddy Garcia

5. Bartolo Colon

6. Phil Hughes

And the winner of the Starting Pitcher of the Year award is:

CC Sabathia!

Here was how you voted:

Read the rest of this entry

2011 Yankees Awards: Voting Part 5

Welcome to the 5th and final part of voting for the 2011 Yankees Award. After you are done voting here, remember you can go back and vote as much as you want until December 26, 2011. Then come back on December 31, 2011 to see the winners of the 2011 Yankees Awards. So last but not least, part 5

Most Lovable Yankee: Not everything has to be based on the ball field. There are some Yankees that are simply irresistible to some people and some who Yankees fans just can’t live without. Now, the question is…


Bench Player: The Yankees have excellent starters, but the Yankees must remember that there comes a time where we need the bench players to come in. All the bench players had to be nominated for this one but you get to choose the winner. The question is…


Twitter Yanks:  The Yankees not only do their best to connect with players on the field, but they try to do so off the field as well via Twitter. The question here would be…


Thank you for voting for the 2011 Yankees Awards. Come back on December 31, 2011 when the results will be posted. Remember to vote as many times as you can so your favorite Yankee can win!

2011 Yankees Awards: Voting Part 4

Welcome to Part 4 of the voting portion of the 2011 Yankees Awards! Yesterday you voted for WOW Moment of 2011 & the Charity Award. Remember, you can vote everyday as many times as you want until December 26, 2011. Let’s get onto Part 4!

Postseason ALDS MVP: Yes, the Yankees were knocked out of the playoffs in the first round, but some Yankees did make some noise during the playoffs and for that they deserve the Postseason ALDS MVP award. All of our nominees are deserving of the award but the question is…


Actions Speak Louder Than Words:  Some players believe that if you talk and yell then things will get done. Not the Yankees. These Yankees showed that Actions speak louder than words. That “I can” can turn into “I did”. All of our nominees are deserving but the question is…


Thank you for voting for Part 4. Come back tomorrow for the 5th and final part of the 2011 Yankees Awards.

2011 Yankees Awards: Voting Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of voting for the 2011 Yankees Awards! Yesterday you voted for Bullpen Pitcher of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year! Remember, you can vote as many times as you want until December 26, 2011! Here is today’s voting

WOW Moment of 2011:  There have been plays that have made you clap, and plays that have made you say “WOW.” All of our nominees are deserving, but the question is…


Charity Award:  The point of being a Yankee is to be helpful off the field as well as on the field and these Yankees know all about charities. They are all deserving but the question is…


Thanks for voting for Part 3! Tomorrow you can vote for Part 4 but until then…keep voting!

2011 Yankees Awards: Voting Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 in the voting stage of the 2011 Yankees Awards! Yesterday you voted for Player of the Year & Starting Pitcher for the Yankees. You can vote as many times as you like until December 26, 2011. So, here we go with Part 2!

Bullpen Pitcher of the Year: Player in the Yankees bullpen have all been very important is for the pitcher that is consistently doing their job (and doing it well I might add). So the question is…


Defensive Player of the Year: There are plays that the average 1B, 2B, C or LF can’t make but these Yankees can. The question is…


Thank you for voting in Part 2! Part 3 will be up tomorrow! Just keep voting!

2011 Yankees Awards: Voting Part 1

During the 2011 season, we have seen plays that have made us laugh, made us cry and made us shake our heads in confusions. Yankees fans have probably been annoyed that the Yankees weren’t recognized during awards season, but I decided to change all that with the first ever, Yankees awards! They are awards ONLY for the Yankees players so no Red Sox players can come and steal the Yankees awards.  All week I will post 2 categories a day and you will vote! On December 31, 2011 I will announce the winners in a special post. Remember, your players will win each category if you vote, so make sure you vote often but hurry. Voting ends on December 26, 2011. Here are the first two categories:

Player of The Year:

The player of the year could only go to someone who has been outstanding all year round in every aspect of the game! So the question is…


Starting Pitcher: In this category, all of the pitchers in the starting rotation are nominated for an award, because this is the Yankees award. You are voting for the best, so the question is…


Thanks for voting! Come back tomorrow for 2 more categories! Remember, you can vote as many times as you like!

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