Prospect Lists

  1. looks like Banuelos is now number 1.

  2. After reading Hal talk about the 189 million cap in 2014 these young bucks might have the best chance in years to make the big club in the future. Hal wants to build from within the system more than before. It seems the Yanks will be done paying the luxury tax money.

    • Yankee track record developing and finding starting pitchers has been dubious at best. They should use their financial advantage to hire away the best scouts & developmental pitching guys they can find. Find theteams who have successfully been developing & finding Starters (Rays & Rangers come to mind) and hire away their organizational pitching gurus.

      I just looked at the Rays top 8 pitchers and all were drafted by the team, only 2 of which were selected before round 3.

      • george jetson

        Fish the first of the new wave are in Trenton. Marshall and Stoneburner were prep pitchers when drafted so lets see how they do with all of the kids they’ve taken since 08 before passing judgement. I understand it does not look good when it comes to developing pitching but the drafting philosophy has changed and will again change under the new CBA.

        • george jetson

          Plus O’brien just got promoted as well plus Turley might have too if not for his blister issues.

      • fishjam…
        I may be wrong but, until the last year or so, we have not had a pick in the first 3 or so rounds. We always ended up picking up high risk high upside guys because of that.
        Just think what is going to happen when the Yankee money quits going to all the teams that have been using it to build their teams and pocket the rest.

  3. Can’t wait to go see a Staten Island Yankee game this year.

    • george jetson

      It seems that Ravel Santana is going to start there so that should be very exciting to see him.

      • Yeah, I can’t wait to see Santana. From what i’ve read he may be the most talented player in the entire system.

        That SI team is going to have a lot of players I’m excited to see. They will have big talent up the middle in addition to Santana in RF:

        C – Isias Tejada
        2B – Claudio Custodio
        SS – Jose Rosario
        CF – Daniel Lopez

        • RobbinsDynasty

          It exciting timed for our farm system. Charleston has a loaded team and with a ETA of 2015 is great Jeter and ARod will be at end of the road plus Triple A starting to look like a MLB bench with most of them already spending time in the big leagues. Pena, Nunez, Dickerson still sour Maxwell had to be released

          • Robbins……Yes it is def exciting with the young core this team has. Triple A I’m not at all impressed with as the pitchers (Killer B’s) had so much hype are not doing well this year.

            But Charleston guys are amazing. Austin, Williams, Bichette Jr., Sanchez are all doing so well this year. I hope they all get moved up soon to see how they do on the next level.

  4. when will new top prospects listing be released. i think an off season list should be in the works. as we have another season body of work is behind the whole system

    • Usually late in the off-season. Jimmy I think will be working on ranking each position ranks for the minor guys. As well as some detailed player profiles. Love all your input Kevin.

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