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  1. Did anyone see the troop on yes? If you did, you can see why I never wanted to go above Col. At that grade you have to fight to stay in the field with small/medium unit, above that and it is no chance at all. 😦

  2. Hey Ken how you feeling?

  3. Very well, thank you Matt! I think I am going to get the white hats all out of here Monday. You would have laughed if you had seen me. I looked like one of those guys in Si-Fi moves that has all those tubes running from one place to nowhere!
    But as I am the “Irish, Junk Yard Dog” I’ll be around for a long time.
    I saw some of your pix, so I take it, it was a great time had by all? You got a fine young lady there, be good!

  4. Youngyankee07………stay healthy and keep on truckin’ 🙂

  5. Fish …..send me an email at

  6. Not only did I get rid of the white hats (nurses) but also the stupid walker thing along with almost all the meds. I am as ready to go as one can be. I can’t run around but, I need no help to get around at all. Only bad thing is, I gained 12 pounds…I am at my college playing weight now but, I am about 2″ shorter. Now, for the first time in my life, I have to lose weight. Never had that problem before so I guess it is going to be a rush.
    I must say, this was a very close call but, been there and done that!

  7. twasp…
    You call me all sorts of names and I have to put up with it because you like Your pal Jeter are untouchables. You are a funny guy but, dishing out your stuff is fun for every one except, those you make fun of.
    You accuse me of calling you a name I never did, besides I was having fun with you but I see you can’t handle it. You twist things I write, make it sound as if I said something I didn’t and I go along with it just for the fun of it.
    I can’t criticize you about Jeter but you can say what ever you want about players I defend against people who are holier than most of us. I don’t have a favorite player on the team as you have in Jeter, to me it is a team, not Jeter and the rest of the spare parts to help him.
    Question, who are you to ban anyone from this or any other site. You have a big ego young fellow!

  8. Ken- you have never called TWASP a name. You are a good man. And very knowledgable ….. If you get banned TWASP will never post again……

    PS – you do not HATE Jeter……not . Lol. 🙂

  9. Ken – TWASP’s favorite players are:

    1. Robby Cano
    2. Oscar Gamble
    3. Joe Pepitone
    4. Mariano Rivera
    5. Celerino Sanchez
    6. Johnny Damon
    7. Hideki Matsui
    8. Derek Jeter
    9. Jason Giambi
    10. Horace Clarke

  10. Mine are:
    2-Willie Mays
    3-Whitey Ford
    4-Billy Martin
    6-Mel Stottlemyre

    Most over rated:
    1-R. Jackson
    2-Johnny Damon
    4-Consaco (SP)
    5-W. Boggs

    • I like
      1. Sandy Koufax
      2. Warren Spahn
      3. Mantle
      4. Seaver
      5. Maddux
      6. Gibson
      7. Jeter
      8, Bernie Williams
      9. Cone
      10. Yogi

      Casey Stengel

      • doug, I don’t think one can be wrong with this one, it is your opinion! That is the good thing about Baseball, each of us have watched baseball starting as kids but, in different generations. To me is seems understandable one can have different opinions.

        • old yankee, Agreed, I like both of your lists. These lists can give you a little insight into the person making the list. As you can see, I have too lefty pitchers at the top, the Mick, and 6 great pitchers overall. I also love the lingo of Yogi and Casey!

          • Yes it does, I study hitters very carefully, watch a hitters knees/lower leg and one can tell a lot by just that alone. As for pitchers as long as I knew they didn’t throw high hard ones, I wasn’t worried to much.
            So, yes, I am more from the times of Eddie LoPat and Satchel Paige…”watch a hitters knees and I can tell what he likes to hit” words from the Greatist pitcher that ever lived Satchel Paige…or words close to that.

          • Doug – from your list TWASP surmises that younger a left-handed pitcher. Correct?

            • Doug – from your list TWASP surmises that you were a left-handed pitcher. Correct?

              • twasp, Correct, I was a southpaw!

                • Doug since you were a southpaw….right-handed TWASP would have raked your pitching. If you threw it inside I’d open up and pull it over the LF fence …if you pitched outside I’d go the other way with a line drive in the alley…..if you threw it over the middle I’d hit it right back at you ….flipping you in the air…with your shoes flying off.

                  • twasp…IF (I still hate that word) I were even 5 years younger, I’d take a shot at it, I am a Lefty pitcher! Well, I once was a very good closer. You would play hell hitting me, I’d blow my 86+/— FB right by you, well maybe not.
                    You would have trouble hitting my junk, I don’t think I ever throw a streight ball but, maybe you would hit me…you love to pick on old people and after all, I’d still be a young 68! You big bully! He, He!

                    • Ken – I have no doubt it would be a tough at bat against the youngyankee07 ! You’d probably knock TWASP down on the first pitch with an 85mph heater. And then you d go away with some backdoor off speed.

      • Doug – good group of favorite players. Bernie and Coney should have been on my list also.

  11. Ken – has a Yankee ever hit 4 hrs in one game?

  12. Yeah…. Munson, Mattingly and Guidry were favorites. And Billy Martin was my all time favorite mgr. He could out mange anyone. Billy Ball!

  13. I don’t think so but, if one did it would be Lou G.!

  14. Matt S. – Has a Yankee ever hit 4 hrs in a game?

  15. Ken – who was the fastest Yankee ever?

    Mantle, Gardner, Henderson, ……….

  16. Ken – the fastest Yankee ever was Mickey Mantle who ran from home to first in 3.1 seconds.

    Remember SPEED KILLS(tm) !

    • Mantle was the fastest runner, but only for a short period of time. Ricky was the fastest for a career.

      • By a short time you do mean 10-12 years right? The reason I ask is because until he moved to 1st base (about then) most players will (even Richie Ashburn, fastest guy in NL) admit Mickey was the fastest player even with one good leg. But, that is subjective because a fast runner to me is not the same for someone else. “The Rock” was one fast guy no matter what.

        • Ken – 10-12 years is not a short period of time. Was he that fast for that long?

        • I was thinking until maybe 56, I always thought of him as a power hitter more than being that fast. I was young in the 50s so it is all perception for me not fact. Guys like Wills were percieved to be fast. If you steal alot of bases, you are fast like Rickey, Coleman, Wills, and Brock.

          • One must remember the teams Mickey played on before moving to 1st. The team didn’t want Mickey to steal bases, he might get hurt and they had more talented hitters then most teams they played against.
            Remember the year he won the 3 Crown, he bunted a lot that year?
            Mickey was so fast (good bunter also) that he would bunt the ball (a time or two) back to the pitcher and by the time the pitcher picked up the ball to throw to 1st…Mickey was crossing first base. From a full swing he was at 3.1 from the left side with a bunt he was more than likely at 2.8/9.
            The bunt by Ichy to-night was a good bunt but, he has lost a step…still fast enough! If that had been Mickey bunting, the 3rd baseman wouldn’t even throw the ball.
            As for being a good CF he was a very good CF but, only because he could out run the damn ball.
            Once I saw him make a catch on the right side, I don’t remember who was in right field but, they lost the ball in the sun. All of a sudden here comes Mickey out of CF to make the catch crossing the foul line. I wasn’t at the game but I saw it on sports news real.
            Yup, he was fast but, without the baseball instincts of the truly great CF players.

      • Doug – what Minnesota Twin beat Mickey in a home run derby 9-8?

  17. My favorites:

    1. Don Mattingly
    2. Thurman Munson
    3. Mariano Rivera
    4. Ron Guidry
    5. Derek Jeter
    6. David Cone
    7. Robinson Cano
    8. Andy Pettitte
    9. Goose Gossage
    10. Dave Righetti
    11. Willie Randolph
    12. Jimmy Key

    • Very good list Fishjam, I see you went old timers for the last 4 picks.
      As you can see, I am very prejudice in favor of the older guys. To be honest about it, I have come to the sad conclusion many fans can’t understand the huge differences between the playing conditions and equipment of just 25 years ago to now. As we know, one can’t compare one generation to another but, looking back at some of the fields back then and the gloves, spikes, and uniforms of wool we all used (I have my first high school glove yet)…it is about 2/3 to 1/2 the size of some of the glove being used to-day.
      One thing we do know, there are draw backs from each generation of players, not the same but just as tough.

      • Ken, I think its natural for anyone to have more favorites from the time when they were kids growing up. I grew up in the late 70s and 80s so thats where my favorites come from. The other guy I forgot to mention was Bobby Murcer…..he def should have been in there.

        Its very hard to compare players from different eras for the reasons you stated. There is also no comparison to the size, physical skills and strength of players toay. The advances in nutrition, weight lifting and training have made players far more prepared. Also, its now a 365 day season where players must always train and prepare. Years ago, players had to have jobs in the Winter and wouldn’t pick up a bat or ball until reporting to Spring training.

        Baseball is also an International sport nowadays with players from all over the World in MLB. back in the day, the whole league was White Americans so you have a much larger pool of players today. Its not to say players are more talented than they used to be, but they are just better prepared and in better overall condition. A great player from the 40s would still be great today with all of the advances in training and preperation.Mantle would still be a stud but he’d have a much tougher time playing hung over like he often did.

    • Ahhhhhhhh….I knew Jeter was a favorite…..

  18. Fish – everyone on that list was a favorite of TWASP except for Jimmy Key. What did you think of Reggie?

    • Twasp, i wasn’t a huge fan of Reggie. I liked his contributions to the team but his mouth pissed me off. He needlessley talked bad about Munson and often clashed with Billy.

      As for Key, what I loved about Jimmy is he was one of the few Free Agents that wanted to come to NY at a time where NO ONE wanted to play for George in the Bronx. Remember Maddux and Bonds pretending they were interested in the Yankees just to drive up the price then snubbing George’s offers to sign elsewhere. Key was the consolation prize when Maddux dissed us and he turned out to be great. He helped turn the franchise around in 93 & 94 when he went 35-10. He got hurt in 95 and struggled through 96 but it was sweet justice when he beat Atlanta and Maddux in Game 6 of the 96 Series. I’ll always remember him as the key FA who came in and helped turn the franchise from a loser to a winner. He also got the most of his ability with pinpoint command.

      • Fish … I noticed Arod was not on your list… you see some similarity between Reggie and Arod……mouthing off.

        Did Arod piss you off when he mouthed about Jeter?

        Reggie said he was “the straw that stirred the drink not Munson”…….which is very similar to what Arod was saying in Esquire about Jeter. That Arod was a threat that other teams worried about and Jeter wasn’t.

        • i thought that was out of line on ARod’s part but that was before he was a Yankee. For the most part he’s been a good teammate while on the Yanks. The only thing as a Yankee that he has done that i didn’t like was how he opted out and handled the contract negotiations. The Yanks lost a great deal of money from Texas by him opting out when they could have just agreed on an extension and kept the Texas money.

          • I think Arod was ostracized by the Jeter/Torre click who didn’t like his Prima Donna ways. and he didnt learn about selfless teamworK until 2009.

            Have you read any of these books?

            1. The Yankee Years by Joe Torre
            2. The Captain by Ian O’Conner
            3. Clubhouse Confidential By Luis Castillo

  19. Yeah….I don’t remember Jimmy Key all that much….around that time I was following Messier, Leetch and Richter.

  20. Thank you for the invitation to post common sense where fans are smart and don’t follow the leader!
    I guess I will, you are a big bag of wind, that follows and sucks up to other commenters that come close to the way you think (see above). Let anyone challenge your thinking or the things you believe in and you go out of your way to denigrate everything they say. You even say I said things I never have. Miss quoting me many times to make it fit what you wish to say.
    I will not be posting on Yankee Analysts anymore. I will be posting on other sites, under another name.
    Anyhow, you have been a very huge factor in my leaving two Yankee Sites…I would recommend not bothering me ever again, as of now you don’t exist, to me!
    I’m sure you will have something to write but, you will be writing it for yourself and others, I won’t see it>
    Thank you very much!

  21. What is wrong Ken……I do not denigrate you at all…I’ve never called you petty, or dumb, I’ve always expressed my great admiration for your knowledge . If I disagree with your views on Jeter , so what, we’ve had fun over the years debating.

    • Twasp….
      A pal of mine visited the old site…he is a reader of most sites. E-mailed me some of the stuff.

      Even with a different name it is you, your writing style is all over it.

      You say nice things on this site to let everyone think I pick on you but, you get real nasty on the other site. Yes, you will say prove it is you writing over there…I can’t prove it, only those that have been reading your stuff for years can do that.

      It all shows the many years you have been picking at whatever I write. So, if anyone around here is honest, they will see why I have been so disgusted by you and your two-faced writings. Nice suck-up guy on this site but a nasty instigator on the other. Oh yes, some of us knew you were sturing the pot over there, I even asked you to quit…to no avail at all. You helped with the rooster, Patrick and Ernie war that was going on over there.

      There may be some people on this site that will be sticking up for you (that is their choice, I don’t need help) but, if they ever put you in your place as I have in the past………!

      twasp, you have great writing talent and are a good and funny writer, with a quick wit…you may want to come up with your own ideas once in a while and not make fun of others. We all have our own opinions.

      Just leave me alone!!!!!!!

  22. this area is for anything i want to discuss , right?

    how about this,…..

    decent quality healthcare for all americans, nortth and south, east and west, as a matter of right and not a priledge

    listen to this 2 minute snipet from a Ted Kenedy speech in 1978.

    Ted Kennedy On Health Care 1978 – YouTube (Keyword to:

    • This is typical liberal hogwash, how about working for what you get. This country in big trouble with the liberals running the show. I thought we lived in a democracy, not a socialistic republic.

      • exactly, lets all work together though,….. so healthcare is there,…… no matter where you live,…… democracy,….. if everyone gets insured, thats a lot of volume business for the medical indistry,.. this us economy is based on sheer voluyme numbers,….so it fits right in

    • Guys, this country is a Republic not a Democracy!

      I am the strict Right Wing Republican! As of now there are about 48% of the people on the Government support lists, right? What happens when the Libs get to the 51-55% mark? Where will the money come from to support them?
      Guess what, all and it means is, all working people will have to pay much much more in taxes. Not only the rich but, every worker in the country…then we become like Spain etc. (all socialist country’s).
      As it is now, low, medium, high and the 1% will be paying more taxes by the year 2014. Remember Obama Care?

  23. Doug – hogwash? You never washed a hog in your life! Admit it!

    • yeah, lets ask a downs syndrome patient to get his own healthcare at age 13 with maybe one parent, who works part time

      the republicans want no abortions,… but once you are born,, they say fu,.. unless they can use you as a body in a war

      • Jim, you are mistaken.

        Rom said time and again, he would keep some of the O.C. things, including the preexisting coverage in the new plain!
        Oh by the way, what do we do after this:

        “decent quality healthcare for all americans, nortth and south, east and west, as a matter of right and not a priledge”

        I would like to see it somewhere in the Constitution, oh, it’s not in there? If not, then it is not a right is it?There is help all over the place for kids with any health problem, to get help. I know because, my sister has a bad problem and is getting help all the time from hospitals and charities, that have no ties to the Gov.

    • twasp, your right, I just like the word in this instance.

  24. Doug – what Minnesota Twin beat Mickey Mantle in the HR derby 10-9 ?

  25. Correct Jim….but I was asking Doug!

  26. Yu da man Jim!

  27. Haha…good one Jim.

  28. twasp– it is a democratic platform plank that anyone on here can answer any question, lmao

    mitt romney is looking to ban that sort of thing

    only rich people can answer

  29. if you got 5 minutes, yoiu should read what i wrote on jeter vs granderson this morning under the morning bits
    i did think think about hits by month in it

    • Good analysis Jim……shows that while Grandy may look good , when you do a deep dive in the hit numbers Jete is the Real Deal.

  30. Ha ha… out Jim……there is a strict Right Wing Republican on YFU that makes Dirty Harry look like MaoTse Tung.

  31. you wouldnt think that from the title page, yankees fans unites,.. of course they may think all yankees fans are rich, and mets fans are poor, lol
    i think thats why i grew up a metrs fan, we were poor,. lol, mets tickets were cheaper, and most of the time we could beg the security to let us bring in a picnic basket

  32. The guys that run this site are Cash Cows……. One of them runs a fish breeding farm…..where they feed the mayo to the tuna.

  33. if you say so,….. proctor and gamble have a 3 trillion dollar market cap or something insane like that, ,….. thats a cash cow,…… lol,…. this is a website with very little if any advertising on it,….. yet

    i’m glad i found it,… everyday around 3 or 4 pm, i would search and search the internet for that nights yankees lineup,…. this went on for months,…. then one day recently this link popped up on the first page of a goggle seasrch,…

    so here i am

    now i get the line up at least an hour, usually 2 or 3 hours, before i would normally get it

    • you know, actually, goggle spans almost the entire internet in the united states,….. it flows through goggle servers or what not,…… the more one writes, especially on the same topic over and over again,.. insane long rants, multiple day after day,….. goggle servers will pick it up,.. and put it near the top of a search
      it takes a lot of writing though,.. and its not for big blog sites like espn,… but it works for small business sites, like this
      ive seen it happen with me, on some law sites

      if it runs through goggle,.. it could get in the top list, the first 3 pages of a goggle search.

      or if it is a uniques search like, – tonights yankee lineup
      this site is the only site that puts it up,

      espn or other sports site dont have it up til an hour or less than an hour before the game

  34. 53 items on todays shopping list—- how much you think it cost? president obama says it is hard for families to put food on the table

    ajax laundery detergent – 4–50 oz jugs
    ortega taco shells – i box
    ortega taco seasoning- 3 paks
    guacamoli dip– 1 pak- 1.7 oz
    red pak crushes tomatos – 4 – 28 oz cans
    mallomar cookies – 4 boxes
    olive oil- 32 ounce bottle
    sardines on oil– 4 cans
    delmonte stewed tomatos-1 can
    v8 juice – 2- 46 oz bottles
    coke- 4 – 2 liter bottles
    dole romaine – 1 bag
    dole coleslaw – 1 bag
    tomatos on the vine – 4
    plums – 6
    oscar myber bacon — 2 pounds
    seargento shreaded cheddar cheese– 2 paks
    american cheese– 1 pak
    eggs – 1 dozen
    milk– half gallon
    ham – 1 pound
    salami – 1 pound
    swiss cheese- 1 pound
    kaiser rolls– 12 poppy seed rolls
    crutons– 1 pak

    • Jim, your eating better than me, I’m eating soup and salad and shopping at Kohls while I put my four daughters through college, one to go.

    • too high.. but close,…. 83 with tax

      lucjily we already have a freezer filled with meat,, chop meat, chicken,, etc……

      we only go shopping once a week, and usally dont go over 50 dollars,….. thr 83 dollar bill was weirdly hight based on our normal buying

      a lot of weird specialty items this week

  35. Jim….watch out there is a very Right Wing Republican on this site and he can be very mean to those who disagree with him…….run for cover…….

    • the arguemednt is right wing, i think,…….. i have lists for periods of time, for every weeks grocery shopping, going back to a few years ago,…

      i figured 2 people can live on food and groceries, no food items included, at 1.67 dollars a day each, if they shop right.

      only buy sale iems, and only with manufacturers cupons on top on sale items when possible,….. of course when chop mean goes to 1.99 a pound, you hit on it,….

      i think a probvlem is, you got people on food stamps, who, because the money is free,.. dont shop like that,….. they go through the grocery store throwing in the caert anything they want,..regardless of price,.. then complain it is not enough

      the republicans and democrats, both, i think, are responsible for keeping food prices extremely LOW.

      and that the united states has 10’s of thousands of places to get food, and every place the shelves are over flowing with food

      it is not like this anywhere else is the world

      you go to a london supermarket,.. youll see empty shelves

      • Jim24…
        That is called Capitalism, you know, the thing you liberals are against!
        The food prices are up by about 17%, in the last few months, mostly because of ethanol and other fuel prices.

  36. all the data i had, or most of it, is on my old computer in the garage,………. but even 3 years ago, 1.67 a day per person for all groceries, was reasonable,.. never want for anything,…. have plenty

    ill get track now every week,…

    even if it goes up to 3.50 a day per person,

    3.50 x 365 days = 1278 dollars a year per person for groceries– whichj includes detergent, soap, tootyhpast, shampoo, paper towels, napkins, paper plates, batteries, ant traps, lol,…as needed, but only on sale,..

    people go to macdonals and buy a big mac value meal, large fries and large coke, for what now, 7 dollars?, and it sucks, cant sustain life on that.

    i am a firm believer, it is people with money, as well as people on food stamps ( a fed subsidy to the food industry), that makes it possible for people inbetween, to get food and groceries really cheap

    the business is volume based

    the whole us economy is volume based

    • Jim…
      The food stamp program is not a subsidy for the food industry. It is for those that need stamps to buy food to live on.
      Although now they advertise for more people to get on the Food Stamp Program, which is now adding to the National Debit every day.
      I sometimes wonder, what part of BROKE, don’t you guys understand. We DON”T GOT NO MONEY!
      Soon your $1.67 a day will be about…no food in the stores and worth more to keep you warm than to buy anything.

      • yes it is, the food stasmp programis a subsidy for the food industry,.. make no mistake abou ir,. it is into the hunderds oif billions of dollars


  37. Jim… out for conservatives on this site who support letting people suffer that don’t have the money for medical help.

  38. well, medical is a different thing,.. no one should suffer,…… who will pay for it,.. people like me anyway,.. that dont have health insurance, never go to the doctor ,.. but will soon have to pay, probably at least 100 dollars a month for the lowest plan, i hope,.. right now i havnt found a plan for less than 300 a month, give or take,….

    but if everyone pays it, that doesnt have insurance now,….. that should fix everything

    obamacare as they call it, raises everyones standard of living

    its just going to take time to take effect

    and like when my dad died, age 70 in 20or of multiple myeloma lukemia, they couldnt give him the bone marrow transplant, because we are in NJ,.. ,..he coulda went to universioty of pennslyvania in philly and got it if the insurance crossed state lines

    it just depends where you live,..

    obamacare fixes that

    and there are a lot of other aspects

    their are millions od americans, males, like me,… that dont have health insurance, because we simply do not pay for it

    if everyone like me pays into it,.. lol, like a cable bill every month,

    the industry can afford to give life saving procedures when it comes up

    and will be availble for everyone if necessary

    romney instituted parts of this in massachsetts as govenor, no?

    i know some politrics

  39. again,.. it is a VOLUMS BASED PLAN,…. the profit margins are extremely low,…… but based on volume,…. the massive increased volume of business the obama plan puts into effect,….. medical care becomes like the food industry in some ways,….


    of course, on the other side of the argument is,.. how the heck are you going to get life long criminals to pay into it,…

    the repiblicans have a point on criminalizing not paying for health insurance

    but maybe in some weird way, this plan will reduce crime over 1-2 generations,…

    cause insteaqd of standing on a street coner selling pot or crack, or heroin, or pills,,…. and drive nice cars,… and have nice things, all tax free,….. THEY WILL HAVE TO PAY INTO MEDICAL NO MATTER WHAT

    it one way, it is a back end , back door way,.. to go after young aduilts, and lifers,.. who avoid taxes.

      one day, cash will be gone,…… one day,…… everyone will be assigned a federal card at birth,…… and every single transaction they ever make, will be on that card

      no cash

      this eliminates all the street crime we have

      and the ability of the government to see if a street dealer is taking payments into his phone on a slide card,… without paying taxes




      • Ok Jim24, I get it.
        You want the Government to take care of you from birth to your death. You want them to tell you where you can live and work and when you will die! You don’t want to make any decisions or improve your station in life. Born poor die poor.
        That is life? Not anything like this country was set-up to be.
        My 5 sisters and I came from the geto, no gas, no electric and a sign on the front saying condemned!
        There is no way I was going to stay the rest of my life like that and I didn’t.
        The six of us did well on our own, without the government, thank you very much!
        In your world, the government would have told me what I could or couldn’t do. No, thanks!

        Everyone has their idea of life, if you have a different out look than I do…so what, you live and believe as you wish. I have a different out look, again, so what! That is what the USA is all about…Free choice!

        • Reagan is dead …..long live Obama!

        • I’m with you ken. The less government is involved in our lives the better.

        • no, in fact, i said the exact opposite,, i am sayinmg, WHAT OBAMA IS SAYING– EYEONE NEEDS TO PAY UP.//AND THAT MEANS EVERYONE


          • Every person needs to pay into the kitty ™.

            You’re right Jim…….Ken and Fish should pay their share.

          • No, what you and Obama are saying is; I (and others that worked hard our whole life) should pay for those that sit home and don’t do anything except take our money.
            I think we are paying way to much as it is: Fed, State, County Taxes are about 50%+ of my hard-earned money.
            It is easy to be a lib, one doesn’t have to think, judge (right/wrong), or anything other than, follow the party line or “The Man Who Would Be King”!
            Here is something to think about…; Every president (since 1920s), other than FDR and Obama, taking office after or during a Depression, have shown great improvement in less than 4 years! You may ask; why was that the case? The answer has been on the table sense JFK took office and…CUT TAXES!

            • guys I’m gonna hope to say this once. Politics and Religion are a wasted arguement you are never gonna change someone elses views. before this gets ugly let’s just shy away from it. thanks.

              • I’m going to say this one time, you are right! Sorry to have jumped into the debait, but, it was so much fun!

                I apologize for…my bad judgement…being so dumb as to argue Politics on a sports blog.

                It read as though you wrote the warning before, if so, I missed it…sorry!

            • no, that is not what i am saying,,.. dont you think you need health insurance?? and you are saying worked your whole life,.. youll get medicare,.. and most people who work get it through the company

              what i am saying is that ewveryone should buy thewir own health insurance,… notwhat doe shtat have to do with the goivernment????





  41. see,…. it vis not a crime to request cash from your account to a bank,…. the police couldnt do anything,…. i invited the cop in the house,…. and he said it was a crime to call the bank in an attempt vto make arrangments to get CASH


    the cop left the house with his tale between his legs

    i changed banks

    the manager of the new bank said i can not get my cash

    a year went by

    i waloked inside the bank and asked how big a check can i cash

    the teller said i could write and cash a check for any amount i have

    that was simply a lie

    they had to scramble just to dig up 4000 froim the vault

  42. plasico buress went to nyc, with pierce,.., on the night he shot himself,.. the story is he had 20,000 in cash on him

    the f’er was up to no good that night

  43. Ken….please…..we are watching the Yankee red sox game. Take your political rhetoric to

    Not here!

  44. Kiss off Jamie, if you have the right to write…so do I. I don’t think I was addressing you.
    If you don’t like it, don’t put your 1/2 cent in.

    • Ken…… No more talk of politics on this site or you will be banned like Patrick and Rooster. Like Matt S. said ….it’s a waste of time talking politics and religion…”……especially on a YANKEE BLOG,,,,

      • Jump on some one else, don’t pick at me only jerk! You were doing your best to exacerbate the situation. Jim and I were having a nice discussion, without any bad shots being taken by either one of us. That wasn’t good enough for you was it?

        And don’t threaten me, well maybe I should ask; “Untill your ass can carry your words, shut up…please!” See, I can be nice, even to you.

  45. yesterday was politics,.. twasp started it i think,, by bringing politics into a simple grocery list, lol how about making today religion talk?

  46. Bad luck year with all the injuries, the Yanks look to be limping through the home stretch. Hoping they can make it into the playoffs. Watching MLB Network last night and heard Dan Plesac talking about Buc. He said Buc had the ability to watch a player only a few times and tell if he could help his team. One thing the O’s have done this year is sign over 75 players in AAA. Buc is playing guys like McLouth and Quintinella. Plesac played for Buc, and thought he was one of the best at judging talent and character.

  47. wow , maybe mike francesa read what i write yesterday on here,..on the radio a moment ago,, he just used the term “IT’S A VOLUME BUSINESS”


  48. BTW Jim or anyone else if you want an avatar picture hover over your image and click it to change it. You can put any image you want.

  49. Remember the words of a jury of HIS piers;
    “It is payback time!”

    Take whatever one wants from those words, it still says, the jury didn’t consider the evidence at all! All they needed to know was right in front of them…OJ.
    Now at the time, some said it was because OJ was black and that is why the jury said what they did.

    At the time those that were outraged enough to tell it like it looked, were called racist. I have no thoughts on that part at all…is the PC way of handling it but, I and all I worked with just ain’t got no PC in us.
    I am still upset about that racist tag, if I remember right (sometimes I do) two young fellows paid the price for saying that to me, of course I did too. Five weekends in jail. Of course that was when I was on the left coast…the great bankrupt State of Cal.

    Anyone that has ever had their ass pulled out of hell by many different people, all over the world can’t be anything but COLOR BLIND!

  50. this is for the non-baseball related thread—- sometime todaY between 9:49 AM and 9:52 AM on WFAN sports rwsadio 66, ny ny,.. probably simulcasted on TV on MSG network,… a caller called the Boomer and Carton radio show,… and started talking about betting odds on football games,…. his name was Menachem,.. he is going ot be at the opening of Boomer Eaisison’d openin gof his restaurant or whatever TONIGHT,.. he was talking about actually placing bets on the NFL.

    I am sorry,.. but uinless he got ona plane and phyoiscaly flied to vegas, and then came back to meet Boomer tonight at the iopening on a roundtriipk within the hours of the day,… ANY BET THE MAN MAKES IS ILLEGAL


    BUT let us got down the rabbit hole further,.. Craig Carton himnself ,. in what he said,, suggested he bets on games as well.

    Craig carton was saying things like —– just remebering what he said,not verbatum,… said,…. he doesnt really bet the over- iunders, he looks at the line

    Again, Unless Craig Carton is physically in Vegas,. ANY BET THIS MAN MAKES IS ILLEGAL





    maybe even questuiojn CRAIG CARTON




  51. i am sxorry that is just the way it is,…… you can not do it over the phone,.. you can not legaly do it over the internet

    to place a bet on the NFL or MLB,,… the united states, you need to be in vegas

    glamoroizing betting with bookies on WFAN, as i have said before maybe 2-3 or so weeks ago,…. IS BAD, WRONG, IMMORAL,. AND EVIL,…. TO ACTUALLY PLACE A BET WITH A BOOKIE WHILE YOU ARE OUTSIDE OF LOS VEGAS, IS ILEGAL

    YES OR NO?



    it is not like office pools,…. or the mnassice knockout pool they are talking about,.. that actually is technicaly illegal






    F HIM


  52. and to carry it a step further,…craig carton before that i think, did a comedey bit, mimicking nfl films about boomer on the jets throwing to wayne chrebet




    OR SO

    mike was a nice guy, i was maybe 3 years older then him,.. mike made his way through life hustling,… it started with the football cards , college on one side, nfl on the other,…. thats the mafdia, orgainiozed crime,… it qiuckly led to hgim getting his own franchise,.. where he kept to keep the vig to all losses bet through his account,…

    miked would cultivate betters and the connected or friends of the mafia, would throw him betters

    his account was so big, theyh let him keeo the vig from all losers every week

    as long as he paid thew loises

    mike was murdered in 2011,… a home invasion,…. his girl frienmd tiedc up,.. mike made a move, he was shot,… aND THE HOUSE WAS SET ON FIRE






  53. Jim24…
    Stick to stats and Jeter, some people enjoy your stats on Jeter…even me!

    But, maybe asking for someone to be killed, might be a tad over the top…killing a person is not like in the movies…all nice and clean and they get-up and walk away.

    Chill a bit on your rants, one person dies because of gambling (even a friend) so we make everyone else go by our rules and pay for that one life.

    We have all lost a pal or two in our life time, that is the way things go…did you have the idea that only bad people should die? If so, go visit a children’s hospital like St. Jude’s and see…the real innocent kids that are dieing.

    I would suggest not ever wishing for another’s death, unless you can handle the after effects which, after reading your stuff…I really don’t think you can!





      CRAIG CARTO N SHJOLD BE ARRESTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  54. the fbi can get warrants for wire taps on all craig cartons phones,……. and find out who he is placing bets with, how much, on what games, then arrest carton and the bookie, and maybe even higher into the mafia,.. depenmding on how long the wire tap warrant lasts

    craig carton has admitted on the air many times he knows bookies and makes bets

  55. I HOPE EVERYONE VOTES FOR OBAMA,……. romney is a nobody,…. that hates 47% od america,… is trying to prevent people from voting in pennsylvania that have voted for decades,.,.,….. and stands for absolutl;ey nothing, unless someone tell him what to say and gives him money

    this guy isnt a president,.. he ius a suit, a nothing, an idiot,…

  56. what politics?,….. this isnt politics,. it is not politics to vote,. it is a right to vote,……. politics is when a politician and his bank go in the back room with another politician and his bank, and decide what to do,…
    me talking about it as a voter is somethinbg other than that

  57. i wouldnt want to argue with anyone about politics on here or anywhere else,… and i did not argue,….. i simply made a statement

  58. hey,…… why bring chicago into this?,……. illinois is going obama again,….. no problem,……

    obama wins the election with 19 states plus dc,…. romney needs 32 states,…

    romney is simply unelectable

    and you know why,..

    he stands for nothing personaly,…. he only stands for what people tell him to stand for

    ted kenedey kicked ghios ass in senatorial election bac k in the day too

    the fact is, once romney said he doesnt give a crap about 47% OF AMERICAM, HE SEALKED HIS OWN POLITICAL FATE

    ronald reagan swept the nation in 80 and 84, because he represented all the people, everywhere,.. and we knew he was going to deal across the table to both kenedey, and the states,…

    romney is no such thing

  59. i have 2 words formitt romney—- whitehall street– lol,….. mitt romney told a group of veterans that he TRIED HARD TO GET IN THE VIETNAM WAR—-,…..

    well, it wasnt that hard, .,. you sign up for selective service, the draft,.. if you dont get drafter, you can simply sing up,…. and go down to whitehall street and be injected, inspected, and dejected,.. lol,….

    mitt romney is so out of touich of america’s reality,…… he simply can not become president,….

    • Jim22…You are much smarter than this. I’ve read your work, and enjoy your humor. When you put up a post, like you did earlier, you should expect a rebuttal.. In all honesty, it is you pushing this one sided rant. Go on as you wish…..I will not be part of this. And yes, your original words sounded scripted.

    • Yeah Jim, ease up on the political posts. This isn’t the place for that.

    • May the gods help us and keep us safe from people like Jim24. Those people are as bad as fanatics from the black hole of nothing!

      • fanatic? dangerous?,.. i am a nobody,.. all i am is an american ,……. that is it,….. why are you neing nasty to me?,.. i am notr nasty to you,…..

        come on man

        romney talksabout not caring about 47% of americans,….

        i got another stat for ya,……. 80% plus americans have zero idea the the vietnam war and afghanistan are connected ,…

        it is all about international banking and where the poppi hub is

        • JIM22…I returned , not to engage…… Jim, you keep bringing up veterans, and Viet Nam..fine. But did you, Jim, serve this country then?…..when, where, and years? For those of us that did, your fun to post words, are not taken lightly. Jim, I’m not engaging you…..but if you did not serve, don’t bring up a time, when 58,000 boys did not return home. Respect them, they earned it.

          • i am bringing up a time , the vietnam war,.. because mkitt romney , on audio and video tape, gave a speech to a veterans group, saying he tried hard to get into the vietrnam war

            when, we have federal documents showing his signiture on 4 seperate deferanent applications


            • Jimmy22……..Yes, I know all that stuff. Old news. I will not go down that road with you. James, if you did not serve at that time, nor ever,…..then therefore you should not be a spokes person, for those of us that did. I ask you, respectfully, to back off.

              • Jimmy22…We don’t know each other, yet, but I like you. The can’t spell, stupid Jim…is being lost in the message with the smart Jim…that I see. Your call. Take care.

              • lidsten,…. you sare right, i never sreved, i thought about it, went to college ,.. i was too young for vietnam, i wasa child,….. the next real ar was the ghulf war

                my friend kip serrvred cin the gulf war,.. special forces,…. that went into southern iraq and blew you chenmicakl weapons depots,.. he was 3-4 years younger than me

                the stuff his unit did,.. they each had to be debriefed on in the pentagon

                cause of gulf war syndrome

                he said the mushroom clouds from the stuff they blew up were mssive ,…… and rain ed down on everyone

                theyway he told it to me was totally believable

                that being said,.. i have no idea why i can not , as a resigertered voter, form an opinion on it,.. i certainly have the right to form an opinion on what is going on with the use of tax dollars,.. and thus vote every year at thge poles,.. as i have been doing since i turned 18

                everyoner has the right, not just the military

                • Jim22224444……I feel more comfortable, addressing you as……………mr. jimmy. Call me, as you wish. As for all the bluster, and “mushroom clouds”, stuff that you just posted………continue being the village idiot…if you feel comfortable with that. That’s your call.

      • oldyankee7….returning your welcome. No need to mention banning….things happen. Lets turn the page. I hope you are well, and your beautiful wife, is well also. Let’s not be strangers……………. As for Tommy Twasp, he cares for you…big time. If he pushes too hard for you, let him know….he would never want to hurt you. Talk to each other!…. Sounds like you talking to me!…Do not let FUBAR happen again. Take care………………………………….patrick.

  60. nothing i write is scripted,.. i write off the cuff, what is in my head at the moment,.. my thoughts are my oiwn, originial,…and thats that

    i dont even watch the mlb or nfl pregame,……. i dont wantr anyone ewlses thoughts in my head, but my own!!!!!!!!!

    • Go stick your head in a hole somewhere. Honestly you’re a buffoon. I’m trying to think of a more boring human? hmm…I can’t…you win.

  61. why would you critique me?,….. i wouldnt critique you……. boring?,….. yeah,… i hope to be boring the rest of my liofe, absolutley,…… thats how i was raised

    thats how middle class people live, biring lives

    biring lives dont cost the taxpayers money


  62. you think i’m bad,….. ok, we have a severe disagreement here,.. cause i think someone like antonio pierce of the ny giants, who knew he was bringing a firearm across state lines after plax ico shot himself is a bad person,…

    assuming he even pierce didnt knowe plax had a firearm, and didnt know plax had 20k in cash on him that night,…….. for what,.. we can only assume he was up to no good,…

    once plax shot himself in the leg, someone needed to be calling 911 ,… not pierce driving plax across the briodge to jersey to ditch the gun,….

    and we canb only speculate what else they dropped off that night




  63. LISTEN,, people make mistakes,. and are forgiven,.. that aspect is a no brainer,….. what we do on here is talk in hyperable,……. that must also be a given,…

    if people would refrain from breaking the law,…… we could have a better society

  64. MITT ROMNEY DOSE NOT STAND FOR ANYTHING,…… he changes with the wind,……. he says whatever any group he talks to , want to hear,….. he has no playform,… … the republican platform is intactg, as to freedom,…… thgat is congress and the us supreme court,.. on what to do,.. no a president,

    on presidendtial issues,.. romney has not one thing,.. not a one thing

    roe v wade is not an issue,.. lol,.. what roe v wade dose, that most americans refuse to accept,… is that it prevents the government from forcing women to have abortions


    the issues republicans take upo are either moot issues like roe v wade, which will never be messed with, or stats rights

    states rights are not presidential things

    romney stands for literally nothing

    obama only needs 19 states plus dc to win, .. buit obama might win 48 states

    romney is a loser,..

    bel.ieve me

  65. this section, as advertised, is for anything i want to write about,….. put that in your pipe and smoke it, lol

  66. I for one, am unable to discuss anything with anyone that has no understanding of what they say!
    Repeating what others, (of like minds) have said, without using ones own mind to think of that being said means I can’t and will not try to have you see the way things are.
    One should take what is said by what one is saying not after it has had a spin put to it.
    Just use common sense! Speaking of such, common sense says; no more politics!

  67. How much for these groceries today?

    Plum Tomatos – –6 —-1.02 pounds
    Red Peppers — 6– – 3.44 pounds
    Ground Beef 80% — 7.43 pounds in 2 paks
    Chicken Breast – Boneless – 6.17 pounds in 2 paks
    Pork Spare Ribs – 9.61 pounds in 2 paks
    Brillo Pads — 30 pads ( 3 boxes of 10)
    Aluminium Foil — 75 feet
    Pasta Sauce — 1 —- 25 ounce jar
    Tomato Sauce —- 4— 8 ounce cans
    Stewed Tomatos—- 3— 14.5 ounce cans
    Corn – in the can – —3—-15.25 ounce cans
    White Bread – Italian —- 2 loafs
    Kielbasi —– 2 paks of 14 ounces each
    Barbecue Sauce —– 1— 17;5 ounce bottle
    Salami —- 1 pound
    Ham —- 1 pound
    Swiss Cheese —half pound

    • there has to be a grocery blog for this right?

      • not really, there were a couple small blogs on websites about the price of food i posted the grocery lists and costs on about 2 years ago, or so,….. but those websites are not sustainable,… it is people that would do a goggle search specificly for the price of food,…. and may or may not even read the blog

        here, i get to write about it, and have people that do not even realize how important the issue is, read it

        i find it fascinating myself

        in about 53 hours we are going to get on TV the first of 3 presidential debates,.. the first debate it about the economy and domestic issues

        Fox news last night with donald trump were sdaying the cost of a loaf of bread would go to 100,000 dollars a loaf

        That is non-sense and a sdcare tactic

        The Farm Bill, and well as food stamp program,, subsidies to the supermarket industry as well as the growers,.. is what makes it possible for middle class households to provide food to their families, and maybe 2 dollars a day per person,….

        which in turn makes it possible to raise a family and striv e to be the best you can be

  68. you would have to eat the cold cuts first, because fresh sliced cold cuts at the deli counter must be eaten within 5 days

    you are talking here 10 1/4 pound meals

    with the use of a freezer, the chicken, ground beef, and spare ribs,… you are looking at another aboiut 80 1/4 pound meals

    mixing in the corn and tomatos/pepopers for smaller meals

    with a lite kielbasi breatfast , maybe 5 pieces cut and fried with toast,…. you are looking at maybe 30 breakfaces

    if you do it right, .. with a freezer, and cook right,.. use leftovers,…. the food above could feed and sustain life for 2 people for 30 days

    that would be cheap to eat, i havnt revealed the price yet

    you are saying where are the drinks, the fruit, the snakls, the milk, and eggs,

    well,………. yes,.. you buy those in another week, when they are on sale, and then not use as much meat, that youll keep frozen

    all in all i think you make make this work very low cost to eat in america,.. if you have a regular household,.. with a refridgerator, a freezer, gas or electric stove and oven, a microwave and a toaster.

    the key is to use cupons, store sale items on top with manufacturers cupons, and store givebacks

    also, at the deli counter todayt, the supermarket gaver us 2 free passes to monmouth park – club house passes ( horse racing)

  69. Twasp, thats way too low,…….. the meat was cheap, but not that cheap,lol,…

    guess again

    • $99.53,…….. but again, we have a freezer to frezze the meat,……. if that were all the food 2 people had for 30 days, they could make it last,. it would be at the cost of 1.67 a day each to eat.

      each week i will put up the shooping, and after maybe 8 weeks, we will get a good feel on how much it costs 2 people to eat

  70. Hey guys not sure if you have Discovery HD but the Space Jump is on it. Pretty neat. Ken i’m sure you would get a kick out of it. if you can’t find the channel on your tv you can watch it live here.,0,5931692.story

    • Saw it thanks. What a jump! I never would have done it. I hated jumping, I don’t know why.
      With my 1st Sgt. right behind me, I always went first…I was the biggest chicken in the world…If my 1st wasn’t so big, I’d just stand there for ever. lol

  71. This A.M. I had to go to court. It seems just because I stretched out and two guys fell down. They said I attacked them, now that is stuped…I am a little old man of 74 and they were taller and much younger than I am.

  72. Patrick……….duck!

    • Why duck?………..A-Rod’s OPS, since he returned from his injury, is 170 out of 174 vs. right handers.
      Why play him? Trade him, if you can…..and move on.

  73. 170 out of 174? What?

  74. Ken is going to take another swing at you! Don’t press charges this time.

  75. No I wouldn’t! He has his own opinion, even if saying it and doing it are two different things! We know they want to lower the payroll. Trading A-Rod and eating 1/2 of it is not to good. Did you think Alex may not be at 100% with his hand.
    Why can’t people think of the effects of what they want to do.

  76. nevada, colorado, new mexico, iowa, wisconsin, indiana, north carolin, virginia, and massachuseets-OBAMA COULD LOSE EVERYONE OF THOSE 9 STATES HE WON LAST TIME, AND STILL WIN THE ELECTION BY HOLDING ONTO THE OTHER 19 PLUS DC

    california, oregon, washington, minnesota, illinois, michigan, florida, ohio, penn, nj, ny, delaware, maryland, conneticut, rhode island, vermont, new hamshire, maine, hawaii, and dc– those 19 states plus dc , obama wins

  77. fish is not allowing me to ost on his article– why? lol,, you took what ive wriiter the past 2 weeks, and made an article of it,……. shouldn’t i get partial credit?you trade arod and 36 million to the marlins for reyes,….. reyes leads off at short, plays no less than 150 games in the field,… you move jeter to 3rd because of his ankle and range issues going forwardbased on the fact arod has not played a fulkl season since he signed the contract going into the 2008 season, averaging 124 games played, 38 games not played,.. and has no less than at least 24 games not played in any of the 5 seasons,…..the trade is a wash—— BUT A VERY SMART MOVE,, because the nmoney makes sense for both clubsbut as i also stated, it is not a necessarry move,….. BUT THE WINDOW TO MAKE THIS MOVE IS RIGHT NOWYOU WONT BE ABLE TO MAKE THIS MOVE 2 OR 3 YEARS DOWN THE ROAD

  78. lol, the least he can do is let me post on his article,,… afterall, he is simply reguritating what ive been writing for at least 2 weeks on here

  79. this site is suppose to be an open forum,, with no affiliation to any company, the yankees, wfan, yes network, cbs, national amusments, or any newspaper group, AOL, yahoo, msn, , goggle, hiffington post, washington post, daily news, ny post, usa today/cnn,….. or mlb, fox, mlb network, nor espn,….it is not suggested also, that is is affiliated with any player, agent of a player, or advertisiser in any capacity in any form with mlb,..or its affiliates,.. furthermore,… this site is suppose to be fans to write their thoughts unfettered,……. i do not agree with fish’s stance to not let me post on his article,….. not because he stole the entire idea from my writings the past 2 weeks,…. but because this is suppose to be an open forum, where i can give my sports opinion on the subject, unfettered,………

    • JIM – You know what happens when you ASSUME?…….well that’s exactly what you did. I didn’t block any of your posts. They likely went to spam because you keep cutting and pasting the same thing and posting too quickly so the site automatically flags them as spam. After I submitted the article, i was away from a computer for the next 3 hours so couldn’t have blocked your posts even if I had wanted. But whatever, believe what you want.

      As for “stealing your entire idea”……..please. Trading ARod has been discussed by us on this site for about a year. It’s also now being discussed by every Mainstream media, Yankees Blog and housewife in America, yet you say it’s your idea? You stated your idea is to trade Reyes for ARod straight up? I specifically said in the article that will NOT happen. From the article…..”Jose Reyes is highly unlikely to be moved as he’s still young, productive and dynamic.” And if by some glimmer or speck of possibility that he is traded for ARod, the Yanks would have to kick in a hell of a lot of money and talented players to even it out. Reyes is one of the top 2-3 ShortStops in MLB today and still in the middle of the prime of his career. He’s far more valuable than ARod and he’s cheaper too.

      So Jim, just think a bit before you make accusations.

  80. i emauiled matt s,, hopefully i will get to the bottom of what is going on,.. technical glitch, or fish can bounce me from commentinmg on something he wrote as an article

  81. Jim – two things

    1. It is highly unlikely that Fish is copying your ideas in his post. He and I have discussed this Arod idea as far back as May.

    2. Censorship is not good and should be avoided unless the commenter is breaking one of the sites rules.

    What did you say in the comment that was censored?

  82. whart in posted above,… in the non baseball topics

    listen,, you even alluded to the fact it was me who brought this up, in dozens and doizens of posts the past 2 weeks,…. wioth salarys put forth for the 25 and 40 man roster,… the entire shebang

    and all the aspects in the article

    but that is besides the point,…..

    none of what i write matters,…..

    and it is not considered censorship , cause this is a private website

    i just freel bad that he wont let me post whgat i think on hios areticle

    feeling bad is not a good feelin g


    • Arod traded has been talked about for the last 2 years just cause you brought it up doesn’t make you the first. I checked you can post on his article I’m not sure what the problem is.

      • Matt S……who, a few months ago asked Fish to come up with some scenarios where we could dump Arod? When everyone else was saying the idea was crazy….

        • this questions always have you as the answer so i would say you. Really haven’t been on the blog as much as like lately been really busy. So missed a lot of comments the last two weeks or so.

          • Yeah….I noticed you were gone…..the blog is doing great , I think, lots of lively interplay…..entertaining and informative. I think it can now be said you have not only replaced iYankees but are well on your way to exceeding it. You should be proud.

  83. I think it’s censorshp. But I don’t think it was plagiarism.

  84. Jim i just looked your writing is going to Spam because you post to much to quickly. It’s not me or fish but how the host of the website determines it.





  85. Ha ha ……. Poor Fish…wrongly accused …..



  87. How’s everyone doing so far?

  88. “Now is the time for all men to come to the aid of their neighbours”

    How that fits better, and from what I have heard, many people are doing just that. Now if the damn Unions would quit complaining about non-union Power workers from other States…everyone would be better served. I think the guy in the white house should step up and do what a real President did during Catrina…over ride the law that was passed by the Liberales…let the non-union workers in, to help people who are in need of power, NOW not next week.
    In other words Obama do your damn job for once.

  89. i got power to my residence here on saturday at 945 pm eastern time,……. so 120 hours 45 minutes it took,…… but many homes in my toenship here in freehiold township ,, still do not have power,…… and it is getting cold,….
    many elderly are afraid to leave their homes,…… and if power dose not come back,…… the copper pipes will freeze and burst,..
    and not only that,.. but elderly could get hypothermia ,….
    these are elderly with no power, no phone theirfore in a lot of cases,….. no way to get information,….. and our township is worried about collecting leaves inh the street from the storm, rather than going door to door to locate the elderly and give them the information they need to be OK.
    the response has been horrible here in freehold township,…. a republican townshgip since 1960 on,….primarily located about a mile south of freehold raceway- harnessracing, on rt 9,.. for those of you that knolw the area,…..terrible response to the disaster

  90. virginia– 97% of the vote counted—————–13 electoral votes
    obanma = 1,905,528
    romney = 1,789,618

    florida- 97% of the vote counted——————29 electoral votes
    obama = 4,194,588
    romney = 4,133,821

    ohio 90% of the vote counted——————-18 electoral votes
    obama = 2,697,308
    romney = 2,593,789

    pennsylvania 98% of the vote counted———-20 electoral votes
    obama = 2,907,448
    romney = 2,619,583

    if romney won florida, ohio, and virginia,….. and everything else stayed the same, obama still wins 272-266

    if romney got the combinations of 3 of the 4 states:
    penn, ohio, florida—- romney wins
    penn, virginia, florida- obama wins
    ohio, florida, virginia- obama wins

    pennsylvania was the key to obamas victory,….. and romney handed it to him on a silver platter—— by trying to publicaly in court take away the vote of poor people, and added in the 47% comment against poor people——- this made the people in the cities make it their number one priority to vote

    obama won 85% of phildelphia —–557,034 votes to 91,840 votes, and i dont think they are finished counting yet,….. and whats left is more phildelphia vote, 1 more % to count

    if you look at the electoral map of pennsylvania, you will vsee romney won the countryside, the state is all red,…. but lost bigtime in philly, pittsburgh, and erie areas

    mitt romney , in my opinion, did not want to be president,….. i dont think he really wanted the pressure of being president,…. i think he did everything he could to sabatoge his chances

    Pennsylvania Presidential Election Results – Presidential Race | NBC News

  91. see a trend here???? (note: i need to find out why the city of chicago has not reported on presidential vote yet, acoording to nbc news)


    new york city——

    obama —–503,291


    staten island
    obama —-67,524



    romney—- 48,227

    washington dc
    obama —–222,332

    detrroit ( wayne county)

    chicago — zero votes counted as of now

    miami – dade county

    broward county

    palm beach county

    cleveland (cuyahoga county)

    los angeles

  92. not a fan of political stuff on the blog Jim. many other blogs you can do that on. Politics just get people more heated up than sports. so kindly save that for other blogs thanks.

    • well,… i did not give a politicalm opinion, not really,…. i put out the facts,.. obamna won the cities,… and by alot,…… the magin in philadelphia, when the repuiblicanbs went to court to block the vote, and lost,…. carried the state of pennsylvania,……

      this may be opinion, but i think it is fact —– poor peoiple have one thing — the vote —- and they came out bigtime for obama

      • Mr, Jimmy22/44…… are on point. The fate of our Nation, going forward, is now being determined by the lower tier……….with both their hands outstretched.

      • Well Jimmy…
        You wanted everyone to pay their fair share, you will soon find out what that means as your taxes keep going up and we become a 3rd rate nation.
        The so called poor people of this country have more than a lot of working people have, and now with people like you, we also gave them the vote because they out number those of us that work for a living.
        That was that Matthew S. I am done, just had to say it. Sorry!

        • SEE,,.. THIS IS THE POINT PEOPL;E DONT GWET,.. THE PHYSICAL PEOPLE THAT ARE poor, arealways changing,… because of the amrican dream,,,… you pick yourself up,…. and you rise up,….. it is not the same pewopl;e that are always poor,.. but there are always poor people,……. thats the american dream,,… you woprk you way up,……..

          there will always be poor people,… but they arent the same people,…

          open yopur eyes

  93. re: Melky Mesa………just watched a video of Melky Mesa, that I was told to enjoy. The guy strikes out swinging, in his one at bat. Not for nothing, but I don’t get it.

  94. YFU BLOGGERS………hope you are all, safe, and well………..patrick.

  95. If Paula Broadwell and Jill Kelley were CIA non official cover – noc,….. and patraeus and the other commander did not know there were NOC,…. and they are now disenvowed,….. they could be looking at the death penalty for spying on those 2 generals. it will be intresting to see what will happen,, remembering to always read between the lines.

    I belive the 2 libyans that were being held in the cia annex of the embasy were cia NOC, and it went bad when rebels tried a rescue attempt of the 2, they thougbht were on their side. ambassador stevens was killed. I also believe that Paula Broadwell and Jill Kelley were cia NOC, now disenvowed. Patreaus is effectivley fired, but is being briefed at langley. Mark my words, Congress will drop the public investigation, because what happened is TOP SECRET

    for all we know, the 2 libyans being held prisoner at the cia controled embasy annex were cia themselves, being extracted from an operation. and the cia didnt expect a libyan rescue attempt. the operation went bad and ambassador stevens was klled. general patrreaus was fired. the sex scandal is just a side note. affairs take up a lot of time and maybe patreaus was not spending enough time on his job. the mistrss could be NOC, this other woman could be NOC as well. Some things are just TOP SECRET. Neither the media nor the congress, nor the public will ever know. Thats why it was dumb for romney and fox media to go after obama on the libya story. some things are just too top secret to ever know about.

  96. Jimmy22224444…I had never seen that side of you. Nice, in depth post re: CIA. When your not writing like you are having a seizure, you are quite deep. Try reading the works of San Tzu. You may find him interesting.

  97. right san tzu,, isnt he the one that came up with the battle plan , to go after what you dont want as a diversion,, and when defense comes to it,, you go after what you really wanted. I believe this could have happened in libya,. as th emain embasy was under attack, as a diversion,.. the cia at the annex was ordered to stand down,, but the seals went anyway ,… leaving the annex un-protected,… and under fire,, to rescue the 2 libyans,.. that the rebels still didnt realize werre NOC,.. and the cia further messed up,, bringing stevens and other back to the annex,…….
    it went bad,…. and the 2 women,, who were spying on pattreaus and the other general, and the us command in florida,.. as NOC,.. will either disappear as un recognized heros,. or tried as spies and get death by hanging.

    • Jimmy…
      Stevens never got to the annex, the seals couldn’t find him. And the annex wasn’t under fire at the time of departure.

      San Yzu was recommended reading back in the day, basically it is all about speed and deception. This is also beneficial for use in business, politics and police work.

      Facts are very helpful, when making accusations, don’t you think?

  98. I”M SPEECHLESS!…for a person, who at times writes like a guy who sleeps in his car, and drinks ‘Midnight Special’ all day long………………….you are very well informed. Speechless.

  99. congress is already backtracking on tv. member sof congress are coming out saying things like ‘national security is not at stake here’. This is something they have to say, whether is was or is at stake anyway.
    What kind of ‘public’ congressional hearing can they have? congress can not ask publicaly, and expect to get a truthful about to questions like
    1) “how many seals were at the embasy and annex?”
    2)” were any “NOC” agenst involvbd in oibya or here in the US?”
    3)”how many rocket launchers do we have on the roof at the embasy and annex?”
    4) ” how long in time would have it taken to get a gun ship helicopter to the annex?”

    THESE QUESTIONS CAN NOT BE ANSWERED PUIBLICALY,… AND anyone who thinks they should be need to re-think it.

    it would be like giving alqueda our all embasy defens information.

    we can not be in the business of publically giving out TOP SECRET INFORMATION.

    • JIM2468…..calm down!…. When you go off like this, your spelling starts to take a beating.

    • Jimmy…
      1–none, two ex-seals were there after one came in from the capital.
      2–I have no idea
      4– Less than an hour.
      And yes, they should be answered. That is the whole point…there was very little to almost no defensive placements. Why, people asked for help long before the attact…months before.
      The compound was way to large and spread out to be defended, by a normal complement of troope, let alone the few that were there.

      • Jimmy ….were you in the Seals? How do you know so much?

      • KENNY….I can picture you with a side arm. A difference maker ….re: Benghazi, what the families of the four dead are entitled to, is to be told the truth. Not lies, or false stories. The truth, and punishment for any one, who tries to withhold it.

    • Wow Jim… sure know a lot about the CIA…..

      I am going to try out for the CIA when I grow up….

  100. i am calm,.. very calm,…… just putting out the obvious truth,…….. no matter what the media says, no matter what congress says, no matter what the president says, no matter what people say ——– the congressional hearings WILL NEVER TAKE PLACE publicaly

    the gang of 8,….. who have to be notified in cia ‘findings’ will conduct it privatly,…..

    we will never know about who was NOC,.. very very few NOC agents are outted or out themselves.just a handful in history.

    some people, like me, are absdolutley convinced, the most well known tokyo rose was NOC,.. sending coded messages threw her tokyo radio program to the allies,…..

    and even though she was tried and convicted of treason here in the us,….. she was NEVER DISENVOWED,.. and this is why president FOR\D pardoned her before he left office early 1977.

    Ford was bigtime CIA guy.

  101. Dear Mr.President play us a tune
    Something to make us all happy
    Do anything, take us out of this gloom
    Sing a song, say a lie, make it snappy

    You are the one who can make us all laugh
    But doing that you break out in tears
    Please don’t be sad if it was a straight mind you had
    ambassador stevens you knew all these years

    Dear Mr. President play us a tune
    Something to make us all happy
    Do anything, take us out of this gloom
    Sing a song, play guitar, make it snappy
    Yeah, yeah, yeah

    • It’s time to work on the one trillion dollar debt, and create jobs, this country is in big trouble!

      • Doug….my dad says the country is in big trouble too…now that Obama was reelected. Obama is slim…..I am slim too….and if I lose more weight i may stop hearing echoes in my bellybutton. Wish me luck 🙂

      • doug…
        The real debt is almost $17 trillion but, you are right doug, we should take it one step at a time.
        Hussian Ob says the same as last year…my way or no way! He wants to work across the party lines, which, when translated means….”I’ll meet you .09% of the way, and you meet me at 99.01% of the way”!

  102. there is only so much money in the country,…..and so many Doillars in the world,.. unless they print more. the only way for the us to get more is to sell to other countries, collect their currency, then change it for dollars through the world bank exchange.

    the federal debt cant be paid back ever,….. thats why the us controls the world,……. the only way to balance the budget is to cut spending.

    as far as jobs, and people having currency to spend on goods and services,….. well,… it would make sense for companies to expand slowly, hire more workers, across america,……. and for the federal and state governments to make it easy for them,…… and all the money regular people make will be spent in the economy, going round and round, and each or most transdactions, the governmenmt takes taxes,….

    but as corporations and companies refuse to do that,…… the only solution left is to tax the crap out of them and the rich

    there is only so much money,….. the question is, how many, and how long, can middle class people have acess to some, as it goes round and round, before it is taxed out.

    i buy big bite at 7-11, i pay sales tax on it in nj,… the revenbue goes to pay the guy at the counter, who pays state and federal income tax from it,.. the profit goes to the owner, who pays property tax and eventualy income tax on it,….. also he buys supplies from distributors, so truckers get poaid, and pay taxes, factory workers get paid and paid taxes,….. all from me buying a big biteat 7-11

    it may seem like a simplistic model,.. but thats it in a nutshell,….. and it occurs billions of times a day in the us,……. the worlds largest economy

    the economy is enough of a delicate balance without the federal debt,… with the federal debt,… it becomes verey complicated

    the debt will never ever ever go away,……. and tax money isnt used to crerat jobs a lot of the time,…… but wasted.

    we need big money guys to figure out ways to invest here in the us,…… so the middle class can use currency to buyt goods and services, before it flows back to the rich,.. which it always does, and flows back to the government in taxes

    • Jimmy2244…
      I thought you had a brain for a while there Jimmy when you wrote;

      [the only way to balance the budget is to cut spending.

      as far as jobs, and people having currency to spend on goods and services,….. well,… it would make sense for companies to expand slowly, hire more workers, across america,……. and for the federal and state governments to make it easy for them,…… and all the money regular people make will be spent in the economy, going round and round, and each or most transdactions, the governmenmt takes taxes,]

      That my pal, was right out of the Conservative playbook!

      After that you started in on the BS talking points of the Obamamamama Socialist party lies.

      The big money guys are holding big buck back because they have no idea what the tax rate is going to be next year and on after that. They do know that many millions of people are going to have their work week shortened to 29 or less hours because of the great health Care laws and regulations.
      The EPA is putting ALL coal mines out of business, which will put ALL the coal-burning Generator Plants (from the atlantic to the Mississippi river) out of business also!
      Then the sh-t really hits the fan;
      1.–ALL…coal miners…out of work
      2–ALL…Electrical (coal-burning) plants…shut down. Employees out of work.
      3–ALL…business asocited people and business’ will be laid off also.
      4–There will be rolling black-outs in the eastern part of this country.
      5–The electrical grid is already over worked and out dated, with the added power needed to make up for the shutdown plants, there will be a “hooe lot a bad stuf’en go’en on out-ta-dare”!
      6–The unemployment rate will go from 8.0% to 12%+ and 20% real numbers.
      7–You guys think you are rasing the taxes on only the rich…if so, “you ain’t got no bringin uppens”!
      8–The mom and pop, or the Father and sons company, if they are succesful, work on something like a 6% to 8% profit margin. If the gov taxes them even 5% more you can see, they are almost out of business. these are some of the people who will get hit with the $250,000 tax up tick. So, they will have to cut some of the employees, to try to stay in business.

      Long story short…it is impossible to tax and spend your way out of this thing.
      As you said, “There is only so much money to go around”, if it is taken from the so-called rich and given to the unions and those to lazy to work and the Pres. buddies (see: Solindra), soon there won’t be any company’s to give people jobs.
      When that happens, Obama wins, because that is what he wants…

  103. all i meant was to balance the budget, you have to cut spending by the federal government,…….. but that means that money the government borrows from the fed to pay for not only government workers, but private medical people, and others things, would be cut.

    that only works if the big time corporations and companies make up the difference and pay for it in the prfivate sector,….. by creating business

    not by compiling shares of stock,….. and wall street people every so often cash out, and get bonuses in the 10’s of millions a year, and invest the money in stocks,.. lol

    if money , the big money, were instead invested on tangible things,……. that america could use,…. that employ people, and raise the flow of money through the economy,…… then we can fix things, make america stronger

    yoiu broaden the tax base,….. you can lower everyones taxes,…. have a balanced budget,….. still have medicare and medicade, and social security,…..

    and move the country forward

    companies need to figure out how to create jobs,, even if it means they fail, and personal fortunes are lost.

  104. thwir is no reason the coal miners cant not be slowly shifted to solr panel plants built int he same region,….. and we dont have to shuit down all of coal,, we can ship coal to other nations,…… and MAKE MONEY,,,, bringing the money back here.

    energy independance is a great way to start to reduce the deficit,, at the same time adding money to our own economy,..not by pronting money,, but by not letting dollars fly out of amewrica,, and actually taking others nations currency and exzchanging it for dollars.

    al the 1-5 doolar toys in america that come from china,, dont even ad up to what is flying out in the way of oil.

    energy independance is very important to securing americas economy.

  105. Just got the Electric bill in the mail today. The bill was 68 dollars for 28 days,…… that is 2 dollars and 43 cents a day for electric,…

    this power a large nj suburban house, 2 floors plus a full basement, 5 bedroom, typical suburban home.

    we run a large regular kitcher refrigerator 24/7. a smalled fridge upstairs 24/7,… maybe about 8 digital clocks plugged in, 2 desk top comp[uters,….. 1-2 televisions running a good portion of the day through the evening,… and we turn on lights at night, sometimes,….. but don’t leave them on,….. only to see when entering a room,…

    i did not realize how cheap electgric was recently,………. 2 dollars a 43 cenbts a day,.. to power a regular to large size nj suburban home for power,…. IS CHEAP AS ALL HELL

    someones doing something right

  106. JIM2244………another Jersey boy?…To the point, that monster Toronto trade, will be good news to the fans. This Yankee Admin. should of been rudely awakened by this point. Get off your can, shelve that dumb budget, and lets start kicking tires. Another jersey boy, Jesus.

    • het ,,,,Patrick, this was the non-sports related sideof the web site ,…. i’m just glad that the cost to powwer with electric a fairly large nj house only costs 2 dollars and 43 cents a day,….. that is amazing,, and someones doing a great job at keeping the costs way way way low to middle class american consumers

  107. Sorry little bug, I missed your grand intrance….
    Oh hell the wet blanket is back, talking just like the other brain-dead zombies that are so brain-dead they believe everything they read or hear.
    Damn, things were starting to be nice again, his dislike of me has gone to every player I think is better than the avg player out there. I have heard of stretching the truth, but he even stretches a lie or half truth even things he thinks a player must have done. Must be hell, to be such a perfect insect!

  108. How are you Ken…..hope things went well with your health. TWASP knows what it is like to battle health issues.

    Arod is the best player I ever saw. I don’t go back to the Mick and Joe D. And Willie.

    Arod in the 2009 postseason was the best hitter I ever saw. HR after HR….clutch hit after clutch hit….carrying the team through the playoffs. Is he a saint, no, butnwhen he hits like that you have to love him.

  109. SO WHAT IS LEFT…to do? With Youkilis, and Ichiro, now in the fold…..where do we go from here?
    A quality starting catcher. A DH, not as tough to find. A RH outfielder…. Hairston?..I like Cody Ross.
    Mix in a blockbuster, and it sure can happen, and off you go.

  110. Twasp…
    My good friend, I really like saying this…you are wrong again, I keep telling you to look up jeters stats but…..! Jeter has 5 WS rings right, you say he is the only SS with 5 rings….No, No, No,….Phil Rizzuto has 7 WS rings. Bigger question about WS rings is, NoBody wins them…the team wins them…so why keep saying he won or he has as though that means without him they wouldn’t have won. If that is the case, then Rizzuto is the best SS to ever play…right?
    Show me a stat that judges how many games were won or lost because of the things you name as intangibles? Four of the seven, I can shoot down with facts, can you name which ones they are?
    Jeter has been a great SS no doubt about it, and I admirer his skill set and baseball instincts but, his intangibles are ; baseball instincts, respect and heart. The others are in your dreams, just because he is named the Captain doesn’t make him one. I have gone over this with you before, and other than throwing out other players to show how great Jeter is, you have never countered my critique of him.

    Just for you to ponder, and I repeat every time but it never sinks in!
    I think Jeter is the best of the two best SS the Yankees have ever had but for anyone in their right mind to say Jeter is the best SS ever is not only outrages, argumentative, ridiculous, it is also arrogant.
    Hell, fans are still trying to prove who was the best CF of all time. You guys are big time Jeter fans and the stats are your bible except when it shows a different story of a player you like.
    Don’t ever call me a Yankee hater again!
    You can say any I am a jeter hater, which is a lie, but it makes you feel good and jens up support for you because many others can’t read either. Whether you like it or not. Put A-Rods numbers up to Jeters make Jeter look like a AAA SS. You can blame it on whatever you wish to but facts don’t lie. And to say with absolute certainty that Jeter has never used any drugs is also crazy…look at Armstrong, did he gain a lot of weight…no? So, I would get off your high horse and say none of us believe he has used.
    I myself, don’t know if he did or not but, I would say NOT and believe he hasn’t!

    If he has a bad year, remember I told you, I didn’t want to see it, as I have many other times.

  111. OLdYankeejeterhater:

    Why do you always have to comment when I complement Jeter. Back off! You may think it’s funny but I don’t. From now on just leave me alone. You do not exist to me!

    Ha ha ….sound familiar. 😉

    • Because you pick on players you have no real knowledge of and call them out all the time, not because of their bad play but, because you don’t like the way they lived.
      And your unreasonable hate of A-Rod who helped carry the team to one of those WS you talk about. You like Jeter, ok I like his play too but, not him. Does that mean I hate him? No, but you seem to think it does.
      That’s why! Have a good day, if you don’t ride A-Rod an the older players I’ll leave you boy alone ok!

  112. You do not exist to me! Leave me alone!

  113. You always say nasty things and curse. Leave me alone!

  114. You too Ken….have a great weekend!!

  115. Attention..BBNY members…Jim, John, Brian, Yanka.
    Need input on …’no big trade in sight’. What do you think?
    I feel, in my Irish bones, that the big one is coming at us. BBNY, all hands on deck!

  116. Yankees sign Thomas Neal:
    This was not why BBNY was formed:

    Thomas Joseph Neal
    Position: Leftfielder
    Bats: Right, Throws: Right
    Height: 6′ 2″, Weight: 220 lb.
    Born: August 17, 1987.
    With Cleveland, 2012…217 avg…0-HR…2-RBI…..I can do that.

  117. Ken – Fish corrected you when you said Andy lied about him using PEDS.

    • Not realy, he was talking about how Andy was a stand-up guy in regards to his pal!

      I was talking about how Andy handled his outing, when he first talked about his using Drugs, he said one thing about it and then changed the story the next time! I brought up Andy just to see how many would defend him.Also, because I wanted to get someone elses thinking of WHY they thought the way they did!
      He and I decided…enough A-Rod!

  118. Andy shouldnt have changed his story regarding Clemens.. I hoped he would take more heat for that.
    You cannot decide no more AROD not while TWASP is around to taunt him.

  119. pant,,,,,pant,,,,pant,,,,,,,,ok we made it here ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  120. P…………..i will talk to the Rooster…….but I can see where he is coming from………you are not just your average YFU poster…..

  121. Bottom line is YFU is for talking Yankees baseball which Matt and I have both said a thousand times. We don’t want to be Kindergarten teachers having to constantly scold people. Anyone who still wants to talk about childish beefs from years ago or entice others to talk about it, this is not the place. And if you don’t care for an individual, just ignore him/her. No response to this is necessary, lets just get back to baseball.

  122. Kip Raymo is a site my brother uses whenever he is in town (my house). I set it up on my Computer so he could do anything not concerned with Business. What he writes is his business not mine.
    Some (maybe only one) thought it was me, not so…I don’t hide! I may change my pix but the handle is the same.
    Thank you and good night!

  123. On this day, back a few years, a young officer was having a bad hair day. He was coming up on his (male) family curse date…35 years old and deceased!
    On a job, the young officer put his people and himself in danger…never to happen again…things worked out ok!
    The Top Kick decked him hard saying; “My job is to keep you in one piece, don’t make me get mad again”!

    Depression is a bad insidious thing that can eat away at one, if you let it. Death is easy, living is the hard part.

    • OLD KEN… have confused me in the past, and now you have done it again.
      You need to explain a bit more….’ family curse date’?
      ….’35 years old and deceased’? Were you supposed to die? I’m sure others are scratching
      their heads also.

  124. Not bad at all, 9 and 0 without a comment, I’m batting a 1,000! It is stagnant here and will be until A-Rod comes back. I feel for the poor (so-called) reporters, they have to go looking for story’s, things are hard when you don’t have the walking headline around. Hopefully, he will come back without trouble and play well for the Yankees.

    Well, enough said tonight, Brett Gardner, the same guy damn near everyone said was no better than a 4th OF at best is still doing ok…don’t you think?


  125. I was notified someone was posting as me on another site and making derogatory remarks on that and other sites. I think that is unacceptable for a human to do, therefore said poster must be in the cold-blooded group of slimy things.

    As far as I know, I have never posted anything about anyone…other than on the site, said person could read and reply to.

    One of the fans on this site is said to have done this disgusting thing…I will not point him out because I still can’t believe he would do such a thing! Therefore, until I know otherwise (for sure) he will be treated (by me) with the respect due a poster on this site.

    Case closed!

    • OLD RANGER7…..good evening, Ken.
      You must know by now, that I am a big Old Ranger Ken fan.
      You have attracted some form of a posting cancer…from bagorocks.
      I know you are smart, and above this….but,
      if you want me to connect the dots for you, with a laser…E-mail me.
      I’ve lost your E-mail. Stay well, take care……………….patrick.

    • The RealBoxofRocks

      Ken, that is really low if someone is posting as you.I would go with the one Shakespeare spoke of – “I think she doth protest too much”! He was pretty quick to blame someone else as usual. Sounds like his style.
      I have someone posting as BoxofRocks here but at least they have the decency to put a number after it to differentiate us.I can live with that. Maybe it’s Twasp.
      On the other hand, maybe it’s the same guy trying to cause a problem.
      That does seem to be his pattern.
      I would much prefer Twasp.

  126. What are you talking about Ken? Who would want to post as you? One of you is bad enough….. Two of you would be unbearable!

    • Many people have said that over the years, most of them can be addressed in the past tense.
      Not meant as anything but the truth, not a threat, so don’t go all fuzzy and PC on me.
      Damn, I hate the way this country has turned into a bunch of pus–ys. This is what I worked for all those years in the fields of places unknown to most! What a waste!

  127. The good news is the Phillies are shopping Young, the bad news is that he wants to go to the Rangers and Sox as his first 2 choices.

  128. Ken – Arod will soon come out and admit he cheated after 2003. You were duped by a liar. Without PEDS he would have been even more of a loser.

    You should have listened to TWASP, Patrick, FishJam and Ballpark…. Instead of making a fool of yourself.

  129. I am not as talented a writer as FishJam and Twasp and Brian D but who cares? I am posting here because I am tired of reading Clueless Ken’s ridiculous defense of Arod.

  130. You are quite talented,sir. It is another who has copied someone else’s concept and run it into the ground and then plays both ends against the middle.

  131. Good-bye!

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